Astro-theology: Lost Years of the Pope

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What does it mean if the Pope is called the Vicar (stand-in) for Christ & the Vatican announced Jesus will NOT be returning? Hmmm… Find out how the ‘lost yrs of Jesus’, 12-30yrs old, is an allegory for the Sun traveling around in a circle/galilee w/the zodiac/apostles. Baptism x Ministry = 12 x 30 = 360degrees. A circle in the sky!

all right so today we'll be talking about the Lost years of Jesus and how it relates to astrology we'll also touch on some of the holidays and where they fall and why they follow they're also of how some of the names of things in these religious organizations came to be are all related to either the body or the heavenly body also alright so for instance the Pope the Pope is a really means Papa or father because another name for Pope is patriarch which means father comes from the Egyptian or Kinmen were Fattah which when you get the word paternal another native title he calls himself it's the vicar or a biker of for Christ biker is the saint is the root word for the word vicariously so means stand in for Christ so the Pope is basically telling you that he's standing in for Christ you can praise him into Jesus comes back if you're not aware of the Vatican recently declared you can google this they were declaring about three to six months ago that Jesus is never coming back so they don't everything but telling you it's the allegory it's not a real person that is just a character but they are at least they're telling you that he's not coming back so you can do your own research that's the Vatican whether you're a Catholic or not that church is the rules and set out the rules or every other done domination whether you want to admit it or not with you a Baptist or whatever you want to call yourself you still working under the the sanctions of the church the Catholic Church another name we call this the pontiff the pomt IFF that's basically referring to a part in your brain called the pons P ons it's a bridge or someone I think it's located by your brainstem so the main one is the one who elects the Pope every time the seat vacates it's called a cardinal so you've heard of Cardinal jaws different Cardinals so what you did over here with the Cardinal the Cardinal we have four cardinal points so the four cardinal points that represent the four seasons the four the four Gospels the four horses in the Book of Revelations the world basically the number-four means the world in the physical world so I'll never see the number for 40 days and 40 nights it's time at the world so we're talking about so another word for gospel could we chose the four Gospels another word for gospel means wonder what the etymology of the word gospel means God spells you're the guy the spelling so God magic so this is what this whole my channel is about spelling which is magic so God spelled so so they translated sometimes as the good news so what is the good news the good news is the coming of the physical world so that four means good news so you have north east west and south so that's where you get the word news from so that's the time at the for north east west and south is the good news that they come so that's the four Gospels um I'll get back to Jesus and the Lost years in a second I'm gonna stick with the floor so the four cardinal points what you have is two solstice when the Sun stays still for like about three days so this is the summer solstice somewhere around June 21st and the winter solstice around December 21st and the two equinoxes or equal nights so it's one of the days up from the days and nights are pretty even you have the fall or autumn equinox and the spring equinox in March two of the guys will start off in the spring equinox they're John and Mark so if you go to John and Mark I always talk about the Lamb of God or they don't even talk about the virgin birth so you gotta know these are allegories because it seems pretty strange that something miraculous like that would be included in all four Gospels but the reason why the virgin birth is only mentioned down here in Matthew and Luke is because they started off in Capricorn in those two Gospels so two of the Gospels starting off in Aries because they call they refer to Jesus at the lamb or which is lamb or sheep because you're dealing with Aries all right I talked about I can talk about the four the four riders so if you go to the Book of Revelations revelation 6 the forerunners the four horses and the people who wrote them so but you want to separate this this circle into four different quadrants so quad means four so there's four quarter's this upper half is where it's most like that so it's the lightness up here is on the summer months and it gets dark below the equator down here so this is the darkness so this is the black that's half it's the white hat another way I looked at this the broken down was up here is when the leaves are green they start to turn red down here so leaves are usually green so you get around the fall when the leaves start turning red so having said that the first horse they talked about it's the white horse so this is the white it's started office is right this is the brightest point up here at the summer solstice so this is the lightest that the dog days of summer I told you this is around June so you're dealing with a July August September October so Jason the Son of God July August September October and November so these are the dog days of summer in Lanza was serious all right so this is the white quadrant this is the White Horse this is the Red Horse the lead starts to turn red after the fall so around a following you fall over a little bit equator so all of them with me that's what I call it fall you fall below the equator and start gets dark the leaves turn red so now we approach in the darkest point which is down here it starts around December 21st the darkest point so this is a black horse so this is the third horse or the black horse the last horse is when it started good light again the leaves starting back turning back green we have the green or pale horse all right so those are the four horses now do you want to know the floor riders how I look that if you go look at it you'll notice that the first horse was being ridden by a guy in with the UM bow I believe so what we're dealing with Sagittarius so let me just tell you Libra is riding in a blackboard so this is legal is riding a black horse so starting right and so these are the four leading up to the fourth right so this is Libra from here to here is Libra Libra is riding a black horse because if you look at the rider of the black horse that has scales so we talked about the scales of justice on if we're dealing with Kim in you come up my act so these are the scales of a time I'm checking my know Scorpio is the red horse this is one who wrapped rider of the red horse said something about the swore blade so I just looked at that as the tail so you can make your own deductions but I think it's the fourth is one in a row and I'll give you my reason and then you can just go do your own research and come up with you want so this is really month one I'm talking about the Schwartz I didn't look that it must be time with the scorpion tail alright the third one the white horse has been ridden by secretaries because it says some about the rider has a bow so you know the Sagittarius is a half man half horse he's the Archer he's the archer there's oxo he has a bow and arrow the last one it talked about death what I'll have you and this is the right of the green horse which is Capricorn so it also says that that person roles the rules of for part of the world so when I told you these are quadrants this is the fourth quarter of the world so this is the last rider and in the midst of it was a voices I didn't read it something about barley and grain or something like that but they're basically talking about Virgo cuz you know that's the she holds wheat in one hand so so forth so the midst of these or in the middle of these four riders there was a voice coming out so they tell my Virgo so you're dealing with the four riders starting with Libra – Scorpio Sagittarius and ended up in the fourth quadrant or the darkest quadrant in Capricorn but in the midst of those four riders of voices Yemenite so we time I forego alright so that breaks down to four riders on the floors so for this white red black green the four rise and Virgo is the voice in the midst of them so that's the strategy today so let me go on back to so I'm talking about the reason I brought up the Pope because uh because I'm gonna segue into Jesus because like say he's thinks he's the stand-in for Christ so I told you Cardinal so those are the four cardinal points I told you how to use words that deals with the heavenly body or your physical body to name in these uh religions just like the word or name means a coordinate so a court handle ordinate inside this ordinance like these opposition's sky basically so a bishop is an ordained minister or something so forth so the word ordained means ordinances synonymous to ordinate so we're just dealing with this so so far the like bachelors and Christian churches you might have a deacon who's like an usher a beacon is actually 10 degrees though anytime you see the word Dec or deca means 10 that's what December is they're really the tenth month Aries is the first month which is Nissan so this is nice on Dec the car in each time this is really the first month is usually be called Nissan so some of these cars you're gonna find out they dealing with astrology also I'm gonna get to another one talk about super rule in a second ISO nice time this first month which is it what we call Aries around March 21st they're there every 10 degrees of the three deacons in each side so you might hear people say oh I'm gonna customer this time I'm gonna cook you have those middle sense so three deacons another word in my head I was like another name for the Pope is a bishop three degrees of space in the sky is a bishop so there are 36 deacons so 36 times 10 is 360 cuz you got three in these house which is twelve signs you also got three bishops I mean three degrees so that's ten bishops in each sign so just anything with a word Bishop from the word Deacon come from then you know it's all astrology and they tell you stay away from it but they're using it to make me officers so that clears that up just FYI each sign is basically two hours after day so this starting area starts off at 6 a.m. so this would be 8 a.m. and tourists 10:00 a.m. Jim and so on so forth so there's just FYI if you want to know that 6 8 10 going all the way around so those are the hours of the day also Airy starts off as electric every other sign is electric magnetic electric magnetic so that way you can know how your brain works at certain times of the day so you're knowing like magnetism when you want to draw some man that's what you want to learn stuff electricity is usually when you want to teach so you want to count others if you homeschool and someone just let's go study the electric magnet so this star right here Aries is electricity at 6:00 a.m. and you can always just count the rest of them so this would be a dam this would be magnetic this would be 10 a.m. but this would be electric so on so forth alright cuz your electric magnetic means well so how does this relate I gotta try it so la la la I'll hold this child up real quick so this is the stuff I was already talking about the equinoxes and so on so forth so you can pause it you get this information down I let you pause it then you get some information down under stuff something to talk about now so these are the horses and the riders the four rise Libra rise the black horse copia rides the red horse there's time at the four cardinal points the good news so forth the four gospel means good news so that's just north is all since the four points north east west and south that's where you get the word news from all right if you go to job chapter 38 verse 32 years they were called nazarov so it means nasara means to divide it or separate it it really just means the men of the zodiac so what you talk about is that 360 degree circle another word you have Jesus really this allegory for the Sun going around Galilee we saw he goes around got a lead with the twelve disciples those I gotta leave me in circle so we dealing with so you have to get up there having a mammalogy okay I try to look at that phone line check EU places where you can look at it for yourself and I take my word but you can also get in a metaphysical dictionary I showed you this before Galilee means circle some other things it means speed was acting me for references I'll take that timeout right now I told you this book before so this has a lot of um tables and stuff where you can use and learn some of the things different times a day and what corresponds to work now this book right here if you don't mind reading service this is a called The Devil's pulpit by Reverend Robert Taylor he has about I don't know about seven to eight sermons he did there's a whole Christian preacher from the 1800's or something they got jailed exile because there's preaching some of the same stuff he wasn't taking the Bible literally so he's one of a few Christians that was preaching they think we're allegories but still using them in sermons so that's a good book if you want to get that one this one cuz someone actually some references for astrology this is a good one Reverend bill darlings and the gospel in the zodiac the secret truth about Jesus so that goes and some until how to all four Gospels break down into astrology and each side it's very detailed verses what I'm going to talk about is which the in general and the Bible goes in a certain order so I'm gonna be referring to this what a great year and all this stuff is so you can pause it and get that information so now I'm gonna go back to the chart all right so the Lost years of Jesus so if you go google options of Jesus you'll know that I don't know what happened to him in 20 ages of 12 and 18 they have his birth and then he that's only a two of the first two of the guys was already spoken X the other two starts with him at his baptism and so he's baptized at age 12 and he started his ministry at age 30 so we didn't with the numbers saying I'm not totally I was gonna use the same numbers 3 7 and 12 they don't like the Hebrew alphabet if you haven't seen that video so three month letters seven double letters 12 single letters so yeah I was gonna use those numbers and allegories and you know this stuff is allegories just look at the allegory you can google is this a sidebar fYI the allegory of when the lady touched Jesus him she had been bleeding for twelve years and her blood just suddenly stopped by touching his him but in that same stir he's actually on his way to see this man wanted him Jesus come here his daughter who was 12 years old they keep using the same numbers you can't take these out stories seriously literally why what's the what's the eyes of the daughter that he's gonna hear 20 years old and what's a lot of eyes of a woman bleeding for 12 years so that number twice just keep doing those numbers out for your subconscious so 12 times 30 equals 360 so we do with a circle because he's the son in the central and he goes around to all these different houses likes the disciples are really just the the zodiac like the if you look at the name Philip which is one of the disciples it means lover of horse which one of the zodiac has a lover or horse I spoke about him already he's the archer so half man half horse or Sagittarius Thomas the one who doubted Jesus is um means twin which is Gemini so Thomas in Hebrew the word for Thomas in Hebrew was Tammuz ta M mu Z which is really celebrated as the summer solstice anyway so you're dealing with the month of June in the Hebrew calendar cuz they go on the lunar months the first full moon of the month is usually somewhere in June so you know we don't with crap work cancer Sam also because uh he's the only one that was looking back you know the crab is no little like it's walking back with his wife the crab it is over yeah the Sun looks like it's crawling backwards so he don't wanna turn his back on Jesus until he had proof that he had been resurrected so Thomas became kind of like the bad guy cuz they dropped him down for really he represents June but he dropped them down they were celebrating his feast December 21st one reason why they move it cuz it was interfering with Christian and celebrating Jesus but originally he was celebrated down here you know sin because he's a twin they call him Thomas didymus didymus is a greek word meaning twin so why would he be called twin twin I don't know so Thomas me twin and didymus me twin but reason why he's a twin because he dealing with both of these sauces alright so they celebrate him they used to celebrating him just Samba 21st time moves it's the June month of June so I'm just bringing all this home so you can understand this is also what st. John is celebrated why st. John was celebrated in June because remember he was born Jesus one six months after John was John had disciples and stuff too before you for Jesus even come along Gabriel so this anger the prophesied that uh that John was coming when his mother was pregnant and st. for Mary when she was praying but it was actually six months after the pregnancy of uh John so he just kept six months so it's just six sighs you get on down here so John I celebrate up here and opposite him was when Jesus was born down here supposedly just give me a some points of reference so 12 times 30 okay a great year so sign so Jesus travel one degree 360 degrees it takes 72 days for the Sun to move one degree in the sky so if you multiply that 72 times 360 degrees what you're going to get is what's called a great year the great year is how long it takes the Sun to travel all the way around so it passes an equator right here and comes back around until it passes over the equator again that's where you get the holiday Passover but it takes 360 I mean that takes 25,920 years to travel all the way around so that's one degree every sending two days so why didn't the number 72 significant because in in Hebrew they have 72 names of God so that's that's another significant number the 72 names of God oh yah way and so on so forth so here number 72 so in Arabic you got 99 names and Hindus you got 108 names they all head up add up to 9 so 108 is 999 is 18 plus 1 and 8972 is 7 plus 2 is 9 all right so that's 10 to is significant so the great year is how long it takes the Sun to travel all the way around now if you divide that by 12 because you have 12 lowly accents each household Eastside is approximately 2,000 160 years so it takes each age is approximately now remember the Bible starts off in a Taurus age how do you know that what starts off at the end of the Taurus age how do you know that because Moses was upset that wrote the tablets when when he came down to nothing he was worshiping a golden a golden calf or cow so towards the bull cat bull and then in the next stories you saw talking about Lord is my shepherd or sheep and the flock so he's not calling a minister what about a pastor some people are referred to as pastors still to this day all right after that you start going to look good the New Testament when you're dealing with Jesus and whether he's called the Fisher of men so you didn't the fish the everybody out on the back of a car but it's Pisces and then if you go until then I think that in all four Gospels in particular right offhand Luke 22 verse 10 it talks about after Jesus resurrection he tells the disciples go onto the city you'll see a man with a jar a water jar so you know that's just an Aquarius sign if you look at in astrology symbol Aquarius a person pouring out water so we still be entering the Aquarian age or already in the corner in age now so it stops off at the end of wool worse than a cow goes this way so now you might be asking yourself why is the Bible worn backwards what you got understand the days go this way so I told you that 24 hours a day goes this way so you got a manager that the us that the world is spending and the Sun is sitting still so if you have a fixed point which is the Sun going this way just imagine if the if the world wasn't moving but the Sun was moving the someone has to be going this way because technically one is this world is going to the right and the Sun is going down so that's why the environment travels looks like it's going backwards is going from Taurus instead of one – Gemini a clitoris it goes to Aries then it goes to Pisces and then go to Aquarius if that makes sense alright so each age is 30 degrees I already talked about that I told you this it's three beacons because at 10 degrees a space I think that's it so I can talk about some of the holidays so just know that the last year is just allegory for this for this circle also when you look up that verse and I joke 30 it talks about a place called Pleiades it's just the play these are basically a star cluster or constellation is seven stars and it's located around Taurus the Bull I'll bring it up because that's when you get to word mazzaroth and that's talking about the zodiac so that's proof that you can be studying that your religions they shouldn't be tell you not to study of the zodiac but the play the if you look at the Super Bowl logo it has six stars one big star and five limbs that is referring to if you google the daughters of Atlas it's the Greek mythology the daughters the seven daughters of Atlas what happens is to the naked eye and you can't see one of the seven stars and that kind but it's in the constellation of Taurus so that's what the Subaru logo comes from and that's what the plate of these are really are they're really seven star but one of them you can't see so that's why it's super old logo only really have six stars just showed you can I told you Aries wears a Nissan Taurus represents Subaru logo so these cars are playing the game too so it's the stuff is all around you you just don't know what these companies know what they don't they using these sigils and different things they're using magic and telling you not to summer holidays kind of touched on Passover so it's when the Sun passes over because they never really tell you that Jesus died at 33 the Last Supper is the third Passover meal after he started his ministry so they just that they talked about so they just extrapolate from that information that if you started his ministry at 30 and you had three Passover meals it must have been three years later so that's where you get to age 33 well it's really an allegory but that's why I told you these allegories tell more than one story the story I'm referring to now is the astrology of the heavenly body part but the one about him 33 and buried and Gotha that's the physical body story and I already discussed that in other Jesus video idea all right some Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah which means the head of the year it's around here and celebrating around September so around the spring I mean the Fall Equinox why because it's called Judgment Day how do you why do we call it Judgment Day because this is Libra and said well Libra starts off at the scales of justice again and then ten days later they have most of them know that's judge every day and a day of atonement which is 10 days later Yom Kippur is their most important holidays and they have a ten days of repentance in between so Judgment Day is referring to Libra so all the stuff is based on the strategy the Feast of the circumcision so this is not really a popular holiday but it's celebrated January first the festival a circumcision of Christ so they trying to say Jesus got circumcised eight days I thought whatever but they count that from December 25th now if you do the math it's gonna be only seven days they do that all the time you know it's Christians celebrate Good Friday and he says get killed on a Friday and then three days later he rose so three days later we really be Monday but they say it's Sunday he resurrected so the same thing do they just they got to do anything to make this story saying true and literal but we're dealing with astrology and half Sun stands still for three days and rises three days later same thing with the circumcision were circumcisions tours circle which is circle and session which means science or scissors or cutting so they just cut a new year remember the new year really starts off in March Aries is the first month that Nisan that's how you know cuz a 10-month assembly should be the tip of money not the last month it should be ten per month all right so this is cut it off to make a new arm that's what they you if you google festival of a circumcision of Christ it's gonna be celebrated on January 1st so I say you know it's just cut cut the year cut the circle cut galilee cut the manner off so on so forth alright and then it got people literally couldn't they are son's genitals so you don't have to get to child circumcise if you don't want to something you think I can't keep clean that's a fallacy I know uh my son is not circumcised he keeps it clean he's only two years old all right the guy's just and lint comes before us the forty days before Passover so you're dealing with Lent somewhere around February whatever have you Lent le NT just another word for when the days are going to get longer or lengthen all they did it take the gah I le ng th they just shorted it to le Mt and the first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday I wish number I already talked about ashes and what they mean if you don't raise this energy up but that's all lint is the forty days we tie my floor again in the world coming into over the Sun is coming up to equator I've been born again so light it's being born again it's dis all about up here's the light hat this is the dark ass all right because these also these things you must even know three days whereas these same three months is the three days that he was actually in the grave also or gravity Christmas is an obvious one on the boat Easter is the same thing as Passover Christians needed a way to celebrate the new and stuff the disregard the Old Testament stuff most Christians only use the Old Testament to prove they points of supporting that Jesus is to come in the Messiah so so forth so they have the high Easter in relation to Passover because Easter relates to the resurrection of Jesus Passover released something else I forget they say oh yeah they try to make it like it's something about the blood put blood on the houses of the firstborn will get circumcised some stuff that's crazy alright last one I just want to talk about it's Halloween it used to be called Hallows Eve hallow is another word H al ll w is just another word for holy so Hallows Eve is a rocktober whatever Sinatra Network but it usually called Hallows evening it's got short – hello we know Halloween we might bring this on my little video if you haven't seen it on altars making altars and our I made a comment about an ancestral altar yeah and I pretty sure I said this before in my magical videos but you need to know the between the ancestor and an archetype you when you want something that mundane or earth earthly needs like safe as most people do this when they first time in so imagine they probably want to get a boyfriend or something to do a relationship what friend our girlfriend so when you're dealing with love on that level that's a physical you have to deal with the ancestor someone who's been here in the flesh before mark types for love would be something like Venus you can't call on Venus to get you a boyfriend Venus is a love like a love of yourself a higher love when you love people and love humanity I love stuff like that that's when you're dealing with archetype so archetype of love and answer so it would be someone that you knew have a successful marriage perhaps or something like that so you might want to put them on your altar so just know the difference when an ancestor and an archetype so another example would be David it's really David is really an archetype his son Solomon archetype Sodom is it's our tactful wisdom so so if you want to deal with wisdom of gaining wisdom you might want to use the archetype for the archetype of Solomon however Solomon's really King Tut they get stories loosely based on King and it's father David is loosely based on Akhenaten so if you want to deal with those those people really was in the physical flesh so you can do some research on I can answer or King Ted and put them on your altar if you want to deal with some physical stuff it makes it so just know that you got another different thing with what kind of offer you dealing with it's okay to put art touches you can put like I said I deal with I'm in the guy I'm in so I can put a ram headed deity on my on my altar but I also put my mother on there because her name is up is a variation of I'm in rise Romana rah I'm on okay so I can put pictures on her so I can deal with her on an ancestral level and I could deal with I'm in on a higher level alright so that's just going back to my altar video so I says you can just take notes nothing down here but the holidays just bring it a little bit closer and that's it

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  1. another great one my brother… I have already ordered a lot of the books you mentioned.. another great book that you might want to consider is Modern Sex Magic by Donald Micheal Kraig… it is on point…. peace and blessings

  2. ok so the bible is all allegories? and not to be taken literally? then how the book of deuteronomy 28, it describes the transatlantic slave trade identically
     28:68 And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.

    Egypt means bondage in that precept

  3. Hey, man….my buddy just turned me on to your channel. I watched the Batman vid and this one. I'm aware of all this astrotheology, I've been shown a little Santos, but I'm hardly able to absorb it all yet. You reinforced a few things for me. Thanks. My thing is pointing out the symbols…..please do come look if you like. Ill be watchin your other cideos, man. Thanks

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