(Best Korea) Deity Civ V Vox Populi Part 9

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With the Celts beaten back it’s time to take our city back from the Mongols

Version 4-20
Map PerfectWorld
Number of players 8
Time scale Epic
Difficulty Deity

I talk more about the mod in the video, it can be found [here]( with instructions to install it.

The other mods I use are:

Infoaddict v22 provides graphs
PerfectWrold3 v1 a map mod
FlagPromotions v7 shows promotions over units

All mods can be found in the civ 5 workshop through steam.

I use Brave browser which is great because it allows you to get paid for viewing ads. It is also a chrome mod so works just like chrome.
Here is a link to Brave, which will great both of us $5 worth of BAT coins.

One thought on “(Best Korea) Deity Civ V Vox Populi Part 9

  1. Nice one that ended really well. I assume the Hwachas keep logistics upon upgrade so defo rush for cannons – you'll need more iron. If you capture Beshbalik (puppet) Karakorum and that coastal city (puppet) you could vassalise Genghis, forget about him then get Dublin off of Boudicca becuase she'll always want to war you and you'll have to fuck her over a bit otherwise dealing with Portugal would be a bit too risky.

    Great stuff though, thanks for the series!

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