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Bill Donahue
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this is getting to me more and more interesting because it's it's reducing us deeper and deeper down to a basic and it really should not be difficult for any person to understand because it though the science of this can become very complex understanding the reality of what this may be is very simple you and I have been going to church for the better part of our lives trying to figure out you know what is life what is the nature of life what is the reason that we exist why do people die how do they die where do they go is that all there is is the Peggy Lee song sign years ago and yet of all the years that we've spent in church with all due respect to people who given a given a good shot to try to get us to understand we're still at the same place that we were we don't know anymore I don't know anymore from a religious standpoint after many many years of going into churches than I know now God made me who is God nobody knows for what to love him but then why'd he put out a book with all this nasty stuff in it I don't know and I'm supposed to read the Bible and believe the Bible and yet there's about a hundred of these different versions that say different things which one I don't know all the other people are wrong Hindus Buddhists Muslims they're all wrong oh yes or right because we're chosen and and so here we are in this confusion and we finally come to a point in our lives when we say you know nothing that we've ever Ariane's does silly basically on you know from a standpoint of logic as to how life evolves it then why should why should our understanding of what we call God be silly why can't it be based on some kind of common sense not science because that's too deep for us we're not scientists I'm not a scientist but I mean I think we have common sense I don't believe that this has to be reserved for people that have college degrees or you know lawyers or mathematicians that's silly too it's just basically common sense is it there some way that we could start to discuss life and its origins and its purpose and its end if it has an end and and how do we do that well now we've we've reached a point here of where we're starting to see something pop up in our conversations whether it be from Jeremy Nobby of Stanford University the Iowa or junga and here it is here it is and then Hertz it would appear from what we're learning now from gribbins from narvi that we're looking at the very thing you've been going to church to understand all of your life this is the angel because this is the messenger well you will see something see the word up there the jeans oh of course certainly this is Genesis this is genes this is genetic this is Adam of this leave certainly this is the serpent of course and this is the construction of the temple and as it says in 1st Kings 6 8 and they went up with winding stairs but now all of a sudden we have people of science starting to to see this so this isn't hard for you or me to to look at and say this is DNA I you know nucleic acid no a lot I don't know what that is well then forget that it's DNA and when you start reading about a serpent or you're when you start reading about winding stairs or you start reading about the twins think of this because this is you and you have a unique coded structure of your DNA that's why you look and are the way you are and then when we now begin to understand that the DNA and others is basically the same from the standpoint that it can communicate we begin to understand the nature of life it's not us as people communicating it's the DNA communicating with our DNA so to me it it is really this closest step that we've ever come to understanding the nature of what we call god of what we call creation of heaven of all these types of things that are religious concepts we now see scientists starting to say well you know this is interesting because maybe what was being talked about by the ancient people was this DNA did you wanna say four wrongs nobody can hear what you say started over here alright I asked Albert if in the structure of the DNA the four rungs okay but if you go in the Bible remember when the roof we had to put some lintel you remember when there was one River and it's splitting into fours it's wrong and then everything went into fours in the Bible and in us we have the fourfold nature good that's very good because how the four rungs the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that's right and are they the fifth the four points of the compass and you had provided me a friend of yours had written up about those types of thing well basically this is what is so good about this the answer to all that has to be yes because there are not four horses of any apocalypse there aren't so these are symbols of something there are not four rivers there isn't any place called Eden it's a mythological place it's it's like Oz it is Oz and and the wizard is the Wizard of all I mean that's all the same thing so you follow the twisting yellow book road which is the same as that you know and then we start to look at all of these things as my goodness gracious this isn't hard to understand it could be 19 or you could be 90 or it's not hard to understand it's very beautiful to understand it's very simple to understand so when I was speaking for the doctor that I go to and I talked to him about this he's very into this because he's into meditation and he's into all natural healing substances he doesn't prescribe drugs unless it's a absolute necessity he's a medical doctor but he knows all the so he was even one of the few doctors that I've ever talked to or that I when I spoke to him about this he looked and he really listened to every word and when I spoke to him about DNA as dr. Jeremy norbi of Stanford University he looked at he said you know this opens up a whole nother thing he's a nobody said Albert if the DNA gets inside of these people of the jungle and talks to their DNA and they gain knowledge from that what is the DNA of a virus saying to us what is the DNA of a virus saying to our DNA he says it opens up a whole new thing so I walked out into the parking lot and I was thinking about this and then I walked back in you know and I said I got to see this guy you want a doctor's office but I just walked in guys I could tase him and I said you prescribed natural substances from plants and stuff if as dr. Nobby said the natural substances in the DNA that the jungle people took communicated with their DNA and they were then given information about healing why would be a human doctor prescribed a substance for me wouldn't it be logical then that the DNA in that substance would talk to my DNA and then I would be given knowledge about my well being now the ultimate decision as to whether I am going to accept reject is up to me but the fact would be that yes the DNA in a natural substance would communicate with the DNA in your body and and and then the continuing thing would go on what would happen the breaking down of the amino acids the nucleic acid the DNA so forth and so on triggers inside of a since inside an encrypted message suddenly becomes decoded because that's why you look the way you do you look the way you do because the DNA message is decoded and given to the cells in your body and your you your hair is the color it is your nose is the way it is and all of these things because it's your DNA well then I'm taking this new DNA from this plant in the form of a pill well now it's getting into me and then is this plant that the doctor prescribed for me communicating with my DNA and if so then of course the decoded message is going to be broken down and it's going to provide understanding knowledge of some kind to me so it just totally opens up a whole new understanding of not only from where we're coming from from what its God all this kind of business but how does healing occur how do you get sick do you get sick because of something in hurts your body or because there is a negative DNA inside of you screaming at your DNA and the two DNA start warring back and forth there's a yin-yang inside of your body and the two DNA start warring back and forth and you know and then you have this this thing develop absolutely you can go before Albert in the article on the plants it said that some plants the DNA would allow the virus and in others it wouldn't so it depends upon what you're just like saying now yeah it like Al said and what he read from gribbins it is the DNA that unzips the I guess the message of the encrypted message and so it we based on that yes are just a point people may not be aware of these things everything that you say about an DNA etc it does not apply to things that you eat okay because if you once you digest I just that that's it yeah but so but let me let me ask you this some subs substance substances yeah are protected right yeah and even go through the stomach they're still active yeah so in other words like Alassane when he read from gribbins earlier you weren't here at the time this DNA just like in in the NAR be situation the enzyme and the stomach can be neutralized well whatever yeah you what happens actually is it's a shield yeah that's why you needed two compounds that's what you talked about right so then if we're talking from the standpoint of this doctor prescribing a particular natural substance the natural substance would have to be shielded from that enzyme good very good all right what is what is she saying now Donna yeah well I want him dude why don't you stand us up avian I'm gonna get the back of your head to people come on yeah like this close right that's it sure you couldn't pick on me when I'm dressed come over here can you see oh this rail oh by all means yeah go ahead no Albert should really talk about the medicines that were derived from natural natural substances like the belladonna came from what was it lobelia lobelia lobelia Nkosi anna has nicotine in it and i can't think offhand Belle digitalis comes from foxglove thanks John but there there are many things that we take on a regular basis that came from plant life originally and of course Albert worked on that protection of these compounds yeah it's the same like then I would have to protect the compound from the destructive enzymes in the body yeah very good okay so we're getting an idea then to me it's it's fascinating because it takes itself to to me to the point of how does you know the influence the external influence of a meditation work in I know when I when I think of all these things and what Albert's just talking about without read from gribbins you go back to the fifth chapter of Genesis and it says this is the book of the generations of Adam which I am you know completely convinced that Adam is simply a mythological term for 8000m in the day that God created man in the likeness of God made he him well if you're made in the likeness of God and if we say well that's that's true and then we learn from NAR B and from science that our DNA sends out messenger particles it does your DNA emits a photon there is light energy that comes out of your body and it's coming from your DNA so there's a messenger particle because our light photon is a messenger particle there is a messenger coming from you that its origin inside of you is at the point of the messenger which is DNA well if that's the case and it is and if the Bible is right that you're made in the image and likeness of God then God's DNA also sends out messenger particles okay now look what's look what we found we've read about angels and their messengers but now we're learning something else we're learning that the messengers that we called God's angels are actually light particles messengers coming from a higher source a stronger source a cosmic source so now we find out that in in that point in that way that these light particles contain DNA which is our own DNA which is transmitted via candle power and then if we're in the image likeness of God then God's DNA is what we're meditating to receive and of course it's it's even difficult for me to to think of God you know that's that's not logical the very word is not logical I have I have a strong problem with that but I'm not having a problem with the essence of what we call God or Allah or whatever you want to call it I have a problem with the fact that I've been raised all in my life in what basically is is interpreting say it's nonsense or what interpreting mythological symbols literally that's where Jeremy nabhi had such a problem in the jungle because these people were telling him that the plants are talking to him are talking to them and he's saying this is nonsense and then he's reading books trying to research and he's reading about serpents and stares and does this have to do with anything this is nonsense I went through the Bible four times read it through four times and every time I went through it you know it became more repulsive because all I read was violent stuff I mean you know the Congress just voted to put you know it's okay to put the Ten Commandments back in the school this is going to stop people from killing one another but if you read the next page of the Bible left of the Ten Commandments there's 16 Commandments of how you can kill people with descriptions on how to do it hit him and how the rock or whatever you know and of course can you take that out and say well this is from God so we should put it on the wall and not take out the part that says kill all the little boys and kill all the women that have had sex but the little girl of children that have not keep for yourself what do you do that's the same guy well that is what the tenets of course it's all symbolism yes it's all symbolism it's not when we make a big story I only make a bigger study or we make a big mistake as we get into New Age and you know everybody it's unfortunately lumped into a title but there's a lot of people in New Age who have come out of fundamental religion and abandon the Bible because they said I want to know anything about the Bible you're making a big mistake because this book happens to be a mystical Greek document written in a coded language about astronomy astrology and anatomy huh I'm echoing a little bit member eka did you ever know about echo there was a fellow who was enamored with himself he thought he was a the Adonis and he just strutted around you know he was something and so the gods said you know you're much too involved with yourself we're going to send you up into the mountains and when he went up there he heard a voice coming from the woods and this voice would would call out to him and you know say I want you to touch me touch me and he wouldn't have anything to do with her and because he wouldn't have anything to do with her when she came out of the woods you know she went back into the woods and she died of a broken heart but her voice continued and you can hear her voice to this day if you go into the right places in the woods and the canyons and yell out how long you'll hear her say back to you hello hello her name was echo and he went back and just sat there and looked in a pond and stared at himself said I am the cat's meow I am something but as he started to look and look and look he just became so absorbed that he couldn't do anything else and he died and the gods said whatever happened to him he never came back and they went up to the little pond and there was a flower growing by the pond and the flower was named after him which is called narcissus and basically narcissism is you know becoming you know obsessed with oneself but he he then was able to free himself to that and so forth so but narcissus was involved with the lucko so he tried next time your honor you go into the mountains or something you call on she'll be there she'll talk back to you that was good it was an echo yeah so then we were thinking you know and we should try to stop and we should we should try to nurture our self about this DNA business because we're so close here we're so close because not only are we close to understanding the riddle and understanding the nature of God but you're very close physically to these occurring things you're very close to this tremendous summer of 1999 which is going to really shortly produce tremendous solar flares on the 11-year cycle of the Sun which is going to impact your communication systems you're very close to y2k which is going to impact many aspects of your life because you have advanced to the computer realm and you're very close to the magnetism to touch the earth from supernova 1987a and at a marina that we talked about a couple of weeks ago and very close to the impact of being felt from Pluto and cellphone so all of these things that are happening are happening because you've reached this Aquarius this this time of consciousness and what changes consciousness what changes consciousness we said well you know we've talked about it well the planets move from here to there and they have a difference in the magnetism and the angles of light and that's all true but remember what Nabi told us remember what the scientists are trying to tell you is basically what changes consciousness we're starting to find is DNA because it was the taking into themselves by the people of the jungle of DNA that allowed their consciousness to change and and and and in taking this all back to its base to its very beginning what did the National Aeronautics and Space Administration say they said that when the angle of light angel light comes from above god it touches the green of the earth chlorophyll plant hema body it stimulates the amino acids the nucleic acid becomes a triggers DNA the encrypted message so the angle of light is a messenger bringing a new message to the earth and to you and that comes not from the Bible but from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and not only that you have it in your material that I gave you so you have scientific documentation from NASA that this DNA comes from above so then we understand when we looked at the double helix of DNA here we understand how the ancient religions said that all creation comes from twins we've never to me finding specific passages in the Quran is very difficult they don't have I haven't found a concordance or something that can take you right there but we have some friends who are Muslims and one in particular now she's back in Turkey said she was going to get me the passage and probably forgot where it says that all of God's creations in the Koran says it all comes from twins well that's the twins of the double helix the winding stairs of DNA so creation is from DNA because of the light energy flowing from the universe bringing to life whatever it touches so what is it then what are these angles of light they're God's DNA if you're willing to accept the word God most of you are so I don't want say brainwashed but that's basically what we are we cannot conceive of the word God without thinking of some man sitting up behind a desk somewhere don't apply this so we think of our Heavenly Father that only likes us and doesn't like all of the other people down here and and then God is convinced we are convinced I had I mean you know we were that we're the good guys all the rest of them were bad so then we sit in meditation and we talk about receiving light well how would you receive light well the pineal gland of your brain is the light receptor of the body would it seem the word receptor means the point where you receive and that's the pineal gland of your brain so then what happens if through that light receptor you are receiving angles of light then you are seeing God face to face because that angle of light is God's DNA and then you look in the Bible and Jacob who did never exist it says I have seen God face to face and once he called the place where he seen God penny'll I mean you know had to be a rocket scientist is there that's very interesting so as narvi says when the jungle-people took DNA inside of themselves they were instructed by the plants this is what's so critical about this they weren't eating something inseminated I got into Justin I'm going to grab this and see they were instructed and the plan said don't go over there and take that one go over there and take that one how do they how would they instructed was there a little plant that you know opened its leaves and said of course not it came to them as you know maybe it's this one that's all maybe it's this one but it was that one they were directed on how to do this so then if they were directed on what to do by the DNA from the plant what I am saying to you is since you're taking God's DNA into you then you're directed about what to do by the DNA from what we call God and you learn the molecular structure of all things about life had to heal yourself and that goes far beyond a question of healing of a sore leg or whatever it goes beyond to the question of really healing ourselves these human things upon the earth are are seriously wounded Joan come up with this thing about how some people treat bears and these terrible things that go on to be on your comprehension that human beings would enjoy going sitting and torturing some animal like this and enjoy it as entertainment or that you know what we just saw in Kosovo was bizarre people killing each other they would kill the Albanians because they were Muslims now the Muslims are coming back in and they're killing the other ones to get revenge and words and all of these bonds and for what you know so there's a very severe illness that goes through the through the very essence and the nature of people upon the earth and these very people that think nothing of doing all of these things are shocked when a kid takes a gun to school oh we better hang up the 10 commandments c'mon it was the 10 commandments were there many years ago when it all started the 10 commandments were up there when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima makes no difference who cares because what the 10 commandments say it's okay to kill because if you say to somebody well it says thou shalt not kill oh no that means thou shalt not murder wars are okay I mean you know they don't do whatever they want and just like in the old days when it said in the Bible that it was God's will that we take this town we say that you know God was with us God helped us in our war so we all come back in after the Marines and the sailors everybody comes back and they march in church that church so anyhow all of the things that you're learning now about DNA communicating with your DNA religion pays no attention to you or to it but to me if you're going to look in a book like this the Bible and say it has any relevance it means anything then what does it mean in Malachi 3:1 which is on page 773 if you want to look at it when it says behold I will send my messenger and he will ship he shall prepare the way before you now I'd Albert you're a smart guy in Hawaii but it says in there I will send my messenger and he will prepare a way for you if that's the case then either somebody's going to come with a with an envelope and hand it to you say I would here's your message from God that never has happened I mean it does anybody that if anybody ever got a message you know in an envelope or am there you know from so then how does it happen I mean take a kind of obscure statement in the Bible behold I will send the messenger how does it happen well it becomes logical now to us what's happening here is the messenger is an angle of light and that messenger comes down from above which we call heaven or God and it becomes a directive he shall prepare and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple that's the temple that it says in the Bible is made with winding stairs and it's the temple which is on top of your shoulders and then in Matthew 11 tenancies for this is he of whom it is written behold I will send my messenger before your face what certainly is before your face Lucy do you want to see the messenger coming before your face let me show you the messenger coming before your face you want to see them out saying yes I already said that well gee here's the messenger coming before your face do you see that well I get this thing well there it is what could be out this is from an ancient type of thousands of years old there's the the sign of the star of the cosmic energy the universe here's the angle of light in the light in the face these people know this thousands of years ago read the Bible again behold I will send my messenger before your face bang light between the eyes what is it it's an angle of light what is that it's a messenger what is that it's DNA so I mean you know there is becomes it becomes pretty obvious what we're talking about I mean that that particular that particular thing is on a temple in some Egyptian place that has been there for thousands of years so I will send my messenger before your face and he'll prepare a way for you know who is the messenger in the Bible John the Baptist what happened to him he had his head cut off that's very important why because the messenger is not connected to the mind the messenger is not connected to the body the messenger comes from a higher consciousness so the head is not attached that the head is not part of the delivery of this message so the messenger to us is this light that you take through meditation emitted by cosmic DNA that we receive through the right receptor of the body which is the pineal gland so when you you have an understanding of something you have a feeling of something then you've seen God face to face and then what should you say I will call the place Peniel then if these people that go to church up here and have the Bible under their arm I challenge them one day to say I've seen God face to face it comes to the penny'll they're not allowed to say that even though the Bible says that they can't say that because you see it's not important for people that in religion to agree with the Bible it would agree with Jesus it's important for them to agree with their church and their church does not necessarily agree with either so here we have primitive people finding out about DNA and they really have no right to know anything about DNA that's that's Apeco in just a hair they really have no right to understand anything about DNA so we have to put the pieces together and we've been putting the pieces together angels are messengers messengers are photons angles of light angels of light and then we wouldn't you see last week on I gave you about the scientists have sent on a letter in an envelope an encrypted message contained in a period at the end of a sentence and that period was a dot of DNA and I stuck it on an envelope in a paper and sent it to themselves and here at Cape and then when they got the DNA they magnified it a million times and there was the message so of these things then came down to what we read last week in that article and it's a conventional computers would not be of much use in reading a DNA microdot instead it might require advances in DNA computing why are they talking about that because what they have stumbled on is the very same way that messages are sent to you from God they're now able to send messages to each other how through a dot did you ever see a dot never there is the dot okay how did that get to be a dot you read your quantum physics books it started off as a wave and when it was observed it became a dot in quantum it's called a particle this is called a wave when you look at the wave it becomes a particle when you watch the wave it becomes a particle when you watch the wave it becomes a microdot what does the biblical Jesus say what I've say to you I say to all watch what's he talking about watch what watch your back watch your step watch yourself but how does that happen when you start talking about watching yourself and you've got a book written in Greek mythology 2,000 years ago they're talking about the metaphysical watching of yourself and when you do that this wave becomes a microdot this is hard for you to understand it really is that's why you have to go and sit down with a book by either gribbins or sit down with a book by Gary Zhukov or some of these other guys and a very simple thing in every quantum physics book there's an item in the index called observation look at it and they talk that when you send a wave of light when it's observed it becomes a dot a microdot or a particle now what do they do the scientists took a microdot of DNA and they blew it up scallions of times put a message in it reduced it back and then put it at the end of a sentence mary had a little lamb' dot well that sentence doesn't mean anything it doesn't but when you blew up that dot millions of times there was a message in the period at the end of the service so they transmitted an encrypted message via DNA that's exactly what's inside of you that's why people are going to church wasting their time because the answer is inside of them that is why in the Bible Luke 17:21 says the kingdom of God is within you we're inside of you in the DNA in the in the in the winding stairs that go up to the right side say and that is why also it is extremely important that you take a different look at meditation meditation in the yoga style and all are very good they're very healthy it's a healthy exercise there's I supported a million percent do anything you want but remember it's limited to relaxing you to helping you it is nothing to do with getting in touch with the universe they're getting in touch with the universe is a form of meditation that people on the earth know nothing about and what is it required what's the wave collapse it to a particle so that that microdot can be delivered to you via the pineal gland and instruct you via the DNA talking to your DNA people will say well I go to meditation I get distracted good whatever you're doing in meditation whatever you're trying to do is absolutely wrong because there is nothing whatsoever that you can do except be still if you're still is let me ask you a question answer me this if you think you can do something about meditation in God you tell me how you're going to get God's DNA to talk to your DNA how you going to do that what kind of meditation are you going to do to get the two DNA's to talk to one another it has nothing to do with you meditation of staring at a candle that's fine if you want to stare to Kin stare to candle meditation of sitting absolute silence for nothing at all that's fine there's that's fine but the point here is that when you're putting an effort into anything you're using your mind and your mind simply has to be totally distracted for anything that anybody's ever told you is the right way because what is really important for you in your body and your life and your existence and your family and everything that you love and treasure is that the DNA of God can speak to the DNA of you what does that mean it means that inside of you you have a serpent now you have to link it up with the other serpent which is God and what does it become when your DNA meets the DNA of God you have the caduceus which is the sign of healing and there's nothing you can do about it you can go into a Buddhist temple to have a meditation you probably run out because they hit garbage kids is slang buying and gongs and all that just to totally distract you from anything that you think you know what to do I'll reel one time brought me a tape he says here so you'll love this for meditation it sounded like 35 drunks throwing garbage kids down the back stairs I said I can't deal with it but you see I was wrong in that even though my Western feeling I can't do my basically what that was exactly what that was for me to say oh this is ridiculous this is stupid I can't deal with this but if I could have just sitting there and got garbage cans eventually my whole distraction would have been such that the DNA the snakes could have been circled in when I wasn't looking and entwined and the message so this is Beck do you know do you know one it's funny because when we talked about this I was talk about music I just saw it the other day we were looking at him sitting on the train watching it there's a whole page do you know who wrote encrypted messages in music do you know who wrote encrypted messages in music to trigger chakras in your body does anybody have an idea his name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but his music is a coded message to trigger chakras in your brain people now finding out all over the world that they're having these encounters with God or whatever it is for Mozart whoever knew this whoever knew this guy was writing this all these guys were nuts yes they were perceived as nuts currently he knew about it he knew exactly he knew in the same way that the guy in the jungle knew something because you can't sit in a dark room like a Mozart or a Beethoven and write this stuff and not be soaring into these different places you can't do it because the very tongues that they selected would trigger responses from the chakras in their bodies Beethoven wrote the ninth symphony and he was deaf couldn't hear he was deaf and he was nuts but he will probably the most magnificent piece so what does that tell you who really wrote that was it the DNA inside of him because he had soared to these places that he received this light they say so it's very interesting but what is so interesting is that when you talk about these things and then you open an article in a magazine and you look at the meditations of Mozart and his music and talking about all these things that happened so now you know like Nabi told us that all creation comes from the twins the DNA and we look and we see in that material that I gave you well it's not that I gave you but it was on page 27 of the stuff that I gave you that you didn't bring with you Aysen Bentley some of you who have a difficult time putting these into there are some binders on the counter up there which you can take home with you I don't know where they came from but they're there so take them home but if you look on on page 27 of this stuff what does it say if you look on line one okay DNA is the principal constituent of genes look at the word GE and es that's you that is everything about your creation isn't it I mean you know that then why is it so why hasn't any priest or minister or anybody in your churches you've gone to all of your life ever add in my s2 and say that's what it is the book of Genesis is the book of genetics it's the book of genes and if it's the book of genes it's a book of DNA a-anything the book of DNA that's why one of the early characters and it is a serpent of course and what does the serpent do what did the serpent in Genesis do he delivered a message he was a messenger and he spoke to Eve and he said this guy is full of baloney eat the fruit because you've got to have knowledge how himself on meaning on who died and the snake said he's a liar if you eat it you'll become like him and you know what the snake was right the guy that told her she would die was a liar and according to the very book that you have says the father of lies is the devil but you've been praying to this guy all your life why because your church told you to not because you knew they could tell you to pray to Peter paying you to pray to Peter Pan why because you didn't what else to do they said Peter Pan aside I'm going to fly away with Peter Pan there's no difference when people tell you to do this you don't because you don't know what else to do with genes the word genes is the root of the word Genesis the root of the word genetics is talking about creation and creation comes from DNA and the serpent of DNA is the serpent in the garden the principle can stitch and look at it says the principal constituent of genes Genesis and chromosomes we know about that the structures that transmit hereditary characteristics we're going to come from the garden Genesis genetics DNA of course what I'm telling you is that the book of Genesis is a totally coded book about genetics about genes about DNA and in the book of Genesis there's a guy named Jacob who told you about penny and what's the next thing he winds up – it tells you about a ladder that goes up to heaven angels go up and down well now you know what it is you see the picture of the ladder which we we open this thing up by looking at a picture I'm Jacob's Ladder if you didn't see it before look at it again there's Jacob's Ladder right there can't you see the angels running up and down there they go hmm of course red black white Pam red black white pale north east south west oh they're all there the four is there anything is there that's the serpent but you would you have to wait here any of these years to come into Vito's basement to find out I'm taking nobody up there knows and yet I'm a cult leader I'm a cult leader and there assure you that a snake talked to this lady and you should believe it and I'm a cult leader and they're showing you that the fish swallowed the guy in the fish puked and of an evangelist caught that and I'm a I'm a cult leader but that's the way it does and then it says inline-four of what I looked at number 27 each DNA molecule is a long two stranded chain made up of subunits called molec tides containing a sugar a phosphate group in one of four buh-buh-bah nitrogen it's the twins the long stranded chain okay now in the final sentence is the answer to what murabbi talked about to what I was talking about earlier okay the complementary of this bonding ensures that DNA can be replicated watch this now when I told you you have a twin somewhere there it can be replicated that is identical copies can be made in order to transmit Ginetta information to the next generation identical not the carbon copies identical copies where is your twin way mean was my foot look I didn't like this this comes from the concise Columbia encyclopedia of Columbia University Press what is this a cult no what is it New Age no what did they say DNA identical copies are made in order to tree that means there was an identical copy of your DNA somewhere no matter what or how whenever they were going to make it come out it's going to come out you marry there you are Kathy Joan but if there is a twin of you how do I know that because it didn't come from religious people it comes from Columbia University I believe it hmm certainly certainly because as the DNA is somehow defected or made defective because of whatever style or whatever is introduced into it down through the years you whomever people start having sex producing children and that DNA defect starts going down down down down to generation after generation so we are creation we are God we create did you want to say something now yes our said isn't this similar to the photon as it destroys and splits and replicates into a new so identical copies for the next generation we are all made in the image and likeness of the cosmic one and identical copies of your previous existence are preserved for your return and I know it's always difficult for you to understand how this could possibly be but I'm hoping out at the lotus petals inside of you will start to spread open and then just see and understand this and if you have access to computers look up DNA if you have a little you know encyclopedia program on your computer look up DNA these things are written in very simple terms it's not difficult to understand but this is the very basis of everything you've ever gone to church to learn and also remember that when you talk about your father your mother your family you're talking about your genetics you're talking about your Genesis and then you expand that to a cosmic and then you open a Bible and the very first page is what Genesis just when you start reading it from now on think of genetics because that's what it's talking about and don't look at snakes or right sides and all of that stuff look at what is the actual basis inside of the human brain what is the basis inside of the human body so people are going to church they're going to church today and they're singing songs and they're taking the message of DNA inside of themselves and they're missing the entire thing it's just like going on your computer and America Online says you've got mail and not opening it and that's what you do because they're missing the entire encrypted message because they refuse to obey Jesus words about the single life it was Jesus of the Bible who said what I say to you I say to all watch watch what as anybody in church ever told you what to watch you've gone to church all those years you'll wind up at Vito's basement here with me but you've gone to all of those who did they ever tell you what too much no you know why they didn't tell you what watch because they don't know what to what but do you know what he said the same Jesus he said if you're I be single your body will feel with like that's the penny-liam watch through the pignoli watch through the light receptor and and now that the scientists are saying that the light coming out of the body from DNA is of a candle power and what the Jesus is nobody puts their candle under a bushel let your light shine let your candles shine so there so that has come down that religion has ignored in just a few years in just a few year and I would challenge them and I would look right in accounting I get in all kinds of trouble and people threatening or cancel a program they're going to do this and to do that like I do I I would do all this stuff and I would tell you and I would challenge anybody tell me in just a few years what have you as a religious group ignored I'll tell you what you've ignored you've ignored Pegasus the white horse of Jesus return you've ignored the discovery of the single eye of Jesus in supernova 1987a you've ignored the moment the movement of Hades and shun which is the very depths of Sheol the very depths of the underworld across the river Styx on February the 11th 1999 you've ignored the advent of the man with a picture of water of Luke 22:10 you've ignore the advent of Uranus the son of man and the green path you've ignored the discoveries of of NASA dealing with angles of light and DNA all connected all of these things have happened to us in our sky and have been documented by science over the last couple of years and we as religious people have totally ignored it yet it is the basis of the very Bible that you have under your own all messenger particles are coming down to earth screaming out to the people of the earth you have now and you haven't opened the damn letter not one and the reason you haven't opened the letters from God is because you've been warned not to touch it by Church and yet since you're not interested what you do you dwell in the Middle Ages superstitions when people thought that subatomic particles were evil spirits instead of understanding the true invisible power of cosmic science and quantum physics and you very easily talk about the Holy Ghost that's very nice but you've never sat down to analyze those words and say what is it what is a Holy Ghost the word holy means set apart not connected not touched totally different and the word ghost is the center of spiritual life but I love this one better from dictionary a secondary image on a television or a radar caused by reflected wave you want the Holy Ghost wave to become a Holy Ghost particle a microdot and to bring you the message then if you do you'll have to fulfill the words of the biblical Jesus who said I told you what to do watch watch what if your eye be single your body will fill with light single yes I have seen God face to face I shall call the place Peniel it's not hard thank you very much we'll see you soon

32 thoughts on “346a Religion vs Truth

  1. OK, so when an object is observed, it becomes a (collapsed)dot. But when unobserved, it’s a (defused) wave. Is there a connection between that and being able to know either the speed of an object (wave?), or it’s position (dot/particle?), but not both, as per Einstein?

  2. Plants are teachers,they call it plant teachers.theres a good song about plant teacher and Jacobs ladder.go onto YouTube and type in (truthseekah golden teachers)at the end of the song it talks about plant teacher,its a beautiful song.

  3. Messiah is the truth, and his title Son of Adam, Son of God has to do with heaven, and earth which describes his nature being how he should be identified. The bible is of the mark of the beast, and the true vine of life is an everlasting living flesh being that is Messiah of the first dawning of the whole universe which is still in development as written in Genesis saying about the days being generations of heaven, and earth in the day that the lord had made them a day consisting of an evening, and morning. So all the generations of heaven, and earth exist as a whole as one generation being still in development from a primordial light seed which was planted in the dark depths being the true everlasting vine of the whole universe. The world gives a false image instead of the true nature of the universe which we grew up with since children being the Antichrist system. Only the correct perception can free us from the tyranny of wicked fiends who dictate our lives playing god who came into power after Messiah went away being the spirit of the Antichrist which uses the Bible to commit abominations in the name of Jesus being drunk off of the blood of the saints. Only Messiah can save us out of this diabolical predicament. The sign of the coming of the son of man in heaven is Orion the Hunter, and will be at its height in the Egyptian sky in 2018.

  4. Bill, you got the point that I DON'T KNOW is the answer for religion. DNA cannot explain the life. God cannot be understood up to a limit. WE can never understand more over that limit.

  5. i figure some things for my self, nut you are brilliant. if i dove deeper out side of rescue activies perhaps i figure it out, but iam thank full for you ever so much. tell me dear…..the flat earth, did you al ready cover this ? if not, will you ?

  6. pineal gland really good to know about it but we need to connect our hearts with our heads if your heart is the ultimate generator ions generator christ is love good job bill

  7. It's funny i've gone through all philosophy history, science,,, etc., and I have finally reached the Bible.  The bible we have to say are coded words of wisdom, basically speaking about the human condition. "Sin" – is real. REAL.  wife beating, drinking booze, gambling,,   etc.,   and on that topic – IF i hear a pastor speaking about "Sin" in these ways – The pastor is CORRECT, and is speaking about something REAL. So, these things are reasons why it is good to go to church – it depends on the person and the pastor.
    The bible speaks about human psychology and human pysche – and does so from a Spiritual POV. So, I think the bible can be a very powerful text.
    This is not to say that a person needs to read the bible to be "enlightened" – BUT the information is there!

  8. I never noticed before but you can faintly see the color of your photons emitting from your movements in this video. They are white closer to your body and a greenish yellow as they move outward.

  9. I can only tell you that the proof is in the actual use of Mozart in meditation. I do it. It works. Regardless of who wrote what or who thinks what. In meditation it works. I can only speak for myself and others who have written me. I have tried other things for meditation. Nothing works like Mozart. Thanks for writing. Take care.
    Bill [email protected] hidden meanings dot com

  10. There are music vibrations but not Mozart effect.Whole thing came out as financial fraud.It started in Britain(class society of course) and it's still active.Mozart was not really special at all. It was 1000s of kids in his age who played as good as he did.Whole "Classic music" thing was political creation of the old Europe nationalistic fighting fractions similar to religion fractions.These are the words of music professors who are not the part of the business.It's all about business.

  11. I apologize for the long delay. If you Google The Mozart Effect you will find that there is a great deal of scientific documentation about it. THe key is that it is said that the vibrational impulses of Mozarts music is similiar to the vibrational impulses of human DNA. This is the connection to the human electrical brain. All of this is based on vibrations. Whether the music is good or not, if the vibrations are correct, it will work.

  12. If one breaks apart into four 1=4 then a relationship within WORDS and MATH would be the first division with both the positive and negative dividing again as possibly A divides into E then U and I ,so You and Eye dot in A Mu Water and E din place and position. The Earth Mother ( + X ) sprouts the Creation Growth of everlasting life after the Sun Father emits his seed in the divided earth as he Plows and tils the Fertile Earth. So the SUN ( Min US and Di vi de M ) Male = Neg.feMALE = Sta.

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