6-Romans 9:1-16 Doctrine and Theology are a foundation for our lives Part 1

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Why study the Bible? What is the purpose? Are you a disciple of Christ? Disciples obey the teacher. Our Teacher is the Lord Jesus Christ. From Romans 9:1-16 Part 1, Dr. Baruch Korman shares at the First Annual User Conference why, we as Pewsitters, need to study God’s word. But how?
One of the first signs of someone’s experience of being born again INTO GOD’S Kingdom is a hunger for God’s word. But what about us who have been “sitting in pews” for many years? The main reason for us to dig in as pewsitters is to get to KNOW God. We can ask Him to be Lord of our life but what does that mean? Who is this God I cannot see? But I can hear from Him through His Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Dr. Baruch Korman of Loveisrael.org helps us to get a foundation of FAITH in the why, how, of biblical study. Join us for this podcast or video.
Dr. Baruch goes into detail about a passage that was important to the Apostle Paul. Today the church is lacking in teaching about doctrine and theology because it may not “grow” the church. But for those of us who wish to be disciples to live a praiseworthy life to God, we must know how critical doctrine and theology are to our walk with Christ. The Lord wants us to be ready and prepared. We do this by knowing how and what God expects us to obey. Don’t miss this foundation talk!

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