AFTERSHOW: DEBATE-AGEDDON | Trevor Valle vs Dan Bidondi

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What’s worse than a dumpster fire? We’re going to find out! In what will be the most contentious and explosive show to date, Trevor Valle returns to #NonSequitur to #debate former #infowars anchor Dan Bidondi.

Trevor Valle is a paleontologist (formerly from The La Brea Tar Pits), a certified cicerone (specializing in lost brew styles), and an outspoken science communicator on Twitter.
•He has appeared on the History Channel (Doomsday), The Discovery Channel (Dirty Jobs), the National Geographic Channel (Mammoths Unearthed), BBC (Ice Age Giants), TLC (Prehistoric), Attack of the Show!, the Joe Rogan Experience, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, IMAX (Titans of the Ice Age), and even The Weather Channel (Abandoned Places).
•He has presented at monthly NerdNite events across the country, been voted the Best Speaker at NerdNite San Diego, as well as B Storytelling.
•He also happens to be a four-time alumni of Space Camp, assisted in the creation of a life-sized sabertoothed cat puppet with the Jim Henson Company, an amateur Mark Twain historian, an apprentice magician and magic historian, a former hockey goalie, and is known to have a tattoo or two.

Dan Bidondi is a Talk Show Host, Documentary Film Maker, Reporter, Activist and 2nd Amendment advocate.
•He is a Judeo-Christian & Constitutional Independent with Founding Father political views.
•Biblical advocate, occult historian & researcher.
•Enemy of globalism/New World Order

fried pickles okay we're back how you want to make a big announcement oh yeah yeah yeah I guess a big announcement I just said so hate everybody okay well you wanted to announce what what you by Chris Hansen got arrested four people were dot oh just just $13,000 in in bounced checks finance fraud that's it one check he went back to pay for it with another check and that check bounced do you think they told him to have a seat yeah just have a seat technique wait he floated he floated bounced check payments with a bounced check yeah oh that's that's not turn himself in he wasn't like they went out to got him he was trying to he was doing it for for uh he had spin it all on promotional items to promote Hansen vs predator a new show he was trying to come out with but uh apparently didn't work out but uh Chris Hansen if you're watching this for whatever reason you could come on in to catch a non-sequitur will tell you that you know I could bring I could bring a Chris Hansen in here but it wouldn't be the right one so Wow just take a seat was he there FDIC violation man you haven't heard that in a while I haven't heard that since Kent Hovind yeah it's over ten thousand dollars and you do it twice they're probably gonna come after you but in conspiracy theory on did you send him a new one no ok well say well Steve we'll send you a link here in just a second um definitely show so just watch your inbox for that will say I put the Pacino in the oh that guy okay David's here Trevor Valley's here sigh fucker side guard is here hello sir it's been a while since we've seen you like okay yeah thank you good to see you and godless Aussie good a good a very nice to meet you what uh what what kind of avatar is that what is that oh it's new one from nerd or DICOM it's a demon logo I did it specifically to piss off the Christians and Catholics sorry so I use reasonable size reasonable sizes have been to evidence crazy basically exactly AGA how's this beginning a summer down there has those fire tornadoes doing yeah it's really bad down him and I'm melting I mean I've got a hundred degrees Fahrenheit temperature what part of Auslan queen land all right yeah been there done that no understand Wow right on won't hope you stay cool and stay away from the fucking fires Jesus I thought California was bad like fender everybody knows that yeah it's really doesn't need this apparently on goes part of the hoax got it okay right yes that's right you can't be upside down you'd fall off the you know hanging on for dear life I'm how the hell they type or masturbate it must be really difficult yeah incredibly difficult yeah let's doctor garden you want to kind of take us through what it was like for someone of your academic and professional background to watch well I mean you know we went through it with George luge and a couple of other and it's actually even somebody's respectable as Kent Hovind is pretty painful to watch but this individual Dan was really special you know it I guess one answer to your question is I'm getting very tired and very disturbed by this attitude of nobody knows more than anybody else and what I know because I've researched things I've looked at mine and I you know I read the Bible and I have it's just as much as what Trevor knows who has studied paleontology and you know actually understands things and I that's exactly the arguments I got into with Lou Jack and I just asked him you know if there's any such thing as an expert and he kind of denied it and I think that I started worrying at the very beginning when I heard him talking about the people with degrees is a piece of paper which is almost word-for-word what Lou Jack said and you know it's it's it what it is is it's a denial of the value of education it's it's a denial and what what he claims is that education as we know it is all a conspiracy it's not it's all lies you know that's a very subversive way of looking it at the world I mean it means you really cannot trust anything or anybody and I find that very depressing you know as an academic the other thing I find very depressing which is one of the reasons I wanted to be here is it's very depressing for a Christian to hear somebody like that and I hosted a little bit of a very famous quote from st. Augustine on the Live Chat who basically cautioned people you know other Christians about sounding stupid and you know and sounding foolish and looking really bad and making the Christian faith look bad I mean what he says is basically he talks about even a non-christian knows something about the earth the heavens and other elements he talks about other things scientific and then he says it is disgraceful and a dangerous thing for a infidel or a non-christian to hear a Christian presumably giving the the meaning of the scripture talking nonsense on these matters and he goes on and on with that I mean this is written latter when was all this time a long time ago uh in the early 5th century what what astounded me about that entire chat is yeah I've got my whiskey I've got my vaporizer I've got and I'm not sure the efficacy of this statement but I've got that Canadian weed that turns you gay got that God gave frog weed yeah a frog way I've got all that and I was using pretty much all of it during the 3rd this this guy didn't seem to be able to form a single coherent thought like he said that the natives said how so they could count the fingers and make sure that if they had a sixth finger they were giant and I maybe I was think yeah how many and you know what I was sitting there thinking going if I ran into a giant I'd be like holy fuck it's a giant not like how many fingers do you have I was rambling so hard but every time he said six fingers I thought count Rugen you know from Princess Bride I mean I I literally think the guy had mental issues I mean nobody could be that hard for me to like he doesn't have subscriptions man yeah exactly he's got full on by the way Dave it's a true cuz Mario said the other day that Canada has like weapons-grade night pot is that true it's that's why I want to have by the way I can't get pot in my area it's not legal in my area man I'm in California Oh the county that I'm in hasn't uh has decided that they don't want it in there the closes I have to go would be either two hours worth or two ourselves I don't think they haven't shit I make a choice in that it's all they have a choice California has a local municipality clause in that that LA County is actually considering enactments even though they really like the income they're not seriously cutting back on the dispensaries here in LA County and they're going to be using that that local municipality laws Wow I now so okay cool nobody knows where I am my address is public but the the area does have for medical that doesn't have recreation yeah certain areas I'm near Menifee Temecula region however I will be in San Diego hopefully in a couple weeks and I'm I guess San Diego win don't seem on the 27th of January yes hmm why you're available I'm going to might me in a Britney Simon might take a little trip down to visit Richard carrier for a while you know because that's not too far to drive and I've been meeting they had meaning to head to North Park and do a little bit more your research yeah well shit meeting it dry down here here we get you can carpool I don't give a shit I can see that way you can drink and you don't drive it yeah true what do we arguing about today who's the conspiracist some there was this conspiracy HD more specific Mac hi Mac hey did your high-definition we are going about as people like yeah I mean to be honest with you I'm beginning to feel like at least 70% people in the world are like that when it comes to believing about fake news and or certain hoaxes in the works nice and stuff like that I mean it's just crazy you know you know it's altogether too common that's that's what it is but you know as you're honest I think to be honest with you know I think the Internet is the main problem for people the opportunity to build these echo chambers and to share this misinformation with each other and to compound upon each other's beliefs and it just it just they did better stagnating gets worse and worse it's a fucking Patriot officially yeah well a lot of the people that I've noticed and I see this quite frequently they're not gonna have the skillset somebody like Trevor or sigh will have right they don't have the capability to go learn anything they're just not that bright and I think they last one of these things thinking that they you know have some knowledge that you the normal person doesn't have and they take it to heart because they don't have the skill set to to eliminate falsities in their in their belief system they don't have the skill set to say yeah this is obviously complete bullshit because I do know something cuz I did get educated they just lack that and I think a lot of people just see what they read on the internet and go you know it sounds good to me must be true and we said tell up to these came in Curtis we got Mac you can call me Thomas of YouTube we have you but we also have regular Mac you can call me Tom regular Beck hey Mac kids get your regular rack so we have Mac and Tom okay both of you frustrated atheists what's up Brandon oh I think we've met I'm sorry I'm just kind of nervous right now because it is such such an honor to meet you mr. Curtis how is he nervous when people are that nice he's strong I was raised to be I was raised to be a gentleman he's trolling my mother oh it's a it's a it's a pleasure to meet you as well and then Brandon I already don't like them here is Brandon or your conspiracy person no he's not oh okay why who is pharisee person huh and that was yeah that was Brandon's man you got to fix your mic you said you fixed it like yesterday couple days ago Brandon's like I got a new mic still doesn't work Mackey HD is the person I gave me email – but he's not a conspiracy guy okay you know I'm coming through okay guys yeah yeah yeah I don't know who the conspiracy guy is obviously a prank on him anyway carry on though well back in to be Thomas how did you find us how did I find you guys mm-hmm secretary oh um I don't know it that's a long story I'll just say this it all started when I was started like looking into like pseudoscience stuff I just randomly found it I started with Professor stick and you know so they all started looking more and more into it I found some other guys Reds rhetoric ooh or logic or a few others Oh their names escape me uh but eventually I found you guys like because I was started like looking up a lot of words of rhetoric stuff and then I found his debate with hit with a gerund is Aman Friday the 13th and ever since then I've been watching ever since learning about the debate format learning how to spot you know true science from pseudoscience you know my main interests are creationism Flat Earth and other forms of rather bizarre conspiracies you're right at home then actual debate format though I like how you put that though learning how to distinguish between actual science and pseudoscience because I think that is something everybody should learn and we all are learning in that matter of fact I think even if even most of us occasionally probably hear something in a first class we go is this legit or not come to find out it is legitimate or kind of find out as pseudoscience but most of us have reached a point where we go hmm let's check into that right and I think that's right oh I think a lot people don't do that they just hear something they believe it ask people they can be wrong if somebody says that there's no way they can be wrong about that then crazy there most definitely wrong this I will say my might I don't know if you can hold a chat a channel I barely have anyone who watch me it it's mostly like like video games that's is why I have the name of Professor games but you know eventually I decided to come at us pardon me from pulling a Logan Pole but uh came out of the skepticism closet and decided to be more open about this and support you guys openly Oh your professor games you come in a lot oh yeah I love you I love your work guys I just love your work I try my best to be a good I hardly would call it hard yeah is when people say that we love your work and it's like we make videos tortured yes I suffer with you guys I'm Trevor may I just say something to you sir of course your earrings I am I completely utterly admire your ability back to handle that man I I was most of the time because he does it it was literally just like hearing a big fat monkey power wasn't worth the Trevor I mean did you feel like I know you went into this we had talked a little bit prior to it and you went into it with a lot of hopes and dreams and aspirations do you feel like you accomplished what you set out to do and what do you feel like you're just kicking the retarded kid at that point um well no I mean I knew I would I knew it was a one-sided fight to begin with but my be honest right Kyle knows how to handle a man you were handling something entirely different I was handling a snore or at close quarters without of war spear yes and I've done that it's not fun I've done that actually like hunting and not fun nafech on whisper it's okay I sew my like I said at the very end my ultimate goal that I actually didn't even say via Deanna with with the non sec guys was to this was a litmus test personally for Dan to see if he was as unhinged live where he couldn't pull reference III thought live where he couldn't pull references but fucking crap the guy had like burnouts and shit in his car in his before you're a paleontologist yes you know a little bit about paleontology I think I could make a very compelling case that he might be the very last of the Neanderthals no human being is that aggressive actually I think I have more Neanderthal DNA than he does if you look closely I do have a pronounced you have to turn it like that I have a pronounced brow Ridge I don't have much of a chin that's why I have the beard I actually have a very pronounced sagittal crest I'm very jealous of your beard all I can grow as a goatee this is short compared to well no yeah yeah Trevor I was about to say you know I got really whenever I saw this was happening I was like yes it's gonna be amazing that's how you come on in my very first response in the chat was oh my god Trevor where the fuck is your beard okay so two years ago I know I'm seeing Sean Hawkins in the chat I have no idea of this guy likes me or hates me honestly trust Brandon you're like waiting up in like echoing me that's thank you frustrated um so long story short 2016 up with the axe died at neon yellow went on Joe Rogan started you know died it for hockey season shaved it for Movember grew it out did the same thing last year this year I kind of went yes fuck it and yeah so I started short and now I'm just throwing it back but I will and I promise you and I make this promise on the non sequitur after show that it will get back to its luscious chest length insanity and will be in neon color hopefully by September when I go back to Dragon Con but that would be a Dragon Con you know there's a we have a guy that calls us arrow is actually not there's not mountains in Africa those are the fossilized remains of a dragon that he found from begging Khan this year nice Jim I I'm usually an invited guest I just haven't sent in my application yet I was slacking because I had a bunch of shit that was that dragon a Titan wing I'm not showing with 50 bucks did the first person who guesses what movie that is from I'm gonna try the 50 bucks a good percentage of the time when a guest is talking and Kyle Energex it's to say essentially oh you think that's crazy we have somebody that you could talk to you that's absolutely painful hold my beer oh god don't get me started I actually had a quote-unquote discussion about with him about the Civil War oh my god I wonder how I am still saying wait Tom are you serious about the whole tighten wing thing because it's How to Train Your Dragon dumb thank you thank you hey pal Trevor valet by the way Nightwing math Night Fury master dragon okay so here's nerd moments here is the the dragon where am I looking at all oh here it is here it comes Oh for the love of sky daddy not this one not this one not this one the holy fuck is that a dragon knight that's a dragon no there's a bird looks like a wing oh Christ now I'm crazy is this a video that you're doing and scrolling or is this guy no this is him can you pause it so I can at least see a geologic feature please yeah I'm waiting for him to pull it like a pull out so that you can you can see this right now he's just going through everything hey he traveled with Flat Earth it's either full blast or nothing oh god I wish he would hurry up this is this is this literally is this literally as low as the Flat Earth movement will go to the gaming let me do this I'm gonna I'm just gonna say this right there look at that that's a human head oh you missed it butterfly I see a vagina – all this I said George Washington there is like he uses Google Earth to to show this this dragon and either flat earther he uses Google detail so you can immediately you can immediately cross him out because he uses Google Earth which immediately shows a globe so it's part of the conspiracy so everything are the earth muscles the Illuminati wor conspiracy hey why don't uh here we go look alright alright if we're looking at this from from what I take it if we're if we're looking at this picture of Africa right talking about the erosion nonconformity in Algeria right there how do I had a lot of like spin Africa around I think I think he is oh he's talking about that I thought he was talking about the one south of Algeria then that's the that's a that we'll get to in just a second that's he sent me an email on this this week this is something new that he's discovered but um the dragon is the wing juts out right here you're right the lakes see them jutting out here you know the tail wraps down and around here and then where's the ayah does he know exactly where the eye of the Sahara is is here right yeah do you want to know oh I remember the eye is right there right what I honestly thought when I first saw that I had the Sahara thing I wish I could bring it up but what luckily I'm sane enough to know pareidolia but it looks to me like the hypnotizing eye of the snake you know that thing it that slow in the jungle book it's a it's actually not that what it is and what this I swear this is not this is not a life what he claims it is is if I could spin this around where I had it the other he said it was a fisheye or some actual man in the moon I mean it's a it's a it's a I just turned to me one way there are no now pivot okay so this right here is actually a fish that the the dragon was in the middle of consuming when he died and they were both much lives together so here's the eye of a fish there's the mouth of the fish what was swimming in because I maybe it was swimming in the HD it was clearly another thing here sighs fine clearly you can have globe sized fish you know what do you know what people believe this is now I think it's I still think it's a snake they think they think this is Atlantis because the story of Atlantis talks about oh oh the rings within rings within rings and circles yeah they say that there is like all of this right here is proof that water once flowed into this inner ring all of these like striations around the edge so it perfectly describes the story of uh what they put in Atlantis and that there was water I want blue in from this is not me this is not me there's nothing no I know it's not you Kyle but I'm just gonna tell you this right now I'm only 19 I do not have any alcohol right now dude kind of alcohol of 19 over here it's 18 Kyle is that the or Roxy's greater bastard the what is that is that the or waxey's crater in Algeria no that's a I don't know what they call it it's the ayah that yeah that's the only thing I know is that as the the eye of the Sahara oh because the or waxey's crater is a Cretaceous crater in Niger in northwestern Algeria whoa hold on Trevor it's better get even better now on his latest video he says here non-sequitur fight the Flat Earth time to man up alright guys so let's man up let's see what he's I have screw all no experience and debunking flattered if I don't seem to need amazing credentials no well here we go you don't know now he has found a he has found a giant eagle a fossilized giant eagle now here is that speak as it sticks up out of the ground see how it curbs here so here is its beak yeah stand all that but you have to tell me this why didn't that Eagle just drop the ring into the mountain Mordor you know like well God be included white ring of eagles – okay was the Eagle because how dense it was it depends on how fast it fell back onto the earth do you see yeah do you see the feathers here the fossilized fine detail feathers no I see surface erosion okay Trevor Trevor your brain you're using your brain I'm gonna need you to stop using that now watch this he just pulled up Quetzalcoatl okay sweet shit now watch so while Ariel is here is that image here's the here's the face right here see see that's the nose he's bent down there's his leg his leg here he's a his hand here so he has literally found this – in the mountain range wait I don't but I don't but I don't see that Mayan god no I see Lance Armstrong over you think that they predicted and Lance Armstrong now yes yes the Mayan calendar predicted Lance Armstrong there's a picture of it I know but I don't see that I see Lance Armstrong on a bicycle so if yes he understand that I'm pretty sure that's not are you sure that's not are you sure that's not Neil Armstrong on a bicycle no no it's about the news I can't see I can see Jack diddly squat maybe it's because my chakras are on a line or some whatever the fuck spirit signs let's say you're using your brain you're gonna get stopped using that can anyone hear me my god hang on I need to open up I need a cord chakra with deep within my anus now I can do it oh wait oh wait I think that's just diarrhea no it doesn't here's another video where he calls us out it doesn't just up there here he sees things in here oh oh he's ready to talk now guys alright here's here's the eagle right here coming for us in the in the sky there's his wings here in front of you what's that image is mirrored it's a mirrored image oh yeah in order to find the truth you have to mirror part of the images can I you know can we just take five minutes to mourn the three brain cells I lost listening to this I hardly knew them look see here's another picture this is this mirror but this shows a face of a woman here's her eyes her nose or like head dressing here you see a dragon you won't know what I saw that's another dragon that's another sky dragon sure oh that's a dragon yeah I'm trying to I'm trying to find it I'm someone once again no that's fire dragon nightmare – fire dragon there through the go that is a cinder llama everyone knows that that is a cinder llama oh fucking hell there that right there right there oh there it is my groove you want know what I see right there try to turn it's just because it might be just because I I was I got so busy honestly what it is what it is is it's the moon when NASA forgets to fight it this is a no grand-grandfather dumbasses right what are you circling I don't know what he says Louis my milk oh no please no wrong a bear there's another dragon bear look look how desperate we get here oh no now look this this guy literally takes pictures anything with smoke or anything like that and ghosts like through them like like this looking for what he's doing is he's act as pareidolia because he's looking actively looking to find a pattern and as soon as something that uh you know contour this is in his house by the way he's he's taking pictures that he smoked beforehand like I'm just looking at that yes crack smoke I just got sober my brain tells me that's the pareidolia say he doesn't use his fucking brain it's got to be whatever the fuck he says it is well ask Steve he actually did a video where he was it was a dust Steve that he was looking for second what does what what what is this this has to be one of the ones that is just looking for looking for press playing the LARP doing whatever the fuck Chan talk it is he sees a website that gets traffic or a YouTube channel that gets traffic and he wants to go after it just to promote his own show no he didn't want to come on it first it's do you guys wanna know who he kind of reminds me of in Trevor I'm so sorry if you get trigger this he reminds me of Joe you remember him from a while back the dinosaur Gabba that got any movie was thinking more though and the guy who didn't believe in viruses yeah oh you mean um Joe with his last name see the Twitter idiot on a show with you Trevor remember yeah nice and Kelsey that's a different idiot he was on the show with you when you talk to the people who didn't believe in dinosaurs the Christians against dinosaurs and oh yeah irises don't exist guy yeah no that that guy was that was just looking looking for attention yeah share any of that mind yeah that guy was that that guy was a garbage fire so it's not a source I mean they're there Joe I just fucking I just wanted to say one thing about that I just want to say one thing that I had to congratulate you on Trevor that debate was what was it four months ago and I haven't he hasn't posted anything on this channel in three months it's like he gave up the ghost the guy you retired him Cheers does anybody ever get beat up so bad where they just say I'm I just I'm done with this I know like wait we have Wayne Wayne streams his position but he wasn't he didn't throw his hands up in the air and go Wayne are you an atheist yet since you about Steve mine I ask you one little thing I'm just getting knots out of my hair people wonder how I'm doing I got yeah well I don't know anyway it's more of a yeah your face Oh got it like oh good this is just gonna be a quick and then we'll get back to what we were talking oh nice I like interchangeably use the terms like atheist and agnostic okay I understand I understand they don't want the truth out Thomas see this I broke out in a rash and I'm twitching now you know they are trying to explain it was funny dead ask look good Trevor if it's all right I'd like to ask you a couple of things and these were please on anything I get wrong but um like like the ability to infer give to the terminology book reverse evolution and I use air quotes when I say that but basically because of how related many modern birds are to avian dinosaurs and birds are technically are dinosaurs they're yes not the ones were used to right you know I've heard that it's like theoretically plausible you like activate those old avian dinosaurs genes within certain Birds like giving like almost kind of like reversing the process and giving them those they've already done that let me pull it up well yet they've actually had birds rode dinosaur team yeah and and dr. cart you could probably think that's right up your alley yeah what are their background what Brenda just said it's right they've done it I can't be done for every gene though it could be done to some but not others it depends on the very complex interactions of the various genes so yeah right right in order to do in order to activate swear that gene is expressed it has to be the extremely extremely close right right it's well I mean this system of gene activation is incredibly complicated and there are some things you can do and some things you can't and but there's a there's a lot that can you know you I mean we have things called humanized mice which are basically mice with I have some human genes inserted and and then they used for various research purposes but there's a lot to do this weren't the there were there were six six genes that expressed teeth in avians that are all active in alligators and crocodiles but not in Birds so it's the bird closest the birds that are closest to the split have those right we're easily activating likes I don't remember foolish six but I used to know what I forgot now so it's yeah I could be wrong I feel something in a TED talk where they were saying they could reactivate the teeth and in chickens and like the tail or something yeah so that that'll cut that was all caused because of paleontology is best friend paleontologist Jack Horner otherwise known as the Jurassic Park paleontologists he did an entire paper it was an opinion piece about reverse engineering a dinosaur called the chickenosaurus and quite honest project bullshit because you can't let them tell you yeah it can actually it can absolutely be done with newer and newer CRISPR technologies there is an ability to express genes on and off much easier through gene splicing CRISPR and through mapping mapping of a genome the thing is it's not going to take the short amount of time that it's what happens side by all means step in on this anytime somebody says oh we're gonna have a mammoth or a chicken motif or that like walking around not just like an embryonic chicken with teeth but like a full birth chicken teeth tail the whole fucking thing when they say ten years times it by five man in some way in some Wang is a very good friend of mine he is one of the leading Korean geneticists in charge of a mammoth project in South Korea and numerous times when Hwang woo-suk the the disgraced Korean geneticist says ray enough mammoths in ten years I get emails from him going I can't do this anymore we're nowhere near that because like some stuff that you see on yeah there we go you've gotta kind of take with a grain of salt because I mean I've also seen like the the woman that came on talked about aquatic Apes and I think that's been pretty thoroughly debunked so I think what is aquatic Apes Trevor yeah he and I own a herd of I heard of this theory I don't remember the details on remembers what's the detail yeah so forgive me I'm just gonna pull it up real quick because I want to get it exactly right I have the link bookmarks yeah so the aquatic ape hypothesis is that ancestors may get the exact thing all right yeah ancestors of modern humans are more aquatic and as such were habitual waders swimmers and divers so what it is is that our bipedalism came from wading and swimming not from standing up to look over grasses or for tool use or anything like that the interesting thing is that a lot of the pre humans again I'm not a paleoanthropologist dissipate ologist these hominid shit get all weird none of those were really near any standing water that was around at that time so that's a lot of bullshit it's some I know that's why we have here in our back it's actually sort of a cult I found out when I first heard about it it seemed to make some sort of sense I wasn't really I'm not an expert on that either but it seemed to make some sense and there got weirder and weirder and at one point I'm actually along with a bunch of other scientists got a survey which purported to be about general evolution but it turned out it was it was some kind of a con game about trying to get you to agree with the aquatic ape theory and yes because scientists don't do that so I was very good very confused of what was going on you ever have you heard of us have you heard of the the the Jim majors theory what the hell stoned ape I think is the other the other well I mean that that's that's possible because there are there are species I'm not saying that it happened but I'm sure that at some point some random common ancestor ate something it shouldn't have and when but that's a real thing that's the only real thing like somehow eating rotten apple elephants elephants get drunk that's how they that's how we got you know ADH because we have to be able to metabolize the alcohol and I stirred the apples just lying there so these are our ancestors I'm sure really sucked in identifying fungi and other you know poisonous plants so I'm sure that they ended up you know getting sick a lot so you know they bought these they just really give them a break I mean know that at least now potheads have an excuse it's in our genetics or some shit but hey I have your annex yep my apologies um now Trevor I find this very I'm just gonna say right now I find science so incredibly fascinating fact I went into college at Brett's with environmental science nice things were not going too well like my um my teeth my professors were a little off yeah we're a little unorthodox and things just weren't clicking so I'm going into individual studies which I'll use to a 4-year degree in history define history also very fascinating but I also love I just love science I've loved science ever since I was a little kid I was a huge Mythbusters nerd when I was a kid still am honestly I would yeah because it really spiked my interest in the scientific method and how our world works and just looking you know the sign you know if you have an idea put it to the test and you know if you're wrong retest that see see what will work and you know put your ideas up to scrutiny right it was I think that played a big part in me learning how to think more scientifically because I again I was a kid I was it just clicked to me so well and you think that's like really important like I know like the flatties are going to say they're just gonna shout indoctrination unbelievably but do you think it that plays a good part like you're trying to get people to understand especially those at a young age to learn how to eat how the scientific method works why it works and you know see and show them that it will continue the work absolutely the whole thing about science is that science isn't about discovery it's about testing yourself it's about you coming up with something and observing something in nature or in physics or in math or anything of the sort and going hmm I wonder and then you test it and you're like fuck I was wrong all right let me try it again fuck I was wrong it's fucked I was wrong a lot more than it is shit this is awesome I imagine I imagine I just see like Einstein in the room going and that's the thing that's the glorious thing about science it's like when Dan was bleeding oh yeah you know science would be so much better if it just said I don't know fucker me say I don't know all the fucking time the issue is that they don't accept I don't know as exactly eggs fuck exactly thank you frustrating that's the thing they want science to say I don't know when science says I don't know they come right back and say well you're a scientist you should know you're indoctrinated so it's like you man they literally science teaches you critical thinking skills to the point where you can accept that you're wrong which is amazing the problem is when you get to ensconce in a specific field and you believe you've researched everything and then it goes all the shit because there are plenty scientists out there that are shitbags that have no concept of the evolving world around them in their particular science and sellouts and Answers in Genesis oh my god answers and Answers in Genesis all they do is they're paid to not understand shit right though all they do is keep misrepresenting everything that there is to know about science just of that way they keep that income coming well that's why they came up with their arguments not to use their asses handed right Oh many yeah yeah I know some of them and and they're all different I mean some of them are really quite difficult to deal with there's one or two who are actually not so bad and they try to use the scientific method as much as they can but they get stuck because they cannot accept anything except their interpretation of Scripture right if I carry but I just want to say one thing since frustrated it's easier I should have said sooner thank you so much for the sub man you get some laughs out of my content I'm curious sorry what what is how much credence do you give to the idea that some of the stories in the Bible and some of the experiences that people purported could have been drug-induced people make this claim right you know reading revelations I mean even some people have like surmised that I think manna and the Bible when the Israelites were marching on desert there was some kind of I don't know all that stuff because they were all tripping out yeah if you actually read revelations it reads like a bad mushroom trip well there was an early there was an early Christian cult who actually believed that that Jesus was just a vision and that he he was not for real at all that's right but I wanted to add something to what Trevor said about the scientific method which is important and I know I'm probably by far the oldest guy here so I don't know if any of you have ever heard of an incident that occurred when the beetles were very hot which was that some somebody spread rumors that Paul McCartney was dead the Beatles and I know the whole fall is dead right I didn't realize because I was you know I was a youngster I was around when that happened and I remember having fierce arguments I was in graduate school at the time fierce arguments with some of my friends who were nothing who are not scientists and they kept saying but look at this there's evidence this you know John is where is barefoot and you know this you play this backwards and you get all these messages right the Abbey Road the funeral press right that's right yeah what I try to explain to them is that's not science it's not doing science what reminded me of this was looking at those images of the driveway pattern-seeking oh yeah exactly in other words it's not enough to see something and say oh look at that that must mean such-and-such that's doing what the guy did when he saw what he decided to see a dragon in the in the landscape yeah what do you do science would want you not to Tet is this is exactly what Trevor said that I'm using this as another example you have to test these ideas you know maybe there is some evidence that Paul was dead so now and you do I know you do experiments what you do you look at other things to confirm with deny and that can take years and saw in real science and eventually you come up with an idea you know this may be true and I know in my own research career I did that several times and in my and – at least for those times I was completely wrong and you know I mean I published two papers one to publish the idea and the next one to say well I was wrong because it's just an opportunity to be about something else right I completely agree I will believe every time you're wrong you learn but then again I just want to point out that just because you are you prove that your point is wrong does not mean that your new conclusion is right correct no never thank you the only way that I mean it especially like like like Thomas a way better name Thomas Mac you know if you're going into the the debate field and into that you know that that arena you know it's it the the more you you test your positions yourself and look for flaws and then be stronger your your your defense will be because you'll be prepared for people throwing these things at you that you've already researched because you cared that much about the sincerity of your belief yeah one of my favorite anecdotal one of my favorite anecdotal stories about you know topic one about Edison whenever he went and they said in someone said you know what about all your failures he goes no those weren't failures though yes Fleming that Fleming refined he did you shit he stole the idea his ideas he was anyway anyway anyway anyway story goes that you know he's like I didn't fail I just found it's like if I can if I if I can put it in another way this might this is more recent thing it's like in that I wish I could remember remember them Meet the Robinsons I believe was the movie like there was a scene we're like the main protagonist one of his inventions failed and the entire family cheering because now you know what we're wrong and now you can see what went wrong so it won't go wrong again right right yeah we just work slowly work out the kinks as you go along Jim what are you drink I serve a shiner Oh shadow box fuck yeah sorry like yeah yeah I'm also a cicerone so craft beer is kind of like my thing your place is here in Nova Scotia I'm something shiner that shiner Texas is not too too too well no it's about like three hours okay I drew cider Texas specifically your cheer during the holiday season yes I'm from Texas but I I'm in Oklahoma now what's interesting is me and Trevor both have like a background in magic as well and as much as the carbines is really important to teach and as bad as it would be for magic as an art form I think if more people learn the principles behind what makes it work we probably have a higher degree of skepticism in society for some of I like I totally agree I've been I've actually been watching a new Netflix series that's my magic a guy who recreates magic famous magicians oh that's my magic yeah yeah that that is the first few episodes again what I haven't checked it out yet what Dave's talking about I'm a I'm a member of the Magic Castle I'm also magic historian and I build effects for other magicians Wow stop being badass no okay so I was this close to pulling Penn & Teller however the effect I built wasn't ready in time to go on the show I was because holy fuck did I have an awesome masculine cabinet that would have fucked him up it would have fucked dude and he really knows masculine but I would have gotten him on this so the way to fuck him up is actually and let him think the key is from what I've seen most people do it is they they know these things so well so they wanted me to caught us something that's bullshit yeah I specifically engineered a I have to use it I'm trying to use a codeword without explaining I engineered a front to the box that makes it appear it's masculine based but it's not if anybody knows magic you may understand what I'm talking about especially because I'm I'm I'm highlighting the word front but yeah so I was I was actually I designed it to try and fool tell her because I know how much he knows masculine Chris hey Chris hey what happened with what happened with you and those those checks you did you know what you wait is this a Chris Hanson yeah it's new Amsterdam raspberry no since there are so many face reveals going on should I just show my mug to people all right get ready to see the nerdiest mug you'll ever meet in your life oh there's Steve how dare you nice chin fuzz cute I like it it's the post it's a smoking a goatee goddamn it works no it's all right okay so let's read the rest of these super checks that we have are really funny this should be good yeah let's uh see okay James Harvey says that Trevor is awesome keep up the good work man godless fighter jet says sloth loves Jesus hey you guys ts this is really difficult to beat it – thank you – yes cookie we have says yeah I was trying to get off but you and Dan yeah sorry just uh I think he was on the wrong he's on the wrong he knows the Bears I mean there you go man cookie nibs just because it's been watching Trevor school this poor man hiding in his car was the highlight of this very long week oh my god truth radio show calm he has shit like every week he had to be that was unusual he said they're doing something with the audio they're doing something in a studio so he had to do it of his car I'm in my shitty three third-floor apartment in Hollywood on a surface pro one that's like from 2013 Sondra Knight says the first we had shed rage Dale now we have shed rage Dan Thank You Cassandra Mac HD says Dan and kinky were cellmates B and G with laughing emoji so Mandel I kind of want to do Adele impression right now but I'm all hail Megatron this is hilarious thank you very prime to his mane Ian says finding large animals or large mammals a lot today Johnny V says Trevor should have his own TV show called debunk nation also this this guy probably thinks if Carl Baugh is an actual authority thinks not ignore show a family Oh says even Alex Jones know thee knows the earth is a sphere the filaments that's really much of a standard but why I don't know why doesn't Alex get another dump fucker he has all kinds of other shit what is it about Flat Earth that turns more thing about Alex is that he promotes that's the thing that's what I was trying to get into he promotes flattered her channels without directly admitting it and that's under Richard as Dan says he promotes happily promotes flirter channels and has like throughout most of his shit bear with me guys let me let me power through these last couple soldier v element says he's a professional wrestler he's only after exposure same as Alex Jones yep and Vince McMahon he's after the exposure you're giving him soldier of Sciences is debating with flat earthers giving recognition to the lowest denominator aka is it worth our time yes yes I'm so glad everyone's saying it's good because I'm actually going to have a cool uncle debate with mine of god oh god hey miss plug are you really win well it's gonna be we have a plan Sunday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern money and no mind of God on his channel yes cool it's gonna be more of an open dialogue everybody check about it goes if it goes well well we're considering having a debate here on the non-sequitur show well Trevor you said yesterday that was have you ever heard of or thong galore vectors that's that's the thing we're considering having a debate like if we decide it's okay we're on make sure that you uh make sure that you you know those terms cloud two four four zero says why are we listening to this guy fifth element says win the debate by telling him you can beat him up no grass 1966's next up dan claims the flood myth is contained in the alphabet condorman says like a hungry fish taking the bait getting sidetracked anytime expertise is mentioned just debunk his claims that's from condorman condorman if you think you can do any better come on he can hey can I can I can I can I come on can I join on that I'd be like Trevor's cheerleader or something we'll get you pom-poms ash gosh professor Trevor being the most badass scientist I know Gordon l can't dan make a single argument without appealing to ignorant seriously Rosa 43 says I dabble in Satanism I devil insane ooh that was a good line from that Maggie yeah one says if in sales were watching tonight don't be like Dan I guarantee you you will hear not tonight I have a headache for the rest of your lives cringed so bad about about those in cell shows you guys did just a couple more just a couple more five more Jeff Herman says what mastodons are not humans my mind is blown godless fighter jet says the real question is are mastodons and pine trees related yes they are yes they are because mass baby hold a wooden thing on ship and tall wouldn't think treat well the elephants and pine trees is the the first mean from the it was a very first name from this show back when we when we first started out it's because uh Kent Hogan was making such a big deal about Lauren saying that we all have a common ancestor so he's like you mean an elephant in a pond tree I related so we actually put a picture of a we were like hugging a pine tree and put it on a shirt so sorry I have to go science he on that one mastodons mastodons were heavy browsers so they had crown teeth so they could actually take down small saplings of trees and all that mammoths on the other hand they have flat teeth they're more of grinders so they were taking down grasslands so yes Massa Don's young pine trees a hundred percent well I've seen I've seen bears and otters Bonecrusher survived I provide forever I just say one thing I have never we don't have any cool fossils here in New York New York your dude so well I mean you have us Bloomberg you know you have some but you do have the you have the problem of the shield so yeah go to Central Park and or anywhere there's a massive grenade you know granitic outcrop and you've got all that problem but there are some but their motion mostly inverts I believe are I believe the New York State fossil is one of the uh it was the very very very early ancestors and scorpions like those like the sea scorpions I think those things a freaking badass insidious vid says does Dan believe in school shootings like Sandy Hook not even go there no no he doesn't need clarity no no I'm gonna finish these three more Super Chas everything's going to the same thing I think a goddess of wisdom says this guy is more insane in Flat Earth Jesus insidious degree says Kyle as a glutton for punishment Steve is getting ultra drunk tonight trevor is never coming back love you guys well he's back and then Justin how you can says Steve you should definitely smell a little grass and hello to justin holland by the way he is a guy that's been watching the show for a long time he's actually gonna be on the show in a couple weeks he is he's got a timetable on when he's gonna be completely blind he has been going slowly blind for a while now and it's it's coming to where it's gonna be completely that way not in a not too distant future so I'm gonna bring him on to genetic macular degeneration I don't know to be honest with you I can't remember what it is I don't want to say yes and then be completely wrong I'm Justin if you're watching in the live chat let me know if that's if that's what it is but I want to bring him on to kind of go into what that's like I wanted I want to hear that because I have this right I have a thing like that but it's my hearing so I have congenital Mac died congenital degeneration but no not ocular but hearing so I know this guy though he is he is like huge I mean like he is Jack he looks like I mean he does bodybuilding she's got a YouTube channel check it out it's just a moment just got engaged congratulations Justin I may say a few words to a fellow of non SEC fan to Justin and this is just me being an ultra like super like cringy nice guy here because that's who I am Justin my condolences man I am so sorry that you had to go through that but cheers anja for keep on keeping up keeping up man there are people who go through less who complained about more oh I thought you're giving condolences get it getting married it's gonna be great yeah now you can go into the Sandy Hook thing okay so there's an honor seeing you sir Thanks I am the krint I am just to be nice sometimes so to let everybody know because I've been thoroughly you know I'm you know Dan ology I guess so Dan believes the standard Infowars line that Sandy Hook was a false flag event he also believes that the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag event and he you can actually google his name he went to the Boston fuck was it the the hearing not the hearing but some like fuck drunk anyway thank you but no pretrial um so he actually got kicked out because he started screaming that the Boston Marathon was a hoax bla bla bla bla bla bla bla so and then he accosted a bunch of people on the beat with a microphone for Infowars so yeah he is absolutely 100% one of those false flag and I'm really happy that didn't come up because I had on AI one did not want to get into a second amendment battle with him because he's a hardcore noser about that and – yeah well we would have kicked him off if he'd abroad the same thing because we have a 9/11 hoaxer he's a Boston Marathon officer he's a Sandy Hook haut sir yeah there's those things I let him have his 9/11 I fell for that for a little while way way way way back and I first happened you know I don't even I'm surprised I didn't remember 9/11 I was I was a baby when it happened I don't remember jack oh my friend's best got hit by a plane that's why that's my point on 9/11 and that's limes I'm Trevor can I Trevor I'm so sorry I wish I could like so yeah people that were in the buildings as well after the fact I went to high school dad just last year had a high school shooting and I live currently a town over from Santa Fe and it was one of the things that I if he were if someone were to say that that was a hoax I I wouldn't be able to keep my cool because there it was a major thing that struck our community and that just would have utterly pissed me off I completely agree frustrated atheist like that's why I didn't well few things I want to bring up here one I wish I could like hug you guys you know cuz I'm just so incredibly sorry about that are you Canadian no I'm gonna be like you should sign up you'd fit right in I know right no no I'm particular with my A's okay gotcha no it's not what do you do sorry sorry yeah okay but no but it's about there's a very small select group of people who do that now I have any questions for uh Trevor we're gonna be wrapping up here I guess I joined too late I had a lot of a lot of like oh well you gotta go easy on the the I have to sit at these chairs for like hours four hours a day everyday we grew these and I'm making dinner actually I just want to ask one question being that I'm a big fan of I just wanna know Trevor is there any chance that you're going to be anywhere near Houston possibly in September when I do my two-week drive to Dragon Con and back cuz that would be very awesome to meet up and be able to discuss a lot of the different topics like that you're driving yeah I have a new truck I'm gonna drive it to Atlanta back and you take 40 out and send back I am – I'm driving – oh really yes Trevor could any of the misidentified giant bones be Gigantopithecus no cool that's Trevor he will be able to recover brain cells after his exchange with Don I'm gonna say no to that one – do any of you watch Game of Thrones yes I almost wore my stark jersey tonight but in salia the Roughnecks baby does anyone have a prediction of how it's going to end I'm just curious we're getting a Targaryen baby well yeah that that Brant is the night king yeah yes interrupt angry I'm gonna head off my doctors telling me to go somewhere not pleasant okay the season extra short because they're gonna show half of it from one perspective and they're gonna basically say if you want to know what happened on the other half you have to read the book as the other seasons they're just breaking them up into instead of I gotta watch it one of these did i watch the first season I just couldn't get into it but if season two so there's been three seasons I haven't seen the comic too much and I'm like no thanks Michael Jordan in the live chat just said Game of Thrones are you kidding me do you base life on sitcoms well Michael Jordan number one it's not a sitcom and number two we're allowed to have conversations about things that is not associated with religion and Flat Earth all the time my Michael Jones I'm sorry do you think scientists all we do is we sit and we look through papers and we look through evidence what we can't have a fucking life and talking about Game of Thrones go fuck your side I'll give you my recommendation for a show to watch it's called a good place everybody if you've got Hulu watch all six seasons let's call Letterkenny Letterkenny yeah it's wicked funny now I gotta check this out now Michael Jordan says bring me on the panel boy boy Michael Jordan see me your email trip or whatever how do you refute the this this ridiculous complain usually young as creationist claim that some of these plateaus or mazes are the remains of tree trunks that the Giants have like how you would approach it to somebody who genuinely believes this laughs at them well what you do is you use something we don't you take something like this and you lick it it sticks then I determine with a cloth or a bone yes this is petrified wood petrified wood actually as well as fossils what they do is when it mineralized is it actually keeps the porous membranes of the structure intact so when you lick it it kind of sticks to your tongue a little rock doesn't do that so if I were to walk up to Devil's Postpile and go Michael Jordan says I'll wait they so basically you're being a little bitch you talk all that shit but we use beta 1 beta in here I don't think you think you know I you know I don't even care if I'm a beta or not I'm fine with it let's get laid more than anybody else fuck off beta you can get in here bitch you add a lot chat whichever one you wanna do one thing okay I know I barely say anything and I'm probably the least I'm probably just like the early evening head because I didn't guess I don't want to like be rude to anybody but um I have found the ultimate silver bullet for Flat Earth isn't this is coming from me as a skier if the earth is flat why the hell do we have mountains I wouldn't have a sport anymore well they have a little flatter they're not mountains they're dragons I check me for the flirts hey pal remember that one that's much like that I came on for where mister intelligent design completely like didn't show up and then we got that flat earther and you thought that thought that there was some giant mountain in the center of the world where all the gods sat I was a little disappointed that he didn't that Danny to commit to Flat Earth I mean he was just like oh I don't know one or another but then again that to me is even worse when you you don't even know what the hell the shape is yeah I mean either a you're just dumber than than humanly imagine where you're lying and I thought and I still maintain I still a flat earth or – he's a flat I agree because if you're not if you're not flatter you'd be like fuck no Flat Earth is bullshit I mean anybody who'd know the end about flatter would be like yeah that's bullshit he didn't he didn't he didn't diss Vallot in any shape wears forms so he was there are good people on both sides yeah it's rather it's rather it's rather can I just say it's rather ironic that they continue like these pseudoscience peddlers constantly I tell you ask questions because it's the second you start asking even the simplest questions to them that their entire like argument just all goes to utter hell in a handbasket like I found these simplest simplest question about Noah's Ark and this is either like going on any of alright what are in drawers then did this prove it this is just basic mechanics on the boat how would the hell do you steer that damn thing yeah there's no stirring and they never implies that he steers it so yeah that's like vehicle 101 you need a way to like control where it's going yeah really every one of the every young every young earth creationist thing is the ad hoc narrative every single one you just say God himself wasn't a damn bow at this rate I mean it could I mean the thing the thing also is is that I mean if you're going to commit to the worldwide flood narrative there it says it flooded the whole earth up over the highest mountains so at that point where is there to steer to anyways yeah I'm gonna be drifting aimlessly into the ocean I might as well make sure I have some form of control so I don't hit my god hey Trevor real quick before we end this you managed to come down here around the 27th or day early cuz I might stay down there for a day or two you want you want to summons oh so the demon Ouija board demon with me look at the bring the mead Steve I will be sorely disappointed if you don't summon a sex demon and you have to in our heads as we how's that work you know what it is Brittany all about this because I'll have to tell her there's such a thing called a skirt hey hey Brit do you know if there's a section teaming in a Ouija board BDSM and shit so I'm straight not narrow let's do it goodness gracious well this is like wrapping up – I just might as well just use this chance to say a few things since I've been you know very quiet lately if you keep saying you've been very quiet but yeah um Jim you've been more both in comparative I guess I don't know Mac hasn't said a goddamn word yeah Mac head is not a word people like get this on video course would be able to summon a demon it for not on video with I'm an asshole of course we're gonna record it yeah go ahead Thomas okay Mac left now I feel like a bigger asshole no I you know paranoid Thomas you feel like an asshole I'm on yes paranoid I'm trying not to be okay I got you okay we're doing a this and I might be slight nerves because people you have the for my friend it's all your Trevor you are you are also man like make sure you are a hell of a paleontologist to use two hands for truth I look for it I look forward to the possibility if things go well with my to God that I might you know have a debate on your show it would be such an amazing honor because this is kind of also a small statement I'm doing here if a guy who is literally going into college for his and has never debated anything has only like sat in the sideline is wanting to take on a veteran of the Flat Earth movement I mean he's small bright compared to most but I mean well the take aim on I think that will be an absent this will just show that there well goes along lands on bedrock if it goes horribly you'll have an even better chance of coming on because we actually go for the dumpster fires so if ya we will definitely put you on is that would be an absolute before we [Applause] can you handle a lot maxing again I discussed the Civil War Southern Israelite I think I can handle a good amount max do you watch this thing before you end this i I I just got an email a while ago somebody had said they want me to to or they want to debate me and it was standing for truth and I have no intention of debating stand for truth I was no no no no you won't I want a biologist that actually is well familiar with haploid groups Haldane's dilemma and various types of a lens of enzymatic functions due to have very specifics talked with him because we go in and we have discussions with them but unfortunate and for truth tanios a lot of specificities that unless you are an actual biology you're not going to know about it is waste of our fuckin time I want to moderate that because I can probably ask the right questions but I'm not interested in going to have a discussion with standing for truth because I listen to him he doesn't listen to anybody and we haven't had the right people to answer his questions because his questions are so myopic and in scope that unless you have an expertise in this field it's not gonna be worth it so if you have a biology what those are the worst questions yeah well III know how to ask the right questions oh yeah if you find a biologist that's going to do that message me but furball if you have a PhD in biology especially on genetics is in haploid groups and it will make that happen but i'm not gonna do what my father i can't answer his questions either i only have a tertiary understanding that that would have to be more of a of a genetics understanding yeah right I was a biologist before I'm paleontology I know a little bit about haploid groups but ya know yeah but I want something that really if standing for truth will debate history I will gladly whoop his ass all alone bring me bring me dude bring me along Chris I would love to the base 3 all right guys we have things to do like hours and I got I'm gonna go back to play some Skyrim tonight I'm level 18 and yes I've cheated I've increased my sneak to like a hundred in speech craft like a hundred because you know what those are not only game effective what did you use cheat codes fuck yeah somebody had a you have to use cheat code because we struggle with like the the take out line in the the intro it's always awkward somebody had a really cool idea and I'm gonna do this ever since the fifties there have been people who own TV shows that have had phrases that they either bring the show in with or they leave the show out with and I have a database of that now of every sign offline and every intro line and so we'll be doing one picked at random and Steve peat me a number five okay we're gonna go with Bob Ross's the joy of making oh thank you to everybody here in the call thank you for coming hanging out with us especially you out there and thank you for all that you you do especially all of these super test as you've seen in we really appreciate it this week we can't remember we have a private hangout for our patreon the information for the private show that will be going we'll be doing for the you know what Trevor you be would you would you be willing to come on at the beginning of February for a private show that we're gonna do for our patrons and the people who sponsor the show sure I can I can make time yeah damn me let me know let me know what day it is alright so yeah so the first one will be with a with Trevor so that's a really cool make sure you don't miss that alright giggity so here we go this is a sext even in the Ouija board sorry go ahead guy from all of us here I want to wish you happy painting and god bless my friends

37 thoughts on “AFTERSHOW: DEBATE-AGEDDON | Trevor Valle vs Dan Bidondi

  1. Ac 1:7 "He said to them" : ' "It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set for his own authority" '. Jesus was, in other words, defending or apologizing for God's huge piece of untruthfulness. And, Jews, knew it; else they would have not dared to talk back to their Maker. Other scribes also used such a lame excuse for God not telling even own possession when he'd send back to Earth his Son and to, according one story [or tall tale], rule the nations from J'lem. But these questioners forgot or dared not talk back to God by asking Jesus this question: Is it for us also not to know God's or your word? Too bad they did not nor do now ask, say, dear pastors, rabbis, priests, et al: Why isn't the God's or Jesus' word known by us, but yes by you? One caveat? Don't ask Steven Anderson of the Tempe Stedfast BC Church or you will be thrown out by force if you do not run away the moment you ask him that. Truly i tellya, He's mighty man of God????? Awesome, powerful, a lot smarter or cunning than even the talking snake.
    Ac 2:43 "Everyone was filled with awe at many wonders and signs performed by the apostles". Paul also did much of it himself, according to him. But why haven't the goers of at least one church in Anatolia, believed Paul's claims not only that he did signs, but that Jesus chose him as an apostle and given him the God's gospel to preach.

    Ac 2:44 "All the believers were together and had everything in common 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need". If true, communism or socialism had arrived, but had it arrived by the will of God? Not for me to ever know? In any case, Christian leadership, decided already by the year 50 CE to abandon much of that communism; retaining a bit of it; which i call fascist or God's socialism.

  2. Poor Trevor putting up with this bald self righteous retard, personally i could listen to Trevor all day long ive always liked his work especially since he was on JRE and showed he was a super cool guy I FACEPALMED HARD WITH THIS ONE

  3. I love that weed is now legal for us and it's good weed I bought a half quarter of their cheapest weed and it was better than most of the weed I ever sold when I was a dealer but now I can grow my own I was going to get a medical prescription but under the medical license I wouldn't have been allowed to grow because of my possession for the purpose conviction some years ago but under the new recreational act I can grow 4 plants at a time. Now it's just a matter of setting up and learning how to make 4 plants give weed continuously for the rest of my life. 😁 That is if I can ever buy some seeds. I got an email from OCS saying we now have seeds to sell. I went to buy some and they were already sold out basically in the blink of an eye they were gone they were not ready for the recreational weed demand here in Ontario not sure if Ontario supplies Canada or not I guess I should check maybe that's why they sell out of stuff so fast I have to recommend the RAW small rolling tray they sell on the OCS site it's not the smallest of the RAW trays that are sold but the smallest on the site and IMHO it's the perfect size and it's coated with a non static and a non scratch coating.😁👍

  4. This aftershow answered nothing nor debunked nothing I said.
    All you people did was brag about your credentials, make fun of some guy using Google Earth and have some dork kid on kissing Trevor's ass while talking about non-sense and swearing up a storm insulting people.
    But the whole time NOT ONCE did any of you debunk a damn thing I said.
    NOT ONE of you knew jack when I brought up the 7 Sacred Sciences, and the bastardized version which is the base of your twisted science called Evolution (fake science).

    When it came to the giants, all you guys did was stick on some fake articles and ran with em, COMPLETELY AVOIDING the thousands of others perfectly describing these giants from 7 to 14 feet tall in full skeletons.
    Just in the state of Kentucky alone you can find countless numbers of these articles. PERFECTLY DESCRIBING A HUMAN GIANT NOT A megalodon,

    And like I said EVERY ANCIENT CULTURE'S RELIGIONS speak of giants and the flood. Even the ancient Indians as well. Don't confuse the culture with the cultures religion like you did in the video either.

    Once again the Bible is right and evolution is wrong.

    I kinda had a feeling Trevor wouldn't be the only one on with me and he needed some of his buddies. I am not dumb, I know the whole point of bringing me on was not really to debate me but just to poke fun at me. All Trevor did was swear and insult and bring up things that had ZERO to do what I was talking about hoping to divert the subject in his favor. But anyone who has a mind of their own can research this all and see for themselves..

    OH by the way Trevor when you stated that many people listen and follow people like me, you're damn right about that! More and more people are waking up to the truth and it's spreading like wild fire. Even your own History Channel you brag about is moving away towards evolution into the ancient alien agenda which are actually fallen angels but anyway, people are waking up by the millions. Infowars has tens of millions of fans world wide, even David Ike who I don't agree with, he has millions of fans who he does spread some truth about what he thinks are aliens but again are nothing but fallen angels and the Nephilim.
    Now You See TV the Midnight Ride has hundreds of thousands of viewers and growing rapidly, and many shows like ours are growing beyond your idiotic foolish Evolutionary lies.

    Evolution is nothing more than a splinter off of the corrupt bastardized 7 sacred sciences that were corrupted as far back as Cain, the Evil Enoch, Lamech and the fallen Angels. And your pony tail friend can shake his head all he wants, you guys can shove it with your quotes from Catholic Clergies and Bishops and such. Because NO ONE who are true followers of Christ and the Bible care what anyone from the Whore of Babylon Church the Catholic Church has to say in the first place. The Catholic Church are NOT real Christians, it is an apostate church based off the ancient cult of Saturn and Babylon.

  5. I want to see Aron Ra, Bill Ludlow and Trevor all in the same room having a discussion about what the hell ever.

    Top it off by having them argue against each other about who is the worst pseudoscience

  6. NIV, Paul's spin-offs on sin, sinfulness? One fair warning? Since we cannot ever tell if it is God or Satan working on all of us day and night, we cannot tell who was working on Paul ca. 2 k CE. Ro 3:23 "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". 4:7 "Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. 3:23 clashes with 4:7. I do not conflate them nor their meanings. 4:25 "He was delivered over to death for our sins….". The verse is vague; so, it is not possible to tell whether, Jesus wiped all of the sins of all of the believers or not. Other verses make it clear that God, by sacrificing Jesus, not only had forgiven the sins of all believers the moment he died, but prevented all sinning thereafter. 5:8 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us". 12 "Therefore, Just a sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned'. According to this verse, there was no sin in the world prior to Adam being created. But the penner of this verse does not tell us from where the sin came and who created it Was it also self-created and just like Satan, demons, and God have? Or the one Maker made also the sin? But 6:2 "…We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Is this too good to be true? According to most or all believers, it indeed is too true to be true.

  7. Paul, who claims to have been chosen by God to be his apostle and that he received the gospel he preached not by any human, but by Jesus [or God], nevertheless, writes a lot that came from him. How much God told him to write or preach is not possible to find out. But i can only count the number of times he exaggerates his importance and the times he criticizes people whom he is changing into believers.

    Ro 1:13 "I don't want you to be unaware, brothers and sisters, that i planned many times to come to you (but have bee prevented from coming to you) in order that i may have harvest among you just as i have among other Gentiles". 2:16 "This will take on the day when God judges's secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares". 15:15 "I have written you quite quite boldly on on some points to remind you of them again, because the of the grace God gave me". 15:18 "I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me in leading the Gentiles to obey God by what io said and done". Read also 15:18, 19. Read 1Co 4:6,15. 5:3,4, 9. 7:6, 32. 9:11, 12, 14, 19-23. 11:33. 15: 1-3. There's more in 2 Co as well. So how can every NT word be solely of God when even Paul explicit says a few times that a part of what he preached came from him. I wonder how many pastors also exaggerate their importance and preach own gospels to the degree that God comes out of marginal importance? Big lesson: Do not ever conflate God and even books, let alone preaches. Most preachers are too selfish and controlling. It is such people who wrote God.

  8. The NonSequitur Show.
    Didn't quite know where to put this but you have to check Scotty Storm's latest video titled "MGTOW! The reality of the situation is xD!" and "MGTOW also for the Ladies!"
    Someone needs to tear this piece of shit a new one.

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