Eli Buzaglo – Boi Kala – jewish wedding ceremony

Views:497535|Rating:4.82|View Time:4:4Minutes|Likes:2993|Dislikes:112For booking call +18189842277. Based in Los Angeles and available worldwide World famous jewish wedding singer Eli Buzaglo accompanies […]

Q&A Special: Von Patriotismus, Deutschlands Rettung und der roten Pille

Views:1990|Rating:4.79|View Time:49:18Minutes|Likes:139|Dislikes:6Gaming-Kanal: Zweitkanal: Mein Discord-Server: Discord-Server “Deutschland Zuerst”: _______________________________________________________________ Hier also das versprochene Fragen- und Antwortvideo. Meine Güte, das war […]

Kosher Waters – Peter Capusotto y sus videos – Temporada 10

Views:213041|Rating:4.87|View Time:4:55Minutes|Likes:2179|Dislikes:59Vuelve Kosher Waters con algo muy especial para todos los chicos. Ahora Kosher Waters trae de la mano a […]

Detrás de la Razón: Israel es derrotado por misiles, Trump alerta

Views:56574|Rating:4.89|View Time:26:21Minutes|Likes:4561|Dislikes:106Los palestinos están bajo el secuestro más grande del mundo. Cercados por las fuerzas israelíes, los gazatíes no pueden […]

Jewish Survivor Ruth Brand on Observing Yom Kippur in Auschwitz

Views:1748|Rating:4.62|View Time:3:22Minutes|Likes:12|Dislikes:1Ruth Brand talks about the decision to fast on Yom Kippur—also known as the Day of Atonement—in Auschwitz II-Birkenau […]

Arizal – Hidden/Revealed Sins/Mitzvahs Deut (29:28)

Views:9|Rating:nan|View Time:5:53Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:Join Rav Daniel as he speaks on a variety of topics of spiritual and practical interest to Converts/Gerim, Returnees/Baalei […]

Black African Becomes Orthodox Rabbi – Conversion to Judaism

Views:76221|Rating:4.80|View Time:46:31Minutes|Likes:822|Dislikes:34The remarkable story of a black African from a royal lineage in Swaziland who was raised a Christian, converted […]


Views:361846|Rating:4.51|View Time:13:19Minutes|Likes:7375|Dislikes:806A funny video from PEWDIEPIE with the “death to all jews” part. how nigger how's it goin brows i […]

Is Honey Kosher? | UNLEARN

Views:13455|Rating:4.88|View Time:6:13Minutes|Likes:643|Dislikes:16I was recently approached with the question, “is bee honey kosher since it comes from unclean insects?” There are […]

The Poway Synagogue Shooting Is Dividing The American Jewish Community (HBO)

Views:71519|Rating:3.53|View Time:5:22Minutes|Likes:1225|Dislikes:510Last Saturday, a 19 year-old white supremacist walked into a synagogue and started shooting. On Monday, Laurie Gilbert-Kaye was […]

Kosher x Manik MC x C.REM – This Is Living

Views:20034|Rating:4.89|View Time:3:59Minutes|Likes:425|Dislikes:10Shot, cut & Directed by Sonny Jake. Written & Performed by Kosher, Manik MC & C.REM. Produced & Mixed […]

Noticias Israel│Israel y Estados Unidos Concluyen Ejercicio De Defensa Aérea

Views:8397|Rating:4.88|View Time:4:7Minutes|Likes:317|Dislikes:8Israel Y Estados Unidos Concluyen Ejercicio De Defensa Aérea Con Sistema THAAD. Las Fuerzas de Defensa de Israel y […]

Judaism is NOT Zionism

Views:919|Rating:4.80|View Time:4:39Minutes|Likes:48|Dislikes:2Rabbi Dovid Feldman of Neturei Karta International speaks at a pro-Palestinian rally on the Palestinian Nakba [cotastophe] Day, May […]

Should Christians Keep Sabbath & Biblical Feasts Debate. Are the Feasts Only for Jews?

Views:22366|Rating:4.63|View Time:1:45:29Minutes|Likes:324|Dislikes:26In this debate, Douglas Hamp and Jack Mason debate whether Christians should observe the Sabbath and Biblical Feasts in […]