Black Cat Music introduces the Mastersinger Choral Folder

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Black Cat Music introduces the Mastersinger Folder. This folder features a metal-reinforced hinge, central strings, expanding inner pockets, brass-bound corners and a cross-strap to prevent sheet music from falling out. Available to buy online at

I'd like to tell our customers a bit about the master singer folder which is fast becoming our top-selling music folder this coral folder like our other folders is hand stitched in luxury leatherette with brass bow on the corners it has a metal reinforced hinge with inner cross straps it has expanding inner pockets it has a cross strap across the middle which holds it at exactly the right angle so that music won't slide out when you're in performance or rehearsal and it has a clever hand strap which allows you to hold it in position when you're rehearsing and performing it's becoming our most popular choral folder and deservedly so it's highly durable very reliable and well built and I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody looking for the ultimate choral folder available to buy online from WWE black cat music calm

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