An Atheist's Story: Coming To Terms With My Daughters Diabetes.

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Hey guys, today I will be sharing with ya’ll what is going on with my daughter’s diabetes and how it is effecting us.

10 thoughts on “An Atheist's Story: Coming To Terms With My Daughters Diabetes.

  1. My father is a type one diabetic. His given me short lessons about what it is and what he needs but not the difficulties he had to go through as a child. This is a very hard situation you are in and I understand that you are taking youtube serious which is great. Trolls talking about your beliefs affecting your daughters condition are low scum of religion.

  2. I got to an endocrinologist for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
    My sis has it too. She also has addisons.
    My other sis has thyroiditis (non Hashimotos)

    And my mom has type 2 diabetes because she had 1/2 her pancreas removed from acute pancreatitis also her spleen. Now she’s also immuneo compromised.

    I’m sorry your girl has to go thru this.
    Such a great “design” right?

    I’m lucky my endocrinologists 10min away.
    I go to my allergist tomorrow. I get hives almost everyday. Don’t exactly know why. I just say I’m allergic to spring.

    You should definitely to a fund raiser for insulin. A live stream, superchats, go fund me, PayPal etc.
    everything for her ❤️

    You’re such a good dad 🤗

  3. So this "omni-benevolent" god gave your daughter diabetes to punish you? Why in the world would I want to follow the Christian god? Good luck with everything.

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