Among The Rights of Women – An Upright Religion

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and up frights religion Allah Almighty says o Prophet Muhammad say that surely my Lord has guided me to the straight path the upright religion the faith of Abraham a man of pure faith who was never a polytheist among the rights of women narrated Maria Alka Siri may Allah be pleased with him I went to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and asked him what do you command concerning our wives he replied provide them with the same type of food that you eat the same quality of clothes that you wear do not beat them and do not revile them women have great rights in Islam be they a mother a sister a wife a daughter or a relative her husband has to provide her with the best possible food and clothes without the least abuse or humiliation it is an obligation on men towards women Islam also protects her body by prohibiting beating her and protects her feelings by prohibiting reviling or annoying her such noble values strengthen the feelings of love compassion tolerance and justice in the muslim society such are the teachings of islam that we should live by and show to the world such is the upright religion

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