Alyssa Explains It All: The Jewish Holidays

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Ever wondered what about the Jewish holidays when there aren’t classes at SUNY Oswego? Student video blogger Alyssa Levenberg has the story.

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I just put my comfy penguin sheets on my bed look at that hey guys it's Alisa and welcome to all this explains it all where I explained things about SUNY Oswego and college in general we're ready a month and a half into the school year and my senior year and we've already had a lot of days off we had Labor Day Off and we also had a lot of Jewish holidays off you're probably wondering when you first come to a SUNY school especially if you were in an area full of the Jewish population that you've never been off for these types holidays and you're probably wondering why are we off on a random Wednesday or why are we off for like two days well maybe you aren't really thinking that maybe you're more like yeah I'm off and the rest of you just like me being Jewish or celebrating the holidays I'm going to explain to you why we have off for those days because they aren't important they're not just because we need one day off or something like that do you want me to prove that I'm Jewish I don't know what you want me for me before I continue with the video I'm a Spotnitz but when I was 13 I attended Hebrew school from third to seventh grade I read from the Torah Iren service I don't know blew it Hebrew but I remember some prayers I don't eat kosher and I don't celebrate Shabbat but I'm still Jewish I'm very proud of being Jewish so let's get down to it I'm just gonna give you the straight up google haha Jewish 101 links that I found online cuz honestly I celebrate these holidays but I don't know the in depth of it of why we have off what they are I know a generalization from things that I've learned and I haven't been a keeper school at a very long time so I'm just going to give you the straight up answers to these questions because I want to give you all the facts so first holiday that we usually have off in timber or around September is Russia Sharna which is the Jewish New Year again I'm looking up exactly where I'm getting this from my godness from yes this is a thing literally what is Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah it's called the head of the year it goes into about how it's more emphasizing the special relationship between God and Mattie and how he made us feel and how all this stuff about flock of sheep don't want to offend anybody so basically it's all about having a new year and living it and celebrating it and usually Russia Shoshanna starts on the sundown of the day before we don't have off and then you have off and usually you celebrate that day that night have a meal we had brisket and soup and chicken just had a big meal and the whole family was there and it was just a lot of fun I want the cool things that we always talked about on what I do is and I did it this year I mom since it up to me is we dipped apple and honey because it represents a sweet new year and it's finally like symbolic foods representing the new year's blessings and things like that so that's what Rosh Hashanah is it's just a day to celebrate the new year just like everybody else does on January 1st that's what it is so the next holiday that we usually have off depending upon if it falls on a weekday or not is Yom Kippur don't the fourth part of the high holiday celebrations over Yasha Shauna so thankfully research an elastic for a whole week and Yom Kippur isn't the final day I believe it's the tenth day as the Jewish people tell me so I know Kippur we wake up and as a bar about myths of a Jew or if you choose to as a Jew you can fast and you fast until later in the day and then you break fast not breakfast break fats you break fast why do we have offer than to say well this is a day for us to fast to Rican seal for our sins that we dumb in the past year and we're telling God that we are sorry for these sins and that we will continue the new year to not have sin also later in the day you do the mourners Kaddish oh you light a candle and you say the martyr Scottish for people who have passed in the past year or in past years and it's just a way to mourn them on this day and it's just a great way for us to feel like together and do a traditional way of doing things I'm just gonna reference this there is a giant wooden box that appears after Yom Kippur in the quad across from the library and people ask me like my friends like what's that please let me know I'm so confused it just says it's like it's by Baba there's this holiday called Sukkot which is the it begins right after Yom Kippur it's like the festival gardening and farming and fruits and vegetables and things like that it's about the harvest they build that box which is called a suka and that's where they grow the fruits and vegetables in there and you have a fun time in there that's where the festivities happen cuz every is likewise their box why and it's not a box it's a suka suka that's everything that you need to know about why we have off for Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur it's just like as if you were off for Christmas and Easter you're going to celebrate a holiday with your family and I'm sure other religions and traditions and nationalities could go home for their holidays but we don't have a large population of on those nationalities or religions to be able to go off for them so you're welcome for being a Jew here um and just remember that if you don't understand why we have off ask your friends who do celebrate the holidays and they'll be sure to tell you why they have off why they're going wrong and why they're hungry you're awesome I'm awesome and thank you for watching this video and if you would like to you can press subscribe since let you know when new Elissa explains it also be up I've said this a billion times in the past and I still don't know how to say it if you have any questions comments or video ideas you can always tweet me at listless 15 and I'm always on my phone are always on the computer so if you tweet me and ask me a question I'll try to answer it the best as I can if I can't answer it'll get somewhere or someone else answered for you so I'll see you guys around okay correct I also haven't gone the temple in a while should I have said that my old rabbi is gonna watch this I don't know hello Shalom and Shalom goodbye

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