Bad Religion 'Age Of Unreason' Mini Doc

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Bad Religion’s album ‘Age Of Unreason’ is available now
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Directed & Edited by Ludvig Gür
Sound Mix: Zeke Beckman

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37 thoughts on “Bad Religion 'Age Of Unreason' Mini Doc

  1. Really sad to have to miss the show in Buenos Aires for being too broke, but I'm so glad to witness you guys releasing new stuff and touring these days .
    The new album's amazing and, hopefully, I'll catch you next time you're around! Keep trying to make the world think!!

  2. The 'great album that just gets better' comment couldn't be more accurate. Whereas True North was an immediate love for me, this took me a few days to go from a general feeling of relief, (well at least it's good, if not great) to absolutely loving it. Probably one of if not my favourite since POB.

  3. Really love this album. It really captures the time and is a great piece of music with great lyrics. The live show I've been to was also a joy to behold. Please never stop guys!

  4. Believers, dupes and clowns I want you all to gather round to glorify ignorance and fear. I dispense this information to a post truth generation… so many amazing lyrics on this album!!!!

  5. "Bad religions always been about conveying the same message. Which is basically, society sucks.. if you don't encourage education, and enlightenment, and open-mindedness. Any time you enter a period in society where those messages are crushed or where the inspiration is gone, you enter the darker chapters of history. We wanted to, once again, with this record, light the flame; the candle of enlightenment. And hopefully ppl will listen this time." – Greg Graffin interview

    Well put. And that is pretty much how i always looked at bad religions work.

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