Beigel Bake's Salt Beef is the Katz's Pastrami of London — Dining on a Dime

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Lucas Peterson is loose on the streets of London, and he’s looking for a hearty snack. This episode of Dining on a Dime takes him down Brick Lane to try beigels (not to be confused with bagels) and salt beef from Beigel Bake, an old school Jewish-style cafe that serves sandwiches 24 hours a day.

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28 thoughts on “Beigel Bake's Salt Beef is the Katz's Pastrami of London — Dining on a Dime

  1. A salt beef sandwich, whether down the East end or not, you really don't want it in a beige – you want it in a SANDWICH – nice bread, pickles and mustard – mmmmmmmm

  2. lol @ commenters saying the woman at the counter was mean to Lucas. Wanna see mean? check the comment section of any video Nick Solares has ever made. THAT is mean.

  3. I am from NYC and people here aren't dicks. We just don't have patience for other people's bullshit. But if you come to our city and our restaurants (as many, many, many travel/food show hosts have), we won't treat you like shit. We will treat you with respect up until the point you start bullshitting us. All bets are off then.
    I feel bad for Lucas. He's a dope host and deserved better treatment for what was essentially free publicity for the restaurant.

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