Arizal – Hidden/Revealed Sins/Mitzvahs Deut (29:28)

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Join Rav Daniel as he speaks on a variety of topics of spiritual and practical interest to Converts/Gerim, Returnees/Baalei Tshuva and Noahides/Bnei Noach.

Emunah Project. Arizal. Isaac Luria Ashkenazi. Deuteronomy 29:28.

how long denial and welcome to the Emunah project where the amount of project are continuing in our series of videos with respect to information education guidance advice and I want to focus on a verse in Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter 29 verse 28 where it says the hidden things the hidden things are for Hashem our God and their but the revealed things are for us and our children forever now our sages generally say that this refers to hidden sins sins that we commit in private and since that we come in will commit openly the sins that we commit openly everyone sees them us our children the hidden sins they're not hidden from God God sees them they're between us and God the thinnest arrows are the hidden sins and the the knee gloss are the the open revealed sense now the the era's all this is rabbi isaac luria ashkenazi the holy re the great kabbalists the mystic who lived in Israel in 1700s he says when looking at this verse in in Deuteronomy 29 28 we should look at it as the hidden Commandments the hidden mitzvahs are between us and God and the revealed commandments are for everybody for us for our children forever so what is the ours all saying he says the mitzvahs that are done there are certain mitzvahs that are done in private by their very nature loving God fearing God with all our heart those are private do you don't they're not seen as it were the open mitzvahs are the ones you can't see for example if you're wearing census and the fringes are out you see that it's us if you're praying in the morning and in the synagogue you'll wear at Aulis you'll wear depending on the day we'll work to fill in these are you have there's a mezuzah on the front door of your house and on the rooms inside your house these are open Commandments that you do he says the the commandments that you do in private to the private Commandments loving God fearing God those you shouldn't make a big display of those those are those are by their very nature performed in private you shouldn't make a big display of them they're by their very nature something between you and God we should not publicize our yearís ramaya Mar our our fear of heaven we shouldn't make a big deal and publicize and show off our havasu share our love of God or our avoid assertion of our service of God on the other hand with respect to the Nicholas the the open sins so the open in the government they open mitzvahs the open Commandments you should make an attempt to make the observance known especially to the children because the posix as the verse says there be for us and for our children forever so what does the aresult saying here with the commandments that are done openly one of the reasons we try to make a point of being seen to do these Commandments is because the children our children are observing them and kids may not always listen to what you say but they sure are watching what you and if you are always doing a certain open commandment they will learn that you know this is important if you just say something is important but you don't do it the kids are gonna figure out yeah I can see just how important this really is so this is a this is the distinction made by the aresult and Deuteronomy 29 28 the hidden mitzvahs the missed arrows and the Negroes the open mitzvahs and how we should do it especially to our children because we're supposed to teach the words of God diligently to our children and one of the ways of course is to sit down and teach but other one the other way is to teach by doing teacher to learn by observation because that has a profound effect especially on the young they may not do what you say but they swell sometimes do as you do they won't listen to what you say not all the time but they will watch what you do they're watching they're not stupid kids are smart and they can notice when things are insincere and when things are just a lot of talk their detection for that kind of stuff is pretty good so let's be a good example for our children when we're doing mitzvahs when we're doing Commandments let us lead by example and teach them properly teach them diligently we're gonna be doing more videos along these lines please come back please watch please learn I hope they're so help to you and until next time on behalf of the amount of project I'm Daniel and thank you too much

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