119b Your Success Door Is Locked

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Bill Donahue
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hey you know let's look together at something that I think you will find interesting and we'll finish it up next week we kind of look at the human mind how your mind has been programmed I was watching television yesterday and I earned on a religious program and I was watching a a dr. Kennedy James Kennedy Monsignor chairs waiting for her I was watching dr. James Kennedy and he was talking about the new age and he had a lot of problems with it he said because he said it is really taking up with psychology and as a result he was insinuating that when you get involved with psychology you kind of come against Christianity which is true and what he said really shocked me first of all he's a very distinguished-looking man he's an eloquent speaker beautiful speaker he has a magnificent church setting with everything that you know it just just had credibility all over and I mean it was a magnificently beautiful place but what I saw there actually was I saw people being programmed because what he said was this he says you know a lot of these people today in this in this psychology they'll say to you that you are gods and as such he said the problem is where does this originate from the fact that you are gods he says it originates from Satan he says Satan was the first one to say you are gods and he said to Adam and Eve if you'll do this you will be like God and so he says that this type of a thing which brings psychology together and gets people to think that they have this position as gods is from Satan and so then I tell G you know this guy is really a credible speaker is extremely distinguished has all the credentials from all the great universities he's speaking in this magnificent place but all of the surroundings and very few of those people were ever going to look really into a Bible to check anything and so they've all walked out of there with their minds programmed that this philosophy of believing that you are gods is satanic he had he had done this and he had to do this in order to protect the system he has to do this in order to protect the traditional system of religion but what I want you to do I want you to open those little bibles that I'd given or yet you had out here I want you to open to page 876 and if you open to page 876 the rest of you go to the book of John and I want you to look at something in there that Reverend Kennedy in all his eloquence failed to note and this is John chapter 10 okay John chapter 10 and if you go with me you'll go to verse 34 and there you'll see the words of Jesus Christ and what does he says is it not written in your law I said you are gods and if he called them gods unto whom the Word of God came the scripture cannot be broken so it wasn't Satan who said you are gods it's Jesus Christ who said you are gods but the element Christian preacher on television with thousand millions of people watching him neglected to tell people that this was said by Jesus he said oh it's said by Satan because the point is if you don't realize that you're a god and if you think you're a sniveling sinner as religion tries to burden you with then of course you will continue to reach out to the system instead of reaching into yourself now let's go a little further than that and there's a there's a statement in the Bible that's in the Old Testament that is directed to you and watch this and try to understand it if you can go to page 506 and that's that you'll go to the Book of Psalms Book of Psalms and go to Psalm 82 page 506 and Lissa's proton quote God whatever that is speaking and God says in Psalm 82 verse 6 I have said you are gods and all of you are children of the Most High but you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes so what do I have to do so I don't die like an inn for like one of the princes look at verse 8 arise O God judge the earth for you shall inherit all patients see so that's what we're here really to talk about you have been conditioned your mind has been conditioned and for all of the years that your mind has been conditioned you have reacted and you have suffered and we'll show you how and in our conditioning is an interesting thing Gina come here for a second I want to introduce everybody on television let introduce everybody on television all over the United States and Canada the young lady used to be my secretary this is Gina okay now you just tell me how do you know how to spell spot I mean do you know a hospital you need a small spot how do you spell spot SPRT spot now will you spell it five times SPO TSP RT s QT s PRT SPRT what do you do when you come to a green light go oh good good no come up come up for a second 99 people out of 100 will say stop okay and and it did good but you know had it what what Lodge why were you thinking that just I was just concentrating on getting it right but if I was going with the flow of things I would have said stop okay say what what what she did then would and that's why she sitting here because that I've known her for a long time and one of the things that she has done in her life as work to break the conditioning that's why a chill in October the 21st she'll be up there with us to see Kotaro we're breaking the conditioning we're looking for something new but it's true that if you condition people in 99 people out of 100 if you say you know Espio tsp OT SPO tsp OT and then say what do you do when you come to a green light they'll say stop okay okay but it's because the mind is and and that's what we'll look at tonight our conscious mind is the only entity on the face of the earth that remembers its beginning and looks forward to its end the only one and what happens basically in our lives you know we only become like a puff of smoke don't we take a look there's a fellas hat hanging on the wall was quite quite a quite a character quite a young man that black hideaway you can't see it on TV black hat hanging on the wall is kind of a memory of somebody that came through this church very strange young man and all kinds of difficult encounters with the law and and died in an automobile accident and basically his horror of his life was because of conditioning everything everything was programmed into here how he would react you know and and he tried desperately and in fact we worked very hard ly hard with him and the conditioning was beginning to change and then something happened we'll get into that in another time but basically all of us then what are you trying to do is you're trying to figure something out in your life aren't you I mean because after all what's your purpose here what what reason do you have and the thing is that we're always trying to figure out next week or next month or what we're going to do and yet we don't even know for what what's the purpose of it where are you going you know when you think if you you you want security and then you're living like a flea on a tennis ball going through the universe at forty thousand miles an hour with nobody driving it you know where's your security where are you going to go and now consider why you are the way you are why is rose the way she is why is Don the way here why is Albert the way he is why is Margaret the way is the point is you think the way you do out of habits it's habit that's why you are the way you are you think the way you do out of habit and habits are thoughts which dig themselves deep into the subconscious thoughts that are like seeds and they burrow themselves deep into the subconscious and when they are ready to blossom those negative thoughts which have buried themselves deep into your subconscious will one day blossom into tumors sure one day those thoughts which have buried themselves deep into your subconscious will blossom as tumors or some other kind of disease and all of the festering that goes on in our minds all of the festering that comes out through the subconscious all of the hate which resurrects itself and grows out of the subconscious we call tradition Oh even your parents said why do you think the way because you're doing that's why did you ever ask your father why because I said so and you know what many years ago he asked his father why and his father said because I said so nobody ever has said why it's just because it's tradition it's the way it's done go to page 792 in the little Bibles and look at Matthew chapter 15 and what Jesus says in Matthew chapter 15 page 792 and in verse 6 he says an honor not his father or his mother he shall be free but you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition they see Jesus Christ had contempt for tradition he had contempt for religion he had contempt for everything that the system holds valuable and wonderful when the wall fell down he said they'll all tumble down he's all what beautiful churches he said nothing what a pile of rocks let it all fall down cuz he had contempt for the tradition but here's the point that you've got to understand and this is the most magnificent thing of all inside of you is the power and the energy to take us all above all the negativity of these deep thoughts which are burned into our subconscious all of the negativity which produced to hurt all the activity which produced the disease and the violence inside of you is a power to take you above that but you know what right now your traditional thought patterns have you firmly locked in the lower you're locked in the cellar and there's a deadbolt lock on it and very few of us know how to get the key to open the door to light all of that crap very hard because you know it's important to understand something the same power that brings bad fortune brings good it's not a different power there's only one power it's not a question of the power it's a question of how you use the power look at me understand something what chill what choice do you have but to take what I say to you what were you going in your life you're getting older things start to run down where are you going what's your direction what are the possibilities if you start to take into you what Jesus said what Krishna said what Buddha said what I'm saying to if you take into this then the future is unlimited the possibilities are astral otherwise you know what your future holds if you take into yourself what the religionists tell you then you can look forward to something supposedly happens at a golden gate after you die nothing now after you die if you take this power which is electrical power and you put it into the hands of an electrician you put it into the hands of somebody who studies the power understands the power then they can light up the world you put it in my hands and I'll burn the building down in five minutes why because I don't understand the power it's not the power is evil it's when you've touched the power and you don't understand what it is that you must use it so a person can use an automobile to drive to visit somebody at the hospital or to bring chocolates to their aunt who lives in Chicago another person can use the same water will be able to rob a bank it's that it's not the automobile it's those who are using it and you know that's why it's you look with me and I forgot to write the page down so somebody tell me where it is Isaiah 45 what page is that on in in the little Bibles Isaiah chapter 45 609 pate 609 okay Isaiah chapter 45 and look what it says something that I very few Christians have ever seen but if your religionists have ever seen but God makes the statement in Isaiah 45 verse 7 i form the light and create darkness i make peace and create evil I the LORD do all these things God creates evil how atomic energy it can light millions of homes the same energy misused can kill millions of people instantly so what's being said is the power is given unto you how you use the power will either make it good or make it evil and and the unfortunate thing is let's say if all of us were to go down to the nuclear plant here in Oyster Creek tomorrow and go to work there and we'll take over the place the same power that is lighting our building here now would all of a sudden erupt into streams of people flowing out of the county playings everybody going in opposite directions because Ethel is in charge at a nuclear plant here is the nucleus scientist that is taking over nothing to worry about we have a present for you okay so we were talking about it isn't a different power the power hasn't changed but all of a sudden people who are putting their hands on the power are doing it and they have no idea how to use it and so basically then it become the same power that is good suddenly becomes evil okay what you have here are the conceptions that you have what do you think of yourself the conceptions that you have of yourself are locked in what is called a subconscious mode that's the subconscious mark the conceptions that you have of yourself are they are locked in here and the only way to change you is if somehow a key can be found to unlock that door and let that stuff out otherwise everything sits in there and Fester's in there and causes your big problem I would suggest to you if you really want some time to get a little good study on this go into a bookstore adult bookstore woman books or something pick up a book written by Carl Jung Carl Jung spelled Ju ng who was a contemporary and a partner of Sigmund Freud and it's a book called the undiscovered self you're not reading a new age you're not meeting a preacher you're not meeting a religionist you're not meeting a screwball you're reading one of the most eminent psychoanalysts that ever lived in the face of the earth and he'll tell you about the subconscious mind and there is nobody with better credentials to talk about it then called y'all but so where's the key where is the key for everything that your parents have put in there that was wrong where's the key for everything the church is put in there that is wrong where's the key for everything that that the government has put in there that was wrong where's the key everything that your friends have put in there that Israel and all of that stuff is festering in there take a look at page 847 in your Bible go to Luke chapter 11 Luke chapter 11 page 847 in your Bible and then to Jesus says in Luke chapter 11 verse 52 woe unto you lawyers he's talking biblical scholars you have taken away the key of knowledge why because you entered not in yourselves and then that while entering in you hindered in other words what Jesus Christ just said by entering within yourself you take the key to unlock the door and let all of this hurt out right now it's locked and everything is too and if you study Carl Jung you study Sigmund Freud you'll find this is the location of your problem and you don't even know that because the subconscious mind is the key do you know what the subconscious mind does it never sleeps when you dream you dream out of the subconscious mind it never sleeps it never forgets it remembers everything that you've forgotten it never forgets us thing and the psychiatrist can take your subconscious mind right back to the beginning sometimes you walk down the street and you smell something instantly you're transported back to maybe your aunt's house or your grandma's house or something and all the people surround you you can feel the house you can feel everything you can see leaves on a lawn on the front lawn or the smell of the water hitting the grass tonight and you're back somewhere many many years ago and of course it's all stored here it's never forgotten everything you've ever heard everything you've ever learned everything that's ever been told to you is accepted as fact and stored in the subconscious mud the most powerful instrument in the universe is the subconscious mind but conscious mind is only 10% and the thing is that everything that goes into the subconscious that causes the problem comes from the conscious somebody tells you something it goes in there and it finds a place to dwell and grow in there somebody teaches you something somebody frightens you it all goes from here your conscious mind and then it goes into the subconscious mind and when it goes into the subconscious mind you forget it but your subconscious doesn't so a situation happens see this is this is only 10% of this is the key of tithing this is why God said it is so important that you tithe I need you to give that 10% I need you to turn that off because as long as you leave this active all of the fear all of the hate all of the discouragement all the depression is going to come flying in here and ruin itself in the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Eden is going to be filled with weeds and all ugly things growing in this here conscious mind has good things you help people with it don't you sometimes I'm going to they're going to help the people with Hurricane Andrew that's coming out of the conscious mind that's a good thing has a lot of bad things and it's called in the Bible in the book of Genesis the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and it says don't eat from that tree go to Eden at the east of the right side eat from there but this here first of all has to be reprogrammed now what will get it will get into the sea because who's the servant here look at the size of the subconscious mind look at the size of the conscious mind and the fact is that the servant is the subconscious the master is this little insignificant conscious part the tiny little conscious mind is the master and this is the amazing thing the greatest power in the universe does exactly what it is told by the little insignificant 10% it obeys everything that comes from here and if you tell this that you're set it will Fester it will find a root and it will blossom into a little tree of sickness and it will grow because it believes everything you tell it and in the same way if you tell it you're not you can then start on your way Oh what does it make lie to it lie to it tell it lies I really don't feel good I only feel great your snotting and snorting all over the place tell her he doesn't know any different it says hey what's all I know I says he feels good okay and all of a sudden things start triggering out of the subconscious much this is where visualization comes from from dr. Bernie Siegel this is where visualization comes from Dean orders they're telling something that really isn't true and the subconscious mind thinks it is true so the subconscious mind starts doing things as if it is true and live a hormone start flow it doesn't know the difference see it doesn't know that it's not being told the truth so it starts reacting so now you can see why something has to happen look at page 928 in the Bible look at the book of Romans go to Romans chapter 12 Romans chapter 12 and verse 2 and be not conformed to this world this world is right over here on the left side folks it's the conscious mind but be transformed by the renewing of your mind in other words what this here is is a computer and you've got to put in a new floppy disk you got to reprogram it you can't change it you can't go to your computer and lay hands on it you can't go to your computer and read the Bible to it you can't go to your computer and singing Amazing Grace you got to reprogram it and the most magnificent computer in the world is sitting right between your ears and you've got to reprogram it because it is filled with information it is filled with coded messages and these things are growing into the that are torturing you and causing you the problems that you have in your life the problems in your life and in my life are not being caused by anything out there they're being caused by everything in here and it's been stockpiled nobody wants to be subjected to the negativity nobody wants to be subjected to the hurting nobody wants to be subjected to the to the sickness but yet the point is we don't even realize that behind this veil is the answer to all of that to ridding ourselves of all of that the mechanism but you see the point is you say why do I hate this job it's been ordered for you to hate that job from in there it's not that you have you're told to hate it it's programmed in there why doesn't anybody like me why don't I like anybody else it's all programmed in there behind this veil our orders that come out of the subconscious that dictate to your cut exactly what you're going to do you've placed it all in there and now it's all going to come back to you this is the way it's going to be and we get very unhappy and then what are we doing we're unhappy we make everybody else unhappy you know sometimes when the nurse is miserable do you realize how unhappy that makes me when the nurse is acting up huh you know what I'm talking about you get in here huh thank you see you why this is your come on it's your opportunity who's been so unhappy to list all day so I got sick I got sick you cooked the other night I had a little virus to last you days you know miserable and I wasn't I was I was miserable and this is what happened the nurse made me some what we made you chicken and sweet potatoes the two best things for your sanity me right into the men's room didn't it yeah you've been in there for the whole day huh okay thank you but tell about when we were away then I was in the spa having a good time what happened to you Rodi well next to us and how cool work with you yeah well that's true okay oh well thank you very much quit while we was at the nurse was down at the spa and she submits her stuff to all of this insanity notes they put mud on her and leaves on her and they massages she goes she doesn't miss any of this stuff she swims under and out and all of this stuff so I had a neat the afternoon off I said you know I was really tired I feel like it's like I just gonna go back and I miss you later hey I'm on the mountain Jenna nice condo all by yourself in the mountains you know gorgeous up there near action Park in Vernon New Jersey and we're near that well all of a sudden I wake up boom bang and I hear some guy screaming get there I don't use the word out of here I'm fine enough screaming throwing things crash up against the wall you number hey I am in the mountains I say this must be the sub-conscious mine and what the heck is this I mean I could have been alone vacate this amount I mean you can't do this in this nice place if people in the spot are going up and down in the water what is this and all of a sudden I look out and I hear this screaming and fighting the kids yell and I look out and there's two cops standing on the stairs and I got this guy and then I look at the front door and I got this blonde girl up against the police car and then I'm looking out for the nuts cuz I think she's gonna walk right into the middle of this thing making a long story short they carted this guy off they carted the blonde off and it wasn't you know but what had happened there and this is amazing because whether it had been because I was sleeping but as soon as it hit me it transported me back to my own life as a child because that's what I lived in my whole life was like that you know my father committed suicide I don't tell you the story I discovered his body actually hanging from the doorway when I was 14 but our whole life was you know I mean my mother chasing him with a knife and people I mean it used to be like dodge city I had brothers they used to fight they tumbled through banisters and I mean this was really wild so when I when I woke up and and I heard this I just was transported right back so basically when Joan says Kuh what lies in the invisible subconscious Buddha calls Kuh if anything activates that or stimulates that it comes into what is called ki and all of a sudden manifests itself and it's really it is really true and you test it you know where you've had situations sometimes you call them deja vu all of a sudden see I feel like I've been here before what the heck is this something has come out of here something triggered in your subconscious and you had this physical feeling that you know you were back to where you had originally been but when this unhappiness comes you know you wonder sometimes why do I feel the way I why am i acting the way I am because it's triggered from deep within your subconscious mind it's resting there and you don't even know this that's why I encourage you to get the book by Carl Jung because you know to listen to me you know what the heck am i or to listen to some preacher what is that but listen to a man who is a psychoanalyst of the highest credentials talk about this thing here and what it is this is that atomic plant if it's not handled properly it is an atomic bomb that will kill millions if it is handled properly it is the power of the universe to set the universe free oh wait come on come on come on get up as if people thought when this happened to you you didn't even realize it you know you just got so upset and so nervous and all of a sudden he's stay on the spa looking for me well I went a half hour over in my treatment and I come out and he's like going around everywhere is she were she he was he was you know the funny thing was I going into a panic and I started to try to protect her from going back up there and but it was all my experience because I knew what the results were that because I'd live that you know all my life yeah okay alright let's go on in and just look at at the point here all of these troubles and you have to know each one of you in your life what the troubles are enter your subconscious from your conscious mind they come in here's let's say an unwanted child an unwanted child has all of this that's told to him filter in here find its way into the subconscious he grows he's forgotten about it it's not forgotten here and what you have now is the makings of a killer what you have now is a serial killer you have a rapist you have a violent antisocial person because of all of the hurt that came in at his subconscious at a very early point in his life found its way deep as a seed and now it grew and whatever stimulated it it burst forth into a horrible flower of killing and raping and pillaging but because this person is necessarily bad not at all this person doesn't even know this person doesn't even know the connection and the law for the most part doesn't know the connection oh this is a horrible person we kill we never go back in and make a fine or do anything bad to the people that actually put the fear and the heard in the guilt and all the terror into that subconscious mind of early early age in other words when you scream at your kids and when you program all of this negativity into the minds of children it's going to grow and it's going to come back yes exactly what it is because you've forgotten the whole thing your conscious mind forgets it no he's a rapist why it's a serial killer why there's all these horrible antisocial things why everybody forgets nobody remembers because it's not remembered over here but remember whatever negativity would ever hire you put into the mind of a child or anybody else is never forgotten in the subconscious mind never there was the story of a lady that she got married and she would go to the kitchen whenever she would cook a meal she'd get a violent headache and and they couldn't figure out you know they did all of the tests honor they did brain scans on her all these types of things there was nothing wrong with her and so she went to a psychiatrist the psychiatrist took her back in a past life with Russian or whatever was took her back to the time she was a little child maybe two or three years old it found out that her mother was holding in her in her arms and her mother was cooking something in the stove exploded and the child dropped on her head she forgot she'd never knew knew anything about that and so what happened the subconscious trigger every time she went to the stove and she started cooking in the stove the subconscious triggered this fear and a headache and how was it found out it was found out by a psychiatrist take delving deep into the subconscious mind to see you know what had happened when she was a little child something that was long ago forgotten here do you realize what I'm telling you do you realize that each one of us then all of a sudden is going to start to have some kind of antisocial anti personal behavior and we're going to say I don't know what's the matter Onida people with the hexa matter with this person nobody's going to remember nobody's going to be know that that seed which said buried itself deep into the subconscious yes sir yes so many times steadily so many times the psychiatrist have said act out your anger the anger that you have locked inside that you're suppressing and this is what rapists do they acted out their sociopaths is what they call them and they have anger that's hell they're inside and all their lives a lot of people hold that anger but that's a carnal type of anger they're asking you to release it's not into the subconscious that Bill's talking about okay the point that he's making I think and I hope he's making is no matter what you act out will only change for the moment there has got to be deep metaphysical spiritual Christ type of buddhic type of work to reprogram this we've got to go with Jesus and take that key and this stuff has got to get out of here and the only way you can get that out of there is by opening the door up here and allowing that which is the higher divine mind to start pushing that and pushing that out until finally it's gone if we work any other there's no other way to do it because no matter how much even counseling you get as long as that door is locked all of that stuff is staying in there in that and that's the problem say many people fail constantly maybe you're one of them everything you've everything you try to do you know nothing works poverty is always at the door and what's program the curry the code buried deep in your subconscious from your parents from your school from your teacher from God knows who is you're a failure you'll never make anything out of your life you'll never amount to anything in your life and that's been programmed into you from here I don't know where it came from you don't know where it came from think back who it might have came from maybe it came from your mother or your father maybe it came from somebody in your family maybe it came from a schoolteacher maybe it came from a from a policeman god knows what maybe it came from a boss the first whoever said it said deep inside of you there was a route that would sinking itself into the subconscious tunnels of the of your mind saying you're a failure and every time that you try in some way to figure out what the heck why can't I why can't I ever make anything like why can't I account amount anything why can't I do this why can't I be successful why am I always failing because you're programmed to fail you're programmed to fail and until that programming is driven out of that subconscious mind you'll never change the subconscious mind is programmed that you cannot make it and it will see that you don't that's why what Jesus Christ speaks of that's why it is so important when he says to you seek first the kingdom enter within yourself the kingdom of God is within you make that change within yourself so that all of this can be flushed away and all that is new can come in and your and then that is to stop you if I have said if Reverend Kennedy says all they say they're gods and all of this stuff Jesus Christ is the one who said you're God and just think yourself instead of I'm a sinner instead of I'm a failure instead of I can't do this and I can't do that and I can't do the other thing if you close your eyes and just save yourself I am god I am God I am God and then look up and say what in the world could possibly defeat you or your life now nothing once you find out that I am and God are one of the same thing then what do you need the system for what do you need the organization for what do you need the religions for and that's what scares them they're not in this to set you free they're in this to structure themselves as the great controller of your life in many sickness is coded in here it's hard to be well when the computer constantly says you feel lousy III die sometimes I get you know between this and some time work and everything I get to the point I say to myself and geez I'm tired I feel and I'm really not but it's all coded it's all put deep into the computer and it's telling me hey you're sick you don't feel good you feel lousy where's it coming from it's coming from my vehicle stuff we put in ourselves lonely people many people are very lonely they don't have any friends but you know what you've got program deep in here don't trust anybody everybody's out to really take you for what they can get did here watch them always keep here you always keep your eye over your shell nobody cares about you nobody ever did anything for you nobody's ever going to do anything for you you're gonna have to do for yourself and all of that is programmed to you become a very lonely person yeah so so you've got to rise among above the programming because you have to understand something the subconscious is the Great Creator the problem is it's going to create exactly what it is programmed to create that's what meant by Paul Lee says I thank God through Jesus Christ which is the higher mind with the mind which is the lower programming or the higher programming I serve God but with the flesh which is the lower programming I serve the law of sin which is the so that's the bad part what's the good part the good part is you can remove the bad programs okay you can open this up you can remove the bad programs in the subconscious you allow the negative programming to get in now you can allow the negative programming to get out that's the good part that's why this works that's why if you'll only get off your rear end get out of that catch come down here and thumb your nose at the system from your nose at the religions some you know that the churches open yourself to the story of Christ open to yourself to what he tried to get you to understand then you'll come to the place where the programming will change then you'll come to the place where the subconscious will receive the flow of that reprogramming to get in that which is new and the chief culprit to this whole thing is a four-letter word fear even to the point that you have never heard a religious person discuss your mind you know have gone to church all of your life you've never heard a pastor you've never heard a minister you never heard a brick they never discuss your mind it's off-limits in fact they say God is in my heart they always point here not to the center that's all flemeth's they're afraid of it and in fact they'll tell you that if you go into the realm of your own mind you'll open up Devils that's what they'll tire cuz that's fear and you know why that is because the negativity of religion and Christianity has programmed people to be afraid of themselves where are you ever going if you're afraid of yourself if you can't love yourself if you can't and you know what this Reverend Kennedy said on television that this humanism this New Age stuff is nothing but worship of self finally finally say hey I am something look at me struck why you should see me when I go to Key West with the nurse I sucked this in for two weeks walk around the pool say to the nurse I gotta go to the men's room I go in the men's room I get another little suck it in her strut cuz I am something say that's the best the beauty of all this Jesus Christ never came to tell this world how great he was he came to this world to say how great you are and that's why he said you are the light of the world the kingdoms within you you know what Jesus said hey Santa he said the things that I've done you can do you can do better than me and I say you ain't kidding he never flew in a plane right he never went to a Jimmy Buffett concert we talkin about him known here as a guy I could follow off the end of a cliff because Jesus Christ was the guy that said hey I'm here to put that light on in you and show everybody that God who dwells within you don't don't hang on me don't pray to me don't ask me you go right to him you got car plans go right to the source and the source he said is in you that's will set you free that's why this meditation is so important because all of this fear that sculpt it comes out of your family out of your circumstances and once you've got to do to start the reprogramming you next week we're going to do will finish this off with reprogramming the mind but what you've got to do is you've got to turn away from the thoughts that have been coming from the outside as Jesus said take no thought and you got to start turning to the thoughts that are coming from the inside and you do that in meditation you know whether you use Kotaro or how burn or whether you use ohm or buddhic or whatever you do start listening to that which is within and no one will be listening to that which is without as it says in Jeremiah 6 get your ear circumsized cut away all of that that's coming in because that's what is cause you're that feel that's why it's made you miserable and when you do that then you'll realize with Matthew 5:14 Jesus Christ that you are the light of the world that's what you change your negative thoughts of I'm a sinner too I am God and you'll freak out everybody upstairs because they've can't understand what you're talking about there's only one mine there's only one spare let me just we're done I promise you let me just tell you something the creative power of the universe is inside of it to the eternal power there is only every book that has ever been written it has been written by the same author every building that has ever been built has been built by the same engineer the creation happened because the conscious mind of the Builder the conscious mind of the engineer did not prevent it by negative subconscious programming and so that which was within was able to explode in a monument but it's all the same because they have nothing more inside of them than you have except they had the luxury of not having negativity programmed in to say they couldn't they couldn't they could in fact they probably had somebody that was doing just the opposite saying yes you can yes you can yes you can yes you can and when it came to that point they knew yes I can and that's the secret that's what comes from meditation reprogramming deeper than yourself Universal Mind goes to everyone what this means that let me finish this is the last to lunch what this means is that your experience in life is exactly what you are convinced of your experience in this life is exactly what you are convinced of you're convinced of it you've made up your mind about it if everything is falling apart you're convinced that this is the way it has to be if everything is not working if you hate your job if you hate the people around you you're convinced of that because that's the way you've been programmed but it can be changed and when you no longer feel that way you'll no longer be limited to that job you hate you'll no longer be limited to those circumstances that are causing you all those problems you'll no longer be limited to those sicknesses that have been plaguing you there's no reason for it you say I desire success I want to be healthy but the subconscious programming knows otherwise same I'm telling you you're saying it's consciously this is what I want but subconsciously what's going to manifest itself it's just the opposite because you don't even know that everything you've taken in from those who thought they were helping you have created this horror the Garden of Eden is filled with weeds huh so what does it say it says you have been made caretaker of the vineyard you have been made to prune the vineyard now you can get into the vineyard and you can watch the vineyard and you can start to plant trees and you can start to plant the tree of life and all of these things will start to grow in the vineyard and you'll start to be a completely different person because that subconscious has been filled with failure failure failure and it is locked in by the conditions that you had no control over but now if nothing else you take from this place you go out of here knowing yes I can change it yes I can make it different and you get your rewrite in here on Tuesday night and you hit this floor and you start doing home and you start playing serious with this God who lives within you and you see that gated you'll see that lock that double bolted lock rust and fall off and you'll see that gate swing open and you'll see all of that garbage which has been hurting you all of your life start to stream out of that graveyard and instead of that you'll start to see trees flowing the desert shall bloom like a rose and all of these horrible tiring things will be turned into Springs of water and all of that which has held you back and made you a lesser person will be gone and you'll be motivated in this movies into the essence of what God has meant for you to be that's what you've gotta do and the only one who is able and I love doing it shoo okay thank you very much and we'll uh get a round of applause yeah son you're not bad alright next week we'll we'll finish this off on reprogramming the mind and how we reprogram it okay thank you for being with us Joan will come on

47 thoughts on “119b Your Success Door Is Locked

  1. Everything you've ever heard, everything you've ever learned, everything that has ever been told to you is accepted as fact and stored in the subconscious mind. The most powerful instrument in the universe is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is only 10%. And the thing is, that everything that goes into the subconscious that causes the problem comes from the conscious. Somebody tells you something, it goes in there and it finds a place to dwell and grow in there. Somebody teaches you something, somebody frightens you, it all goes from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind and when it goes into the subconscious mind, you forget it, but your subconscious doesn't. So situation happens. So this is the key of tithing. This is why God said it is so important that you tithe: I need you to give that 10%. I need you to turn that off. As long as you leave this active, all of the fear, all of the hate, all of the discouragement, all of the depression is going to come flying in here and root itself in the garden of Eden, filling it with weeds and all ugly things. The servant is the subconscious, the master is the little insignificant conscious. The greatest power in the universe does exactly what it is told by the little insignificant 10%. It obeys everything that comes from here. It believes everything you tell it (even if it isn't true or isn't factual) and starts doing things as if it is true. Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world (the conscious mind) but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (re-program your subconscious). The problems in our lives are not being caused by anything out there (external factors) but by everything in here (the subconscious). You've placed it all in there and now it's all gonna come back to you.

  2. "until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will."
    We are not The God.
    We are (as Bill points out) in charge of, responsible for the garden. As it has been given to us written in Genesis 1:26
    And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth

  3. There is no definite rule that you have to reach out to the religious system to repent. You can do it privately. But there are benefits from telling another your wrongs you have done. ask any Catholic or seasoned AA person.

  4. Genesis 4 -You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5β€œFor God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” And we in the know know how Satan deceives us!

  5. You cant take one scripture and deny the other, Satan told them they could be like God and start thinking for themselves labeling everything. Lets not get confused for the excitement of the discovery, k
    Genesis 4- You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5β€œFor God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, (knowing good and evil.”)

  6. Dislikes must be from the forever ignorant blind who will continue to peddle the lie rather than hear the truth. That is the basis of religion. Believe what you are told and do not question or challenge. Foolish misinformed people. God gave you a brain. USE IT!!!!

  7. We are IMAGE of The Creator.
    If you want to grow that 10% of the Father(Upper-brain/Cerebrum) you must learn that ;
    The Christ is The Key, retain the semen then you will see the FRUIT from the "Three" not Tree which are Pneumo-gastric(Lungs and Solar Plexus) nerves and Semi-Lunar ganglia ! => Three of Life within you = Three Pillars of Kabbalah
    Potatoes have Potassium and Nicotine πŸ™‚ Is not wonderful our Creator ?! πŸ™‚

    By the way, The Eart(H)eart in Bible is cerebellum, not the Pump of blood !

  8. Thank you so much for this gift of knowledge!! This is invaluable information. I urge everyone who takes anything away from these truths to go to his website and support him. I definitely am and will be. BlessingsπŸ™πŸΌ

  9. Bill Donahue, you make me happy to listen to you – just like when I listen to Alan Watts. You have a way of freeing souls from the chains of bondage of self imprisonment. Forever a fan.

  10. Clerics teach you that you are a sinner and unworthy. Big mistake on their part, but big trouble for YOU. It should be legal to sue them for such damage to the subconscious.

  11. If there is a God like that described in typical orthodox Christianity, then god must be interested in what we do and think and so on. God, does not wish to fully reveal him/herself which would greatly affect our being. So, atheist or Christian, think for yourself. It's not moral to follow dogmas as a matter of course. Iain w in glasgow uk

  12. This video explains completely why hypnosis works. You can press and work on things on a concious level all day long and you'll find in hypnosis that the root of the problem is not what you conciouslly think it is.

  13. I think cancer has very little if anything to do with negative thoughts. You can't have yin without yang, up without down. Everyone has cancerous cells and everyone has non cancerous cells.

  14. Bill never heard of John Allegro. There are more fruits on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The apples of Apollo, the holy grail, the bread of heaven. Amanita Muscaria.

  15. Truly amazing! I think you would enjoy reading an Emmet Fox essay titled 'The Rich Young Ruler' about seeking real truth. Thank you so much! I am in middle of moving expenses but will surely donate asap!

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