Christianity's DARKEST Secret… The Truth About Bible Stories Part 1…Polight, KRS One, Ray Hagins

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Exposing the true origins of biblical stories in the Christian doctrine…. KRS One and Nick Cannon talk in Cannon’s Class about Africans in America, the Illuminati, God, the bible and religion. Brother Polight is interviewed by Sa Neter as they discuss Islam, Hebrew Israelites, christianity and black america. Pastor Ray Hagins breaks down what Christianity is, how it originated and it’s true purpose.
Books Mentioned in this Video:
“Black Anglo-Saxons”
“Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection”
“The Golden Stool: How to Enslave the African for Christ”

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okay that's why brothers and sisters not one of you in this room can go find the family anybody mentioned in the Bible there's no religion itself not just Christianity religion period is at war with anything other than what it says first thing we need to describe or define brothers and sisters is what is Christianity what is it we need you know a lot of people and Assad know who I'm talking to are there any people here today who are Christians and don't be afraid to raise your hand if you are okay thank you thank you okay let's define what Christianity is okay Christianity in a nutshell Christians believe that their God Yahweh sent himself down to earth and Yahweh definitely is a he because his loins are described in Ezekiel chapter 1 verse 27 sent himself down to earth to sacrifice himself to himself because bleeding on a cross was the only way that he could convince himself to forgive us for the fact that an ancestor of ours who was made from a rib ate a magic fruit that she wasn't supposed to eat after being tricked by a talking snake anyone who doesn't believe this story is going to be tortured forever and ever by the very God that loves us have I missed anything okay it's some deep stuff for many years I was a Christian and did not know how to define it I was born into a Christian family and I was assigned a religion called Christianity ever asked me is this what you want to do they told me this is what you are going to do I'm against black people join in religion because I understand in this inception it represents us suffering from an acculturation process an acculturation process is when a people adopt or adopt a foreign culture and mistakenly take it for their very own after several years of practicing it and this is what we see has befallen our people we adopted Christianity and we adopted Islam particularly all sets of Catholicism in general we adopted all these various religious types particularly monotheistic religions on account of the fact that we think is our very own I mean after all are we gonna call our mother or our mother's mother or mother's mother's mother Alya are you gonna call your father or your father's father or your father's father's father Alya when they're the ones passing down this misinformation but always keep in mind that I tell you that your parents parents parents were taught by people that were taught by people who didn't have your best interests at hand namely the slave master let me stop right there before go any further what do you mean by euro Gentile I mean number one it came from the Europeans number one number two it came and the Europeans according to the biblical text are Gentiles kudos images according to the Bible black people are not Gentiles oh now I know we've been taught that we are but according to the Bible we are not write it down write it down if you don't know this understand religion is nothing more than the deification of a culture okay and it depends on where you're born depends on where you're born geographically that has a lot to do with what your religion is going to be another ones people born in Japan and not Christians they're Buddhists would say okay people born in what's that Arabia okay they're not Jews Christians a people born in the Western Hemisphere by birth when they're born in they're not Hindus Pickman india art in the western hemisphere or in europe guess what the religion is Christianity it's the religion of the geography geographical location well when you take the people who create a religion the purpose of their creation is for their cultural and racial superiority so when you take black folk and put them under the auspices of Gentile religion those people somewhere in the recesses of their cycle viscera they ordinate [Applause] subliminal basis those who believe in it oh my god what does that mean just for a sec those who take on this belief system suffer from a disease so when you as an African have been indoctrinated with you [Applause] [Applause] of the agenda intended by what we mean when we say perpetual it means on going on going on going they put a device in place that fuels itself okay superior that's what we gentle with religion religion will have you believe it's the in all it begins right here and he'll and when with depending on what religion you subscribe to you're saying your history actually begins there I don't know I'm a sadist again depending on your religion your denote in the fact that your history begins around the time of that particular religion so if you make subscriptions to the Bible out history begins with slavery if you make subscriptions to the Bible our African rich history has nothing to offer us and that's a problem there's a problem the ancient African never believed in a god the sky we knew what was going on but the concept a state concept of religion right if there's just one thing that we all come from right I don't have to know you you ain't gotta know me this is the thing that we all know we come from right we can form a nation we can form a nation on that if it's the the almighty rah is a relic or II that makes it easier to digest it's easier for me to explain it to my child and pass it down when I tell them he looks up at the stars that's how I can define religion for everyone to get on one Accord and that doesn't have to be any beef and what I believe in what you believe because when we look up we see the same thing och none nefertiti same thing here's the odd yeah Dawson shines on us alright very simple brings everyone together around one concept great story great short story right and and that idea when getting took because just to go a little deeper with without Luke losing anyone to go to the idea of energy and organisms and then once you understand everything that is in the skies inside of us and that we have that same power and the god within and that in even in explaining what's going on in the stars from a novice standpoint you can say you are that and I am that with this in the God within me that concept should be easy enough for everybody to grasp to say that we are all one because ultimately that's what we're only trying to get to in this self governed sovereignty existence to say if we are all brothers under this one existence there's one source that in energy is transferable and never dying then there must be this easy concept for us to say we're all related you're my brother how do we coexist together it should be easy but there's a word that we have to interject all our conversation uh-oh it's called imperialism okay cuz that doesn't come from Africa or does it whoa whoa whoa everything comes from out right right this is yeah good the better the ugly right but the mindset or the concept of they were using imperialism cologne white European colonialism right or imperialism is what we're suffering from yes now history history with me our story that black Africans that have lived for the last destruction now mind you I used to think something because I didn't know any better does not condemn somebody else because they are on their level of awareness the hill that you're looking at gives you the cue sound and the RF gives you the mouth gives with our sound and the moon gives you an S this is Q or s or Christ why is that so significant in Christianity Christ is the one who prepares you for life eternal in this funerary scene the notice is preparing the dead body for life eternal the only difference is this scenery predates Christianity by almost 1500 eNOS so that means 1500 years before Christianity is on the world scene you have Anubis being described as the one who prepares you for life eternal and obviously this is the sepulchre for the dead body in the coffin of the sarcophagus and is referred to in the language of the hieroglyphs of muddy meadow as a saga which means the money so again this is an offering which the cave is to on pool they mustn't on tap tooth which means he who sits upon Israel and then you have the red leaf which is the time and then you have the course which is the M and you have the quail chip we gives you a GU and again you have the bread loaf which gives you a tea so that's I mean he who sits upon his fill and then the word army which means the dweller in the chamber of involvement because again is the freedom of machine and lastly we see the hill which gives you Q and you see the mouth which gives you r and we see the moon which gives us that's q RS or Christ in the Egyptian native language play very better but it was called by the Greeks hieroglyphics the term Christ literally means the one who prepares you for life eternal or the afterlife so that later on in Christianity the term Christ was applied to Jesus because he is also the one for life eternal we want to get to the root of these stories and you've come halfway around the world back to the African now Valley and witness were they've copied and manipulated these stories from you we want to get to the root of the story and the root of the story was know Eve but was in fact Shishak giving divine knowledge and wisdom see the only story that we have when a story regurgitates up is what white folks put in our psyche but now the real psychological warfare is going to take place now because you are here you're witnessing on the temples now she's shot and the tree of life and many other concepts that we have shown and that's down in your psychic so when you hear the Garden of Eden what's going to trigger your mind right back here I saw she shot and there was nothing that's what's going to trigger that's what's gonna activate but if you have nothing down in your psychic to fight that that you can only accept that which has been told to you and people know God before Moses went up on the mountain out of nowhere that question just popped in my mind now I understand what it was really all about it was God's time for me to come into an awareness of something that I had not been taught before the question haunted me so strongly until the next day I was just doing some reading about Moses that was a powerful question for me because all of my theology began with Moses coming down off the mountain which meant if people had a God consciousness before Moses went up on the mountain then what was that God consciousness and what was the name of that God and what was the religious belief system of those people well am i reading and in my research I came across something that stated in the book of Acts the seventh chapter and it says plainly and the twentieth verse of the seventh chapter of Acts it says in which time Moses was born and was exceeding fair and nourished up in his father's house three months and when he was cast out or put out of his home Pharaoh's daughter took him up and nourished him for her own son and notice the 22nd verse it says and Moses was learned or educated and all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and in deeds but that statement that passage was life-changing for me and as I browse through the books I saw this book right here it's called Osiris and the Egyptian resurrection isn't as something both Cyrus and the Egyptian resurrection I opened the cover to the foreword of the book and here's what it says and let me read it for you it says the central figure of the ancient Egyptian religion was Osiris and the chief fundamentals of his cult were the belief in his divinity a resurrection and absolute control of the destinies of the bodies and souls of men the central point of each Assyrians religion was his hope of a resurrection in a transformed body and of immortality which could only be realized by him through the death and resurrection of Osiris I don't know if you are noticing this what happened to me that day I don't know if you see it but there was a big problem here because everything that I just read in this paragraph is what I had been teaching throughout the course of my ministry and raised on all my life but instead of calling the person Osiris I was taught to call him Jesus my research began to take me into a realm of discovering African evidence that everything that I had been taught everything that I was preaching everything that I was teaching was stolen copied plagiarized and then represented back to us under a European ethnicity I became so traumatized I went through so much cognitive dissonance and what I was learning from my own research that I resigned from the ministry in 1993 the reason why I resigned is because I felt unqualified to teach of course the temptation was there to just ignore what I had learned and keep teaching what I had been taught because that's what everybody expected from me but something inside me I take that back and now I know it was my ancestors inside me would not let me forsake the truth so that's what this tape is all about and I pray that as you watch this tape that you will see what I have come to find to be undeniable evidence you don't have to believe anything in this tape you can do your own research in fact I hope you will African evidence that demands an african verdict and I pray that as you watch this tape that the ancestors and the Spirit of God will speak to your heart and let you know that it's time for Africans everywhere to return to our ancient African truths which is really the African origins of Christianity the African origins of Judaism the African origins of Islam the African origins of Western religious thought the wet the African origins of actually civilization I pray that you'd be blessed by this tape hotep which means peace black people we must come home and reclaim our past of the Statue of Ursa my atrocity pan draw or emits and marioman also known as ramses ii this is the pharaoh that the biblical record would mislead us into thinking held the hebrew people captive and this this is also the pharaoh that the white man has misled the world into believing was the evil Pharaoh that refused to hear the words of Moses and this is one of the reasons brothers and sisters why they do not want you to go home they don't want you to go back to Egypt go to Israel go to Rome go to France go to Paris go anywhere but here because if you go here you'll see the truth the truth is that this great Pharaoh Ursa MA Rossiter Penrod omitsu marioman never ever held in Hebrews enslaved in fact that whole thing is a fabrication no Exodus ever took place according to Egyptian history and somehow a lot of Negroes believe they know the contents of that book because they believe in God so much they ain't got to read it this is what's going on so a lot of the most illiterate people come from religions but they won't even take the time out to learn in the language from which it derives because they say it was written in English to their convenience with no sense of mind and say you know what maybe we should learn language think about this the Roman Catholic Church decided how much books you'll be able to read ok the Catholics have 72 books in their Bible King James Version has 66 books they black Hebrew Israelite Commission's people to read the King James Version which is 6 less books then the Catholics many books less than what they really should be reading so here it is the Bible is a compilation of many books and the black religious man from the Hebrew Israelites it's going to tell you read the book that is more incomplete then the more popular white Facebook now it's all white face but the Hebrew is like look at the necro he's gonna tell you read the one with only 66 books and said to read the one with 72 books instead I look for all the other books the Bible mentions the book of Jasper where's that the Bible mentions the book of wars where's that it's not anybody what the Bible talks about it the Bible talks about the book of Jasper the book of world spyro has many books that he speaks about but the Vatican ordained that made these books be taken out so the general public can't read it it's only exclusive to the people that they say may be able to read it so the Roman Catholic Catholic Church they have 72 books and the Hebrew is like I got 66 and he's telling everybody only read the one with the 66 books he got the less books out of all the Bible readers then everyone else he reading the less this is what the black man does to his own people he wants you to get involved with a story that's incomplete and he says the greatest story ever told you ain't never gonna know how the story works out cuz the story ain't even complete and you're telling everyone to read the most incomplete version out of all the ones that's accessible ask them accident he bruh is like are they had more books to the Bible are you ok knowing that the Vatican commissioned the hierarchy to take out certain books why are you comfortable oh these 66 is just good enough you don't care that there was other books our African ancestors brothers and sisters saw the matrilineal system keep in mind that all the kings had to come through the line of the woman is that right what man can say he didn't come from a woman please step forward so we can understand where you came from so our ancestors had no problems understanding that divine principle of that sacred womb where we all came from that was the basis and foundation of the goddess principle and a matrilineal system in Africa and our ancestors saw in order for the king to rule the throne like you have Ursa MOT right here the goddess she shot here you see her in the tree of divine wisdom giving the fruit of divine knowledge and wisdom in order for him to rule the throne it had nothing to do with no tree of good and evil the patriarchs who came from the north the hicks oaks and others who had a misogynistic nature a hatred towards the woman could not conceive of a woman nor I got as giving a man anything and that story was corrupted the tree of divine wisdom and divine life was corrupted into the tree of what because here we have that they created and their biblical stories and opening of the pages and Genesis that they there was Adam and Eve is that right and they were not to eat of the tree of what knowledge of what good and evil now who was seduced by the serpent and ate from the tree as well sisters you got a watch in here that sounds but anyway here we see that she was seduced to eat the fruit and then she seduced you now we are told that that's the reason for the world sins of this first woman eating of the tree of good and evil and that that's also not only the reason for the world sins but her monthly cycle is to remind her of that sin this is was taught in the church okay now in sisters start jacking that preacher up who's been equally spiritually enslaved himself to tell that story and that we were born in sin there was no story whatsoever in the Kemetic Nile Valley that we were born in sin so how can I embrace a religion that we only were espoused to in light of the fact that we were subjugated in light of the fact that we were being oppressed see I can understand and we got this religion during our happy days and it came to somebody and we say you know what this makes sense but if you were alive during the time of this weekend wicked white man raping you lynching you and castrating you if you were alive during that time to see that he was reading from the Bible and you had any sense in your head you would say I will not support no what I obliged to the same God of my slave master and so it stood to reason for many blacks in America to identify with Islam which was the very inception of the black conscious community in my opinion because we knew for sure the slave master was dealing with Christianity so those of us that was waking up we'd be damned if we gonna subscribe to Christianity or any sector cuz of Catholicism for the most part so we decided or we elected to now make subscriptions to Islam because at least it seemed like there was a contrast at least it seemed like there was an opposition and opposing force so we went for Islam but the thought of the fact we figured we would be the victors we would be the beneficiaries of the same in light of the fact that we realized the slave master deals with Christianity he don't deal with a lot Baram be known to us prior to us coming over here our slave master made subscriptions to Islam under the tenants of Allah subpoena with Allah so we knew all it is we went to dealt with Islam either could the same conscious incentive to say I am Dylan with Christianity would have been the same incentive had we had more knowledge to not deal with Islam even though they make it black to make you accept it this is not still an African story the African story is the goddess shish at giving the fruit of divine life from the tree of divine life and wisdom in order for the King to rule the throne and this goddess concept was corrupted throughout the whole African Nile Valley and even in our spiritual subconscious even today where we are told that the sisters are the one – women are the ones for the world sins this is the demonization of women and the hatred of women this is part of the sexism that you get and the theologians even in Paul it says that women shouldn't even have shouldn't even speak in the church but I'm letting you know that that is not the African spiritual way brothers and sisters we had a god and a goddess that's a spiritual Marathi in law that our ancestors saw okay so let's understand that there was no real by the way in the African creation story taken from the man to make the woman that didn't exist they were created simultaneously so we did not have no story but all of us got a navel where the umbilical cord was severed from my mother's where we all came from but until we get back to the true spirituality of understanding our divine balance of African men and African women will forever be a victim and somebody else's racist theological story and the victimization of sisters where we cannot see our divine balance in the universe so then what would be our default the real question would be outside of the only books that they suggested for us to read the real suggestion would be what was we doing prior to being introduced these different religions the question until black people who make subscriptions to Christianity and Islam until they come to terms with what was we doing prior you see I'm not accident anybody this iMacs in the Christian Asst I max in the seventh-day adventists this IMAX in the Catholic this IMAX in the Roman Catholic this IMAX in the black Mormon this IMAX in the Scientologists this I'm asking the Nation of Islam this yeah I'm action I'm asking the Sunni Muslim this the Shiite Dharma dear the nation of the gods are nerves I'm asking all them now I'm not I'm accessing the Moors this IMAX in everybody and this is love you being your feelings if you choose and salute to the gods because I love the gods nation to Gaza nurse I'm asking everybody if you cannot tell me what we were doing prior to being introduced to these religions then I can't even entertain much of what you have to say I can't take you serious because you got to tell me what we did before we got those and after you tell me what we were doing prior to being introduced to these religions because the facts of the matters isn't keep it factual family you didn't learn nothing about these religions unless you was already being subjugated these are facts they no black man in America could say it traces history back to Christianity in America without also it running concurrent with slavery now some will contend well Christianity has this inception in Africa day no brand of Christianity being practiced in America that doesn't have its inception in slavery they no brand of being a Hebrew Israelite that doesn't have its inception in slavery you know the story is corrupted anyway because as Dane said there was only Adam and Eve and then they created a son named who and Cain went out to the Land of Nod and found what they have been explained that story yet and the niche and and erases a theologians will tell you that was the submit Road no African people had a great Kingdom long before there are Adam and Eve stories that they created and corrupted from the goddess of set and us are from right here in commit right here in Egypt where you are these stories are told your this is a book and stone that's why they carved illness Lee so it could not be revised you see the Ark already back there how could the Ark the Covenant that the Jews say that Jehovah God is the portable God house and you got it right here and we are taught to go to Jerusalem and not to come back here to Kim it that's the we look at Jerusalem as being the Holy Land not Kim it as being the Holy Land this was the original Holy Land this was the original time Neverland I know that may be hard for some of us but 400 years of indoctrination you have to look at yourself as a victim and we have been a victim but we have continuous story so this is a book in stone you can take you have a few minutes to take your pictures of the garlic shish at and go back and tell the story show it to the preaches show it to the ministers because if you use in the book called the Bible you could play games with all them acronyms basic information before leaving Earth just like the the brothers in Islam could played the game allowed me his arm leg leg arm head but we know damn well the word arm leg leg all of that doesn't even begin with the same letters and out of B of foucha so we got to stop that when we go into classical Arabic we got to tell the truth these are English acronyms to address ancient ideas in terms in the word Bible is even in the Bible the Bible so important guy didn't even mention the Bible in the Bible you see these are the type of things that I have an issue with in the community so no I will never ever appreciate the fact that our brothers and sisters are making subscriptions to being Hebrew Israelites being anything on the various sects of Catholicism and anything pertaining to Islam anything that falls within the branches no I can't do it especially Islam being the baby of them all this is 1400 years old you know we give you a few more years on top be serious here what was we doing prior before you can tell me to join any one of those religions I need you to tell me what do we do prior because that's like religion is the child that goes around saying my father looked like me dears and what I'm saying religion is the child that says my father looks like me as opposed to give me a homage and saying you know I look a lot like my father

38 thoughts on “Christianity's DARKEST Secret… The Truth About Bible Stories Part 1…Polight, KRS One, Ray Hagins

  1. Polight nailed it. To add to what he said both the bible and the Qur'an actually support and endorse slavery. They both originated in the same place and that place has been the world's human trafficking center since forever.
    Edited to add: Voodoo was what we did before.

  2. We are born into a religion and culture. I believe in one soul many lives. I am no longer christian. I do not identify myself by the color of my skin and for the soul to mature this is one requirement. We are all one. We are in it together. In one lifetime you may be a white slavemaster and in the next life a black slave. This is how the soul evolves. In reality in this lifetime you may be insulting yourself from a previous life. Thank-you. And yes, I believe in God. I do not believe in the god of any religion.

  3. People, it's not who you worship but the fact you do because it gives you strength,hope and gives you a platform on how you should live your life and treat others in your world. All religions started from one place. Baghdad or Babylon with the anunnaki.

  4. Be careful & beware with these youtube videos…This spiritual leader of the Afrikan village,,,πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Taking you back to worship the spirits of your ancestors I presume, and have u back in darkness,, the new Jim Jones…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  5. Only those with weak faith in God, will fall for what this man speaks,, as well as the atheist who narates this video…. Christianity?? Jesus did not invent christianity,,man did…

  6. Egyptology= paganism! It's the same as religion and it's the same as being like Roman Catholics and Jews! So call blacks are Isrealites! We are Yah's children that were suppose to have taught the other nations about who the true God of us was. However, our ancestors did not fully carry out our mission and we had a covenant with TMH! Though, the covenant is still sound and Yah will raise us up when we come back to him. We need to repent and turn away from these false gods. Satan is behind all these other spiritual beliefs and practices. You hamites who teach afican egyptology and kemit worship etc…you all, along with our ancestors/fore fathers are part of the reason why we are cursed by TMH. We need to pray against all evil and get our hearts right. Yahshua is our shepard and the bible speaks all about Egypt and what happen to us chosen ones of God. He will restore us when we uplift him and bless everyone by sharing his truth! SHALOM FAMILY πŸ˜‡πŸ’ͺπŸ“–β€πŸ‘πŸ”Š

  7. Now that I think about it Middle Eastern religions and spiritualities have always looked down on women and seen them as inferior. But in Africa women are worshipped and seen as equal to men, if not even superior in some cases. That idea of female inferiority really isn't a philosophy native to African spirituality.

  8. You should ask Ray what year we're in and why. Please, ask him, also about his great grandfathers' graves. You'll discover that Ray is clearly denying is own existence(without knowing).

  9. I hate to say it but we(blacks) are some ignorant and superstitious people, we do no real research and only in the Black community ignorance is now viewed as a virtue, and knowledge a liability !


  11. Now debunk Revelations and the cashless society. Take the mark or you dont buy sale trade. # of the beast. That playbook been going on a while. Your in it whether or not you want to be
    Too bad there are so many phony religion. Jesus wanted no religion just spread the truth

  12. Women were created first. All zygotes start out as female in utero, some of which change into males according to which of their father's chromosomes are imparted to her eggs. Souls are an energy force and have no gender, therefore, men and women are EQUAL so I hope you guys (and some of you women) get around to stop talking about "women are supposed to be submissive to men nonsense" <<<—> for many reasons, this is the most harmful thing religion has done to people.

    If you're into religious texts verbatim, I believe it was the book of Thomas (omitted from the bible) which said (paraphrasing as I have not read it yet) you are your own temple, not any religious edifice. Look inside yourself for grace and enlightenment.

  13. There is nothing in the Bible about "religion". So why are you repeating the so-called White man's words? The Bible speaks of the Creator through His Son, to His prophets and priests, the Children of Jacob. (Israel) This guy is talking nonsense. ☝️


  15. Your lost and your using your platform will have to stand before Jesus and explain why you tricked all who failed thanks to you. You focus on all man-made things and not Jesus, God, and blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

  16. Please explain why the oldest Christian Churches are in Ethiopia. These churches were established by Africans that claim to be the descendants of the Israelites. Christianity belonged to them long before the Europeans that formed the chattel slavery that was practiced in the west.

  17. Ones upon time this evil Christian believe that black people n women not have souls.but now call Brother n sister it's just bullshit ,cause no more they can slave now they going to scare you with heaven n hell. Watch sadhguru video about God.

  18. You are ignorantly delusional. Or perhaps paid. You never been to Israel to see the graves?How about show me one relative to Julius Caesar who lived post Christ. Or perhaps he did not exist. Slave masters so called are not the originators of Christianity but Jews. And it brought them suffering not gain you hypocrite

  19. What type of foolish ETHNOCENTRIC carnal tribal minded soul would want to go back to the beliefs of ancient kemet and afican paganism after history tells us of their demise? The foundation of any house will be tested by the most high Elah? Where is the house of Kemet? Is it not been devoured by the house of Egypt of the greeks? Where is the house of Egypt? Is it not in the belly of the house of Rome? And so on. Any religion of the earth will bind you to the earth. The mashiac (never founded christianity) breaks it down much deeper and simpler than any speaker in this video but ethnocentrism of ego slows them down and blinds them of the fullness of truth as they cannot see past the sins of their human counterparts. Their ignorance will lead them in a loop without the word of life in mashiac. Knowledge puffs up and mingled with bitterness cannot produce wisdom or show the true path. The Egyptians were raised up by the most high but pride in self and high regard of their flesh (ethnocentrism from self pride) destroyed them and brought them low. Seek the spirit of the most high join with him and let his word make you whole. Peace

  20. If our "prior' Afrikan religions allowed us to be totally uprooted and enslaved by a race of vikings, should we even want it either? Afrikans are still under apartied while practicing those same "prior" religions. My Afrikan brother; PLEASE let Farrakhan answer your intelligent question and tell you EXACTLY what we practiced. You admit that you don't know. HE DOES. (P.S. Islam did NOT begin 1400 years ago with Prophet Muhammad. The title 'Islam" is an Arabic word but what Islam 'IS' is as old as Black people!!)

  21. One correction: We never CHOSE Christianity, we were forced to forsake our natural Afrikan religions and FORCED to swear allegiance to European religions. We first became that forcibly under threat of instant death during slavery. Our language, our culture, our names, our religion, and FORCED into brainwashing Christianity. Facts…….

  22. Man I have been told all my life that there is a greater power then myself. Who I can go to for my struggle in life. If I don't have a god or if there is no god.? What is my purpose? How did we come from nothing? How is everything created come from nothing?

  23. this is the most fallacious deceptive and ignorant video I've seen in a minute
    first off it's just completely misleading if you want to talk about the first people to write down their religion it was the Sumerians
    and they beat the Egyptians by at about thousand years on top of which the Bible makes mention of both of them andmore preexisting before their established religions

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