Christian Prince debate

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hello hello yes how is it Christian pretty yes we are life on air in YouTube everybody heard you what do you want to say to me my friend okay I was listening to all this just checking your references you give him a Guinness my Quran either you are a filthy fat liar or all the amounts since I was a child have been lying to me because Islam I was taught surah Baqarah at 2 5 6 it says like rough reading there is no compulsion in religion okay and then another surah for instance says surah Katherine at 6 means your religion is yours mine is mine and it's meant to be a peaceful religion but you are just throwing too many things I can't even you know search for her okay wait wait you get this thing is from let us it's in my head my friend I'm a walking library let us go one by one usually slam me in peace correct yes all right well is it the Quran in Chapter 9 verse number 29 order the Muslims to fight and to kill all the Christians either they pay the jizya and the convert or they die if it's in the time of war I wouldn't worry about those and my friend but it's not okay and yes in the time before but the Christian did not wage war only oh it's you waging war it will be care for you see you crawl and I can open for you any translation you wish which translation you like most it doesn't really matters as far as its translated it's okay Muhammad Youssef are you a Muslim I'm not going to use any translation the problem is yo yo you show me none of the translation they all construct each other I don't know who to listen to is what I'm asking you which translation you like go to a gelling of July 19 stuffs here but your Elaine yeah facility loyal alright so we will go at FC rogério been cut 0 no problem ok because here you want to make it here I just tell me what do you want I mean I'm hearing typical sales ladies here ok let's go to make it they'll give me a second it's alright shocking it's not it's it can't be true alright we will see if it's true or my friend and as you said either I'm a filthy liar or they are faith healers one of us have to be alright so this is Emma Cathy I will show it to you the screen and remember this is your choice not my choice you wanted to geralyn I said ok I will show you a Elaine you said because I will show you do whatever you want this is a mega theater you see it says evening Cathy you see my screen this is a mega theater and it must assume out so you can see better now read that's right for those who you know leave and go to verse number 9 because this is many here is explaining go home soccer hoon etcetera you speak Arabic I'm assuming to you yes okay that's wonderful and then we can even innervate but let us go on our English now fight against those who believe not in Allah nor the last days nor what is forbidden which is for him by Allah and his messenger and those who acknowledge not the religion of the truth from the people of the scriptures ok why he went to fight them because they don't ignore –is– the following things the last day of Islam what is forbidden by Islam and the message of Islam do I agree ok so what is the reason to kill them because they don't ignore it and I think the verses are clear now let's read em nigga –there until they pay the jizya with willing and submission and feel themselves subdued now read carefully the bleakest here now is making his commentary sling root symbol this is sailor take here we go this what the Quran saying if they speak Arabic right Cesaro means Arbutin Yuri ated ok little bit for therefore is Amica theo talking now not the floor therefore when people of the scriptures disbelieved in Mohammed and they had no beneficial faith in any messenger or what the messenger brought rather than follow their own their religion because this is a confront with their ideas lost and the ways of their forefather not because they are a lalo religion they had been true believers in their religion that faith would be health directed them to believe in Mohammed so because they are not true believe in Mohammed obviously they are liars correct and then he says because all the people give the good news to Mohammed etcetera blah blah blah blah they believe in Mohammed and look he what he said was harsh their religion these religions came from Allah but because this is sweet their desire and lost therefore their claimed faith is earlier an earlier prophet will not benefit them because they disbelieved in the master and the most of the last and the most perfect of the Prophet hence Allah statement so because they did not believe in Muhammad but because they are fighting Muhammad I think that the proof is a pure correct because of that look what it says fight against those who believe not in Allah nor the lawsuit cetera to the end of the verse and then says this honorable ayah was revealed with the order to fight the people of the book after the pagan were defeated so Muhammad now he killed all the enemy who's left he killed the Jews he killed the you know he killed the page Arab now it's time to finish those Christian and Jews so the people enter into a law religion in large numbers o Muhammad now have a big army because people's kill terrified and the Arabian Peninsula was secure under Muslim control Allah commanded his messenger to fight the people of the scripture Jews and Christians on the ninth year ninth years of the Hedra he prepared an army to fight the Roman it's not the Roman who fired him he sent the letter to the Romans in convert or die now you said to me Michael you specifically of referring to what which battle it is a matter he decided this it's a book suppose Mohammed he went to the book but he could not make it because he could not get in you know like he was hoping to be able to attack but look like they were ready for him so he was not able to attack and he came back after waiting 404 for some time in the book but then as you see here you said to me Islam teaching you that you have your religion I have mine there's no compression at Volusion bla so this is in the beginning you see what you know you speak Arabic and I should know better that in Islam there is something is called abrogation once Muhammad he was weak he said okay you have your religion I have my religion because he cannot force them but as you see here when I burst could be easily abrogated by its diviner which is Allah no problem no problem with the confu but if I definitely tell you just my friend which way why you are quoting for me a verse which is abrogated it's not valid because al Qaeda ended the other verse is not very data brigaded by the chato behold is a system cult is a system which is directly personally direct for somebody towards someone a personal figure yes okay so if you if you give me a verse okay any verse been abrogated by Allah it's no problem but you can never find a verse been abrogated by Muhammad himself oh no you are wrong I can find it tones no you cannot find me a single one you're just making it up just throwing thrown too many things people cannot pick it up okay okay let us finish this one and I promise you I will go right away and I will show you the verses which Muhammad abrogated but let's agree that what you said about peace is it was not I'm not going to say your line I would say it was a true read carefully here it says the material emerged hitting toward a sham to fight the Roman and they released a book where he set a camp etcetera for etcetera so he could not I know he could not do it he came back and the condition until they pay the jizya if they do not choose to embrace Islam so why we have to pay jizya because the eye or pay and with willing submission in people's pain jizya what's the worst rola no no this is our land how we pay land or the American occupiers they will force them to pay jizya because the American occupation it's what you're professing and look what he says it says in the verse and we feel themselves subdued disgraced him URI ated a like etc therefore the Muslims are not allowed to honor the people of the dimma or elevate them above the Muslims for they are miserable disgraced emulated Muslim reported that Abu Huraira Allah the prophet said don't initiate Salam to the Jews and the Christians and if you meet any of them in the road force them to the narrowest la which mean the sewage this is why the leader of the faithful Ahmad no hot tub may Allah pleased with him demand Israel know his will known conditions to be met by the Christians these conditions that ensured their continued humiliation disgrace etcetera do you see it so you are saying to me that Islam says you have your religion I have mine those people they have no guilt except the other Christians and now you want to hang you eat them because they refuse Islam this is there a crime just thought what I was thoughts but I'm showing you the proof and you are the one who asked me to read it because I obviously am working and living in extreme country okay my friend and then only and working with Christians and Jews they respect me so much no problem I'm not I'm not my friend use these workers against them my friend I'm not talking about you this is not about you or me you might be a wonderful person but this is not about you and me this is religion so you said to me really Kathy I I quote it for you life on Iona here what you choose correct it was your choice so obviously Islam is not what some Muslims they think you're almost done but you've been taught that the Prophet says you have my religion you are viewers this one when he was weak its abrogated now we prove to you that the first thing you say to us about Islam give a freedom of a choice that is a big fat lie they told you even the Prophet of Islam he says I've been ordered to fight all mankind until they say there is no god but Allah and no prophet but Muhammad and if they do so only if they do so I will stop killing them and shedding their blood and here we go all those hadith also here and they are accurate you have you have not only not only you have to say the Shahada you have to pray as we pray you have to fast as we fast you have to face the Qibla you have to pay the zakat is it did and this is how do you say hey hey hey it doesn't matter hate or not this Asahi yeah did you say is hadith all of the Koran my friend this is hadith and sahi but it was going total agreement with each other now verse 29 could you show on the screen place I'm sure it on screen don't see it it's not coming out okay well maybe you need a refresher plate really hold one also listen let me refresh or encircled right in order to find that people till they say that has a right to be worshipped but Allah I knew they say so pray like our prayers Faysal cable on slaughter and we slaughter when their blood and property will be sacred to us not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning would be at all what's the sale of a39 to I go sooner dot-com let me check sorry I need to check I don't trust anyone anymore Bukhari right yeah so that means so this if this is true it abrogates I have 256 surah Baqarah and surah kahf alone in the chapter at Toba I will get everything because Quran is more powerful right so the Quran and the heavier confirmed that what you said to me in the beginning it was not really accurate and this is the truth but tell me one thing it is anywhere in the Quran backing up the hadith we keep taking hadith for granted no I showed you the Quran first and now I will show you the hadith that's not sure the hate first in the Quranic is so the any ayat any verse in the Quran saying you must listen to her death oh yeah there's tons of them because the show show me one okay hold on the Quran says whatever give offer if Quran doesn't back up the hadith the hadith can go on valid yeah no problem let me show you I will show you tones of reference alright chapter 59 verse number 7 what about the Prophet he gave you you take it so you take what the message assigned to you whatever he says to you you take it it is an order you see 59 verse number 7 let us see more there's many – there's too many all right in the Quran says – that whoever whoever obey all the messengers obey Allah all right Rihanna carefully please and you will see chapter 4 verse number 18 he who will be the messenger will be Allah he correct let me check I got Talal it honey run let me check how he is it's obviously all against each other you can't you don't know who to listen to no it's that you have to obey Muhammad first because obeying Muhammad is obeying Allah so which means a strong this that's no good I don't I don't obey a person rather than girlfriend started to you this is you Quran you're almost time you have to obey its it is a night what was the only my help so you did we confirm this one no no I kinda nervous okay so if mother god is a perfect guy is a god or he is a human like us why should he should have been a human okay because you can only say oh you will not do what you do human do error and mistakes and commit sin how many scores was Mohammed a sinner yes he was okay the kong-kong from that – thank you I make it easy for me so now how you can all be a sinner and by obeying the sinner me or you know nobody can know I never obey a sinner okay so it says here he will be the messenger obey Allah twice I wouldn't trust you and I will be I don't allow my children to kiss my hand either I don't like people you see I don't talk about you or me or my respect you I'm talking about this what the Quran saying in order to obey a law you obey Muhammad first and this is not my translation and you speak Arabic huh man yo tell Rasul for called at all law women to Allah families are not European okay so what so clear so you have to obey Muhammad no use it to me when we were talking about a big a–there and killing christians you said to me there is no single verse in the quran was abrogated by muhammad is a correct sir alright what about da Matta well I've read this briefing about but and what I was allowed in Quran okay chapter four allowed it to the same chapter we are reading from chapter 4 verse number 24 okay and do you practice what are today no why because my wife is gonna kill me this is not that question this is not because of no I don't I don't believe and what is not no it's filthy it's like okay what sounds like a prostitution business okay thank you I respect your honesty you agree that this is a prostitution so why Allah because what is good it's full you pay money for it okay it's not a free service it's it's you pay somebody to have sex this is what what I means exactly actually even though stemis Cara's agree that this is about renting a women mr. Jarrah yeah okay okay so why Allah he allow you you just said it's prostitution why Allah he allow you to rent women oh oh all I am all I have been trying to do all these years in my life asking these verses but I just you know convincing myself they're probably a different time of life okay let's go eat no prob but but no as you see why that mousse has allow people to do motor before Muhammad Moses is a lot older did Jesus along with I know I mean that's not that's not a reason if you won't have find reason we can find Reese a funny thing but you might say to a man who has a rapist why you rape this woman oh she was wearing a shorter skirt but that would not change the fact that you are rapist correct if you ask he went to he is a thief why you stole oh hey this guy here a lot of money but still you are a thief you know this isn't excused look what it says here this your Muslim works at and those audio scholars saying that Muslim women when she have the contract of muta in some works as terms applied women who practice muta gusta adora or rented women Mota is considered as a kind of rental because in general a man basic aim of this kind of marriage is sexual enjoyment of the women and in the return of his enjoyment of the women he pay money as you say all right so you agree the scars of them slam agree that this is a rental now was the Mota abrogated by Allah yes where should happen because the Sunnis not doing anymore only the Shia she is only human in Iran my friend you said to me show me where Muhammad he abrogate the mota this isn't the hadith you said to me show me what the hadith abrogate the Quran the head show me abrogate the Quran we go we go to the hadith if this is correct it goes into a form of cult because a personal cult not even a cult a personal very very personal cult because a man cannot bypass a God's order simple is that well you see when you call me in the beginning you said why you have show me to have it please okay no problem when you when you when you call me in the beginning you said to me why you keep insulting Islam saying that Islam let me find that some hadith there we into to prove it but just I never came out you know you are watching for long I think already and you notice that I never say it's something without proof and I'm doing the same with you the same as I do with everybody so on nothing it's nothing new mercy it's let us find one of the Harry there is tons of them but we will find the most authentic ones all right so here Muslim also here Bakari whatever you wish let us go with this one right in the top so he muslim hadith number one four zero six you see it the page the messenger of allah said o people i had permitted you to contract muta with women but allah forbid it now entered the day of resurrection where he for with it there's no Quran Muhammad is this verse I have my friend two years ago I have confronted an email a very very big him okay he gave food I had 33 he said that that action that what I was obligated in the Quran where before Muhammad where surah surah unload I had set it free okay I know we will go to an Noor all right here we go 24 33 yes he he told me a story about that's absolutely that far as my friend there's nothing here have to do with the Matta it's about we're in covering their clothes what does have to do with Amata that's false and you will not find anyone even agree with this surat al or at 33 33 okay 33 oh sorry okay so how this is at the abrogate in domoto actually this verse alone should make you leave islam as verse legalize prostitution no we read with one second we do me carefully it says but force not your slaves for prostitution when the electricity in order that you make gain in the goods which me make money of this life but in any of you compels them yet after the Hat allah is all merciful and forgiving so what the Quran saying and I think you speak Arabic you speak English so it's very clear it does if they agree with you if they agree with you you can do prostitution first them not force them not to do prostitution he did not say prostitution is forbidden fold them not huh let the crew who Fatiha – como el Balah in order to hustling for them not ok so if they agree it's ok and if you force them a lot its own merciful anyway and we are here where in this verse is saying that you know Amata as abrogated by this verse there's nobody there is no Muslim in the world believe in this if allah it is the food over him for who who do you matter there's no penalty there's no punishment and prostitution is allowed another example another example although he sent down 10 verses for a breastfeeding you mean / Sweden lake for a method for men no for men would you breastfeed him for what for men Allah he allowed Muslim women to give their breasts to a strange man to suckle them ten-time what in the quran my friend is in the Huronia this is was in the form but it's not in the Quran no more and the wife of Muhammad she used to order any women anyone any man who want to enter up on aisha to suckle the nieces or the sisters of aisha read with me carefully yeah he related to me from Malik from etc from from from Brahm that Aisha the mother of the believers sent him away what he was being nursed to her sister omo omo C'thun been to ABI bakr as Adi and he said suckle him ten times so that can come to see me okay I want to ask you where is this chapter where is this verse in the Quran now the Mogul you can't see anything in life like that in the Quran okay where it is I don't know you told me I will tell you no problem if it's nowhere if it's not in the Quran it doesn't exist no it's exist but what happened a gourd did eat it so we can say in this case it's not really Mohammed who abrogated this it was that goat widow McCaffery the verse of the stoning to death and breast stoning and breastfeeding for adult ten times was revealed and the paper was with me under my pillow when the measure of Allah died we were preoccupied with his death and a tame sheep came and ate it down there it says this verses were abrogated a recitation but not enrolling how you can ever get something recitation I mean this is funny it's shocking not funny for me it's funny it's Gepetto and breastfeeding not just one yeah but this meant to be memorized okay no it's not that was the time when the was not written my friend or the Quran at that time was memorized anyway so when you say meant to be and that Allah says to you which one he memorize which one you write down no he gave you Quran and then later on he decides what to write down and as you see even the code 8 what is written it was not meant to be more rice it's written and it was ended the pillow of Aisha which is the pillar of Muhammad so it's meant to be written this why the goat ate it otherwise if it's only memorized but the goat will not be able to do something over I don't know to say to the list I'm gonna have to go to the mosque two more evening and in front of everybody to confirm these amounts because they'd each translation contradict the other they I don't understand why should I lie about my God if if you can challenge my god I don't need this God if a Christian pins and Arab from nowhere could challenge my god I don't need these gods okay oh my god my writing my God's book the Quran should challenge billions of Christian prints why these people rely about it I don't understand like you November 1 you call me you said to me your line about Islam no I didn't say that I said you either ID lawyer as you you keep repeating yourself I've been since the age of five since I literally remember and about 40 years of my life I've been praying to Allah okay and DUI as I taught believe me my hand is shaking it's it's very hard to talk about this to question this book it's been so homely to me you know it's like somebody's skin me alive very hard do I understand my friend but as you see we are not lying to you and I'm showing you everything right in front of your eyes no no obviously I'm writing all these references and we will confront these rulers because they are blind to people he told me that I had 33 Surat a note abrogated that what I'll but it was well obviously it was my fault I didn't second thoroughly a state that Al Motta is prostitution what kind of God he allowed prostitution well not is more than prostitution yeah so what the point of allowing prostitution I mean a man he won't get married but no no what I was not for money in prostitution this date is for money some some prostitutes first time was for a kilo of grain of rice if you that was through my friend is the same if you give somebody a return for steep you would you and that is prostitution you know coming from God product and reward can be changed like maybe in today you can send the pay by credit card but that will not change the fact that it's money right yeah it was money for sex is very but you sleep with you because you bought her a gift whatever this is prostitution you know it's its product it's a obviously it says I showed you even though Islamic refrán saying that this is an Tina women renting a woman and for the extra change of sexual pleasure this way to court Muhammad I mean in the pleasure correct that's how could let's say let's admit this one how could Mohammed knew about all these facts about the universe like what and this I had thirteen saw and beer he talks about the Big Bang how the earth was created I think his sword and beer I have thirty you know need to tell me don't worry about it this is why I am a Christian prayers my friend okay if we go to the verse it's chapter two we will find the following chapter 21 verse number 30 right away you will see in the beginning that there is something silly and stupid in the verse read with me the first line please can you wait for me yeah okay why it says do not leave us see that different to everyone please no problem here we go listed Arabic olam you're already like a follow-ons Emma all AutoCAD with conflict of mama did you notice with me what does a stupid mistake there you're the one stake yeah it can't be Europe because how how this is a scientific discovery and he is saying don't they see euro okay so what he's talking about they are talking about that they are up at that time believe that Allah he raised the sky up it was together and he raised him up where is the Big Bang it's a is that the earth and the sky were joined together which mean there was earth and there was a sky this is not what the Big Bang saying I don't believe in the Big Bang by the way but I'm going with you so there is earth there is a sky or what we did we split them but this is this is not true the Big Bang is due the fact believed by the most is a theory it is a theory most plausible theory you can see it's up to you but anyway the Quran did not only here he make a mistake secondly if you read the chapter you chose it says and we had set on the earth mountains standing firm so it should not shake on them the fact is the mount is are not set on the top of the earth the mountains are coming down from the deep earth when the tectonic plates they meet each other mountain is the product of volcanoes volcanoes alternatively Allah he placed the mountains in the top of the earth so it's not going to shake on us so the Quran is a tricky one did you say 30 or 31 30 and 31 so the first one is wrong secondly and we were explained to you how he claimed that the first one how it worked so now John he Allah he lifts up the sky and data will show you in the front verse him the roof and here is saying that Allah he plays the mountains in the top of the or do you believe in this is that accurate or this is false scientifically this is doesn't make sense to me for me not make a 3130 on mountains standing firm and the purpose what they will not shake on us Japan is a country have between an average of eight hundred to two thousand earthquake a day and it's all of it it's mountains actually they reason they have Mohandas because there's a earthquakes and volcanoes and etcetera so here Muhammad he explores is his fabrication now really carefully and we made the heavens as economy will guard it is that the atmosphere no shock now is that that was I heard Muslim saying that this is atmosphere yes they are right because the translation they gave them afraid and you know other languages like English know what the quran is speaking of that Shaitaan he try to spy at Allah and Allah will shoot the shit on by his star is there correct yes all right do you really believe in this that the stars are made a shoot up on his ass if you try to spy and we have guarded it what is the heaven Allah claiming that only the lowest heaven have a stars and this is where some Muslims they lie and they say that this is speaking about the atmosphere but if it atmospheres mean all in in the atmosphere we have stars so we have created the stars and we made them only in there and in the lowest heaven as to beautify the for the beholder and the top of that and we have got it which mean what the near heaven with from every outcast Shaitaan okay how he cast how he Kashia turnout except him that devil that gain hearing by stealing he is pursued by a clear a flaming fire do you believe in this how Allah showed Shaitaan Muhammad he captured the Shaitaan he tied him it up in the column of the of the mosque so such a small tiny creature Allah he will shoot a star to do what so would you would you get this transition from who can speak Arabic you can change transmission chapter 15 verse number 18 17 16 you can read in Arabic Allah – Allah customer even even the English ones of different if everyone translated because they lie because simply many of them what they do that's what what may makes me very angry about this even people I feel sorry for those innocent Muslim coming and swearing at people but either you are a big fat liar so you were not far away from them just a 15 minute ago you thought I am a fat liar you yourself yes so what do you think is that from God or this is stupid and then here he says and the earth will spread out well or do math at Naha is the earth spread out like a carpet I don't know what is your education what is that where is the suspense this is my guilt is your fear that happy to sense what is that what is the hail is coming from because listen and the beginning elements we're hydrogen okay so soon a ton beer and I'm thinking of if if God meant he separated earth from the skies if he meant the Big Bang I'd say doesn't even make sense either because the earth is very very young compared to the beginning of the universe okay because the the primary elements like hydrogen was at the beginning of the universe but earth is containing iron which takes billions of years okay to appear okay so you can't stick a plastic to a gold they don't stick together they are different you see I am NOT I'm sure I will I will chase these verses as long this is your this is your science and this is your study I want to ask you where is where is hail coming from here hey hey hey Liz is a water okay water affected by the Arctic wind very cold arctic went and they became hi oldest that's always played so you don't think it's coming from mountains and Allah he break hill from those mountains mountains what do you mean aunty mountains like in the sky there's mountains and Allah he break with the hammer here and he throw it at us what is in the Quran I'm just asking you now before we talk about from where do you know it even if if I say that myself I wouldn't believe that I wouldn't take a for grant it's okay but if we find is coming from the sky it's the vaporization of our oceans okay in a dense cloud they they become hail snow rain all right so if I buy it for you from the Quran are you willing to leave Islam I can't decide now because I need to lots of things to chase this one is alive I mean the rest is a lie I mean you just say this is impossible it's not not I'm not naughty property and I don't deny any mistakes if I do mistake it with my hands I buy them to mistake like come on is unvaried no more his time is gone chapter 24 of the in this are true my friend yes I know system all right that's wonderful guys he said he promised he would announce it's not the same a chapter you are the one who asked me to go to Chateau fat nor before chapter 24 verse number 43 you can read in Arabic you can read in English in any war any language you want in English they try to fabricate and to change the meaning but I was shot you in Arabic and as don't you speak Arabic me and you we will get better understanding it says here one unit zero minutes MA Amin G Berlin fear min Borden for your sleep will be him in Yasha does it say that or I'm lying yes very clear all right you promised he will denounce Islam hail is coming from mountains in heaven I mean even cartoon they don't do that and look here in the first translation I want you to confirm this with me I believe what in mixed somebody mix these things into : Bundy from God either this is so this is not a book of God and look what year as long you speak Arabic why the Muslims they lie and they say like mountains let us say like mountains and Arabic not anything between two brackets they'll try good they are trying sobre cover to cover up so look they sent down from the sky from mountains from mountains which is in heaven hail doesn't make sense so they fabricated translation in order to cover the stupidity whoever wrote this book is as a foolish you have you know this is maybe work for people whoever whoever whoever this bit this part here whoever written didn't have a clue about anything in the sky but what's going on on the sky assuming that the one who did this is Allah Allah have no clue what about this but I don't believe this is from my god look at notes Allah he created a three kind of a creature because one of them one of the principles of being a god is do not afford any mistakes what makes me different from God is I am doing mistakes I do a lot of mistakes but God should be a little bit different from me no mistakes well my friend from the first page of the Quran to the last page I can show you English mistakes I'm not showing you reading mistakes I'm I'm just showing you a chapter you choose yourself to prove to me it's time to be true so Islam is the most silly cult and now you understand why I am saying it's a cult you said you said why I'm calling its name as a cult now you promised me if I show you this and this wave is true you will leave us now all right yes are you willing to keep your promise yes so all you do now in Islam if this is all through we hurt Islam is a cult so you agree Islam is a cult yes thank you very much because I go an order from God okay could never be bypassed by any man that's what never really happy because if if that happens God loses its status as God you can call us something else okay if a president if for example it's from if Trump makes an order let's say Iranians not allowed to enter the USA and an officer police officer in their report said no forget about Trump I'm in charge here he's gonna go to prison all Trump loses his status so now compare that to God Almighty God it doesn't make a sense my friend absolutely hypocrisy is not in my mind I listen to reality I listen to proof evidence but you know you as a person who like today after this moment you oughta Muslim I cannot call you a Muslim nor but I wanna ask you when the Muslim is they saying there is science and the Quran and etc why they lie why they fabricate things so I was going to ask you this question why do they even make money because they there are Bloods of books in them you could too many laborers Islamic libraries they selling billions of dollars a year on books they get him from probably the Arab countries for printing these books because the books are obviously very very expensive yeah they all laminated nice colors you know and picture it it cost $50 each they sell food cheap the insert articles about scientist or sometimes sometimes fakes are scientists and sometimes real scientist just to fool people are saying come on match with science no you have to do that no Muslims if any Muslim is listening to me if if anybody any Muslim brothers or sisters trying to do that is fooling themselves because my god should be able to challenge somebody like me Christian priests who is this guy who is Christian friends how could he get easily come and challenge my god whose evidence is that what make you angry because I was like what makes me angry is people fabricating to the facts not yeah I never fabricate you see that's why I go life and I say people you can call me and you can question and you overcome I never I never I never everything I say I show in the screen everything every single word it's it's my fault because I should divide that I did have a chance to chase the facts but I just kept it you know under the blanket as we say so my friend I am a Christian as you know and I take the opportunity to invite you to accept the Messiah as your Savior you left Islam that's wonderful for me I'm not done to save you yet I did the half of the job and I would love to invite you to accept them what would you like me to repeat because I'm in a game like Islam I'm not gonna just take Islam like another religion like that no I will read about it okay no you can reef if Christianity does make a sense to me yes I will call call you back in a month time probably all right and we'll have a chat all right if not I can still come back and I telling you about you know arguing Christianity as well because I don't I'm not scared to talk about Christianity if even if if I know 100 percent is from God's silence all all of us guts should be like atomic bomb nobody you create read the four Gospels and all of Christ and you know it's right or when you read try to like you see I'm sure you are smart that's this story behind the Old Testament a New Testament what is the problem there's no story it's the Old Testament is simply the author cement is a book about God and history in the same time the history of the Jews with God right as simple as that so the Jews the Old Testament is a book of books is not one book and this book contain their history with people around them and their history with God how this did is obeying him sometime how they obey him sometime how God he he was he you know how they forsake their God some time so the Old Testament mostly is kind of a collection of many many stories about what happened to the Jews and the prophets of the Jews the New Testament is about Christ and what he accomplished in this earth when he came to us and this is really I say if you is somebody like me we were where should the New Testament discuss me because the the the Old Testament for me just to increase my knowledge about history of man with God but the New Testament so why they say it's been corrupted who says that well I felt I heard from too many moms the Bible or it's beast corrupted this you see the in arms this is the problem is the Imams are they are you remember my economy says either you're a big fat liar the Imam are the big fat liar I will show you something from the Quran and you tell me what you were you translate was let me open the Quran all right this is the horn are we within the screen what most of the Honda Yamaha mean confirming what is with them correct it fresh and when me and one day I came to them somebody's saying that you are crying are you crying my friend okay if I'm crying I would crave for myself I would cry I'm crying for my childhood I'm crying for my youth you're crying then okay I understand that better already I cry and let the tears wash Tanger nothing wrong with the Christ but I haven't I haven't killed anybody for my faith I understand I was always showing a right you know the beautiful face of Islam I didn't know all those all this what I'm happy for you today my friend you called me and I'm glad that you you know you were able to call and crime you know a great man decry David before we cry always you know and I can wash our sin that's wonderful don't worry about it so do you see this refer to you that the Bible is corrupt but the Quran says and this is the Muslim translation which is a strange that this translator here is not being hypocrite too much it says confirming what is with them the Jews which is a torah and the injeel which is the christian the gospel mm-hmm so how they lie and why the cross firming what is with them with them now yep we see they lie to you my friend there are a bunch of liars anyway I'm not going to put too much pressure on you I can tell you our crying and we are you know all the Christians there they are praying for you don't make so much for all these things I would shot was so no if they have what about you challenged him to come and debate me let us make a challenge yes let us see if they dare to do it and he was seen they were never there they were never the only way they will come to debate me if you don't tell them Christian price don't tell them Who I am tell them I want to call this guy and you would debate him life if you tell them this is a Christian prize that one never happened ok thank you for your work uh my friend we are happy for you and I ask all the Christians in the in the church we have more than a thousand people they are listening please pray for this gentleman I do not know your name by the way but you don't my name is not Mohammed guys pray for our brother Mohammed and this is the beautiful thing about Christianity even if your name is Mohammed I'll tell you our beloved by the Lord the Messiah and I hope soon you will see the truth and the truth will set you free the Messiah he said I am the truth which means there's no other truth except me so I pray to the Lord that he will bring you to the truth and he will be free it will not be big my Muslim brothers or sisters to stop swearing writing dirty messages chase the evidence to chase your own book to not swear at anyone's we're at the Imams who lie in to you every day with a big smile on the face they lie to you and they smile I always notice that the wind when they have a big smile they they they die something something very big they lied about something very very big because how can i how can I label God's God's words how can I change God's words if I if I know this is from God I would I wouldn't dared to change it but I believe these people don't even believe in God if you believe in God you would you wouldn't dare to touch his word how can you fabricate what kind of God he can't protect his book how the Muslim is saying that Allah is the one who sent the injeel and then the NGO is corrupt i mean this is this is an insult to their god you know it's you you buy you buy BMW from BMW with three years warranty they say if you touch if you fabricate anything your warranty will expire because we made this car nobody can you know find a mistake so how about God's words how could you fabricate God's words you can't even fabricate your BMW how we allow them and you know once I ask a Muslim Sheikh you you know he says to me that the Bible is corrupted I asked him before I show him those verses I said okay was it fabricated by Allah well poor against his will he said I need to think about this and I will call you back and since then he never call me yeah it happens to me when I ask too many questions to realize when they ask him any questions they try to you know not to see me they pretend to be busy they calling me back they give me a call they have appointments this and that but it is just very no from the facts but you see as long as you notice that they are they are trifling around you know why you were not sure I mean while you were while you waited all this time I mean you notice that there is something fishy because because because they they I wake up in the morning five o'clock in the morning I go to work they don't work they never work they make easy money that's why that's why this is a good business for them that's why I believe that's why they line about so they want to kill the business I'm happy for you my friend that you would decide to leave us thank you very much for everybody you can call me anytime you wish feel free and I will be happy I appreciate it alright thank you my friends

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