Abandoned Stations in Berkshire, England

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Abandoned Stations in Berkshire, England,

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An abandoned railway station is a building or structure which was constructed to serve as a railway station but has fallen into disuse. There are various circumstances when this may occur – a railway company may fall bankrupt, or the station may be closed due to the failure of economic activitiy such as insufficient passenger numbers, operational reasons such as the diversion or replacement of the line. In some instances, the railway line may continue in operation while the station is closed. Additionally, stations may sometimes be resited along the route of the line to new premises – examples of this include opening a replacement station nearer to the centre of population, or building a larger station on a less restricted site to cope with high passenger numbers.


6 thoughts on “Abandoned Stations in Berkshire, England

  1. Do you think that the line from Windsor & Eton Central to Windsor & Eton Riverside could be rebuilt and a brand new station to be built to replace the 2 stations in Windsor. And also to reopen the line from Bourne End to High Wycombe if it was to reopen and new tracks being relaid on the former railway track bed. Since most railway lines and stations closed in the 1960s because of Dr Beeching.

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