Bill Kluck Interview: Atheist Christian Book Club August 2017

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Christian apologist James Walker interviews atheist Bill Kluck about their monthly Atheist Christian Book Club. For their August meeting they had 16 members — 8 atheists and 8 Christian — discussing Sean McDowell’s book, “Is God Just a Human Invention?” The club’s September 1 meeting will discuss the atheist book “Nailed” by David Fitzgerald, a Mythicist who believes Jesus never existed. For more info visit:

One thought on “Bill Kluck Interview: Atheist Christian Book Club August 2017

  1. 1:47 What? That guy with the goofy shirt doesn't know what he is talking about. Hopefully, he is a Christian because then his assertions would make much more sense. But just in case, I'll correct his misconceptions.

    "Their faith has some good, solid, historical evidence for it" ????

    Umm, no, Christianity does not have any evidence for it.

    For one, in no way, shape or form does a historical person give any validation to the extraordinary claims made in that historical person's tale. Just like Historians believe Alexander the Great existed, do they also think he was the descendant of the Greek gods as his tale claims? No, they do not and Jesus is no different than that. Historical Jesus is simply a plausible man that inspired a legend. Historical Jesus isn't the same thing as Biblical Jesus. Biblical Jesus is completely unsubstantiated fiction, just like the fictional characterization of Alexander the Great is. Historical Jesus gives absolutely no credibility to Christianity at all.

    Also, a historical Jesus isn't based on evidence. How historians come to the conclusion that a historical Jesus existed is based on a form of Occam's Razor. It is an assumption based on all of the non-contemporary hearsay accounts there are for Jesus. In which, most historians agree upon that it is reasonable to believe that a man inspired them. After all, it isn't an extraordinary claim to think a plausible man inspired a legend. In which, non-contemporary hearsay is what we would expect to have for a simple man — but not for a god.

    Josephus book? You mean the passages that are widely believed to be interpolated by Christians after his death? Those passages? Even if they were real, they were still non-contemporary hearsay. Josephus was born in 37 CE and wrote his book near the turn of the century.

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