billy joe shaver – you just can't beat Jesus Christ

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you just can’t beat Jesus Christ

we've been over the water several times huh this is my boy back here Eddie I uh he hasn't played yet but uh we get around a lot now I was on a bus one time it's somebody sneezing it was out in California I said God bless you and they kind of got ruffled up about huh okay may the god of your choice bless you and I'd like to say day that I I love the Lord Jesus Christ and that's where I'm at I mean everybody's you know you do your own thing but that's what I do I'm a sinner big-time huh it's a pretty good deal actually yeah it ain't bad you notice they're not talking to either one of the three look to – were looking at their feet I don't believe better weight loss her salt we still pretty salty still pretty salty yeah it's a good thing I love him too much he's the one who made us all number two well that's true yeah then you don't have to compete you see he was born to be known as everybody's brother he is the father song and marry his mother he's excuse my language welcome town country kind of guy you see ain't no way to get around it you just can't be Jesus Christ you I used to crank and drink until my back was to the floor I take it to the limit then I try to get some more yeah when it came to gambling and love got no right rollin night shizzle ain't no two ways about it I have been saved by Jesus Christ yes I praise the Lord all right listen to even though I am a sinner he will always be my friend he starts in the middle and it does not have an end and when my soul was held for ransom yeah he is the one who paid the price ain't no reason to deny it around Jesus Christ just have to do god bless you you all right

41 thoughts on “billy joe shaver – you just can't beat Jesus Christ

  1. When do people get it right God is God alone. In all things God alone did all. Not Jesus not Moses not Noah no one other than God himself!!!! For Jesus said my God my God why have you for saken me. Get it straight SALVATION is of God THE LORD GOD.

  2. honestly i am not a believer, but this is a very powerful song, and billy joe is one of the best real country singers/songwriters out there.

  3. Jesus Christ: King Of Kings. Have you accepted his Invitation ? His Offer is only Valid if in this life you accepted his Invitation. John 3:3, and John 3:16. Read in the old King James Bible.

  4. My prayer is for everyone watching has a friend in Jesus Christ?
    As the lady said…its a pretty good deal…as for me & many others it's the only deal.
    RIP Eddie

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