Answering Atheists 3 | Christian Responding to Atheist

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The man featured in this video is The Atheist Voice, he runs a website called
I enjoy this man’s videos, there is no malice intended here, just some good old fashion back and forth.

Love you guys!

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what's going on today we're doing another answering atheist video this one is going to be very different than the previous ones so if you've watched the other ones don't have any preconceived notions that this will be the same coming with an open mind and don't start writing your hateful comments yeah also please like the video if you liked it and subscribe if you haven't subscribed already so let's get it rolling my name is Joe Martin and this is answering atheists 3 you don't believe in God because you just want to sing this one makes absolutely no sense so let me get this straight the only reason you're not doing anything bad is because you're afraid of God now this one I absolutely agree with if somebody is ignorant enough to say that the only reason somebody doesn't believe in God is because they want to sin is because they deeply desire to sin and that's why they shy away from God I think if that really happens if there was a Christian who shines away from Christianity because they really just want to see him then their faith wasn't really there to begin with you're an atheist you don't act like an atheist what the hell does that mean like what did you think I was gonna do punch you and take your money that whole line feeds off of this idea that atheists are inherently immoral again agreed any Christian who says that to an atheist is a jerk and what he says in the following clip is exactly what I would say to a Christian if I heard them say that to an atheist just think before you say it because if anyone said that to you like oh you're a Christian or you're not acting like one I think you would probably be a little upset by that as well yes always think before you speak now I assume the Christian in this metaphorical situation is trying to share the gospel with this person because that's our primary goal all to do it in this way would be unwise and just it wouldn't work don't do that when you're suffering you will call out to God that's silly and I hope that you know if I am ever suffering I have friends and family that I can rely on I hope that I have some sort of outlet to you know talk about things that are meaningful to me and I hope there are people who love me that will be there for me yes that is a silly argument and I'll tell you why is because a huge reason that Christians believe Christianity or abandon God in general is because of that exact thing is because of some sort of trial or tribulation a death in the family a loss of someone like that's a huge reason why Christians leave Christianity to begin with so I think it's a horrible argument to throw out an atheist now again I would say that a Christian who does leave their faith abandon their faith because of something that happens to them some trial or some horrible sort of trauma didn't have very strong faith to begin with or they had a very poor view of God meaning that they had a very poor theological understanding of Scripture and of who God is what his character is but trauma can traumatize so that does happen now usually those Christians only leave for like a season like that season of their life and then once they get through the trauma they'll come back but sometimes they leave forever because of it now the rest of what he said I totally agree with because that's exactly what I would want if I was going through some sort of trouble or his example I had to cut it out to shorten time was if he was nearing death if I was nearing death I would want the exact same things that he was talking about Klaas god that's it it's just a phase no it's not it's not just a phase if I said that to any Christian oh you're you worship Jesus now must be just a teenage thing don't be an offensive thing for me to say and it's offensive for anyone to tell me I'm an atheist because it means that I didn't put any thought into becoming an atheist and I did absolutely man amen I think Christians don't think sometimes before they say things to atheists I think if a lot of Christians were to before they said something like this to an atheist they thought well what if he said the same thing to me I would be offended therefore I should not say that to him I think just I mean we're humans so we make mistakes but Christians especially within this context you need to think before you speak because sometimes you're being incredibly offensive when you're not trying to you're like that's not your intention but that's the result our intentions don't really matter because their intentions even if they're good can still have negative consequences no with that most militant atheists that I know and I don't mean that in a derogatory way that's just how I convey an atheist who commits their life to their disbelief where it's a very important aspect of their life most of those types of atheists have put a lot of thought into why they became atheist they put a lot of thought into religion that most of them have read the Bible more than a lot of Christians now I wouldn't say that they understand the Bible more because they don't have somebody who understands how to read the Bible exegetically teaching them so they're just reading it like a book which is why you run into a lot of issues so there's two sides of that coin but they put a lot of thought into why they're atheists these types of atheists the ones who just don't care that is don't care some people just don't care this type of Athey is he's probably read the Bible more than most people in church because it's not easy to be an atheist it's certainly not easy leaving your faith whenever it was to become an atheist finally there's something that I can disagree with him about most of you who have watched my videos before and know that I was an atheist for 18 years which is which means that I was an atheist longer than I've been a Christian at this point never ever and I was in Catholic school for seven years total and Catholics are some of the strictest type Christians I never once would say that it was like it was hard being an atheist it was it was super difficult like people always told me that what I was doing was wrong the way that I believed it was wrong that always a sinful person that bla bla bla bla bla people attacked me all the time I was in Catholic school but that has to do with you as a person whether you're gonna be offended by that and let that affect you or if you can just brush that aside and believe what you believe so this I completely disagree with I don't have enough faith to be an atheist this is a popular Christian apologists line that you know I would be an atheist but I don't have enough faith to me it takes a lot more faith to believe that you know someone was born from a virgin and he died and then came back to life and he walked on water and he you know you could touch people in their healed all of their Christian you know BS that we hear constantly that takes face another disagreement it's a popular Christian apologetic because it holds merit all the difficulties he just talked about and believing in Christianity I have the same difficulties now in believing in a naturalistic worldview which is atheism essentially see scientific law says nothing exists that wasn't caused by something to exist so see I don't have enough faith to say that the Big Bang that there was this cosmic boom but nothing caused it there was nothing behind it that takes faith so I'd be interested to hear you guys tell me in the comments how do you justify that as an atheist and Christians can chime in too but we already know what you're going to say as an atheist how do you reconcile the fact that you are you very basically worship science is everything empirical law it's everything to you guys evidence is everything you believed the universe started from a big cosmic boom but you don't believe anything caused it which goes against the science that you guys love so much so I'll be interested to hear what you guys have to say about that have I heard about Jesus no never we all know about Jesus we all know about the Bible agreed Christians you need to step your evangelism game asking someone if they've heard about Jesus is like asking the girl you're on a date with if she likes music everybody likes music bro everybody bad argument bad way to start an evangelical conversation unless you live with an isolated tribe in the rainforests that we don't even know about then you've heard about Jesus and if you are a part of that community then you're not watching this video so it doesn't matter anyways atheists know about Jesus atheists know about the Bible try a different tactic that tactic does not work anymore he was he was born from a virgin how does that work exactly we were born from a cosmic boom that defies scientific law how does that work exactly then we evolved from bacteria to fish that grew legs and started walking on land then they turned into ape like creatures how does that work exactly where will I go when I die I think this is a fair question where will you go when you die I think it's probably the same place you were before you were born which is to say you just weren't here I don't really have a comment on that that is the naturalistic worldview that from nothing they came and to nothing they shall return now it does pain me as a Christian to see people who believe that who believe that they are nothing because that worldview means that you literally are nothing you mean nothing you have no value like you just said you you mean you come from nothing you were nothing before when you die you're nothing so right now you're nothing – you're just breathing so it pains me as a Christian to believe that people believe that and that's really all I have to say on that one it's just painful to me it hurts it hurts my heart hurts my heart to see that people believe that atheists believe we all came from monkeys oh my god I every time someone said and they always say this it just shows the ignorance of the person saying it Christians stop don't attack the evolution unless you understand it even my mention of evolution earlier with the fish and stuff like I haven't studied it a whole lot but that's what I've gathered from several lectures that I've listened to from Yale if you haven't studied evolution to any degree and you believe that atheist believe that we literally come from monkeys that are in the zoo don't say that stop because it just means you've never you never studied it you've never looked at it don't use an argument that you don't know anything about that's a horrible evangelical tool it's an evolution just a theory I'm gonna cut them up right there Christian's gravity is also a theory let that sink in okay so now you won't use it as an argument anymore promise me please don't keep studying apologetics and find out what the good arguments are because that is a horrible one but where did the universe come from what look I'll be honest with you I don't know where the universe came from but neither do you I greatly respect his honesty here and just like atheists we have a theory you have a theory we have a theory where do the mountains come from that's a great question you know how you can find an answer to that one go to Wikipedia and type in mountains and go learn about where mountains come from what's amazing to me is that people who ask questions like that like where did the mountains come from like it's like they never bother to Google any of this they never went to a library and did the research who the heck is asking atheists where mountains come from you are excommunicated what I can't say I've ever heard that argument I can't say I've ever heard an atheist tell me about that argument either and I know a lot of a theists that is crazy if you are a Christian asking atheists where mountains come from I have no words have no words but side note do libraries still exist a lot of smart people are Christians a lot of smart people are Muslims a lot of smart people are Jewish a lot of smart people are a yes now Sarah why do we only pick on Christians as an atheist I mean I think it's fair to say that anyone reading my web site anyone probably reading any book about atheism it seems like we're always picking on Christians and there's a simple reason for that I I live in America and in America Christianity is the dominant faith and everywhere you go Christianity is everywhere so what so what if it's the dominant faith why would you dedicate your life to picking on anybody who believes differently from you that's childish and pathetic if you do this as an atheist you are no better than the Christians at Westboro the Baptist Church that holds the signs to say God hates you're no better than them you are on the same level to pick out a group of people just because they believe differently from you and dedicate your life to picking on them makes you a child it makes you a bully and it makes you ignorant but what will you teach your children I guess the implication here is that if I am NOT a Christian you know how will I teach my children about love and more and ethics and how will I teach them to be good people if I'm not a Christian that is another dumb one on the Christians part I know plenty of good parents who don't believe in God I know plenty of good kids who don't believe in God there are moral people there they're compassionate they're loving they're caring or sweet they love on other people they volunteer shelters they do all the same things that Christians do – God – church – discipleship so to say that like they're gonna be bad parents is horrible and it's just inaccurate no to say I mean I mean it just comes to bias really like I want my kid raised Christian the same way that if he has a kid or if if he's going to have a kid some day or whatever he's probably going to raise them as an atheist because that's what he believes so in the same way I have a daughter I want to raise her with Christian values because that's what I truly believe to be the truth about life and about the world but to say that atheist parents are bad and can't be good parents is the same as the people who say that tattooed parents are bad and aren't good parents so I'm offended by that – I'm with the atheists on this one you can't say that I will say this though by them being morally good I believe that they are abiding by God's moral standard because if I can say I live in view life a certain way my perception is through Christian lens where my moral standard is what scripture says and what I know about God's character okay so then if I can say that a Christian parent and a Christian child are good moral people what I'm saying without saying is that they are living up to God's moral standard does it mean they're saved no doesn't mean they're going heaven does it mean you know but they are whether they like it or not whether they know it or not they are living up to at least God's moral standard of how to live the how to part when Jesus gave us the greatest commandment and Matthew he said what he said to love God and love each other good moral atheists love each other they love people they do great things for people they just don't do the love God part which is a huge part I'm not saying it's not a huge part I'm just saying they're doing the moral part they're not doing the spiritual part so that's I hope that makes sense do I eat babies yes yes I do and they're delicious I knew it you baby eating evince I love you guys okay so that's it that's the video it's done I hope this one is better than the last one or the last couple I know a lot of atheists are gonna be more happy with this one and it was just because I agree to flow with what a lot of what he said I just she was a Tom point he wasn't attacking Christianity he wasn't acting the way that US Christians interact with atheist sometimes and I'm with him and that we do it absolutely inappropriately and just unintelligent a lot of the time so I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please like please subscribe and I have news so last year about this time I launched a forum called sceptical generation com it used to be an atheist clothing line that I bought out I turned it into a Christian and atheist primarily debate forum so check out the website it's it's brand new again basically we used it for a couple months there was a group of us who were on there and debating and talking and stuff about group of atheists and a group of Christians so it's already a couple topic there's a handful of topics on there already but the site's dead so we're bringing it back to life I closed it down until last week I reopened the website I put it back online so it's back up so atheists Christians if you guys want to have these in-depth conversations and talk about these things that we disagree about skeptical generation com is now available again it's up and it's going to stay up now I have the means to keep it up also Christians theology forums comm you already know about that it's a growing forum it has every type of theology so regardless of your denomination or theological beliefs we have a section for you and it's kind of the same thing it's Christians talking about what we agree on and what we disagree on and and why and backing things up with Scripture and just kind of going through things so skeptical generation com Christian atheist debate theology forums calm Christian Christian debate I guess alright I love you guys

32 thoughts on “Answering Atheists 3 | Christian Responding to Atheist

  1. the Bible is clear, atheists like all other sinners, reject The Word Of God because they love sin,
    John 3:19 'And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.'
    It's either Jesus Christ Is right and you wrong or vice-versa but not both..

  2. Science still can´t answer everything sure.

    We have a very good and well tested theory for evolution of singular cells up to humans, you have more or less random changes and random selection, which results in a the evolution of complex and usefull traits, you can look into neural networks to get a bit of a grasp of the principal.
    You make a script that has an operational task like find a correct path in a video game, the script makes lots of copies with small diverse, random adjustments.
    Due to trial and error you have a close to optimal path after enough rounds of adaption.
    Also the best theory I have heard of how live started is with RNA.

    Science is not a set of facts it´s trying to find the true answers to questions, by studiyng carefully and others trying to devalidate your results.
    If they manage to the thing you fought you found out was wrong and the theories get adjusted, if it can´t be disproved, the theorie gains credibility.
    And with that we have managed to create a more and more reasonable worldview and solved lots of horryfying problems.
    Also as far as I am informed, the scientific consensus is not that there was nothing before the big bang, it is just that the big bang is the furthest back we can trace history back to.
    And since we don´t really have evidence for what was there before, we can´t say what happened before.

    Nice vid, btw cheers

  3. Your assertion about scientific “Law” is silly—these so-called laws are human inventions dude—they ain’t from your god. You also are vastly ignorant of evolution and your taste in music sucks donkey dick….

  4. As an atheist I really like this video except the part with picking on Christians he did not mean picking on questions literally he meant targeting them and talking to them the most

  5. Wait hold up. All man is evil except for One. People are inherently evil. For all fall short to the Glory of God. Therefore, an atheist physically can’t teach good values without aligning with Christian values. I’m frustrated to hear that people are”good” when in fact, man is evil.

  6. Cosmic boom which defile scientific law? What are you smoking? That "cosmic boom" was concluded by scientific laws.
    What you claim is that it is impossible for some kind of property or characteristic which allows universes to arise to exist without a cause or creator. While claiming that an all complicated an undefined being with more problems in its existence than answers which we have no evidence for, to exist without cause or creator is perfectly sensible.

  7. I don't think he's saying he's picking on anyone. What he's referring to is criticizing those people, which is sometimes referred to by Christians as "picking on" them, because they percieve it as specifically and maliciously targetted toward them.

  8. For the record, when you say that you "have a theory" for how the universe came into being, what you mean (I hope) is that you have a hypothesis. A theory is the very pinnacle of a scientific model, which is heavily supported by evidence. A hypothesis has the potential to become a theory (and is the scientific term for what you might colloquially call a theory), but it isn't one yet.

  9. I'm really against the religious idea that anything that isn't eternal has no value.
    Some people (not me, but it's very common) will say that they value life because it's short and finite.

  10. I think what he meant by "leaving your faith is difficult" is that most religious people rely on their church for all kinds of support, and often when you leave that, it all gets yanked away, especially if you're part of a religion or sect which practices shunning.

  11. Something probably started the universe, we just don’t know what. Colliding dimensions? The collapse of a previous universe? 🤷🏼‍♂️. What we DO know is that, so far, invoking a god as the answer to anything we once didn’t understand has been wrong 100% of the time. See “God of the Gaps”.

  12. Atheist here. It sounds like you're very scientifically illiterate. I'm not trying to be condescending, or say that you're dumb, but it's obvious that you don't understand the scientific concepts that you dismiss. Also, atheists in America "pick on" Christianity because Christian beliefs impact our country's laws and culture.

  13. The reason he says that Christianity is everywhere and so that's what is mostly focused on, it's not to say that he's intentionally picking on Christians, it's to say that Christians are the ones he has to mostly speak against because Christians are mostly the ones spreading false information or attacking people who don't think the way that they do and they're the only ones around. It's not childish or pathetic, it's defense.
    Also, holding a sign that says "god hates fags" is far worse than any atheist saying that Christians are wrong. Don't use stupid arguments.

  14. Being nothing before you were born and after you die does not mean your life has no meaning. You give your own meaning to your life. It's not given to you by anything but yourself. This doesn't change regardless of whether or not you go somewhere after you die. Even if there was a god, his plans for you don't give your life meaning any more than your plans for your son would give your son's life meaning. You make your own meaning.

  15. The big bang does not defy science, it was a conclusion of science. Also, evolution is very clearly explained in regard to how it works. Just because you don't take the time to understand something doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

  16. The science isn't exactly that nothing caused the big bang, it's that we don't know what came before or even if anything came before. Scientists tend to say that nothing came before it because it was the beginning of time and so it makes no sense to think of anything as "before" but the actual science doesn't show one way or the other. The only reason ideas like that exist is because of the fact that it's an unknown and people who happen to be scientists have opinions on it. Also, if you think about it, with the fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed and the fact that we have never had an observation of creation to study, it can be concluded that something had to have always existed for the universe to be spawned from, so it's not irrational and takes no faith to assume that nothing came before the big bang, but rather that the singularity existed in a timeless and spaceless state infinitely into the past, if you can call it that, until it expanded. Or maybe it had a form before that. Nobody really knows, though. Still, it doesn't take faith to hold an opinion based on the information available. Faith is when you hold an opinion without information or in spite of information to the contrary.

    Nobody worships science, or rather I've never seen this happen. Most of the time it's just that religious people see us as worshiping science because we hold it in high esteem and give it praise. We do this because it works. Science made the computer you're using. Science keeps us alive and helps us live longer. Science discovers how things work and how they got to be that way and science tells us what's possible and what's impossible. Science is the only reliable method of determining truth. If it didn't work, we would throw it away just as we do with religion because religion does not work.

  17. Not all atheists believe in the big bang. A lot of us just say "I don't know" because we don't. And the fish into ape into human isn't how Darwin's idea of natural selection works so you might want to study a bit more

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