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How gullible are you? I love listening to true skeptics talk about other people trying to convince them that something is true without justification. It is usually pretty good comedy, just as this clip is. Matt and Russell discuss gullibility and skepticism. Matt Dillahunty and Russell Glasser host this clip from The Atheist Experience #530 –

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Ending comments by George Carlin from “You Are All Diseased”


Oh hello everybody welcome to atheist experience I'm your host Matt Dillahunty with recent masters graduate Russell placer thank you thank you so what is the story of doubting Thomas it's basically Thomas is one of Jesus's disciples right right and Jesus dies and then he comes back to life and doubting Thomas says I don't believe that Jesus really came back to life so Jesus shows up and he says here look at me I've got holes in my hands I'm really alive I look like Jesus you know poke my hands see it's really true so Thomas says wow I guess you really are Jesus and then Jesus says well you've seen me so you believe but more blessed are those who have not seen me and still believe the moral of the story being you should use the story of doubting Thomas as an indication that without getting the opportunity to stick your fingers through Jesus's hand holes you should nevertheless blindly believe that this guy's standing in front of you is Jesus yeah when we talked about it earlier I called it it's a preemptive strike against critical thinking exactly anybody who comes up and says oh there's no reason to believe it now they've got a Bible story they can point to it look one of the disciples felt just like you he didn't believe it and what Jesus told him was okay now you you've seen so you believe but blessed are those who have not seen yet believe yeah they may be blessed but they're not bright right so what the Bible gives you is a prescription to be gullible yeah it says that right there in the Bible it says believe in stuff that you have no reason to believe well the other thing is is that the only evidence that Thomas would have had to believe this story was the word of the other apostles and this sets up a situation that establishes the hierarchy of the church those people who are recognized as being church leaders and pious to stand there and say believe because I tell you this because I have inside information that you don't have that I have justification for believing and now you should just trust me and and I actually will instead of waiting to the end of the show interrupt go ahead I got email from a Catholic apologist who one of me or wanted somebody from from our site to go look at his site and because he'd written a site specifically for atheist and agnostics and laughs Catholics and I got there and of course it was hey we're going to have these 30 topics or so but right now we've only got one and if you want to read it it's you know a dollar eighty five or four euros or whatever the hell it was and I said are you are you kidding me you really invited me to come to your site to pay money to hear you preach to me and as responses well you know Dawkins made of yes yes Dawkins wrote a book and so plenty of apologist and I don't complain about them you know why because their books are available for free in the public library you can go into a bookstore and you can open them and look at them and see if the content is something that you want to spend money on you know they're not and none of them sent me an email saying hey please come check out my arguments and oh by the way three dollars it's crazy right what you want me to critique what you're saying then give it to me so we I made a deal with him where if he could provide his best well reasoned argument for the existence of God if I could not point out clearly the logical fallacy or unjustified presupposition that it's based on I would go ahead and pay the three dollars to listen to segment two which was geared at atheist and agnostics and needless to say he didn't even attempt to meet the challenge but what he did do was tell me this story and I'll make this as brief as I can according to him in some town in Italy that he can't remember the name of about 120 to 150 years ago some priest who the Contra murmurs name had doubts about the transubstantiation of the Eucharist he didn't really believe that the crackers in wine turned into the actual blood and body of Jesus after the the you know hey good for you if that part of the story is true so we prayed and while he was delivering delivering the communion hopping all gone the crackers and blood actually turned into the blood and tissue right there that's just yeah so they they preserved these and they kept in the church and according to this gentleman scientists have actually come in and verified that it's tissue from a heart blood type a B the heart that's never been objected to rigor mortis and oh by the way it's still alive to this day and you can go to the church and view it tastes like chicken yeah and and I said okay here are the questions that one should ask if you're gonna examine this question critically you say scientists have investigated this what scientists where's the data where's the thing where's the investigation you can't remember the name of the priest of the town if any of this were true this tissue wouldn't be sitting in a church it would be in a lab in a university under study about how some tissue 150 years old absent the body can still be alive but even if all of that were true there's no scientist who can verify that 150 years ago this heart tissue was a cracker it's you just can't do it and so I want those objections and I kid you not after discussions about knowledge and reason and evidence and how his his beliefs weren't based on faith and have faith you know that they were based on reason as well his response to me I kid you not was oh you're going to object that we can't prove it was a crack or 150 years ago can't you just take anything on trust that's the crux of the miracle you moron if you're asking me to trust that this was once a cracker and now it's human heart tissue why did you mention science and evidence if I'm going to have to take the most preposterous leap of faith to justify accepting your claim why make any appeals at all you might as well just said hey did you know two thousand years ago somebody turned water into wine and walked on water and raised the dead yeah prove it I've heard the story it's it's absurd and it's supported by this doubting Thomas paradigm of you shouldn't be too skeptical I want to make a point about about what you just said which is folks this is what happens when people claim a real-life miracle you look at it and it goes away I mean you look into it too closely and it's oh well I heard that it was some Church in some place but you know I haven't heard the name of the church and no it's not famous nobody else has ever heard of it except for people in my congregation and no it's never been checked out or analyzed but trust me I heard you know this is what really happened and I've always thought that what happens in fiction is is sort of a desperation attempt to get around the fact that real life miracles look so bad when they're investigated because when you're writing your own fictional world you can write stuff where God disappears from one place and reappears in another and says oh you had a childhood fear of aardvarks or something like that you know God can do impressive magic tricks that have no logical explanation because there's some schlub in an office writing it and it didn't really happen yeah there's two other notes about about that email discussion that I got one was that he made this comment saying you may think this is just all mumbo-jumbo but I can assure you that it's true no you can't and here's the thing you believe that it's true I have I don't doubt you on that you believe the story but if you can't demonstrate it then you have no claim to knowledge and you have no good reason to think that it's true you're just believing it based on faith if you are then willing to give your assurance and your word to others that it's true you're a liar you may not realize it and I don't mean that you understand that you're intentionally lying but what you're doing is pretending to have justification that you don't in order to convince those people who are willing to trust you to be just as gullible as you are and even if we accept your theology your particular version of Christianity what does this tell us it tells us that at one point in time in a small town in Italy there was a guy who doubted and God gave him a miracle but God won't give me a miracle that's playing favorites and in the absence of him of an equivalent miracle for everybody else that that would serve as a justification for them he is intentionally guaranteeing that he can dam us forever because he won't offer the evidence to us that he's offered to others so what I'm gonna do we've talked about this already is we're gonna get a whole bunch of communion wafers and a little bit of wine and they're gonna sit here on the show every week and I'm gonna safeguard him and take him home and I want every one of you Catholics help dial up the Pope get the Pope is best Cardinals and bishops all together you guys pray non-stop that God will deliver a miracle to the world by the crackers and wine that we're gonna have sitting on this show they turn into the body of Christ under my supervision I'll submit them to the authorities for investigation along with all the tapes how will we know it that it's the body of Christ well I'll see I don't know maybe we'll have to find another ossuary and do some DNA testing but okay at least if there are crackers sitting here and we're all witnesses and they they actually visibly transform from crack resisting and into blood and maybe we'll turn into an aardvark that'd be a good one sure I like that that's a good word it's a good comedy word oh we can we can submit submit the evidence and and at least it would be convincing that oh I don't know there's something going on you guys came in providing evidence that anything is going on oh but I assure you that it's true because I heard about it from somebody I trust who yeah whatever it comes to big-time major-league you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims religion no contest no test

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  1. Religion is an evil self perpetuating scam. Religion has had thousands of years to perfect the scam and that is why scam artist look to religion for lessons on how to scam people. Many of them actually create their own religion cause nothing says scam better than tax exempt money.

  2. Unfortunatly its all too easy to fool the gullible.Especially when the information is coming from a pastor, priest , rabbi etc.As long as people believe their getting a second life,they will always be preyed upon by religion because they are no longer rational people.$ad

  3. um, so we got the lab results back in on the last cracker that turned into flesh on the show, and unfortunately, the dna belongs to this guy fred fershlugginer from muncie indiana who died about 80 years ago. so close! and i thought we had the real deal this time. well, that was certainly exciting anyway. maybe we'll get some actual jesusflesh next time.

  4. You gotta believe me. When I'm having sex, my balls light up and play "Walk Like An Egyptian". When I cum, fireworks and confetti shoot out my butt. Really!! You gotta believe me.

  5. I so love this show….these guys are doing a stunning job representing atheism in today's world. I love how HUGELY popular they are, thanks to the internet. Great stuff.

  6. D'yargh. I was hoping to find an ambitious Christian who left a comment on this page. I was really looking forward to responding to them reasonably…
    Anyways, please let me know if there is any religious argument on this post and I will be super excited to come back!

  7. I always used to attend 11 am mass, so I could do with jerky and a beer, then off to watch NFL Sunday! Of course,a doughnut and coffee would also be a great improvement.

  8. So what your saying is, its ok to believe in leprechauns without or before evidence? With that logic i can believe in everything. Do you believe in Fairies? Vampires? bigfoot?

  9. One thing I might suggest to Christians who do the whole communion thing – real meat WOULD at least taste better. Perhaps replace the wafer and wine with some Jesus Jerky, and a bottle of beer. It would go better on football Sundays.

  10. This story is from Lanciano, Italy 8th Century A.D. The tissue that they claim is Jesus is not alive, but well preserved IF it is actually 12-13 centuries old. It is a piece of heart tissue approximately the size & shape of a communion wafer. There is some coagulated type AB blood on it. THIS is evidence of a miracle?! It should be noted that whomping up fake miracles was (and still is) big business for churches.

  11. Jesus is still up there in the clouds above Jerusalem in this indestructible physical body[complete with the crucifixion marks] able to communicate with every person on earth who calls his name and believes in him? Can anything be more absurd than this?

  12. And of my reproductive system being located right next to my waste exits? My lungs being unable to breath in water? My eyesight being lesser than a bird's? My useless 17 year molars that need to be gotten rid of or they'll render my mouth useless? Suseptability to diseases? A useless Jacobson’s Organ? Useless goosebumps? JUNK DNA? Overly large adrenaline glans? What kind of intelligent design is this? It's not even GOOD design, if any kind of thought was put into it at all.

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