Christianity's Victory of Reason

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Discussing Rodney Stark’s “Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success”

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One thought on “Christianity's Victory of Reason

  1. Great talk, thank you guys!

    One thing though, the behavior of the Spanish empire relative to the Indies was very different than what you describe. Made every inhabitant of the territories a citizen, debated over the humanity of the natives and decided that since they were human beings they were able to receive the divine word so it was immoral to enslave them. Their efforts were focused on education and conversion. Created schools and universities, hospitals, temples and sewage, and established world trade from the Philippines to Europe through America, where most of the profits remained in the indies.

    Also, the figures for the Spanish Inquisition seem to have been exaggerated by rivaling empires of the time as the records show that one, they were compatibly small and most of the executions were conducted on already catholic people who were also somehow behaving in illegal ways, such as pirates from other nations and so on. The inquisitors efforts with the natives were geared towards education.

    So what I’m saying is that, the Spanish catholic empire, actually illustrates your point quite well.

    The ethos that informed their attitude towards the territories they acquired was mainly Christian catholic and this allowed for tremendous progress, prosperity and equality.

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