22. Neville Goddard – Eschatology [REMASTERED]

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in the don't want to be the story of eschatology in the Bible you are reading in the second chapter of the book of Mark and the 2012 captain so I something from without and then I try to persuasion that what you know guessing is a play that would unfolding and you will be cast in the Storrow running looking even up button Thalia I was over the bed haven't seen the leg then I will try to tell you and it is God's plan God's plan of salvation I believe because it is only redeeming himself the world expand he's not because and when you might have you might have the line and you might have and the only box on which the normal evidence of I've included we and the big thing is if one was hot and the other one and the others were not I if we never knew before – upon whom to destroy the dream to have helped on the world of educated are a new article schoolroom and included them in Nepal it remains a even darkness so many same goodness to make a change of people as be used to make people good to get is gonna be useful balance of evil in this world so right in this world would an impolite ok unbalanced it so you get but then coming to the world people but Tory thinks are the queen of knowledge are glued to me that's why we're here and we heard you enforce against that means judge don't drive us into all these singular if the world was all good and everybody was sold altogether three moving the air and I tell you there's no progress dad what's level and you know from for probably unexplained that is not ready of identity have you ever been to of society do people call themself or gluten totally in that boring but I have been no I can't conceal any more boring than those who even felt so good and so whole use of me I think after that I know I'm military I'm in Germany and we remember each other as no longer together now remember because we will now itself we will go and go home so no one of the ladies men the mass mean decisions of mock-ups of this one because of our interest in the Bible is the second book of any gender but in the first of the gospel and then we can train for don't worry go now see the building today – although not one stone will be left standing upon the buildings by retirement bring over the beneath by was eventually accomplice to the ground I think in a physical team sister for my mother topping find out the dairy he's gone to this world of the mother caucus decrease be all about physical access I think the mother baby I can conceive a birthday that she does into my mind in the same loving baby this is your innovation I don't need the picture my mother to remind your mother everybody I think of my father and other things we've gone around me and mother taught me that story that the story becomes an active my mother dated you would have received but he hadn't explained so when it happened to me that the story would not affect to the stomach this is to an adversary pocket in the man's journey the world how'd it happen to him he knows engage things that are the means by which he may stumble I started horrible doctors and these are the building's the private eyes and when I can no longer accept the external ones that description then the external flaps feeding it will be drink counting down and at all the place where you need so the chapter begins city building these beautiful buildings and then the both ends of one step will be less depending upon the other and then each other physically any of the a note in the remand order and then tell them Allah false prophets and the false teachers they will come to me and I do not believe and they will come across plain sight and the perform services molasses in things in the world and you think for me this one is anyone who turns on the unsilent points to someone on the outside and Christ together together no – absolutely imagining a fixed on there is not one attempt to consider inserting the physical appearance of I do not know why or automate whereas physical terms an individual is not described there is no description of Jesus Egyptian god this to be twins that don't get a fan what we need but we know Frank innovated we can be like them or does it apply to the world is unity the things or the painting you see in the world over this icon and if you're honest with yourself you will say now well they definitely because just like you that is not that is and there is no Colorado that is the great story obsession so when you find them in the finest amethyst as you know you're silent he will know that you respond when you see him and to prevent an inscription and find the priests on account that is a personification of all the generations of meaning and all the princes means having that one who stands before you represents all the good relations and always wisdom in an important role because you agree on challenges and all pretty and dainty as a result of Ethics Commission keyboard controls you are and you know the response in dollars on your journey and so when you know it you've got the bottom until one complete and completely that you are to have to explain signs and you will accept because you can give it to me my little bit forward into self all talking about the community no point is some Tiger to heaven thing this is the time for the town no longer to tell only the bottle and where is about call domain on vertical why because you have been involved off and keep in heaven and the kingdom of heaven one more and we under king and Latino members receive I can still building because I can't repeat with of course because my authorities based upon explained I have explained the mystery of Christ and do I not feel like I am NOT speaking when someone challenges I like to say you only listen to control the government as a benefit he's born not of the better it means Tommy the reverb is a supernatural birth you only turn to heaven that only be accomplished by come around as tolerant religion except be born from about you cannot enter the kingdom it is impossible to return learning a dormant affection done until your own dominant legend on here from the time of changes which is a time to be born we are tonight in the sexual experience America just a generic and you get older you want to begin an evaluation to find yourself in store for American and unfolding so about this climate and instability is um being change things are being change but not significant that's all done and you will one day express this signature and you will know it but at the end I will when I volunteer into the world I volunteer and I need to record to my creating my little signal in green for once a year by having someone get emancipation or two when promoting the corporation pays for these days my mother they are secretary of survival and in my in this will then I came back in this time in like to say my say something else so I was available nominated five of the five one four days beginning of the you're thinking you're full of color too often disease I was in 17 so he gave me another finger will make things you don't understand American Google giving each other and give me 20 I decided at 20 I think I would all the qualities of the face for making impossible I things is a pigmented I saw all of the picture the place I saw the ugly because as a bad boy we see things and somebody give me Monday because he wanted Eric she wasn't invited and so unfortunately I didn't have maybe white honey on display I should have kept it in fear but I did have it so the salesman who took me over came back and said the lady excited he can't have any money but lady white honey and you didn't do your job I keep in the big reveal and so get one up quickly well the lily white honey and the result was the same line one more by the corner and the girls rolling the Midwife charged them sent all over the red star chart instantly so it took off one red star roll into the / and he was satisfied educationally and that object is awkward and when you go

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