Apostolic Preaching – Missional (Pastor Steven Croft)

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he's the Lord let's give the Lord another hand praise tonight raise the Lord glad for everybody again we want to say that it's come out to be into the house of the Lord amen he's been so good to each and every one of us blessed us and in abundance praise the Lord we can never begin to thank him or praise Him enough good we hey man we just thank the Lord for all of his blessings upon us a man I'm looking for a scripture here if you'll bear with me for just a moment praise the Lord thank you Jesus while you're doing that Steve Saturday nights for saying yes Amy and please do remember Saturday night it is it's turned on praise the Lord praise the Lord you made yourself turn that one that brother Frank baked my Bible cover here Bella for just a minute I've got a scripture wrote down in there summers raised all over who can testify the Lord's goodness goodness tonight will we go into the word yeah praise the Lord John chapter 4 tonight loved ones we're gonna be in the Word of God in John chapter 4 raised or when you get it say praise the Lord praise God I had another message I planned on preaching up into the minute as brother Jared got through praying the Lord spoke the word in my heart I just couldn't member exactly where the word was but now we have found it here in the Gospel according to John chapter 4 we know praise the Lord that when we come into God's house we must be sensitive amen and to the hearing of the spirit and let the Lord's will be done I could deliver to you whatever word I wanted to deliver to you praise God but if it ain't what the Lord won't it it'll fall flat and fall short but we want to obey God tonight the Gospel according to John chapter 4 and starting at verse number 34 jesus saith unto them my meat is to do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work say not ye there are yet four months and then cometh the harvest behold I say unto you lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest praise the Lord Church I tell you it is of a true saying tonight Great God if we would do as the Lord Jesus has instructed here tonight we will look up lift up our eyes and look out to the field praise the Lord we would see that the harvest is ready it is wrapping already praise the Lord for the coming of the Lord praise God why church I believe that we're living in a time praise God when we are beginning the seat of the earth experiencing birth pains praise the Lord getting ready bring forth something I like the world had never seen before I truly believed I with all my heart prayed God we living in a time that the Apostle Paul began to speak and talk about it he said in the last days praise the Lord that they would be a great falling away Church I want to tell you I believe that we enter in unto the great falling away pray God many people today I don't want to come to church look around at our pews here tonight so much empty space so many seats tonight or that could be filled praise the Lord but I know to not Church they are still even in this time as we are in turn in to this great falling away there are still some out there that are seeking after the truth they are still a few out there that have thirsty souls of a desiring for the true milk and the bread and know of the word of the Lord there are some people out there that's looking for something that the world can't give to the amount there that the alcohol can't give to them they're looking for a high that the drugs could never give them true they're looking for some purpose and satisfaction that they can't find out there in the clubs and the bars and the honky-tonk Florida card and in all them places and all the things that the world has to offer praise the Lord so many people out there praise God I've put their hope and put their hearts into the word of man and into the power of man only the fine glory to God it's a dead-end road I with no power huh it just deadness praise the Lord it's death how their people have come to the end of that road they're hanging at the end of the rope and Church days a harvest out there for the people of God to find joy to Ghana we will get up and commit ourselves to labor on a commit ourselves to Tolin and doing the work of the Lord we said it break guard him a while ago ha jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the laborers is few there's a lot of people tonight that wants to be saved and they want to go to church huh and they want to set on the Pew of it a same in many tonight they don't want to go back hell and fulfill the mission in the call that the Lord has on their lives a church I want you to know tonight the Lord has a mission for each and every person tonight here in this building Lord of God and if we will begin to commit our hearts to doing the work of the Lord hallelujah he'll take me in you he'll use of me in you and he'll put us right to work into the kingdom of God and I know right about this time of the devil gonna start talking to somebody and saying well that ain't for you oh well you can't do it huh praise the Lord or you're not able or you're this for your man I think it's time charge huh tell the devil get thee behind me Satan in the name of Jesus Christ I tell you what church there's no handicap that you got that God can't use and turn around to work for him and his kingdom oh you're never too old huh glory to God for the Drowned you never need take your retirement a mint from the work of the Lord he'll have you working for him until he's ready to take you out of here all him that it would have a willing heart under the Lord and to do his work he will use those people amen to bring a bountiful harvest pour the a church I want you to get a hold an item of the Word of God and hear what I'm saying are the Lord is looking for some people he's looking for some men of God ain't looking for some women Cardon hi that ain't ashamed of who they are and ain't ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ ain't ashamed of what somebody says about them or what so-and-so a think about them I matter Eddie and willing to go forth and to stand up for this gospel not back in town not giving in not giving up uncompromising unapologetically unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ Paul said I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ then he told us why because it's the power of God unto salvation did you first the end of the greek also were a church I tell you what he's just looking for an humble heart tonight a ready and willing to serving glory to God ah tell you what the Lord can use anybody tonight Amen my me and brother Frank's talked about it brother Frank I brought to my kitchen one time he said Lord can use anybody I used to dump you one time and opened his mouth I praise the Lord when Balaam took off and was riding that donkey and he was whooping that donkey glory to God going somewhere and the Lord sent an angel with a flaming sword in the pathway and Balaam Amen that wicked prophet couldn't see it I was a lord listen don't you see it Lord in Harlem and that don't he said to him would not go forward him if I had seen what – don't you were the sane I wouldn't went no further either I don't care how much you whooped me but Balaam said turn whooped and kick that pain until finally the Lord open that donkey's man said why are you whupping on me for and then finally the Lord hoping a pile of Balaam huh and he saw an angel with a flaming sword the Lord can use anybody tonight it don't matter where you've been what you've been through what you can do what you can't new the Bible says the gifts of God that he gives make room for me and you hallelujah Church if we just get it in our mind and get it in our heart but I'm gonna hard I'm on what he wants me to do I'm only of how he wants me to live I don't care who abandoned me I don't care what someone so thanks about me I'm gonna believe the Word of God I'm all stand upon it I'm gonna do it too Lord wants me to do Church I'm glad he did for me and you what he felt like he didn't want to do that night before the cross and Jesus our Lord I went down into the Garden of Gethsemane huh and there it was he fell and prayed he told him disciples prayed God I'm a set here a wall and once and pray that's he enter not into temptation glory to God I tell you what church boy glory to God if we get off the television a little bit if we get off the phones a little bit them and we'd get off Facebook a little bit long enough under here and discern of the voice of God we might be more happy to get out and serve Him we might be a little more happy to get out and work up in the kingdom we might be able to lift our eyes up and to see in the spiritual thing deny them a Hal of the harvested wrap the field is wrapping wild already church them I tell you why we heard the Lord as he gave message a couple of weeks ago how he said that he's a common he's coming back soon and we better be ready I tell you what church we really believe the Lord's are coming back my goodness how we are to be working overtime we are to be a working around the clock tonight if we believe he's coming back soon look how they the world of lost souls out her going down to it that was burning Hell where the fire never quenched and no worm died not we ought to be ready and willing to go and preach the Word of God and to live for the Lord and to serve Him I don't care what anybody thinks about me it don't matter what anybody else opinion is tonight but only my opinion that matters to me is what – Lord Jesus Thanks I don't care what my neighbor tanks don't care what anybody here tonight tanks I know fast for me in my house I'm gonna serve the Lord I want to walk in his ways but I want to put away whatever stands in between me and him or whatever hinders me glory to God him I want to put it away I want to serve Him because I'm faithful in that church and how he loved me and how he went to that cross how he laid down he life for me and you that we might have life tonight and have it more abundantly I believe praise God sometimes it's real easy to get in wordless focus when we praise the Lord or to be poked we're too focused outwardly and I'm not saying we can't ever be focused in Willie on some things some things we have to and we should be but I won't tell you the truth tonight church we don't get outwardly focused and if we don't get out wordly minded if we don't have a change of heart to be mission all they men to take this gospel outside of these for a while I'm gonna tell you just straight the way it is this church right here it will die glory to God we will close our door we will shut down because we are entering in fixing to into the great falling away but they are the people out there that will hear that needs a place to go I've seen it already too much too many little churches glory to God that was to inwardly focused and not focused on going ahead and taking the gospel they closed down and should turn north but church the churches that are driving today are the ones that are ready and will to go and to serve the Lord and to take his gospel out I mean I want you to think about it tonight from glory to God I know we go and bite people to church and that's all well and good we should invite him to come in but how preposterous is it for us to thank tonight that the sinners are gonna come to us I mean Jesus went out to where the sinner was the apostles we have a to where the sinners was they took and carried that gospel message to them Jesus said I'm come to seek and to save that which is lost Jesus without insult him he went out and found him that we're alone he went out and carried that good news a church we're gonna have to get a mindset tonight we're gonna have to get missional huh we're gonna I'm not talking about overseas I'm talking about right here in Athens I'm talking about right here in McMinn County I mean I heard at the City Council meeting there's at least 14,000 people and they live within the city that's not even counting McMinn County I know they some folks he'll turn that's unchurched I know they sell out souls out turn a searching for something that'll fill up their souls they're searching for something they're searching for living water tonight they drunk of the water of that word of the world out there and they continue to thirst but jesus said if you'll drink of the water that I will give unto you he shall never thirst again Jesus stood up and cried in the mist come unto me all ye that are thirsty Loree to God I will cause rivers of living water to flow forth out of your bellies the Bible says this spake he of the Holy Ghost but the Holy Ghost was not yet given but Colley was not yet Laura I want to tell you the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God it's a spirit of Christ and I'll tell you what the Holy Ghost will satisfy and fulfill the thirsty soul like nothing this world can do Church I tell you what do we not have compassion enough I don't want to serve God and reach out to the laughs tonight that are going to a devil's hell I tell you what our vision we've got posted back there brace y'all I mean it's to love the Lord ain't mean with all our heart mind soul and strength to love our neighbor as ourself I wonder how many tonight loves the Lord enough to say yes I'll serve you I wonder tonight who many how many will love their neighbor enough to go out and tell them the truth to carry this gospel out I tell you it's not enough to just say well when I'm out running my hearings praise God and if I happen to come across somebody I'm eyewitness I tell you what we got to be purposeful about what we're doing we got to get a plan we've got to get organized we've got to go out we've got to reach out to the lost we got to reach out to the hurting we got to get a plan we got to be purposeful about the moves we making the things we do we've got to be willing to serve God tonight and to love our neighbor somebody come to the Lord Jesus he said teacher they asked him what's the greatest commandment Jesus said the greatest commandment is here o Israel the Lord our God he is one Lord and you shall love him with all your heart mind soul and strength and Jesus said the second is like unto it but you love your neighbor as yourself and he said but teacher who is my neighbor Jesus told his story about this man coming down amen going toward derecho as he went down praise the Lord Robert laid in wait there it was a overtook that man jumped out on him beat him up real bad Rob being left him from dead left for dead there on the side of the road you know very holy man come by priest come by walking he saw the man over there and you know what that holy man did he crawls to the side of the roof mm-hmm holy man of God so it was saying here the wall later that man kept on the laying there Here Come another great holy man of God so to speak he was a Levite you know what he did when he seen that man all beat up over there left for dead he crossed to the side of the road act like he didn't even see him but then they come a man down the road said he was a Samaritan you know the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans they the Samaritans were once Israelites they were once of the Jewish people but when they were carried away in the exile praise the Lord they were they become mingled with the Gentile people so the Jews would have no dealing with them Jews considered them unclean even as dogs but a Samaritan came through Jesus said in Solace man somebody's supposed to be unclean not were sit down it's all that man laying there after you've been beat up and robbed left for dead to holy man passed by didn't do a thing in the world to help him didn't care been about serving God we're loving his neighbor but just Samaritan combined he's seen him you know what he did he put him up on his own donkey he poured oil and wine and his wounds took him to an inn and there he cared for that man himself until it's time for him to go into another country on business but he what he do he told the innkeeper and he said you take care of this my friend until I return and I will come back for him praise the Lord and whatever it is whatever cost you incur from taking care of him I'll pay you when they get back Jesus asked the man that asked the question he said which one of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man that fell by the wayside and got beat up said well the one that helped took care of a church everybody is our neighbor tonight not just those here at our four walls not just those in our circles of fellowship and of friends at a few other churches we know the lost soul that's covered in tattoos from head to toe at Walmart he's your neighbor tonight he needs a holy man or a woman of God that is willing to serve God is willing a me to go out into work in his horse he needs somebody to tell him about the truth of God he needs to hear the gospel and the good news amen that mother out there that had children out of wedlock glory to God she needs somebody to come and to tell her about the good news of Jesus Christ that homosexual couple out there that transgender person I don't agree with their lifestyle we don't have to and we never should but they need somebody tonight to love them and to care enough about him to tell them the sinner here you don't have to be the man of a telling the truth tell them where the head in I invited me to church give them the gospel Jesus Christ there are people that are bound down in seeing our pair and they're seeing their men he just like where some of us but there's a word of God they can go forward but they can pierce the heart even the stoniest of hearts it can't pierce through and somebody can't be born again into the kingdom of God the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few pray the father and he'll send laborers into the harvest amen lift up your eyes and look on the fields they are white already to harvest church the Lord isn't coming back soon and they're gonna be a whole lot of people Amen lost and dead in their sins but when the Lord comes but they still a few after church that we can be working towards to save a me and out of that old weary world that's going down oh I'm glad tonight church somebody loved and cared enough about me to pray for me I'm glad to in that church somebody loved me enough to tell me the truth I tell you what he's a lot of people today that won't sever thanks sugar-coated form they want everything watered I'm not even tokens about the gospel at this point but they're jolla – they won't thing water down they want to sugarcoat it they want to go forward nobody saying a word tub or a thing about them praise God but I tell you the truth even in people I can be reached I mean there's nobody outside they cannot be reached him him by the Spirit of God the Lord desire that none should perish but that all should come to repentance and then there for ever likes to laugh church don't ever look at somebody and say whether to Fargo oh they'll never be able to be saved after you worked with somebody praise the Lord for a month or two month or three months don't you up poem Lori to God continue to pray for and work with them I mean when we the church has slipped and I don't just mean us but I mean the church as a whole in America we have slipped and we have messed up on the sapling and continuing up and following up with folks I mean whether they come to salvation or not so many come through our door so many come to this offer here and lay down and say they repent only for a month later to go back down into a wicked in the weary world Church why is had the devil steal the see or did we just hold it out there for him to take because we didn't follow up we didn't disciple we didn't continue to check on him nobody will take their newborn baby and put it in a house somewhere by itself and say now live your life race car there just bangs when someone comes to crash they're just the bane we can't put them off by their self we got to continue on with them we got to follow up with them we've got to train them up and teach them in the ways of God tonight praise the Lord I want them come get ready for song tonight but truly Church we must become a missionary minded Church where our church will die I mean about beating around the bush or saying that half way of sugarcoating if we don't become missionary minded if we don't become purpose for our church will die praise the Lord we cannot sugarcoat things we cannot water it down we cannot compromise we must stand on what the Word of God says we've got to love what God loves and we've got to hate what he hates in church listen we've got to love lack God loves tonight Bible says praise the Lord how can we love God whom we have not seen and not and hate our brother who we have seen how can we love God who we ain't seen and hate our brother who we have seen if we hate our brother who we see here and now amen then we hate God who we ain't even seen yet but loving our neighbor in and through Christ does show forth our love for God because you know what he loved everybody after he don't he don't love their sin he hates their sin amen and they'll send themselves to hell because of their sin but we need to ask ourselves to not say more we can do to reach out to the losses and more that we can do to become a missionary minded Church we can't stay in wordly focus and we've got to be willing to go out God needs men and women to come and do these things we can't expect me or other just other preachers or pastors to do it it takes a church it takes the whole church ever single sign of God that comes to this place we all have to work together as a unit in one mind and in one Accord every hand needs to be willing to go ever foot needs to be willing to go praise the Lord has nothing in your life that hinders you from doing the call and the will of God don't let the devil talk you out of it say you're too old or you're too this or you're too broke down or you don't know enough for what it doesn't matter pray God God don't need our help in the matter he just needs will invest full to go forward and heal through the work in and through us wants to work in and through you and we've got to be willing to go for him I'm reminded of the prophet Isaiah I will say and he saw the Lord seated high upon the throne the train of his temple filled the room glory to God that was free surf from there around his throne they not they never rested but they continually prayed God saying holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty and when they cried it said pillars and the foundations of that place shook and his filled with smoke but then the Bible said the Lord asked who shall I send who will go for me as I said here am I send me Isaiah didn't ask what exactly he'd have to do he didn't wait and read the job description and say yep I can do this and do that that applied to me Isaiah just knew he wanted to serve the Lord you know whenever he saw the Lord Amen he said woe is me for I am a man of unclean lips I dwell among the people of unclean lips and it says an angel took a cold of the fire of the altar with the tongs and come and raked across his lips and then told him behold you've been made clean listen Isaiah rila has what God had done for him God had cleansed him and that was a symbolic foreshadowing or what Christ I would do for the entire world what he'd done for me and you church I mean even in this age glory to God but Isaiah realizing who it is that he'd seen real handsome or what had been done for him when God said who would go for me as I said I'll go I don't go Isaiah he knew who he was he's a man of unclean list but God cleansed him but he hadn't forgot about the people of unclean lips that he dwelled among church God's cleansed us by the blood of the Lamb but have we forgot about the people whom we used to dwell him and we forgot about the people of unclean lips it's out here in the world family members friends co-workers present or former it don't matter Church God and God calling for us to be purposeful in our mission to go out and take this gospel I'm looking for somebody I'm looking for somebody tonight break God they don't come to God with an earnest hearts that Lord used me I don't care what you want me to do where you want me to go what you want me to give up just using me Lord use me I'm looking tonight Friday as I'm looking for a meaning the Lord is – he's looking for leaders praise God to stand up with a kindly example praise the Lord and say I'll go hey brother Steve why don't we do this why don't we get everybody together and do that why don't we do this and that let's do these things Church is there any ministry in our church that is more important than reaching the lost soul tonight is there any is there any thirds of ministry more important tonight then reaching lost souls then taking the gospel tell me tonight and I'll stand corrected that's because there's not that's because there's not the most important ministry of this church and should be in every church that we serve God and we all work together and take the gospel out there to the people that need to hear boy I'm glad somebody brought to me ain't you would we be tonight if we hadn't heard the gospel if someone had preached it preached to us if somebody hadn't continued on with us followed up with us continue to check on us pray for us day in and day out wept for us unto the Lord where will we be the night church would be in a bad way Whitley we've been a bad way as they sang tonight I want you to search your hearts think about am i doing enough for the Lord am i doing enough to serve Him praise God I know we've all tonight got lost loved ones on her heart many tonight that we know of praise God that needs the Lord think about these things Jesus said let them sink down into your ear tonight let these things sink into your ears anybody needs to come tonight as a need for prayer needs to come to his altar would you come this time

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