Christian Astrology (w/ Aaron Tomlinson) // Moving Backwards 018

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In this episode of Moving Backwards, I am joined again by Pastor Aaron Tomlinson as we discuss what Astrology actually is, how Astrology fits into the Christian Narrative as well as Scripture itself, and how it can be used to greatly improve your spiritual growth.

39 thoughts on “Christian Astrology (w/ Aaron Tomlinson) // Moving Backwards 018

  1. Some really great insight! I've always felt there was a connection between astrology and religion. Thanks for sharing and keep doing your thing. Love your videos 🙂

  2. When I left he jehovahs witness religion I started noticing that everything they demonized they were ferociously using to try to make work for themselves. Channeling, astrology, literally everything they told us was of satan, they were fully involved in behind the scenes secret, they use ancient symbolism in the liturature under our noses, and at first I wondered are they secretly worshiping the devil lol then I realized the big coverup of our abilities. And it happens everywhere. That's why you have a lot of pissed of Christian terrified of the illuminati and all of these ideas, when in reality it's their birthright to use these abilities in their lives

  3. Aww I just watched the whole thing and I loved it so much! (Jupiter rules Sag btw, Cancer ruled by Moon). Makes sense that you’re an Aries, you come across very fiery though I would have guessed Sag because of the spirituality. Are your sun and mercury conjunct? You’ve inspired me to finally start filming the intro to psychological astrology services I’ve been planing for 4 years. I like how you just get the videos out there. Your Mars in Aries is kicking my Mars in Leo’s ass lol.

    Also don’t forget the ascendant, everything gets filtered through it, there’s no escape. And as you know the planets are coloured by the signs and then further flavoured by the house it’s in, but they’re also impacted by their aspects to each other. And you know the planets are in the “wrong” constellations at the moment because of the precession of the equinoxes so if you use western astrology you use the tropical system which doesn’t line up with astronomy at the mo, it uses calculations. But Vedic (Indian) astrology uses the sidereal system which does use astronomy. And with the wise men & the star, if you look at 4-7AD (I can’t remember exactly which yr), pretty much every astronomer knows the “star” was a conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter.

    With modern witchcraft, if you look at what it actually is, it’s literally making mojo bags filled with herbs and crystals to carry around for luck, writing a wish and burning it in a fire proof bowl, walking barefoot on the ground (earthing), tarot cards are now used to tap into one’s own higher self rather than predicting anything. It’s incredibly empowering; all about looking within to find the divine etc.

    Sorry if you knew all of this already! I’m really fighting with myself not to say more because I usually can’t stop when someone brings up astrology 😂 Thank you both so much I really enjoyed this. I was always aware of the connections in the bible but never really thought about it in so much detail. So enlightening! x

  4. OMG it’s 2am here now so I’ll have to watch the rest tomorrow but I’m so happy to see this! I’ve worked as a psychological astrologer for almost 10 years and have been studying astrology since I was 9! I’m so excited to watch this properly in the morning, I know it’s going to be so good! ❤️❤️

  5. Hey Aaron, that was an awesome vid, watched it till the the end, had a giggle or two along the way…. Totally makes sense about your ‘Arienism ‘, lol, I have always had a ‘respect’ for astrology, knowing that it is a blueprint for our ‘time’ here on earth and that it is basically just a study of ‘cycles ‘.
    Had soooo many of my friends ridicule me for thinking it but you know, it was so nice to hear the likes of yourself and your known background acknowledge it’s pertinence… it has its place, and that’s all there is!!! Again, great work kiddo 💙

  6. Namaskar !! Thanks Aaron, for such an amazingly intriguing insight on astrology. I have watched your series on law of attraction and after watching this one was not actually able set a link between both….what I could understand is that may be the planetary positions or astrological predictions of any kind narrow downs the probabilities of what we actually do not want or does that has any kind of influence….because many times we face certain situations…may be a bad job…which we have not asked for ,but is part of our life. As you said all the possibilities are already there…existing.. but we choose them as per our feelings …attract situations as per feelings as mind does not understand time or reality, than how predictions …astrology can impact. Please explain

  7. LOL!😂 You had me chuckling all morning. "Dude, you put this together yourself?!" The moment Aaron really blew Aaron's mind. This is priceless! Yes! This video does deserve a million views and we can call it the "Aaron Effect". Go team Aaron! You two are amazing together bringing this truth to light!😍

  8. Another fantastic video!! People who aren’t following you are missing out. I am very grateful God sent you my way and that I paid attention! You and Aaron T mentioned many symbols that are also depicted on Tarot cards, air, water, fire etc. Can you do more videos about these other tools that we have in this world ie, Tarot, Divination, Wicca etc? I am jumping over to Aaron T’s YT channel to subscribe, he also has amazing gifts. Thank you both for the excellent video !! XO❤️

  9. The Kabbalah does have a book of Creation a very interesting read. Sefer Yetzirah
    Since I discovered Astrology and began to understand how this applies to my daily life, I have been able to see the world in a different light. Like you I grow up thinking that this practice was contrary to my beliefs. Now I have discovered that it's not the case. If you have not done so, I would highly recommend to get an astrological char reading. It will give you more insight into yourself.Keep it up Aaron, I enjoy your work. I was also born in March (Aries). Greetings from Salt Lake City.🙂🙏

  10. Utterly fascinating! Cancerian here, never been religious and what we were taught in school, bits made sense, most didn't, so I took it with a pinch of salt, but was always very spiritual/conscious/aware of energy, 'connection', etc, along with being a great believer that life itself would teach me everything I needed to know on a personal/*this life* level, and that everything happened for a reason and when the time is right. So that was my basic foundation right there in a nutshell.

    For me on a personal level, what what you can 'feel' has been/is more important than someone else's words any day of the week. All of our own lives are so personal, unique, timed (synced) individual for good reason, and I wanted to explain that much so that you can get a better idea of where I'm coming from as I watched this video with an open mind and curious/timely interest, while already knowing your own open mindedness on pretty much any subject.

    I have to say, throughout this video there was that feeling of little pieces 'clicking' into place, and particularly from about the 38 minute mark and onward's, it was pretty much click after click as more little jigsaw pieces could practically be visualised floating in mid air, twisting and turning before coming down and slotting into place of the much bigger picture. The signs, the ages, the effects and of course the all important 'timings' (when the time is right/synced feeling solidified right there). Really fascinating stuff, thank you.

    I know there's the old saying that two wrongs don't make a right, but it seems two Aaron's might! 😉 Much love to both..x

  11. I am real glad and thankful you covered this! I have a very close friend that has opened my eyes to astrology…. I completely had the ‘wrong’ perspective….as a result I am finding astrology is navigational tool.

  12. Actually (hi), I’ve been studying astrology for I’m going to go out there and say probably longer than you’ve been breathing, and I guarantee I’m anything but a beginner on the topic. “Oh no, the Mercury is retrograde, my life is going to suck this month,“ is not basic bitch astrology, it’s totally true if you have the planetary placements to feel Mercury retrograde so heavily, and I do. I can always feel the pre-shadow for weeks before everybody else does. If you start to be observant of what happens during Mercury retrograde pre-shadow, you may find that you’re always presented with the truth of who somebody is during this time, a lot of exes come back during this time but it doesn’t last. I find their pretty tumultuous these things and that doesn’t even get into the electronics problems, communications problems, timing problems, the travel problems.

  13. By the way I am Aries, Capricorn, Capricorn and I am going to start a support group for all my friend I got them to watch your videos and we are all addicted… WE NEED HELP..🤣🤣🤣Blessing

  14. I knew astrology was in the bible, when it told that the fallen angels tought primitive man astrology,spells and science when man was NOT READY for these arts…He said not ready, not that we weren't supposed to know.

  15. Aaron! I'm so glad to see a Christian taking an interest in astrology. It's great that you've come to see past the falsehoods that the average person seems to fall prey to regarding what astrology is. I normally don't self-advertise to strangers, but, since you're such a cool dude, I would like to say that my channel will focus on presenting a method of organizing the traits of the zodiac signs by category. When people see how organized the zodiac actually is, I believe it will be hard to deny the transcendent reality that the zodiac points to. People say "Aries is impatient," "Gemini is flexible", but they have no idea how these traits fit into a perfect organic whole; it's all random to them. They may BELIEVE in the wholeness, but they can't see it for themselves. To categorize the zodiac traits makes it clear how Aries fades SUBTLY into Taurus, Taurus fades SUBTLY into Gemini, etc, and opposite pairs of signs truly are opposite! This is not information I've been able to find anywhere else online, but I do know of a deceased esoteric Christian teacher who knew about this method (Rudolf Steiner). I'm hoping to get my first videos out in the next couple of weeks.

    Also, the ancients didn't have telescopes but they only studied the seven personal planets (up to Saturn) because those planets can be seen with the naked eye. And, the constellations DO have something to do with Vedic astrology. It's Tropical Western Astrology (Babylon, Egypt, Greece) that doesn't use the constellations.

    Keep on preaching!!

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