9 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

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The bible teaches us about nine manifestation gifts that are used to build up the body of Christ. These gifts are often referred to as the 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Today, Neal begins a two week series where he discusses the ministry and operation of the Holy Spirit as he teaches about the operation of each individual gift, and importance of their use.

Complete Series
9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
Word of Wisdom:
Word of Knowledge:
Discerning of Spirits:
Gift of Faith:
Working of Miracles:
Gifts of Healings:
Diverse Tongues:
Interpretation of Tongues:
Gift of Prophecy:

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21 thoughts on “9 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

  1. One thing I will disagree with you brother is that the gift of tongues is a gift that is accessible at any time. If I want to pray in tongues at any given moment, it is there for me to speak. I believe that this is the exception within all the nine gifts you are speaking of. I will always have the gift of tongues ie praying in the spirit any time I want to pray, and anytime I want to pray silently. This is universal for any Christian that has the gift on tongues.

  2. To the one who said he is gay and trying to change. First of all thanks for confessing this in this public forum as God honors those who confess in public. We know that Satan is constantly in battle for our souls. We know that these times are the end times. We know that the amount of destruction and sin is rampant among our youth and humanity. As Christians we must pray for the lost and also pray that many of the faith get delivered from many of Satan's bonds. This is bondage, brother from Satan, as you most likely know. If you want deliverance, you must repent of all your sins before the Father. Then ask forgiveness for all you have done. Remember that walking with Christ is literally a moment by moment walk. If you are serious about getting out of this lifestyle then you must surround yourself with strong believers who can minister and pray for you. You need strong spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ to break the bondage that you are in. I can pray for you now, but you also must find those who can pray for you and help God to deliver you. Lord Jesus we ask You now to break the spirit of deception and lies upon this man who is struggling with his life as a homosexual. Lord Jesus only You know his struggle intimately, but You can deliver him from this bondage as he is crying out to You now. So Lord we ask You to intervene in HIs life now and stop this attack on his soul. We ask You to break the stronghold of homosexuality as it is a demon sprit and not of You Lord, We ask You Lord to break this demon upon this man and send this demon to hell where it belongs. We ask You also to lift up this man and show him Your power and might through the blood of Jesus, Amen. Encouraging you brother and praying for you. šŸ™‚

  3. I live in a rough area and I have 6 kids of my own so my house is always full of kids. I see some of these kids are very gifted and it seems that the teenagers come and just spill their guts to me. Most of them have had very rough lives and are in an extreme amount of emotional pain. Can you do an episode on how to guide teens to the Holy Spirit

  4. 9:00
    See, this guy is adding to the scripture and teaching his own Bible. Heretic!
    The gifts get turned on and off at the Holy Spirits will….so a person who had wisdom, becomes stupid, then becomes wise again, then stupid again.

  5. i have a question…. many say there are 9 spiritual gifts spoken of in 1 cor 12. what about the other list spoken of in romans. are they different? are they less spiritual? please may i have clarity

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