Christianity: Cornerstone or Crutch?

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Joseph Rhodes and Christian Lundberg discuss their perspectives on life, death, and faith at The Veritas Forum: “Christianity: Cornerstone or Crutch? An Agnostic and a Christian Discuss Identity and the Role of Faith” at the University of California Santa Barbara, 2017.

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3 thoughts on “Christianity: Cornerstone or Crutch?

  1. Have you read Nabeel Qureshi's book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus? Have you seen the thousands of testimonies of Muslims seeing Jesus in dreams and visions? It has to be Jesus Christ because only Jesus paid off the ransom. The bible is not a political text. The book I mentioned earlier also talks about this…

    How can we turn nothing into feeding 800 people? You must not be talking literally then. Healing an amputee is more miraculous than a random guy obtaining the means somehow (likely with God's help) to feed the 800.

  2. I love how Rhodes shoots himself in the foot over his "why doesn't God heal amputees" argument by dismissing it over what he calls the "greater miracle" of feeding 800 people.

  3. "We all can learn the law of love"… but whose law of love? Hugh Hefner's or Mother Theresa's, Jesus law of love or Mohammed's, Gandhi's or Hitler's? I think the problem is we let our Pride get in the way and as humans we think that we can define love for ourselves… but we can't only God can… only our Creator can… so who is God and what is his law of love? Answer: Jesus forgive me if this is answered later on I'm only 26 minutes in… also to touch on why God does not heal amputees… look at the life of Nick Vujicic… ask him that question. I have met him and heard him speak. We may lack certain things in our life for a reason… reasons we may not be able to see but God can. Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs for a reason to show God's glory to the world. Also pain is not always a bad thing because we can learn from and grow stronger from it… and sometimes a little pain prevents greater hurt/injury

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