Christian Prince vs Abdul. Debate on Quran say five times to pray & The Black stone.

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people over the age of six years old ago hello I know yes my friend go ahead people they can hear you what you wanna say to us is I'm here just to show you the prayers of 5pi prayers are mentioned okay so a 30 verse 17 for the final unit almost 100 haina to sub your own what do you have every single right or are they are here where he to the head wound is that are you reading Arabic for me yeah where are you from from UK we don't speak Arabic this not Arabic what is that for super for subhanallahi Natoma sooner hey nuts we're on okay what does that mean subhanAllah so praise be to Allah when you when it's night and when you it's your wake up so what does that be what is the prayer say praise be to Allah it's not right so praise to Allah praise Allah when you wake up on your sleep what is where is the water to where is the order to pray this and this is the thirsty let me ask you know I don't the meetups here let me ask you when you pray it when you pray to Allah know I will show you that if Co not remember short of co2 when you pray do you say it praise be to Allah only or you have to say certain prayer do you say subhanAllah this is your prayer when you wake up in the morning is that your prayer even our bath your fan come I will show you what if the bus there's no problem when you when you wake up in the morning is that your prayer you say subhanAllah yes is prayer this is not true you don't research some you don't recite subhanAllah do you want me to get you buster do you want to get busted when you pray in the morning when you pray end up the first thing you do you do in the morning every day you pray five time what do you say what chapter you saw what charter your aside can I just finish Michael what a chapter your aside does it say in that it chateaux subhanAllah this this ayah is talking about my friend is daunting don't answer the question says to me a desire I'm asking you when you recite the prayer in the morning do you say do you say subhanAllah do you say the sentence upon a law yes no you don't know you don't research for me the prayer right now look recited go ahead show me the words upon Allah this talk about the prayers my friend this one is saying subhanAllah when you go in the morning say subhanAllah no is it is you it is you it is you it is you who said to me my friend it is you who said to me when you wake up in the morning say it's a power-law correct no in a sedan asada so what you say to go ahead say agree humph listen I work too hard or Archean or hannah0 ah so what do you say say the word for me okay we say the word ectomy in English we should say but you religious treat for me exalted is Allah when you reach the evening and Witney reach the morning okay what the word you say exalted what is the exotic translate to me for some Hannah okay Subhan so praise be to Allah whether it's the evening in a place – although it is the order for a prayer I'm telling you that the CTX really or it doesn't say that in the verse it doesn't say that you see my friend do you like give me a bus okay let me ask you a question I have a challenge for you wanna see see you know a no no no no no no no let me show you let me ask you let me ask you that I challenge you I challenge you to say I accepted me a bus do you accept me italian gee honey do you accept me about say yes do you accept me do you accept to be ABBA say yes I'm sorry do you accept me a bus not anything know everything ah we choose what we like okay my friend my friend my friend the verse your choice for me have nothing to do with the prayer you pray because it says what's up behind the table portions well you know who this is this is this is this is Antonio Don Ho hold on hold on let me show you how we strip it what you just said to me because you are saying because you are saying you are saying those are different prior right because this is exactly what the Quran says here we would must see really carefully read with me carefully read with me carefully you don't let me finish my homicide yes I am looking you I don't let Mustangs get away with their with their lies this one line when he shot that that one it have CFC only if not a bus he says that or you like the others ah see you know I'm aligning why do you say I'm lying soul let me get your buster you said I was lying you said I was late no you are lying for sure because this is not this it doesn't say pray it says what's up there at this be at the sphere Hawaii also alert a so that is a perform as the Prophet you say that the sphere can be anything you can say you can say no I will not let you finish I would get you busted Maha what lets me what it does me I mean what is this – what is this VA mean tell me what that's me what does be a mean they're a species when you just in you know just be just be his when you give was a cold what in this in this ayah I'm asking you what the words are Baha mean what's up behind morning so what morning it is fire in this Iowa hey I'm not talking about the time I'm saying what the what's up behind mean you said to me sabaha right yes what's up I mean what is me what did me ain't asking you what's up just behind this I am his Monique my friend I'm not asking about Toto's be home I'm just I'm talking about self a handsome Baha Baha dude I have no time for kids either you tell me sabaha I'm losing my patient what sabaha mean no no I mean my pay so I came here to keep Abdul Abdul you are getting busted as you don't wanna answer what's up I mean what's up behind me the world is alright what's up I mean what's up AHA me three yank up what's up AHA mean when a who said AHA Bham dica let us see a translation chapter 2 verse number 30 Yusuf Ali ray with me unloved behold the Lord say to angels our creative images etc and the earth they said will be placed therein and who will make mischief mischief meant with the dough with the celebrate and we praise do glorify thee we clarified this what sabaha mean is not a prior not a preformed a pro prior it is a glorifying God as simple as that this is the same exact word you quote for me the Muslims they try to find they tried to find their prior but they can't find it o let me ask you let me I will make it simple no no you because all the narrative my friend my friend let me ask you in chapter 11 is contained chapter 11 verse number 14 is that wrong is that is that is that verse is that verses wrong is that verse is wrong Allah says Allah said you pray only three times you are you saying to me are you trying to convince me that Allah change is mine can I can I can I know and I propose my ultimate yes you can but before I want you to answer me here because you are trying to prove to me that chapter this chapter and front of me his role is wrong is wrong are you saying this one is wrong are you saying Allah was wrong although changes mind me he will get that so does what no no no no start from here start from here are you trying to eat for me are you trying to prove to me here that Allah is wrong yes or no yes or no are you trying to prove because you are trying to prove to me that it is five prior correct yes I believe it okay hold on I will let you go but are you trying to prove that Allah was lying here it's not three it's four he was this is a mistake he's contextualized in context realizes listen listen he said you pray three time the end of the day and the approach of the night do you see it yeah okay why he says that why he says that this is the only verse this is the only verse my friend is in order to pray the wrist or not have not had to do with the prayer but what is happening even even the first you gave me it's in total agreement with this one because because because the two end of the day is exactly the same and the approach of the night is what you gave me okay Mangan let me finish okay yeah go go go so Hanna Lehane at the moment he hummed if you see me where they would either I've seen with him you know Gus even our bus was asked about this tough seed of this ayah is reported by if in our bus the five daily prayers our mission is Honda so he said and a person asking where then he said he said so Allah Allah do you say did you see a person says to him where is the fire fire no no no no you just say that's just it I just heard you I just heard heard you saying that the person said to me a bus where is the five prior correct I'm just so good if I Allah can come up to the evening that is ripe and Asia and even enter the morning is for sure and in the afternoon is a sir and the time when the day begins to decline is or Adam for saloons such as the Haqq answer et opener to bear that the same thing some of the more fashion said that this ayah measures only for the players Asia is not mentioned here but his mission is super good but Allah says many some hours of the night so who'd eleven one wonderful so we can see from this verse and when you contextualize it in surah good then the five prayers are mentioned where let me show you what you just said you are saying to me that Allah he said praise so praise Allah and between this and this time right and that is the proof of a prayer the water prior is sold out right in on us here okay is the word prior deal is appearing or a praise it oh no it doesn't it okay so there's no word is a prayer so where we come find and the whore honest says a pray and the one that you just had bombs finally the top so the only okay so you agree with me the only place is say is hold on hold on hold on you see sometimes there is something wrong they'll see your own with your Muslims you what do you want a sponsor a lie you know yourself look what it says well our team is solid Salah is not so panel law salat is solid this is why the word there was mrs. why the word there is different when you say so this is a prayer praising Allah praising praising praise Allah only only is praising Allah is not a salat it's the supplication but here salat is a special beauty what happiness so that how many time read with me okay but a for you nor was Ali feminine Lane now I asked you I asked you do you have burst do you accepted me a burst totally you said no only this one that's me you are hypocrite I'm saying it's not honoring no no I'm asking you do you accepted me have burst interpretation to be the interpretation to follow you said not in everything correct so it is why I said oh why you access only this because you are a hypocrite otherwise should accept everything he said I don't know son you sometimes you use even if I sometimes use deep nicotine me I use it to get you busted I use it because it's a stupid I use it because it's a crazy I'm not using it because I never because I agree with him I don't agree anything of the office now I use a mica thief steal that's mean I agree with him look after you okay I must clear logic a messy question but no no I'm asking you know in the verse in the front of us how many how many prior your God mission behind us one oh hey no to spur on you see I listen to you you ask me you you made a promise you made a promise that if I let you locate read the whole thing but as I said was right although I hold on hold on hold on the verse in the front of me how many time Allah he said you pray chapter 11 verse 1 Selassie 1 chapter 11 verse 114 stop a leak out the rest 114 114 how many time Allah he mentioned the priority and he mentioned the word the prayer not subhanAllah oh sit sit again office for 114 my friend surah oh boy that's a nice mother I mean how many time I need to say to huge look at the screen look on the screen chapter 11 verse 1 14 chapter 11 verse 114 I'm so naughty that often the heart wasn't for me to dig into my cuteness a Yeti can declare exactly so what do you think what do you think stop this please yeah at the two ends of the day okay another part of the night did good day indeed stock market ETF oh okay what does that mean you tell me what you get what the conclusion how many time you pray here from this verse is 3 okay so why Allah he mentioned it is a three if it is five as you said no but that you understand well my my my point would be the Quran is a contextualized yeah it's a harmony you know my friends no no I question is very simple why Allah he said here three children he mentioned five at there are five that Allah dropped did Allah drop sentences he forgot that they are five okay so why he said a3 is basically no you just say you just said you just said yourself it is a three prior correct yes okay so when Allah he said the three in this verse was it a mistake because it's not a three according to you it says it's five you said it was five you were in order trying to prove to me in the last twenty minute that it's five correct yeah okay why here he said so why here he said it's three yes but this is not the only this my friend is not the question this another question if they are five why Allah he said here three you don't let me answer so basically in this first so we have to give the horn basically either bingo the pair that's not the question that's not the question that's not the question in order to believe in five who prior it's mean there's a contradiction because here he said you praise the two end of the day and the approach of the night it's very simple very clear so it's three time and agree upon that so why he did not mention five if there is more come on why he did not mention more you see the whole Kalon he never say the prey the wall you your the verses you said you mentioned to me it's a sub bad someday I have nothing to do with the prayer this is the only verse says what a famous solid up him a solid we be honest be honest why does it say okay miss alert or online no he sees what some said okay so okay miss alert and this is the only place it says what and how many time you pray optimists alert establish the prayer at what time he said he'd give us definition stablish the prior at that to end of the day and the approach of the night thank you very much he did not say in the verses they are optimist alert he said praised be Allah at the morning at the day we praise a lie every day I mean if Allah is God I'll praise him every five minute what's wrong with that a second ago you were praising Allah correct so does that mean you are your establish in a prayer no this is not costly prayer okay okay question question when you praise Allah when Ukraine you praise Allah Muslim my friend in Islam a prior is different from praising stop fooling yourself I'm not myself okay so then why here it says what a missile that he is working mr. black what I'm gonna so dark honor what up a mister that mean okay mister that means you have to stand in a certain way you have to say things in certain way you have to hold your hand in certain ways that correct doesn't seem it says that welcomes alert establish the prayers time I could pray or have a certain way you have to do ablution you have to do certain things correct okay so subhanAllah you do not need to establish a pollution you do not need to stand you can Subhan Allah you can say that when you are driving you can say that when you are now there's this subhanAllah is just saying praise be to Allah that's all yes the saddest how we start the Salah no no no no no this is not a prayer you see you're you're not being honest and now I ask you why Allah he said here you three time you could not answer me you are trying to prove to me there five because if they are five Freddie they are five and here in Allah and here Allah he mission only three that's mean Allah he made a mistake okay maybe Allah has change his mind what do you think basically what you're doing is you're just taking me because maybe I'm not taking one verse Allah he said the clearly he'll pray three times but the one I gave you none of the none of the verses you gave me it says a praying it says praise be praise Allah where is the water pray or show me how we apologize from you can you show me the word says to pray no he doesn't see prayer okay so no none of the verses you gave me it says pray it's a is a praise be to Allah subhanAllah so the only verse is speaking about Salah is this Salah here okay didn't okay you tell me why would you say we make it more quota in a slut do you know what verse is that okay okay what does that mean translate for me I want to stick to this verse we're gonna get you everything else no no I'm sorry about my sake speak you control the narrative time what is more what is what is most as well that's what ended what is what I mean that's what the problem let me finish first let me finish first so okay basically I'm trying to say – is it we can't just use one verse from the Quran say he established he prays here I know where else can you show me the other two players what does he blabbers the Sunni is taking mother crisco ignore us even our best use of Hannah hematoma sonatina thrown from the Decemeber to other human he uses these two verses along with the first ie used to establish the issue clear wasting our time I asked I asked you I asked you are trying just to find a way to say it says a pray it doesn't say that because the horses are clearly the Quran says it clearly in different verse chapter 4 verse 103 says in a solar attic an Italian in a Keith Urban Makuta it is a set time and he called us a lot not to praise Allah Subhan Allah the Quran confirmed that it wise it is salat and only salat is accepted to be prayer anything else is supplication it is to her so stop lying to us lat you must I'm trying to fight ok let me ask you let me ask you let me let me ask you this did Muhammad Muhammad receive 50 prayer from Allah yes or no receive 50 prayer from Allah osorno su-100 Hamid receive either so what's it what's your and what's the purpose of eternity this the Quran confirmed that only consider as flirt when he mentioned the words alert anything else is not so loud this is the confirmation it's repeated advice what is and is connected at the time is salat not to praise Allah not subhanAllah salat is the only one is considered prayer anything else is not a prior history and you can ask s Cordura so now I'm asking you I'm asking you so noticed that it is wrong this is that destroy story so he said Mohammad here is see if 50 prior yes or no Mohammed receive 50 prior yes or no utopia like frogs Mohammed received 50 prior or not ask yes to Army's Momo's it up I know what makutano quota in a certain time is said time said time said time so Allah he is the one who said the time for you he said so lot and he said when salat is in the chapter 1 verse 1 114 so he did not mention to you in any place about salat except in those two verses as simple as dad this is SolarCity faking it again this is alert this is solid here diverse chapter 4 verse 103 is a solid correct in a hurry to masala tea okay so it's a clear salat is not supplication it's not anything it's going to be anything so that you have to pray in a certain time okay if we go to different verse in the Quran it says it clearly in chapter 11 verse 114 that he will use the word slut again when we do when we do salat I'll explain to you I explained to you he said to you when we do us a lot we do it in the two ends of the day and the approach of the night correct yeah dice dice of us yes okay so are you saying this versus life no that's not daddy or comes into you okay so now Allah he mentioned I know that the prayer only is so loud he did not say anything else if you want to go by Mei buzz then you have to take it me at birth do you agree with the blab bus what do you mean what do you agree with me a bus and whatever he say about the rocket no no I don't ah don't worry won't go to talk about me time well let's go talk a bomb top right you will not talk about later okay hold on hold on hold on okay we will not talk about the Matta what do you think is that fine if we go to any adverse to explain this verse the verse we are reading about the verse the verse we are talking about do it me a verse consider what you said the conch want some ice on it which means which means which means if we go right now and see what if you have bad to speak about the prayer as long as you accept only AB neighbors in the case of the prior look like every a bus is a ship off for you what do you want he is a good man what you want why you don't accept it not so you see me yes well no you said you said you don't accept the mota is that because give me a bus as a lawyer no no it is basically we don't think him to be infallible that's what ah so maybe he's infallible here too how do you how do you base your opinion that it me a bus is being unfillable what do you want and he is not available what you want who are you as I use my intellect I use my intellect where does your intellect the Quran never says you pray in a certain time like this the Quran says it clearly superior is not a pray I can show you right now my friend when your friend then I show you if I show you if I show you take listen listen hold on if I show you the dictionary what the word sabaha mean do you accept yeah okay what is the words are behind the dictionary tell me show me show me he said you can show me I think you don't show it I will show it no problem what what's up bhai mean so okay I'm asking you at the same time can you tell me until until I open I enter I open the dictionary what sabaha mean in this verse doesn't matter what verse the word sabaha what's up behind exulted resulted exalted what does that mean praising oh so what is the prayer prayer is not a praising God prayer is certain words you have to say certain words okay here we go this is not a deist hold on hold on hold on hold on this is a dictionary do you see the dictionary the shaitaan is you and your prophet you see do you see the dictionary in DC dictionary do you see dictionary no no where is it where is where is the prior where is the pray once the lot of I praise or swim in Arabic it can come as a swim where is where is the word pray certain pray in Islam it doesn't submit hello celebrate Allah praises Allah glorify Allah prior is not about to glorifying Allah only it's about 13 words you know no it is not it's not like it is not because you have to repeat the words of Allah it's not your words here you can say whatever you wish here you can say whatever you wish so no you know you're not exerting him he is exerting himself because he is no one who said to you what to say you are just repeating you are like a recording machine is it you who said al-fatiha Allah okay nice all about it I'm asking you you are not exerting him you are repeating what he said don't lie is it he who said al-fatiha you or not obviously he thought okay he is the one who said al-fatiha so you are just repeating what he said so he is exerting himself he is not he's appraising himself it's not you who praise Him you are just repeating you are just a recording machine you're praising it knows you are now please same strength is the same time you have to say exact same words as in the Quran correct yes okay this B has not the exact word in the want the speak you can say whatever you wish yeah see now you are doing the spear so this is not salat stop lying to yourself all of us my friend my friend CPU do you see you see you see the hypocrisy of Muslims they like me our bus when they want they don't like it me our bus when they want and this is a very clear sign of hypocrisy thank you ask you let me ask you why you chose in why you choosing me a bus is that because only up now bus and the rest they are taking up their bus copying him is that why Thomas key is like you taking a Bible Commentary one of them no no my friend no I am NOT taking Bible Commentary I don't have a purse in my Bible your promise you're a prophet you're a prophet your prophet he named it me a bus as the scholar of the nation and what you are saying to me now that your prophet he picked up the wrong person did you're a prophet it shows Mei bus to see to stitute to be the scar of Islam yes or no do are you there hello look like we lost time you see the hypocrisy of the Muslims I look like I have an issue in my computer – all right Oh oh hi yes my friend yes ma you refer to me as a Muslim earlier I don't care who you are who are you I'm Catholic yeah well I talk here to people who don't who believe in Jesus who don't say we are Catholic or Protestant what you want to say I'd like to say that I do still believe that the Holy Roman Church is the one true church of crop ok get lost don't call me again you're a donkey you have no place with Jesus we are just a person full of CI you may see my skype I see a cold another see the cold and this is annoying I don't see the call I [Applause] believe that the Catholic or Church could believe in God they have wrong teaching and they have correct teaching the important is that they believe in Jesus our Savior they believe in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit the wrong about teaching of what they're teaching will not make them official hello okay hear me prophecy your prophet it shows in your birth to be the scholar of the nation yes or no no no we don't want to move on we don't wanna move on because now you said something very important did your prophet named him as a scholar of the nation yes or no the scar of DOMA yes Oh then how you said to me I mean a bus I don't accept him what I want and I accept him what I want be 100 my bus is a movie Mohammed is a human being – is he god no he's not okay when I'm mad when Muhammad he choosed me a bus he made a mistake no Muhammad is infallible okay it's difference o infallible are you sure so so okay let me ask you then why the why the Muslim they say that Mohammed was possessed by the devil come on what what come on in possess the most the Muslim before you who one who called me he said that everybody heard him if we go to the hadith right now you will see that Muhammad was possessed I'm in the Horan only I was only 30 ask for forgiveness don't ask for forgiveness once and that's for a mistake where we're we're we're in the Quran ask for forgiveness once where is that my friend my friend you did not tell your Quran the Quran keep asking Muhammad to ask for forgiveness are you saying to me that Muhammad why why hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on why would you ask for forgiveness why answer a wish because he's a pagan see has he appeared on innovation of the crater well he worship a creator but he kisses stones he says to us machine the God of Abraham Isaac how you worship the God of Abraham but you kiss the stone of the devil I don't you did are you saying you're better than your prophet okay let's desta find paper I'm asking you are you are you saying you're better than your prophet because you say it you said I don't your prophet he did so are you saying you're better than him okay let's so let's let's define pig the word pagan is a person no no I don't change the topic your prophet he kissed the stolen your prophet he seek is the stone you said you don't are you saying you are more smaller than your prophet yeah so why why you don't he did oh because that that stone is off King from China so what you do where you don't you said I don't you told me I don't why you don't do it then because you complete that stone what you need oh great a stone I do not what is that stone whose no values no it's not something so why your pocket cassette if has no value why you profit kiss it because he came from heaven like you but you just told me if you see or contradicting yourself you are saying to me it has no value and now you are saying to me because it came from heaven your prophet kiss it so that's me it's heavy value you said paganism paganism that's funny okay if if Allah has sent a donkey from heaven are you Muslims going to curse it and your profit will curse it to me Johnny said if Allah he said that donkey from heaven are you going to kiss it and your profit will kiss it it's a stone then it's a stone it's a stone just only okay why your prophet kiss it what are you asking you why the Prophet kissed it yes why he kiss it why he could said if he is not a pagan man why he kiss it very simple and why you must him today you kiss it – what the point how much what muhammad establish what you have to let me speak as well yes yes program why why he'd kiss her go ahead why he kiss it and why why it's not big in for you that's okay okay before we move on it defines where pagan hmm what big is okay what big enjoy the fact okay we both have taken a definition of doing makeup yeah okay Oh pagan is a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions yes it done okay except that I'm listening go ahead no no I'm just saying you accept our definitions I accept nothing of what you say hi because paganism have nothing to do with worshiping certain things it have to do with worshiping false gods no no check definition English definition my friend I don't care for you see you even your even your prophet he gave us definition are you saying your Quran is a stupid because the Quran says in chapter six verse number 74 that paganism is worshipping idols this the Quran says sitting in the Quran says that paganism is worshipping idols I don't worship I do how is it you are giving me the different definition from the Quran so what's wrong with you so the Quran says if you worship idols you are lost correct no no I'm sorry no one wishes Idol okay Muhammad is a stone if the stone is not an idol what is an idol then that's not it like you kissing your mother doesn't mean much my mother is not a stone it's she is my mother she gave me birth dude do you Muslim believe do you Muslim believe that the stone gave birth to you know if he kisses someone doesn't mean you worship them why if I said it's a stone it's a stone it's not someone it's not someone is not someone is not a person how are you saying the stone is a person came from China my friend so what if it came from the Jinnah what does that mean you mean from the space every day we have fallen spare you falling falling rocks from the space you are going to worship them and kiss them let me ask you is the stone Holly stone not necessarily not necessarily so why he cassette are you saying it's dirty no he's from heaven he crazy okay listen listen why the stone became a black according to your prophet because the sins thank you very much so this is a living stone no no no so how the stone became black it was white hvala no no explain to me you said that same made the black stone black it was white you know actually making sense you just make it stupid arguments you see you want to change the topic right why why the black why is it black a storm hey man why you're black a stone became black it was white what happened explain to us you said it's sin how this happened it's a stone are you saying to me this is stone changed the color and sin change it how is that is that because is that is that that is that because the stone suck your sin you know is you playing a game his answer is they're kinda key is that it's not because is that because my friend answer is that because the stone suck your sin yes or no you had an answer because the sins of mankind the stone decay how the same how the sin of mankind arrived at the stone what happened this is a doing of a lost man without it's the Creator we speaking about you must be what the Creator are you saying the stone is your Creator what does don't have to do with the Creator how the stone how the stone was white and became a black because if you're saying how my sin all right the story telling to me is sin do you like it do like hearing your voice nymph in the stone came for heaven so he's pure yes in here from heaven is pure what the pure mean what do you mean by pure you mean that no did not commit sin are you saying the pure that this the black stone did not commit sin I said the stone anything that comes from heaven is pure pure what I mean by pure the bad commit sin what pure mean p.m. is like Jesus you know I mean no I do not know what you mean how the stone can be pure it's a stone so a stone in heaven is not pure so anything like it my friend my friend what are you talking about in the heaven of Allah there is women they have vagina is that but Jannah pure Oh a telling me is impure well you tell me is the vagina of the Muslim women in heaven is a pure she will be in heaven – I don't even kiss the stone saw my friend I don't care if you kiss it or not you said your prophet he cassette and look let me show you what what your prophet said and this is a correct hadith that if you totally if you touch the stone if it's not a question if you touch the stone if you touch the stone you are a pig in person if you touch the stone although will erase your sin is that correct the storm will erase your sin read with me you say we're gonna pick a person to meet you so you are the pagan you are the pagan who worship one God you don't have one goal you kisses don't you kisses stones and you you believe that the Kaaba is going to erase your sin read carefully with me your prophet saying that about the rock man why do I only see you touching those two raw corners what corners is talking about the M&E corner and the black stone he said I heard the messenger of allah say touching them erase our sin okay how touching stone will erase your sin he say to us he said I'm a pagan but I'm saying you're a pagan answer ANSWER Answer right to see who the patients are answer we don't believe if we touch his stones is going to erase our sin you wish if three cuts we don't worship to God don't change the topic step one we worship on it speak to me you see our change in the topic you are now getting busted you worship a stone and you are a patient person I came my God my God who is the true God we worshipped in me and the Father Son the Holy Spirit one God I mean thank you very much how how the same as we showed you in the chapter 4 verse 1 71 in the Quran Jesus is the word Jesus as a spirit and Jesus is the man 3 in one house and explain to me explain to me how the Quran says that Jesus is three but he's one how you just said how okay he's da same is connected how how Jesus

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  1. Muslims have also taken the concept of praying five times a day and using a prayer cap or head-covering while praying from Zoroastrianism.]
    The orthodox will pray during each of the five divisions of the day (see page on the Zoroastrian calendar) or gahs (see page on the Avesta, scriptures) including reciting a special set of prayers before and after bathing.

    Divisions of the Day

    In the seven months of summer the periods (gas) of the days and nights
    are five, namely, Hawan the period of day-break, Rapithwan the period of
    midday, Uziran the period of afternoon, Aiwisruthrem the period when
    the stars appear in the sky until midnight, and Ushahin the period from
    midnight until the stars become imperceptible. In winter there are four
    periods, and Hawan extends from daybreak until Uziran (Rapithwan is
    omitted) while the rest are as previously mentioned. (Bundahishn Chapter

    Nowadays, the day is divided into five sections or gahs (also called geh) as follows:

     Havan* gah  sunrise to noon  dedicated to Mithra
     Rapithwan** gah  noon to 3 p.m.**  dedicated to warmth
     Uziran gah  3 p.m. to sunset  dedicated to Apam-Napat
     Aiwisruthrem gah  sunset to midnight  dedicated to fravashis
     Ushahin gah***  midnight to sunrise  dedicated to Sarosh

    The word 'gah' or 'geh' is taken to mean a division or period of time
    and a watch. It lends itself to the word gahanbar / gahambar as a
    division of the year and even to the name of a place as in Atash-Gah and

    In the Avesta, the five divisions of the day are called asnya ratavo or ayara ratavo, and in Middle Persian texts – gahan.

    *Havan gah: In the Avestan languages, this
    watch is called Havani ratu and Havan-ni-Meher (Havan-e Mehr) – the
    watch when the rays of the rising sun dispel the darkness of the night.

    **Rapithwan gah: During the five cool
    months of the year, i.e., the last five months of the Zoroastrian
    calendar from Aban to Aspandmard [also see our 365-day calendar grid],
    the Rapithwan gah is omitted resulting in the number of gahs / watches
    in a day being reduced from five to four and the Havan gah is extended
    from sunrise to 3 pm. As we will see in the section below on the Hours
    (in a day), the days in the cool months are shorter and sunrise occurs
    later in the morning making this adaptation necessary.

    The Yasna liturgy
    – a ceremony of the inner circle conducted by priests in a fire
    temple's inner sanctum – is performed during the Havan geh. This means
    that during the seven warm Rapithwan-above-ground months, it is
    conducted from sunrise to noon while in the remaining five cool
    Rapithwan-below-ground months it is performed from sunrise to 3 pm.

    Dastoor Daboo is quoted by Ervad Gev Karkaria in his article Ushahin Gah (currently posted on the NAMC website)
    as saying "in ancient Iran the word Geh/Gah was also associated with
    the time when the court of law would assemble to render their judgment.
    Different levels of court would assemble at different times with lowest
    court assembling during the Ushahin Gah and the highest court or the
    Supreme Court assembling during Aiwisruthrem Gah. The judgment in each
    court was then rendered by the Lord or Ratu associated with that Gah
    with Supreme Court judgment being rendered by Dasturan-e-Dastur or

    ***Some authors suggest that because the orthodox who pray during each
    gah, i.e., five times a days, recite the Ushahin gah immediately upon
    awakening (just before the break of dawn – Usha means dawn), the Ushahin
    gah is therefore the first gah and should precede the Havan gah. They
    go on to conclude by extension, that since the Ushahin gah is the first
    gah since the gah begins at midnight, therefore the Zoroastrian day must
    originally have begun at midnight.

    Zoroastrians hold that the effectiveness of a person's beliefs is demonstrated in that person's deeds. While praying helps to reaffirm beliefs, a life based on good deeds is prayer in action. Our lives are the temples of our souls. This is a natural progression of the ethical creed of good thoughts, words and deeds, where good deeds are held to be most meritorious.

    [Note: The word namaz or namaaz is used in modern Persian to mean prayer. It is derived from namazh, in turn derived from the Middle Persian namaach, a word with roots in the Avestan nemangh. Interestingly, in Avestan nemase-te means 'reverence to you'. Compare with Hindi namaste from Vedic Sanskrit namas-te meaning 'honouring-you'

    Zoroastrian worship practices have evolved from ancient times to the present day. Traditionally, Zoroastrians worship individually at home, or in the open, facing a source of light. Zoroastrian scriptures do not prescribe worshipping in a temple and make no mention of Zoroastrian places of worship.

    In ancient times, historical records state than when the community gathered together for a religious event, they did so in open air gathering areas around a podium where a fire was lit. The gathering areas were on hillsides and hilltops.

    Over time, Zoroastrians developed the concept of worshipping in temples, sometimes called fire temples. The temples contain an inner sanctum (pavi) or platform where a fire is maintained or placed. This is because Zoroastrians face a source of light when they pray. In temples the source of light is a flame maintained in a fire urn. In certain temples, this fire is kept burning continuously, representing an eternal flame.


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