Brian Dalton: That's MISTER Deity to You!

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Brian Dalton is a producer, satirist, and performer best known for his portrayal of Mr. Deity, a bumbling “God” whose literal interpretation of the Bible gets him into terrible trouble.

Brian joins Seth for an exploration into Mr Deity, The Way of the Mister video series, and Brian’s often hysterical responses to the videos of Prager U. Enjoy!

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thanks so much for listening to the broadcast there is a video version of this show and off and on throughout the conversation I have with Brian Dalton mister deity I have placed several different clips from his channel enjoy the show the thinking atheist it's not a person the population of atheists this country is going to the room rejecting faith challenging this sacred if I tell the truth it's because I tell the truth not because I put my hand on a book and made a wish and working together for a more rational world take the risk of thinking for yourself much more happiness confusion wisdom will come to you that way assume nothing and start thinking this is the thinking atheist podcast hosted by Sanders hey my friends look good to see everybody I hope things are good in your world I had the opportunity to talk to a buddy of mine our paths cross once every I don't know five years its Brian Dalton mr. deity himself I don't know if I should call you mr. deity anymore because are you not doing a lot of those videos these days or what's the story on that yeah if I can if I can do one as though it's a press conference which is the last one that I did I'm good or you know I'm probably gonna go find other people just to do a an episode here and there with but all of the cast is you know busy or dawn or you know they're all out on their own now so I don't little kids have left the nest they have done away tell me about first of all I've got to play my cards up front Brian was kind enough to write the foreword to sacred cows and he's a guy who's I've always been amazed by the level of the quality of what you do you know I when I got into this game ten years ago there was a real quality discrepancy and that has largely been solved somewhat by technology and somewhat by education people have gotten better at shooting their stuff right I mean you came along at a time when man we really needed to raise the quality bar and your stuff looked amazing this is no accident you do this professionally yeah well I made a movie in 2002 and that that went pretty well but we were encouraged to remake it and we were we started Dede because we just couldn't get any money to remake the film and we wanted to maybe make it a little bit of a name for ourselves so maybe someone would finally give us money and we started doing these TV shows and it just took off but I had a you know I was Jimbo and I were the guy who plays Larry we're both doing a video production and we had great equipment and we knew how to use it and lights and cameras and you know all kinds of great stuff so it just just ended up being you know something that we kind of fell into luckily everything still in the archive I mean even though though you may have done to some other projects describe who mr. deity is what's the focus you know what I when I about halfway into the season the first season I had really kind of like through kind of a who is this guy and basically he's an indie film producer he's a guy who can't get enough funding to do the the project that he wants to do so he has to cut corners in every way and has therefore made this crap universe with bad good to evil ratios no other you know sentient being in the multiverse would be allowed to do this but he went rogue and did it on his own and we have a whole season that's just backstory which actually killed me because no one ever had to watch the episode sequentially and that's the only season where you you can't just watch one and if you have to watch him in a row – it's a it's a whole backstory of the mr. deity character it was my prequel if you will and no one wanted to do that so I I can't begin to tell you how many people I lost during that season he was like a sequential thing like if I missed episode three and four and picked up five and six I'm lost is that what you're saying well they kind of all related to each other and you had to go sequentially through and I think it's 22 episodes so it it really quiet required some effort on people's Partin no one wanted to do theirs odd like mr. deity is God he's God with it's with a small G he's not V God he's a God all right so did you are you are you responsible for creation your version of God or what yes I'm responsible for creation but I didn't create everything you know energy and matter already existed mister deity came out of the void because he was he was bored to death he decided to turn off his all knowingness because it ruined you know things like birthday parties and the endings of M night Shyamalan thinks even a good one as as we say in one of the episodes you know it's common it just sort of takes all the juice right out of living doesn't it it just no no surprises yeah and we actually did an episode where he turns his all-knowingness back on because I wanted people to understand how obnoxious it would be to have to communicate with an all-knowing person who knows exactly what you're gonna say every time you start to open your mouth okay I know what you're doing you're trying to think of absolutely nothing but it's not going to work because I can simply jump forward in time to the next thing that you're going to say how I know how does anyone expect to have a personal relationship with this and this isn't even the worst part L I'm right here and before you ask right here is everywhere but I'm immaterial I know who would want to be around this for more than five minutes it's awful you've been such a trooper I really appreciate it so they know I know exactly what I'm going to do and I know exactly what I'm going to do it in fact I feel as though I have no choice in the matter whatsoever do you know how impotent that makes me feel no not that kind of impotent but I am an all-powerful being and yet I feel not one ounce of free will I feel as though all of my decisions have already been made for me because I always know exactly what I'm going to do way before I do it and it's even worse once I'm outside time oh why because when I'm outside time I have no ability to act whatsoever no time no action it's like I'm a photograph rather than a movie I'm completely inert I always think of that what I think really you're gonna hang out with it with an all-knowing being who's just outside of time how does it work how exactly does that work I never thought of in that context before like it would be the most I mean everything's predicted well in advance it would just be horrible yeah that would be horrible anyway your your God is kind of and I want to bounce into the new stuff that you're working on because you've got some beautiful things on the plate but your God is like this a confused isn't the word you been used perhaps you just kind of look around like like the consequences of your actions sometimes are late news to you like holy shit when I created this I didn't realize it was gonna be a problem I mean am i reading the character right or what well he's obtuse he's completely obtuse but you know here's what I want to tell people I'm not straying from from the source material here I mean that's that's who he is if you read the book he doesn't know the most basic things like you know the the moon is another source of light or that you know young girls can break their hymen before they have intercourse he's just an idiot based on the text not I mean I don't you don't have to stretch it he's just a complete amoral idiot I told him the promised land was that crappy little area right off the Mediterranean you know any place with no oil no water sir you have to stop your people you got to send down an angel do something what are they doing they're gonna stone an innocent girl to death you're kidding that's outrageous what did she do well they're saying she's not a virgin oh well oh well it's just you know if she's not a virgin is she or isn't she it doesn't matter they're gonna stone her to death they're going to kill her and she could have just been you know riding horseback or something well she should have gone sidesaddle did they capture fornicating know something how did they know she's not a virgin yeah she was married yesterday and her husband takes her up to the room and you know there was no no evidence of virtue yeah if you want to call it that well I don't know what you want me to do it I want you to stop it that's their culture their culture it's how they roll that's how they roll this father probably put down a pretty penny for the dowry and I'll bet the groom was expecting some USDA prime that's something that's already been chewed on a bit oh yeah and this girl made her father look like a total schmuck Hartl shame on his reputation will never be the same if he does nothing marry this guy thought he was driving off the lot in a brand new caddy and then he gets her home pops the hood and sees nothing but wear and tear and there's no oil in the damn thing dry mudar I mean if a fact that doesn't deserve some kind of punishment I don't know what that so do all the men have to be virgins too why no no that would be necessary well how do you work the math on that one it takes two to tango Hey look I'm the first to admit I'm not good at math yeah he doesn't like to tango let's go that's who the God of the Bible is so that's who I play him as I play him as the real thing it's not a it's not a stretch in any way it goes down a little easier though because of this sort of humorous tone there's something about the the temperature of mr. deity that doesn't come off like you are you know you're not writing about the God of the Bible is you know and then that Dawkins quote at the end of it the monster you lace it with sugar so to speak well he is lovable still you know he's he's I play him so that you don't you don't hate him you just you just you know he look at and you know anyone in our real lives who we bore at is the perfect example right Borat comes here and he talks to people and people just give him the benefit of the doubt because they know well he's from another country he does another country he doesn't understand our ways the his culture is different and they'll just let him get away with all kinds of stuff because he's basically lovable he's not he's not trying to be a dick though he is but but they get you know everybody gives him the benefit of the doubt that's basically the Mister deity character is you know yeah he's he's jerk and he's insensitive but he's you know he's got all this power so you don't want to piss him off and you know you just want to keep him doing his little damage as he possibly can and that's what that's what Lucy and Larry try to do Jesus Jesus is just kind of you know I always thought of the show as you know Larry is the heart of the show Lucy is the brains and Jesus is the body because he's gorgeous and miss the deities just kind of therefore you know to make things happen but he is an idiot but but again not not really any different from the source material yeah I love the fact that you do link directly to the verses of the old and new Testament it's awesome so I know that's what I know you from that's what a lot of people have been introduced to you through that's why I wanted to go back and talk about mr. deity even though you're focused on other things but right then after that it's probably the angriest I've ever seen you I caught a video that you had done right after Charlie Hebdo in regard to the Pope yeah you want to maybe you can set it up better than I can all I know is that you were pissed because the Pope had been deferential when it came to free speech and you know we should expect a response kind of thing and you just I've never seen that level of pissed off fitness so you tell me about it I woke up that morning I read his comments and I was I if I could have just beaten the shit out of him I I would have explained the comments in your own words well the comments were basically you know if if someone says something bad about my mother I'm gonna physically assault them and you have the right to do that and you know people need to watch what they say and to which I said fuck you asshole as though the Catholic Church hadn't already done everything it possibly could to absolutely obliterate the moral credibility had never had this morning I woke up to the Pope The Vicar of Christ the head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church advocating actual physical violence in response to offensive or provocative speech thereby inciting violence and coddling the terrorist who killed my fellow satirist last week at the French weekly Charlie Hebdo if my good friend dr. Gaspari says a curse word against my mother he can expect a punch it's normal you cannot provoke you cannot insult the faith of others you cannot make fun of the faith of others there are so many people who speak badly about religions or other religions who make fun of them who make a game out of the religions of others they are provocateurs and what happens to them is what would happen to dr. Gaspari if he says a curse against my mother there is a limit well I have three words for you Pope Frankie fuck you asshole I not only can make fun of the faith of others I do it professionally you sick totalitarian bastard you terrorist apologist your claim to be connected to some higher power gets you no pass from criticism ridicule and mockery you self-important jerk wad and by the way does the fact that I'm so deeply offended by what you've said now give me the right to physically harm Catholics destroy Catholic property or say something like well you know if the Pope gets assassinated well the Pope brought it on himself you simple-minded mouth-breathing provocateur I thought it was outrageous I just I've never been so upset by anything i litter wrote that piece in 20 minutes and then shot it I mean I was I was livid tonight I wanted to get it up ASAP and I I don't think I've ever been as upset I got I got almost this close when one of the Mormon leaders told people that they should not love people that they should not love or I can't remember the phrasings awful – but these people are just there's nothing worse than people thinking that they know the mind of God there really is nothing worse on the planet and you're an authority I mean you can you can address these challenges it's yes let's talk about I mean not just Charlie Hebdo but blasphemy right blasphemy is a victimless crime yeah ridicule is a great way to Lampoon the powerful to draw a circle around many of the problems on I'm not a fan of ridicule one on one but in the larger picture it has great utility and yet we're in this weird culture I don't know how you could be a comedian in today's speech climate because everything you say is the potential call-out or cancellation or lawsuit or you're fired I don't know you do I call you a humorist or comedian you operate in those waters what are your thoughts I think of myself as a satirist first more than any other thing and yes it is you know you gotta you gotta stay on the straight and narrow now it's a it's a weird thing because comedy did not used to be like that you could just say anything and people would just write it off – well he's just making a joke well now they're you know everything's potentially not a joke it's a harmful hurtful thing and to a certain extent I I understand it but I do think we've we've gone over the edge you know moderation in all things you know I some of these people are just too freaked out by everything and I've gotten my my fill of you know people shitting on me for stuff that I I do and say I think I'm probably a an absence of good faith meaning that they automatically assume ill intent yeah and I think intent matters doesn't it what do you mean what you're trying to accomplish is important right right right yeah I it's not everything obvious the intent is not everything but but in terms of understanding something it is everything you know I mean a person's intent in any situation really does help you understand where they're coming from so and sometimes people people just say things that are you know and it's very difficult also because in this culture this this I mean we are hyper hyper rapidly changing I mean what what was acceptable to say yesterday literally may not be acceptable to say the next day you know so there's a there's a lot of stuff I feel I feel really bad for you know I'm I'm getting up there now I'm 54 but I didn't feel bad for for older people who just cannot keep up with what happens what's out-of-bounds now and what's not you know and and they're just you know they're just not gonna they're not gonna make it that's why I'm worried about Joe Biden right now keeping up with everything he's already put his foot in his mouth I don't know how many times since he announced so that's just gonna keep happening and talking here with Brian Dalton you're 54 I mean 54 you look you got a good tax a derma store something because you look really good over there I'm just saying only a skin it was an absolute nightmare when I was younger because I had cystic acne and had to deal with all that crap but in terms of aging you know I don't have hardly any wrinkles and you know the worst you can say about me as my hair is God has no beginning and no hair oh yeah we have to spray white into it when we started and then you know I married Lucifer and that that changed all that the hair was just a couple years so um you segue out of Mister deity and then you it was a way of the mister next in your line of projects yeah I started doing way of a mister because we had we had done the second season of his mr. DD with Sony and there was a long period where they were trying to figure out whether we were going to do a second season with them or not and they wanted to do something much bigger and they turned out not being able to do it but we were kind of on hiatus for almost 18 months so I started doing this show called words which was short-lived and and the way of the mr. which was kind of what I you know I wanted to do it as opposed to Kirk Cameron and and Ray Comfort way of the master I thought this would be a funny take and it was it's the mr. deity ethos of antitheism and and atheism and free thought and skepticism but you know in a different format and that format can take all kinds of different shapes and forms the first one we did was a 60 minutes like piece about reparative therapy but we've done a lot of just straight talking to the camera I do these things every now and then called mr. piece theatre where they're their little vignettes of things that kind of make a point that I think out here and there and yeah you know that's how that so you play it straight on way the mr. or well it's still it's still comedy oriented it's it's always funny I mean I think I write funny but I pop in these little pop-ups that are almost like I think of them as a literate version of Mystery Science Theater you know it's it's it's kind of comments that you would hear from the gang you know if sitting in the in the chairs watching the movie or the video but they're just little words or sentences that pop up people have people hate me because I don't I don't keep them up long enough it's a little bit strategy because I want them to just watch the video again and everybody tells you damn you I have to watch the video to go by too quick so once I watched listening to you and once I just read the pop-ups but I have I have lengthen them because I've gotten so many complaints but the popups I I had to reload something last night because it didn't have my begging segment in it and I forgot about it and I went back after three weeks and I was just looking looking it over to make sure everything was okay and I forgot Phelps pop-ups and I was laughing my ass off and that's that's the best in the world to me when I can go back and watch my own stuff and and it cracks me up I'm like okay that was that was pretty cool cuz what by the time you're doing it you probably know this by the time you're actually finished you know cutting a piece together and putting all this stuff in there it just seems like the stupidest piece of crap zillion times I had I had so much anxiety the first season of mr. DD because every time we would shoot I read it I would think this is funny when we were doing it I would think it's funny but after hours and hours and hours of editing and hearing the stuff over and over again I would call them going I don't know what what what we're doing what why are we doing this this is awful it's horrible and and they would all watch and go no dude that was hysterical that's funny I mean you're like that in the backseat who's going is this real life like you've just lost all perspective I you know I'm that way if I'm writing a speech you're writing a book right is east art with oh it's a great idea and then before you know you get into the process and then halfway through you just you become numb you lose all objectivity and I'm shit I'm gonna throw this in the trash nobody everyone's gonna hate this and then you know if but if you can push through I don't know if it's true for you if I can push through usually on the other side I start to get that enthusiasm back you know in the last 20% and and sometimes that works out so at this point I trust my instincts because it's it's worked long enough and even if it's not good it's certainly working so I don't I don't even give a shit anymore it's it's you know I do when I do good stuff I don't want to phone it in but I don't really care what I'm thinking anymore when I'm in the midst of the process I trust the original instant by the way there is a listener line if you have a comment or question for Brian you're welcome to dial in and I'll get to as many of those has come in or as many as I have time for Ray Comfort sent me a fruit basket this last I think it was Janet in December January something like that he sent me a basket of fruit with his appreciation because I guess he used a clip of mine in one of his atheist movie style documentary I call him a documentary where he goes out and finds the most clueless atheists on the plan hit people who have never considered why they don't believe in a God and it gets them on camera and they're just as I mean you know they're blindsided they don't have any good responses and then he sort of turns him around and at the ends like n-now don't you agree with me and they're like yeah I do agree with you and he's like yeah it's not amazing praise Jesus and I guess he used a clip from me somewhere in one of his films has he ever contacted you Ray Comfort to talk about the way of the mister he has not but I actually I was waiting in line at Cal Tech to go see I think I've been Richard Dawkins it was part of a skeptic event here and he actually handed me I didn't realize it was him but he himself handed me his own copy of the Origin of Species with the little introduction and I said oh thank you and I didn't I didn't know him until I you know I did one of those double takes for you wait was that was that Ray Comfort it was right right what is that did he'd write just an introduction to the actual Darwin book or is it a commentary no it's the actual book with his own introduction which just use everything as far as black as you possibly can it's it's you know this is that like I'm gonna grab the most revolutionary book arguably in the history of biological science and I'm gonna write a foreword and no one asks for me to do this I'm gonna write it forward and then I'm gonna present it to the masses I mean how presumptuous is that I thought I should be doing that with the Bible just skew it as much as possible and actually you know that's kind of what I shoot my show is actually I have one I have one going up this month called he's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy which is from Life of Brian one of my all-time favorite movies and it's just just looking a little bit more at the Jesus character critically going through all of that but yeah it is the hubris is amazing I've got three oh three on the switchboard thanks for calling in you were on with Brian Dalton who's this this is Donna and from Aurora Colorado hi what do you what are you before us today what do you think I just thought that Brian might find it funny that my mother who is from Alabama raised us Mormon but she was rebelling against the Jehovah's Witness religion when she joins the more mature to age to continue into the fire from the fire into the frying pan did you escape I mean would you come out of O my mother raised us Mormon until we were about to I was about 12 what change and then she she was told by some man in the church that she needed to be working on having more kids and especially boys because they didn't have any boys in the family and she was just sort of like um okay I'm out of here so it didn't make her lose her faith that she definitely didn't want to be Mormon anymore so we left and kind of wandered around I just kind of thought that would be amusing to you at the next moment that this was the rebellion against the JW's though I'm even a little more connected because my dad grew up Catholic and his family converted to Jehovah's Witnesses after he married my mom who was Mormon and then he married my mom to keep peace in the family he never bought it and they they basically excommunicated him so I never I never knew my father's family I saw my uncle and aunt once at my grandma's funeral I think I saw my grandma maybe five or six times over the course of my life from my dad's side so they're really at just completely cutting you off they're better at that than the mom yeah you do that I still have JW relatives the base socket cutting us all up we're really bad at well you know when we can't who can cut you off who could cast you out you know plenty have plenty have done so well we love you but I'm proud to say that my parents are both I think they're both secret my mother I think we'll never stop calling herself religious because she's from Alabama and it's part of the culture she doesn't feel Southern without it so why don't you tell her that you were on the radio with God today and see how that goes over okay she actually has seen a couple episodes of Mister deity and found it pretty funny so I think yes my dad definitely is and so we're all kind of me and sister and nieces are all out and proud of mine so you know right off in my life and usually I've been married to them so well thank you Roberts funny shows and thank you I'm so mad because I'm gonna be in Chicago on the 27th when you're here in my town no no my friend well ranch in Chicago in that day one day one day we will we will rendezvous you know if I have to do a show live just for you in the lobby you got it okay thank you very much okay you know it's funny Brian I used to think that I always say it like this and it just sounds terrible but I used to think that you know Mormons are just these happy weird people like you know they're all like I had Mormon neighbors in one of my previous homes they were the best sweetest nicest people in the world they were awesome and it was only after I sort of got into the layers of the onion that I realized how fucking insidious the Mormon faith really is yeah I mean you've got the insider perspective can you speak to that yeah it's the the amazing thing about it is that it's insidious with a smile I mean it really is when you're in it you don't really have any clue how insidious it is and how provincial and what's the word insular it is that you know it's because it really occupies your entire life they're there they're good at keeping you busy and keeping you within the the soul have you taken medicine over there Brian I heard it it's my watch no problem my friend go ahead forget I know it's a serious topic forgive me go ahead yeah no they they they keep you in fact I have I'm working on a way of the mister for next month because I been having this debate about with this with this commenter about whether Mormons are brainwashed or not and and the funny thing is is that in his confidence right there you can see the brainwashing but he can't he just can't see it he cannot see it you know he he literally wrote to me something to the effect of you know I was talking about thinking for yourself and he said well clearly what happened to you is that you opened the door to Satan when you started thinking for yourself well that's brainwashed if you're gonna make people afraid of thinking for themselves and tell them that's an open door to Satan you know where you're going you know Mormons don't really have a hell so I can't say you know you're gonna burn forever but you know you're gonna be in the lesser heaven you're gonna be in the Walmart of heavens instead of the Nordstrom's it's you don't get your own planet do you that's Scientology if you know if you if you go all the way up if you reach the top upper echelons of the celestial kingdom you become a god and you get to create your own universe and people with you know people would say I always you know I never thought about when I was there but I just have to ask Mormons really you're gonna recreate this mess for more people are you freaking kidding me I you know you know it's I what I really want to do is watch my own spirit children go down to a place and rape each other and commit genocide and you know I want to see babies die of cancer and you know it yeah let's do that geez no not true Oh Brian Dalton when you were a Mormon were you were brainwashed how old were you yes I totally was because I grew up in it so you know at 3 years old you know they they have you giving talks in church I mean it's really kind of brilliant when you think about it but you start you start talking and you start spouting and giving your testimony and all that stuff before you even and think through you know 5+5 I mean it's just they get you young and then they keep you in it and you know you're warned about the others and so you you know all of my friends growing up the vast majority of them were Mormon until I you know I had 12 and and my mom stopped giving a shit about me and my dad never did so I was on my own and I kind of went my own way after that but then I got I got hooked in later and then became rabid about about Mormonism I thought I absolutely discovered the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so I went crazy about it for maybe five or six years and then started to slow down and then finally found my way out after about ten years how's that happen I mean just what do you opened it opened up stacked it wasn't the Book of Mormon or well it was just a slow you know it's just little teeny bits which is why I do what I do because I know there are little teeny bits here that gets you thinking and you know they're not gonna make you leave today but that thought will lead to another thought and that thought leads to another thought and then pretty soon you're you're not so afraid to actually look into things because you're starting to realize things don't add up here and you know now I'm I'm more interested in knowing the truth and then keeping the comfort going which I think is the real battle and almost all of religion in terms of getting people to think for themselves and get out of it it's it's really a battle over am I going to am I going to give up to comfort yeah I had to give myself permission to ask the a person because you don't feel like you're qualified right they tell you are not qualified right so yeah someone in what Jackie and the chatroom said something and I'll just echo her question she said have you been to go see the comedy musical The Book of Mormon and what are your thoughts of course I've seen it three times I have I have a benefactor who's who's really connected to the ex Mormon community and every time he'll bring a group of people out here from all over the country he's seized whele to see the Book of Mormon when it's when it's playing here and they always want mr. deity to come along so I've got three times four great which is just the most amazing thing and every time I see it I'm just stunned at how good it is I I think I'm not going to enjoy it as much this done and then I enjoy it even more than I did the last time it's just it's a it's a masterful piece of work oh really we take a short break when I come right back we're gonna talk about Prager University and Bryan Dalton's version of Prager it's called Prager a few I love it it's coming up next hang on some of my favorite podcast supporters and sponsors are the ones who provide something that our people use every day I mean you need it anyway you can purchase what you're already gonna buy somewhere else but you can do it in a way that supports the show Harry's is a terrific example of this and a lot of guys shave with a razor and anybody who has bought razors knows the challenge of finding high-quality travel friendly shave supplies that are not a bunch of expensive gimmicky overkill Harry's was founded by a couple guys who were just sick of the gimmicks they were just sick of it and they bought a world-class Blade Factory in Germany 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in just a second but first back to the switchboard I've got three one six thanks for waiting on me you're on the thinking atheist podcast what's your name hey James you're on with Brian Dalton what do you have for us oh one thing you guys have been such a huge inspiration for me no thank you by a good friend chase he's a Christian but he was a huge fan of uh Christopher Hitchens even though he then discovered him until 2014 and I've been trying to smuggle mr. Dedes video about on Christopher Hitchens to him because I tried absolutely hilarious excelling that to me I'm sorry you did a did you do some stuff on hitch Brian I did kind of a memoriam episode where he's he's coming up to give me hell and mr. duty is absolutely terrified of having to confront hitch and of course first at first he's excited because he thinks he's going to be able to recreate a rear window now that he's got Stuart and you know the princess but then he realizes oh no it's bad Hitchens and is there any K you know what what does he want and you know he basically mr. deal he makes a deal with with hitch too you know he's gonna he's gonna at least you know give him something he's just absolutely yeah he's terrified of hitch so who wouldn't be well I mean good luck with your with your body I know that it's not easy but I think I think Brian's material and material like it's often and it's kind of a gateway forgive the word Brian myself you're right okay okay good his that you know your your accessible and it's I think humors attractive to people you know and I know that like if your weren't doing Christianity let's say you're going after Mormonism etc I mean people in one faith love to laugh at other faiths right door the truth is they don't mind laughing at their own wouldn't you know when I started doing this I had been with enough religious people moderate religious people throughout my my years as a religious person that I knew if you did it well and you didn't cross certain lines they'd laugh at it too and they they did I mean no one I when I was doing this early on I would say forty percent of my email I got was from believers he said you know I don't necessarily agree with your point of view that I like that it's about something that I know about and it makes me laugh and it's very funny so it's hard it's hard to be pissed at something that you're laughing at and laughing is involuntary so it's you know you make people laugh so it gets in there you know what do you want it to or not well best of luck with the project my friend and I hope all the pieces come together for you yeah thank you take it easy Thanks so Dennis Prager is conservative evangelical radio host and pundit and he is the founder of Prager you or Prager University yeah I find great utility in Prager you in the sense that it provides me a case study in how to argue about your faith in the most wrong way human possible every time I see them attack any one of these arguments whether it be about science or ethics and morality or purpose or any of these other things or they I love the fact that they're experts on atheists and what we think every time they jump into those waters they just get it wrong and I find myself shaking my head so from that platform let me ask you about Prager after you yeah i so i started doing Praeger fu which by the way I always find it funny some people get mad at me saying you know you had to get vulgar with it but they they're not really thinking the if it were preggers fuck you it would be FY instead of hahaha I like that it sounds like after you but originally I had my thinking was fake University or you know I don't know if that's true or not but I like that's what I came to understand yeah I you know people don't notice but I used to work with and for dennis prager back in the late 80s and early 90s and we were very good friends we played racquetball together probably two or three times a week I was over to his house for Shabbat dinners all the time and I worked I had an office that was actually part of his office he paid my rent and I did I produced his newsletter and then I did my own stuff for other people I was doing graphic design at the time and we we worked together for years and we were good friends until 2007 when he did something which I I can't talk about but it's it was just outrageous to someone that I knew and loved and he was the schmuck of the world and I why I was not gonna have anything to do with him after that point oh my god play devil's advocate right I mean come on Brian this personal you're just trying to screw the guy who screwed your friend kind of thing you know I mean this is the the irony is is is that he was really breaking one of his own you know he loves the ten commandments and there's a big one of the Big Ten in there that he really tolerated from a mutual friend really hurt another mutual friend because of it and then he just gave this person sucker and well I'm not that didn't mean to push you down the road you don't want to go down but I mean I think you know one of those things one of the obvious responses would be well you know it's personal that's why you're doing Prager fu but you were going after really the the arguments in the theology right in terms of the videos I I never bring up the personal stuff or even that I I don't even mentioned I don't think that I've ever worked with him or that we were good friends it's basically just taking the video is almost line by line and finding the stupid in our next few videos we're going to be taking a look at the Prager u video where do good and evil come from I'm gonna say Amazon and I'm told there's free two-day shipping if you're a Prime member that sounds amazing but let's see what our Prager you professor peter crepe says that took me three takes i'm going to argue for the existence of god from the premise that moral good and evil really exists so Pete is going to use moral good and evil the existence of which cannot be demonstrated to argue for the existence of God whose whose existence cannot be demonstrated okay I'm going to argue for the existence of suck demons from the premise that Bigfoot exists this guy's a professor somewhere Pete did you get your degree at my alma mater Prager you go Devils you know they're not accredited right he should have gone to Trump you at least he could have gotten a good stake out of it I don't know about good but it's it's amazing I had one coming up this month where I don't even know how you do this stuff for the straight place they had a guy basically that the title of it is something like the book that you should read to your kids and it's the Bible you know there's there's no easier I mean that's it's like shooting fish in a barrel I can go line by line on this one and it's probably one of the funniest things at least part one is it's gonna be you know probably four or five parts and there's just so much to it it's ridiculous but part one is I think it's pretty freaking hysterical well there are some of the subjects that Prager takes I mean wonder this I've mentioned a few the morality argument and evolution etc I mean but you've seen it more than I have yeah I've done ones on the afterlife I think I had a four or five part series on on a video called well is something about the afterlife we live in a world which is absolutely identical in every way imaginable to a world not created by a good and just God but instead of simply accepting these facts and the conclusion they weren't the religious for purposes which Dennis admits are entirely emotional imagine an unknown realm where are these undeniable facts are remedied in some future world of which we have no evidence or knowledge this is literally the definition of wishful thinking going from what we know to what we don't in order to relieve us of what we know and the reason is clear Prager spends the last minute and a half of this video pointing out how awful life would be if there were no good and just God and no afterlife to remedy the world of immeasurable injustice and suffering this good and just God created for us Dennis even confesses that his belief in God and the afterlife is the psycho form of theological remedy he must take in order to maintain his sanity there's another series that they did with a scientist talking about how you know atheists are is every bit as faith you know motivated because of the multiverse that you know the multiverse is just pure faith as you know a believer and it's just silly and and he was he was so disingenuous about science and scientists and and how you know we don't we don't believe things the way you believe a religious tenet you know it's it's a it's a provisional thing and and you're thinking well that that sounds good for now but I you know I'm not gonna believe it or give my provisional ascent until the the science is in and you know everyone knows that the science isn't in on the multiverse or whatever so it was disingenuous but they've done a meaning and suffering and you know you know the Odyssey and all of that kind of stuff so we just could I just go through and I generally pick out the religious ones mostly because people seem to hate it I started a political show during the 2016 campaign because I felt I had to say something and it's called mr. D goes to Washington and people are not fond of of hearing my political views so I generally just I still do that for my patrons a lot of times I don't even release the video on on YouTube because so many people are annoyed by my political views which is strange because I I really didn't think we were a little bit more coalescing you know on on politics free thinkers and atheists and skeptics and and we're really not it is like herding cats it's absolutely like herding cats were just all over the place on every other topic we all agree that this god thing is bullshit but after that it's every man for himself so it's hard to I think because there's such a bleed over with religion and politics in many ways it's impossible not to if we're going to be true to humanist values and to speak against the pseudoscience the anti science the assault on human rights etc you've got to address the elephant in the room the big orange elephant in the room and you see I mean I would say most the people on my page are they're progressives in the way that they have liberal values but you know it's almost impossible to mention a political opinion without watching the sees part and then before you know what people are throwing grenades at each other right right I'm yeah it's interesting because yeah my politics are absolutely informed by my by my humanism which came via my atheism and I don't understand when there's one party who is clearly anti science how that's not you know a big factor in people's thinking but you know people have it's another area where you know people have I think there are a few key insights which if you if you have them they almost compel you into the point of view that I have what one of them is that the role of luck in life I believe that luck is the guiding force of the University you know when I started doing mr. deity this is not the pendant I used to wear because it broke but I had a pendant that said luck in English and Chinese on that I wore all the time and in Episode two of season two I think mr. deity says luck is the guiding force of the universe and I truly truly believe that and if you once you do believe that and you realize how how deep that goes and I have a dear friend who teaches cognitive science down here at Cal State Long Beach and she says there's really only one one piece of luck that matters and that is are you born with the wherewithal to handle whatever is going to come at you a lot and that's really it it's it's one thing and it's it's largely in things that you have no control over you know your genes your parents your economic situation you know that we're just born into this this mess of possibility and probability and and and want and need and all of these things that are going to determine the person that you become and how you're gonna handle life and what comes at you and it's it's none of it is under your control and I think once people understand that and how the mind really works I mean cognitive science is huge for me I want to push David evilman's incognito as much as I can I think that book is is a masterpiece of it's a great little primer of neuroscience it's it's three or maybe six years old now but it's still amazing but once you understand how we're not in charge of who we are like we think we are and to the extent that we think we are we don't we're not looking at all that the stuff that's gone on before that's rewired your brain or the wiring that was there initially that makes you the person that you are I'm not gonna get into the fray I'm not gonna ask you about freewill because that's another hour I'm not doing it I'm not doing yeah but I have to be pedantic for just a second because I know there guys and people in the comment sections who got hung up on the word luck you're not talking like like an agency like Lady Luck like luck was in your favor you're talking about chance and those types of things it's the basic you know situations people people you know people talk about well if you make the right choices well and work hard doesn't make you fail this you make your the right choices and work I would some people don't have any choices they have no choices and and some people no matter how hard they work it's not gonna pay off of them I mean if you were I mean this is the extreme example but if you were a slave in 19th century America it didn't matter how hard you worked or what choices you made you're just fucked so you have to realize that still happens not in such an obvious way but there are things that we are we either have or have acquired or haven't acquired that you know it's all the difference in the world in terms of how we how things happen to us and on other extremes you know they're we know of things like we're normal people start getting into kitty pawn and then they get arrested and they go to jail and they have some medical condition where they find out that there's a tumor in their brain and then they take a tumor out and they're no longer interested in kiddie porn I mean it's there there's so many things that we don't understand right now and my focus is in just trying to you know I think we spend a lot of money politically curing things instead of preventing them and I think there's that that's one of my big things politically is let's just let's just prevent this crap and from you know but then you have to make an investment you have to make an upfront investment and people don't like to make the upfront investment they'd rather you know see if everything goes to shit and if it goes to shit we'll we'll fix it later yeah I call it swatting at the symptoms right I mean they want to put out the immediate threat but if the root problem remains unaddressed and yet in the Twitterverse and you cannot address things like this in 280 characters it's just impossible and yet people want to be spoon-fed the easy answer the binary answer the ABS no black white good evil answer that will clean up the world and the world is a messy messy place so it's not I'm I don't know why I felt the need to tack something onto your answer there I just like you got me riled up I was like yeah it's preach preach on Brian let's in philosophical man let's talk about you and your life you're doing alright you got any optimism about the years ahead because it's it is messy out there what do you think it's I haven't really talked about this on my shows or anything but I found out this year that I have something called sensory processing sensitivity which makes me a quote unquote highly sensitive person which my daughter it's a it's a genetic thing and it's and it's my daughter told me years ago that she was she's a highly sensitive person and I said oh yeah I'm a highly sensitive person too not realizing that's an actual thing and finally my my my doctor and both my doctor and my therapist said yeah you're you're having them you know you do a little self test which has been peer reviewed and everything and and you find out oh my god I mean I'm learning stuff about my stuff and myself now at 54 that's just kind of freaking me out still I'm still having to look back and see how this thing has really affected my life but we we literally have a different 20% of us literally have a different nervous system and it affects our emotions and and literally like our feelings and how we touch and taste and see and smell and all kinds of weird things that I that really now looking back on my life it all makes sense I just thought I was a really weird person and I guess I am I'm very different from eighty percent of the population in many ways but it it makes sense now and it's it's kind of empowered me so I'm I've written a script I want to get back into moviemaking and I have a number of scripts that I would really like to make but there's no way I can make them without a lot of money so I wrote a script that we can make on our own and I'm gonna we're hopefully gonna start shooting that this year with Jesse Jesus the guy who plays Jesse Jesus in our show Sean Douglas and Scott Clifton who if your youtube people you may know him as theoretical bullshit he was in a video I made called the born-again identity him and he was amazing Amy who plays Lucifer on the show I think she's gonna be in it and my stepdaughter who's crazy talented and it's a it's a small little film that that I wrote specifically so that we can make it with a very little budget we're gonna try to crowdsource it and see how how that goes but we can make it out for almost nothing and it's you know why Scott read it the other week and wrote me back you know dude this is brilliant and he loves it and so I you know I take great pride in that because he's he's he's just such a sharp guy he's so smart and such a great actor I refused to be on like photo guy try not to be photograph too close to him because he looks like he was chiseled out of marble well I have to stand next to Shawn Douglas when we do our episodes it's just curious I just was not on my side I'm just saying yeah I look like Bob Saget you know I'm saying Brian you do look a little like oh my god no don't say how do people find your work I know that you're you've got your finger in a lot of pies but is there a hub a website where do people go well on YouTube it's mr. deity and mis ter de ity and the only other place I would encourage people to go is to my patreon account which is patreon calm mr. deity capital M R de ity so that's how you can see my stuff and reach me and I keep everything free that's why I love my patrons I don't want to make it a paid thing and I want to put a paywall up I like people to have the resources and the shows so thank thank you to all the patreon patrons who continue to make this possible yeah well them did it's an honor to be able to have you on the show you make us laugh and you make us think Brian Dalton hope our paths cross again soon thanks again for being on the show thank you so much follow their thinking atheist on Facebook and Twitter for a complete archive of podcasts and video products like mugs and t-shirts featuring the thinking atheist logo links to atheist pages and resources and details on upcoming free thought events and conventions log on to our website the thinking atheist com

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  1. Seth, what is your take on the shake up at the ACA? Maybe a good subject. I know you and Matt are friends but it seems he was a little dishonest about the topic. PS, so was Aron Ra. I respect you, Matt and Aron but I think the matter was poorly handled.

  2. When I say "I seek knowledge before I believe in something." People counter with "Knowledge leads to pride." I become frustrated because there is little to no insight concerning ones own faith in God nor is there doubt concerning the deity itself.

    I say: "Knowledge is a tool. I could harm someone with a screwdriver or I could build a house with it. So to I could intend harm to a person with knowledge. Or I could build relationships and circumstances with it. Knowledge isn't the problem, the problem is intent."

  3. I am late to the party as far as investigating all the atheist channels on Utube. Seth you were my first.😉 I think you are absolutely fabulous.
    I just want to say…Finally!! I’m hearing what I’ve always thought. We are all products of our conditions and experiences. Brain wiring and genetic make up!! Yay!
    Thank you Seth for introducing me to Mr Deity. What a Joy!!!

    Brian you made my day. You got me to laugh this morning. Thank you for your wonderful insights and willingness to be openly satirical and “blasphemous” about all the crazy religious BS we have to deal with daily. I live in the south where there are two or more churches within a mile of each other.
    I am also a grateful to be out Ex Mormon

  4. The pope is a puppet period. You think if the pope really tells it how it is, he'll suddenly get some serious condition and will get replaced faster than you can say "pedophile". Love Dalton's "YOTM" and Mr. Deity. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Andrews. If someday I find myself face to face with you. I'm buying you and your wife dinner.

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