129 Ahura Mazda The Strange Father

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Bill Donahue
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who's fo comes back to me as a camera I'll move but others know not to stand right at this face she but she does great in what I do without and what would we ever do there sty not think we're going to cover with it I think it's pretty interesting so you'll spend the next 45 minutes or maybe a little less and we'll look into a very strange and I call them the strange father the name Acura Mazda too many things in the am there that's okay a hero Mazda the strange father the name of the god of Persia which you now know of as Iran and the belief and the following of her hero Mazda dominated 23 nations at one time that was the name of God a hero Mazda okay I came out of array and the belief comes out of Iran and the profit most of you are and who have been coming here know of the profit of a hero Mazda and the name is familiar to you from coming to church here and that is czar austere bizarre austere the the prophet of read now what I want to show you here is something to build a case I'm not here to prove anything obviously you can't you can't prove anything but you can get enough I think to come up with some ideas and some conclusions to try to prove a case as to what this really is all about we're living I mean you just you know as we spoke in the last session you're living in a time when the winds of change are blowing and have finally reached the shores of this nation they ran through the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe and in Africa and Latin America and they've reached the point of this particular country and the recent election was simply a manifestation of the winds of change older people children everybody's going to be caught up in this and that's why it is critical that you stay tuned and plug in and understand things and that you meditate it is critical for your life because tell you one thing you should do as we enter into this time of change you should take a an idea for mr. Gorbachev and mr. Bush don't make any plans I'm serious about that do not make any plans for anything because all bets are wrong and I don't know how much more you have to see to start to realize that something much bigger than you much bigger than your plans and much bigger than church and religion is happening but it is wasn't too long ago that mr. Gorbachev and mr. Bush were arm in arm and they were going to solve the problems of the world now they're both out of a job then some guy named Boris Yeltsin is partly in charge and now we got a guy comes from Arkansas that nobody ever heard of a few months ago or you know so the winds have changed and that's people the piece Uranus is turning up everything upside down and also your life is going to be turned upside down and if you're plugged in and you understand what's coming and you're plugged into the mystery of meditation it'll flow beautifully but if you're not it can be difficult a hero Mazda a hero Mazda was the god of Sun and Fire and and this is the case that I want to bring to you to think about Jesus was called the light of the world and the Son of God and as we go along here I will leave it to you to think was there a relationship between the two and if so it is one of the great mysteries that has never been unraveled for anybody but maybe even in the gathering here and with you on television the mystery can be unveiled it's interesting but that was a hero Mazda the god of Sun and the god of fire let's look at page 848 in those Bibles in the book of Luke and we'll do a little Bible jumping for a few moments here but we'll get into a lot of interesting things and something that I think will help you as you begin to see what's really happening in the world and take you a little further away from your dependency on traditional religion if you wouldn't Luke chapter 12 verse 49 of this Jesus Christ in Luke chapter 12 and verse 49 he says I have come or I am come to send fire on the earth and what will I if it be already kindled so here then we have the strange I hear a Mazda who is the God of the Sun and the god of fire and then this even stranger Jesus personality from out of antiquity comes along and says I am come to send fire on the earth look at page 778 in your Bibles Matthew chapter 11 excuse me Matthew chapter 3 okay Matthew chapter 3 and verse 11 and in Matthew chapter 3 verse 11 John the Baptist says I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance but he that comes after me is mightier than I whose shoes I'm not worried about he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire the fire God if you would the fire God the Sun God and so just in those two strange little inferences there there's a relationship that's beginning to develop between a hero Mazda and Jesus and couldn't have been that when Jesus was saying my father of course he's referring to that which is the consciousness but could he be referring in scriptural terms to a hero master and who if he had ever mentioned the name in the kind finds a traditional Israel would have ever given him a second thought who whatever or even a considered what are you talking about now let's we just seen two things one I have come to send fire on the earth and he's gonna baptize with fire so that indeed lines him up with a hero Mazda fire now there's another interesting thing as we build the case here let's go to page 1004 in you Bibles the book of Revelation and in the book of Revelation Revelation chapter 3 and verse 14 here Jesus says and unto the Church of the Laodiceans write these things say the Amen the Amen is the key word because the amen amen was the name of the Egyptian Sun God amen wha and so now he not only have we seen him portrayed as he who brings fire but now he is portraying himself as he who is the son look at page 471 in the Bible and I'm doing this for a reason and I won't keep you jumping along too much longer but I want you to see something I wanted to go to the Book of Psalms go to Psalm chapter 19 and in Psalm chapter 19 there's a reference to the son it says in Psalm chapter 19 verse 5 page 471 it says in verse 4 in them has he set a tabernacle for the Sun which is as a bridegroom coming out of its chamber do you see that which this is a bridegroom now one back to page 837 in the Book of Luke Matthew Mark Luke Luke chapter 5 and go to verse 35 and Jesus is speaking of himself and he says but the days will come when the bridegroom shall be taken away from then so the son then is called the bridegroom Jesus calls himself of the bridegroom the name of the Amen of the Egyptian Sun God is amen raaah Jesus calls himself amen thus Jesus becomes the same as Mazda the Sun and the fire and but this is the important part that I wanted you to see I'm trying to build the case is there a relationship the strange thing is most of you sitting in here have at one time or another had children mothers and fathers and if your child is lost the first thing you will do was run anywhere looking for this child searching for this child to find the child this true nice thing about this is that the Magi who came a great distance from Iran came looking for this Jesus child and they were dispatched from Iran through Zoroaster of a hero Mazda was the father indeed was is the Christmas story really telling us about the father who was searching for his son you know it's a whole different thing now isn't it it was the Magi the Magi came and they came from Iran the the Prince of the tribe of Magi was our roster a hero Mazda was the God he's the god of the Sun he is the god of fire Jesus calls himself the Sun God amen he calls himself the bridegroom which is the son he says he has come to bring fire on the earth John the Baptist says he baptizes was fire he is the fire God he is the Sun God and he is the son of whom who was it that dispatched the Magi to come and find Jesus the fire and Sun God of Orion our hero Mazda you can't change that I don't care what your Christmas story says about the inn or the shepherds or I'm telling you that the Magi came and they were the ones who proclaimed this Jesus they look for him they search for him they follow the star and they were dispatched from a hero Mazda so then what's the question the question is summed up on page 564 of your Bible in the book of Proverbs and I'd like you to open it even if you have a Bible if you don't have one let's somebody show you something that I think is interesting proverbs chapter 30 page 564 proverbs chapter 30 and verse 4 and it says who has ascended up into heaven or descended who has gathered the wind in his fist who has bound the waters in a garment who has established all the ends of the earth what is his name and what is his son's name if you can tell what is his name and what is his son's name if you can tell the fire God the Son God the light of the world he who has brought fire an offspring of the fire God and the Sun God Ahura Mazda say well that's ridiculous then why did the Magi come from array and looking for this guy give me a logical reason say why didn't the Evangelist come obviously if the Evangelist company would have charged you to get into the manger but aside from that no I'm sure why wasn't some Jewish or religious persons why did the astrologers from Iran who were observe sir and followers of a hero Mazda why were they the ones that came what connection was there between Iran surah stir and Jesus why nobody ever asked I mean you know there was otherwise people there's other Wiseman why was it the Wiseman who represented a hero Mazda who made the journey everywhere in the part of the world where a hero Mazda was worshipped the great fire temples were in place and in them burned the perpetual flame every place where mazda ISM was part of the religion of the cult of that country there was a temple with a perpetual flame and the fire always burned and the story is that a hero Mazda created Zoroaster six thousand years before his earthly manifestation six thousand years before he made his appearance on the earth he was created by a hero Mazda and a hero Mazda presented visions to Zoroaster he revealed the mystery of time to Zoroaster he revealed that the mystery of eternity to zoster he he revealed that the origin of the nature of the cosmos and he revealed something else very interesting all we should leave that up to because that is the highlight a hu ra he revealed to za roster the identity of Angra minor Angra my new we refer to Angra manu as the devil or a satan what do you see do you see anything in that name do you see the root of the word anger do you see that was the that was the competition he was this is the one that competed against a hero Mazda against the light of the Sun and a fire it was anger Angra Manu then he taught Zoroaster all of that and of course that is the seed of all the problems of we call Satan or devil or the lower mind is anger and Angra Mainyu was the competitor of a hero Maz now let's tell me let me show though you know this stuff doesn't white boy very good I don't know what this is the holy gift of a hero Mazda was this he gave a three-fold gift to the world okay a hero Mazda gave the world three gifts water fire and the holy wind do you remember in Matthew 14 28 Peter said to Jesus if it be you who bids me to come to you on the water who submitted himself to the water Jesus who is the water man Jesus and then in Luke 12 49 we showed you a little while ago Jesus says I am come to send fire on the earth jesus and the holy wind don't want me to page 886 РJohn chapter 20 okay page 886 John chapter 20 and look at verse 21 then said Jesus to them again peace be unto you as my father has sent me even so I send you and when he had said this he breathed on them and said unto them receive you the Holy Ghost the holy wind Jesus the water the fire and the holy wind the breath now in the cult of Akira Mazda in Iran what they did with the water was interesting they would sprinkle the water on the heads of people or they would dip people in the water in the cult of a hero Mazda was the origin of symbol that you people in Christian circles know very well it's called water baptism and it was part of a cult of a hero Mazda now we're wanting a little court here and you're the jury and we're trying to say oh does this Jesus have any connection with hero Mazda and one of the things that we found was very strange than in this Jewish place surrounded by the budding Christian Church the people that came to announce and declare him King were not Jews were not Christians they were hurray nians of the cult of a hero Mazda it is that true so now what we just said here was that this Baptist was part of a cult of a hero Mazda and the reason that I bring that up to you because if you go on page 789 to the book of Matthew and go to Matthew chapter 21 something very interesting happens and let's take a look at it what I am in the process of doing or sharing with you is my belief that the whole foundation of Christianity is built on a fraud and he spelled fraud fr aud okay and the fraud is that the people who are the followers of the Christ have never been told of the origin or the strange reasons for these these things that he did or these things that he stood for and and and and now let's look at something we said the baptism was the part of the cold of a hero Mazda Matthew 21 right we are verse 23 and when he meaning Jesus was come into the temple the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto Him and he was teaching they said by what authority do you do these things who gave you the authority who told you to tell people this kind of stuff what the heck you're talking about single eyes and and going within yourself and and throwing yourself to the Wrights I hope told you to do all of this stuff now we want you to answer it by what authority who is the authority that told you to teach the stuff that you've been teaching and Jesus did something very interesting he said I'm gonna tell you look at verse 24 I'm gonna ask you one thing and if you tell me I in likewise will tell you by what authority I do these things in other words if you can tell me the answer to this little question you'll know by what authority I do these things okay okay go ahead what is it what is it verse 25 the baptism of John where'd it come from was it from heaven was it from then what's this where do you get the authority for this where does this come from they didn't know he said well then I can't tell you where my authority comes from what's he saying his authority and my authority come from the same place from a hero Mazda maybe if they had said a hero Mazda with Jesus have said then you know the source of all authority that's what water baptism comes from and Jesus asked them do you know where he got this do you know what John the Baptist got this you guys I'm gonna tell you what I tell you what you do the next time you walk into a born-again Christian and don't very respectfully we don't want to shower anybody or make anybody mad ask them where does water baptism come from by what authority Jesus didn't originated John was doing it Jesus submitted to it it wasn't snot in the Bible what it come from they don't know I'll bet you that it came from the strange father of Iran our hero must but you will it's interesting there's another interesting part in our little court case here Jesus was come to send fire and do you remember as we said earlier in in what we're saying John the Baptist said another one will come who will baptize you with fire hmm fire and you I wish go to a book and look at it somewhere in there's a Sarah is a librarian go into the library receives we search this for yourself cuz if you see it for yourself it's so much more powerful fire in Iran was known as the son of a hero Mazda so Jesus has come to bring fire and the son of a hero Mazda is fire the fire chased the demons the pure wind brought relief from the passions of the lower and was known as the holy spirit of a hero Mazda the wind that brought relief from that which is the flames and the heat of the passions of the time was known as the holy spirit of a hero master and I'm suggesting the fire was the son of a hero Mazda the wind was the holy spirit of a hero Mazda yam no way of understanding whether I'm telling you the truth you have to leave that to you to go research a hero Mazda go by all means go to the bookstores go to you can find his name and there are all kinds of literature's our roster look up Zoroaster look up for hero Mazda you want to get a book to tell you about a kid book called the origins of Christianity the origins of the Christian religion and it'll tell you the same thing well I'm telling you here tonight what I just got done saying was fire was known as the son of her hero Mazda and wind was known as the holy spirit of a hero Mazda and a hero Mazda was the one that dispatched the Magi to find his son Jesus go to page 888 and I'll show you something it's in the book of Acts page 888 Acts chapter 2 an Albert it says in verse 2 of Acts chapter 2 and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house and there appeared unto them cloven tongues like a fire and it sat upon each of them the wind and the fire interesting the baptism of fire of Jesus is pure as though our ̦stra pure a hero Mazda now let's look at something else or not and it may be through a hero Mazda you'll get to know there's something starting here if you've seen it in the newspaper somebody's going to start teaching on the book of Revelation and you know all the demons and the fire bombs that are coming in all the demons that are being getting ready to turn on all this you know prophecy has given out by many other little people in Christian television is a fraud it's a it's a terrible terrible terrible error it portrays God is preparing a nuclear holocaust the basis of it folks is that Russia is going to invade Israel for what from what Israel's about the side of size of Rhode Island and the reason that it says Russia is because the profits of our time in Christianity said it is the Bible says it's from the north what they fail to understand is the origin of this belief angra manu which is the evil part of the cult of Zoroaster Angra my new was evil the enemies of a hero Mazda that were aligned with Angra Mainyu were believed to come from Tribes of the north huh did you hear that which was coming against a hero Mazda was coming from the tribes of the north led by Angra my new everything that came from the north was of Angra manu and that was the basis of a terrible error in christian prophecy and the reason that what came from the north is because it was portraying that which comes from the mind that which comes from the mind is anger that which comes from the mind is what upsets all of us that which comes from mind is that of the north and now let's take a look and I'll show you will be mistaken go to page 711 look at the book of ezekiel page 711 look at Ezekiel look at chapter Ezekiel chapter 38 okay Ezekiel chapter 38 little bit intellectual tonight but still interesting I hope you find it interesting because if you're going to meditate and if you're going to move into this new realm of the new age and flow with the winds of change that are blowing all over the universe and all over the country you have to know you have to understand Ezekiel chapter 38 look at verse 6 go more and all his band's the house of tog Marah of the North quarters these are the ones who are supposed to come against this and look at Ezekiel 38 now go to verse 15 and you shall come from your place out of the North parts and with many people and all of them riding in horses and the great army see the point is it's allegory it's talking about that which is coming out of the north but what many of it all of the Christian prophets have done is they've taken literally and they say the Russians are coming the Russians are coming because the Russians Ehrlich is the country that lies to the north of Israel the cold north wind said zoster is a creation of the evil one now look go to page 561 look at the Book of Proverbs when we show you something proverbs chapter 25 okay proverbs chapter 25 and verse 23 the north wind drives away rain rain is water which comes from above truth which come from above so does an angry countenance a backbiting tongue Angra Mainyu would send the cold wind and this was the interesting part you know it is said the legend of Angra Mainyu he would send the cold north wind and it would destroy the crops for seven years and basically what's being said is that which comes from the emotions of the Hymas you know I sometimes you have to you know I don't know how much you've heard from here which has told you about what's coming which has told you about what is happening all the plans of men are going to be turned upside down because that's what you're and this does that's what it's done already everything I mean even in this election George Bush a few months ago was unbeatable unstoppable couldn't possibly be be and he's gone all of the things that you're planning on you can all we're gonna do this we're gonna do that we're gonna do the other thing forget it absolutely forget it because your life as you move through this year and into the next year will be nothing like it is now you won't even recognize your God who would ever believe that this could have happened and I have spoken here through the spirit and I have told you and you can mark everything in your calendars and you know everything has arrived just as we said everything and it's not easy when all of your traditional stuff gets upset but nonetheless no one can stop Uranus now it's too late never was a time that could be stopped but out of this allegory concerning the North that refers to the mind latter-day prophets of Christianity has fill us with a russian-led armageddon the four horses are traveling now and you can hear them the Red Horse is poised in the north the Black Horse is poised in the West the pale horse is poised in the south but the white horse is riding through the middle of them into the valley of the mines called Megiddo armed again and that white horse is standing on its hind quarter right now kneeing and calling out that which is the time is at hand and all the plans of men what did I say all the plans of mice and men and there's nothing you can do about it but if you were wise and you listen and you begin to understand these things I'm telling you something which is so radical I don't even know if it sinks to your head I am Telling You such a thing that is so radical that Jesus Christ was the son of a hero Mazda that is absolutely unheard of that you're hearing such a thing and yet you have to be the jury and based on what you've seen and what you've heard good against evil the light against darkness was a hero Mazda and the scripture said when a hero Mazda created the good and pleasant Iran Angra Mainyu created the serpent in the river and you know what else Angra Mainyu kРcreated winter winter look at page 824 in the apocalyptic prophecy of Jesus Christ mark chapter 13 page 824 mark chapter 13 look at verse 18 and what does Jesus say and pray that your flight be not in the winter how can I tell you that this is true because the winter belongs to Angra I knew why does the winter belong to Angra manu because in the winter of December the Sun is crucified and lies in the tool then the darkness comes upon the face of the earth go out at five o'clock where is the Sun it's God the Sun is being crucified did you know that did you know that this is November the 8th next month on December the 21st will be the crucifixion of the light of the world God's only Son will be crucified but every day will be a little darker and darker and darker because this is the season of a hunger amanu and then December the 24th December the 23rd 24th and 20 what is it 22nd 23rd and 24th the Sun will sit in the bowels of the earth and on December the 25th God's only begotten son will rise again the birth out of the tomb the Sun God the fire God his child will come up to him to rejoin his father now I'm going to tell you something strange if this hasn't been strange already Angra Mainyu according to za roster to mislead and destroy humanity Angra Mainyu created false religions identified as judaism christianity and muhammed ism to attack the pure worship of the invisible or hero mazda hang rahman you inspired people to be unbelievers and caused them to carve statues in their devil temples and who was it who expressed the content of these temples the temples of religion page 801 in your Bible Matthew chapter 24 the devil temples the strange carvings the devil temples Matthew 24 and Jesus went out and departed from the temple and his disciples came to him to show him the buildings of the temple and Jesus say see you not all of these things in other words don't get caught up in this religious stuff because I'm saying to you there shall not be left one stone upon another that will not be thrown down yes so who is the strange father and who is his son oh one last thing I thought you'd find interesting there was a ritual in the cult of a hero Mazda and the ritual was there must be a sign that you are with Mazda and the sign was I confessed myself the worshipper of Mazda a follower of Zoroaster one who hates the Daevas and obeys the laws of a hero look at me that wasn't good enough no they said there must be an outward sign in it was this I confess myself the worship of Mazda a follower of Zoroaster one who hates the Daevas and obeys the laws of a hero look it up that was the sign of a hero Mazda I confess myself as a worshipper of Mazda to the head a follower others are a stir to the chest one who hates the Daevas to the left shoulder and obeys the laws of a hero to the right shoulder so who was the strange father or shall I say who is the strange bother and who is his son thank you very much for spending the time as we

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  2. The crossed/slain dragon Reborn out of Water and Spirit (Fire) Genesis 1:1, the bereshiet. The Jesus story is just a retelling of the Creation story, Just a repeat. Like the israelites through the Red sea or the crossing of the Jordan, all retelling the original story. Jesus pierced on gogoltha looses water and blood (spirit).

  3. Ahura in Avestan means "being" or "existence" some translate it as "lord". The word Mazda means "greatest wisdom". Ahura Mazda is the great wise being. That is why in Zoroastrian religion, using your good mind, free will and seeking wisdom is important. If you read the Gathas, Zarathushtra's own words there is no mention of Ahura Mazda as the God of fire. Mithra however, an Indo-European god of light, later promise and contract is what is associated with fire and birth of Christ. Mithra was born on winter solstice because after that days would get longer and it is the victory of light over dark and birth of Mithra. Zarathushtra does not mention any of the gods that Aryans worshiped in his Gathas, they crept in later as angels, helpers of Ahura Mazda, etc and you can see plenty of that in the Avesta. Mithra was a strong god for info-Europeans and "Mehrabeh" (praying place for those who worship Mithra) has been found in Rome all the way to England. It is Mithra"s birth etc that has a lot of similarity to Christ. It has been associated with Zoroastrian religion because Mithra survived in part through priests who after Zarathushtra could not let go of the old beliefs and added the Aryan story and beliefs to the Zoroastrian scrips which today we know as Avesta. Zarathushtra's own words and the core of Zoroastrian religion is only in the Gathas. Thank you for your programs.

  4. Just found your lectures. Truly wonderful and my son, 14, has used the historical aspects to promote debate at School.
    Just wondering if you have anything recent?
    Have your views changed at all since these lectures?
    How has new information been incorporated into your lectures?
    Many thanks.

  5. Nice one, such function incarnation bubbles in fractals trough many religions, and not only, such as Hinduism (Dharma, Vishnu, Shiva), Mesopotamia/Akkadian (EA, Enlil, Enki), especially Enki looks like ultimate god of Water (and master of Earth), who is also seen as Poseidon in Greek for example, but I discuss with people the possibility that it is him who is refereed as Vishnu as well. I suggest to study some Annunaki related tablets with Hindu Vedas. Also the water you refer as used in Christianity for example has more deeper basement. It is told that the universe was created and its form was state as liquid -> water (even our experiments from CERN show this possibility). This is probably also one of the reasons why we are filled with water and why water plays huge role in meditation as it is perfect medium to communicate with universe.

    It is also known fact from Mesopotamia and Egypt (Ossiris, Ra/Horus and others) we are possibly DNA farm but with some kind of purpose unknown to us (maybe to keep us sane little bit :-)) ), I think Enki's mother is known to refer about it somewhere (but you must read in context), and all this mess is related as well to shortening our life (even in Bible are known stories about kings who lived for thousands years). But one story from Akkadia tells another story (The Atrahasis), it looks like the old gods were enjoying leisure and parties and left the hard work of creation on young gods, and while they liked it, they were little bit frustrated that they do all the hard work which doesn't have an end. And here Enki is the master of idea. He created human kind (maybe even other races in universe) to help him with god hard work of creation 🙂 Enki's flesh, blood, and intelligence are kneaded into clay by the mother goddess Ninhursag from which she creates seven male and seven female human beings. These fourteen new creatures are exceptionally fertile and soon there are hundreds, and then thousands, of people on the earth all doing the work which once occupied the younger gods. …. Well these are old stories ….

    Another idea I studied and you might be interested are space dimensions and beings occupying those has much relations to this dimension. Some people deducted (not sure if they are or not correct) that Enki didn't like the way of empire of his father, so started his own experiment down here, yet he is refereed as Lucifer in some resources, he was the one who when even decided by his brother to get rid of people secretly save human race and continued with his experiment (I rather refer to flood but based on older resources available).
    Additionally there is concept of 7 (even in some resources it overlaps with 9) spirits everywhere. Egyptian god Toth stands in-front of seven lords of cycles, 7 spirits of god….
    Vedas sanskrts keep the purest version of quantum physics we are trying to understand in these days, that is a fact :-))))

    In general, I like your talking, nice uncover link between Ahura Mazda and Jesus, but there is crazy more… actually in Hindu Vedas is sometimes stated that reality is terrifying :-)) hahaha… but one fact I totally agree, the plans we have are nothing against what really awaits us, based on theory of either incarnation or holographic universe the memories will be wipe-out from the soul and soul will be re-implanted and we will be if we match some profiling replanted here.

    I personally think that we are distracted by multiple things (posibly usually refered as evil) which prevents us to reach our goals, (for reason I hope :-)), but we must learn to operate by our will all energy, frequencies and vibrations (there are frequency patterns in the oldest temples cared in the stone in india, haha, I would like to listen to some old fashion archaeologist how ancient people were generating frequencies and monitoring matter pattern behavior :-))))

  6. May Ahura Mazda be rejoiced!….

    Ashem Vohu: Holiness is the best of all good….

    I confess myself a worshipper of Mazda, a follower of Zarathushtra. one who hates the Daevas and obeys the laws of Ahura;

    For sacrifice, prayer, propitiation, and glorification unto [Havani], the holy and master of holiness ….

    Unto the Glory of the Aryans, made by Mazda,

    Be propitiation, with sacrifice, prayer, propitiation, and glorification.

    Yatha ahu vairyo: The will of the Lord is the law of holiness….

  7. Mr. Donahue brilliant lecture as always. Here below is the holiest Zoroastrian prayer, to be blessed up on you and your loved ones:
    Ashem . Vahou,
    Va . Hishtem . Asti…

    Ushta . Asti…

    Ushta . Ahmaie .

    Va . Heyat . Ashaie .

    Va . Hishtaie . Asham .
    Truth & Purity (Ashuie) is The Best Blessing,

    Truth & Purity (Ashuie) is Fortune,

    Fortune Blesses The One Who Seeks The Best Truth & Purity (Ashuie).

  8. The honorable Bill Donahue is a Christian intellectual and reformist. The epitome of his view is that one should not read Bible literally and the reading should be one of rendition and interpretation exactly what the Shiite do with their reading of Koran. He knows the Eastern and Iranshahri religions well. He tries to find the roots of Second Judaism, i.e., Christianity in our Eastern Lands in order to find friendship and convergence between United States, Israel and the West on the one hand with Russia, China, and Iran on the other. There is no doubt that Abrahamic religions stole their base, their beliefs, and rituals from the Religion of Zarathustra and the Religion of Mehr / Mithra. However, they turned everything to their advantage on its head. In this video, he says that the father of Jesus of Nazareth is the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda. And the Aryan Fire, Water, Wind is in a manner holy in Christianity such as Baptism and the Holy Water… He goes so far that he sees the Magi traditions the same as the say “Amin” or when they sign the cross on their body. He insists on the story that three Persian Magi were the first people in search of Jesus who announced his birth. It should be praised that he puts the Abrahamic Religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam next to Angra Manyu of Zoroastrian Eschatology; however, naming Zoroastrianism a cult; & the base of Christianity and making it to a reason to give importance to Christianity and highlight it, should be watched. At any rate, I highly recommend to my friends who understand English, listening to him. Watch to what extent, they borrow from our Iranshahr Culture and tradition in order to save the Christian culture; and we? The water for our thirsty lips is in the jug, however, we are travelling round the world looking for it; Peace n be happy!

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