A guided tour around St Andrew's Church in Cullompton, Devon

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For years now I have had the honour of showing local primary school classes around the Church I work for as the Children’s & Families Minister. The other day while waiting for a class to arrive I did some filming on my mini video recorded explaining some of the things I would show the Children. I have decided to post it on youtube so those schools can recap. You are very welcome to use this for educational purposes and if you are local to St Andrew’s you are vert welcome to arrange a visit.

welcome to San Andres Church in Calamba my name is Wayne Hackman I'm the children's and family minister the works here and I'm tasked to work with boys and girls in the local community and who come to the church what we're gonna do today is we're gonna go in and have a look around this wonderful old building I'll see exactly what happens in an Anglican Church and the types of things that you might see first the tower or our porch way where people will come in it's quite dark because there are no windows nice and wide lots of people in and out and I'm an average Sunday morning we see about two to three hundred people come through this building to our three services two in the morning and one in the evening let's go into the main church building as we walk into the building you will notice that this church still has wooden pews these wooden pews are quite unique because actually they have these rather wonderful old doors but I do have to say although historically they look really really beautiful from my perspective when we're working with lots of families and young people and this building is often full on a Sunday morning it can be quite complicated to try and make sure that everybody is comfortable and enjoying worshiping and praising God so some churches choose to take the piers out at the moment we still have our pews in but we don't know what the history may lie for them because obviously we want this building to be used by the people that live in the community and the people that already worship in this church quite often when you first come into a church building certainly an Anglican Church building you will find something that looks like a rather large wine cup this is in fact is called a font and has a very special role to play in a special service called a christening service the service really significant boluses parents coming together wanting to celebrate the birth of a child and making commitments to say there they will bring their child up in this church family and then water is poured over the baby's head the priest will say something like i baptize you in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and it was a way that the church could welcome both the family and the child into their into the family into the church congregation so that is what the font is used for it is used in a christening service or a baby baptismal service this is in fact what we use instead in the christening service and this would be put at the front of the church and filled with warm water this is so that everybody can see the baptismal service taking place but traditionally font would be near the entrance because it was a reminder that we were welcoming people into the Christian faith and into the church family as we go deeper into the church building we'll find this rather odd looking piece of furniture this is in fact is called a pulpit and these days were very fortunate because we have sound systems and various systems to allow our voices to carry but if you imagine this building full of lots and lots of people and perhaps you didn't have the loudest of voices it would often be difficult to allow your voice to carry across this room so what the preacher or the vicar would do would go up in the pulpit and as you see as we go up the steps you get a really wonderful view of the church building and from here you would be able to make your voice be heard and be able to teach people from the Bible one thing you'll notice about this church building is right at the front of the church is this beautiful screen this is called the Rood screen and if we go through the door in the middle were taken into an area which would originally been used by the choir the priests the Verge's and very special things would have taken place up here this is called the altar and you notice on the altar there are some special things first thing you'll see is two books the first one this one here is the Holy Bible and Christians believe that this is in fact the Word of God written down by men inspired by God so that we can understand how to live our lives learn from the mistakes of others and get an idea of what exciting things are to come next to it you'll notice a prayer book and in some Anglican churches a prayer book is very helpful because it helps people know what's happening in the service and teaches people how to pray often on the communion table or the altar you will see a cup a plate which often has bread on it and in the bottles you can see red wine and some water this is important because it plays the part in our communion service part of the service which reminds us that Jesus gathered together his disciples he paused a little bit of red wine and broke some bread and then passed it around to his followers when he broke the bread he said this is my body broken for you and when he passed the red wine round he said this is my blood shed for you at the time the disciples didn't fully understand what it meant but Jesus knew that he was about to be put to death and he wanted his disciples to remember what was happening Christian's incorporate this into their services and it is an important part of remembering exactly what happened to Jesus over that Easter period the last thing on our communion table is a cross on the day that Jesus gathered his disciples together and they celebrated the Last Supper Jesus was arrested he was tried and then he was put to death the reason why he was put to death was people didn't like the idea that he was saying he was the son of God and they didn't like the things that he was teaching so they tried to get rid of him the reason why we have an empty cross on the communion table is to remind us that actually Jesus wasn't only just put to death on a cross but he came back to life and that's why the cross is empty it reminds us that actually in fact Jesus was the son of God and that everything he was teaching everything that he kept you stood for was in fact true and that we have hope not only in this life but eternally as well we're very fortunate in this church building that we have lots the beautiful stained-glass windows these would have been put in many many many years ago and there was a good reason why churches had stained-glass windows when people came to church many years ago they might not have been as fortunate as we are today they might not have learned to read or write so coming to church and having the opportunity of looking at these windows would be a novel and wonderful way of learning about God if you look very carefully you'll notice that there are biblical characters and biblical scenes being displayed in these windows thanks for joining us on this short tour around San Andres Church you're welcome to come back anytime you like the church is often open during the day and we have lots of services on Sunday and if you came on the Sunday you'll notice this this place is full of wonderful lively people who love Jesus with all of their heart and want you to experience how amazing God is thanks for coming and we hope to see you again soon

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