11 yr Old Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw!

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When he was 3, Colton Burpo went to heaven during an operation on his ruptured appendix, and at now age 11, tells what he saw and heard!

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Colton’s Birthday: May 19th, 1999

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Evon can seem far away but for one little boy heaven is very real Colton Burpo was just three years old when he got a sneak peek at what is to come take a look mommy that was eight years ago looking at Colton now you would have never guessed that he almost died in 2003 his father Todd tells about Colton's near-death experience in the book heaven is for real he started throwing up into the toilet you know and at first right okay he's got the stomach food because the doctor said it was going around Colton's condition only got worse as days passed his doctor discovered his appendix at bursts and infection was spreading in his body time was running out then we knew we were in bad shape when they say well you need to cut off the hallway they separated us from everyone else and then someone came to us and started talking to us that we got to have surgery on your kid it was tough seeing your boy be wifeless when he was a very vibrant child and it was at that moment that we were looking at each other I remember my wife holding Colton in that hallway just us we went to the surgery prep area and I remember them hauling away and him just yelling at me daddy don't let him take me daddy don't let him take me and I went back to the pre-op room where we had left some stuff and I was finally alone shut the door I just broke down and I was mad at God I just frustrated fed up I remember telling him I see God after all I've done for you and now you're gonna take my kid this is how you treat your pastors you know what's calling our prayer chain I was calling anybody that would be on the other line to get Colton on the prayer chain because it was bad we were there in the waiting room for hour and a half maybe I remember the nurse coming out his Colton's daddy out here I'm like camel cones up in recovery and he's screaming free and I'm sitting there with him I remember my son in that room then looking at me and goes dad you know I almost died and my first thought was maybe you overheard the nurse say that or maybe they thought he was under anesthesia you know and he wasn't but it wasn't till four months after we got out of the hospital that we finally listened to our son and that's where I got to see heaven know Jesus and some angels came and blew me up to heaven I said so : what did Jesus look like I knew that the first person I saw was Jesus it was wearing white robes with a purple sash and he just came down nicely and gracefully well dad Jesus has markers dad Jesus has markers I didn't know what he meant so I finally asked the right question Colton where are Jesus markers and he drops his toys down he stands up and he just points dad they were right here he takes his fingers points to the pumps and he bends over and touches the tops of his feet he looks up to me that's where Jesus's markers were dad when I was in the throne room of God to start with so I got to see what that looked like I was upset because I didn't know what was happening what God did is he used people that people are things that I liked to call me down from there on I felt better then one day we're traveling together and he looks up at me and dad used to have a grandpa named pop did you like yeah he's really nice really yeah you used to play with him as a kid and fixed what worked with him on the farm and and shoot stuff with him I'm like he told me figure came up and he was pop he asked me are you Todd son I said yes he said that he was his grandpa so that's where I met him yeah pop I was very close to him and he was my most significant male role model when I was a kid growing up okay but he was killed in a car wreck before I turned 7 I was busy p-muls again because that's my job and he came up and told me a hand to sisters well he had to say it several times before he finally got my attention and finally I put myself down and looked at mrs. what do you mean you have two sisters now I have two sisters you had a baby dying and talking and I just looked at him like well how do you know you have two sisters well she told me and then he proceeded to describe her she looked like Cassie but she had brown hair and first time when she saw me she just came up and hugged me I knew if this is true cuz he said she kept hugging me she wouldn't stop hugging me Mom and I didn't like that well I'm not really hugging tight I'd missed carried the weekend of Father's Day weekend which made it even rougher and we thought we'd dealt with it we got never accepted that the baby had died when he said he had two sisters I was I think I was in shock first and then trying to realize what is he telling me and so I knew that he had seen her and after he described her as she's she just waiting for you guys to come to heaven you know as we talked about heaven and he was telling me all these wonderful details I just felt like I had to ask him did he want to come back I knew that I was leaving heaven because Jesus came to me and said you need to go back even though I didn't want to go back he said that he was answering my dad's prayer I remember that prayer daddy irreverent dad disrespectful screaming at God prayer I was like he's answering that prayer today Colton is a healthy eleven-year-old and shares his heavenly journey with boldness I learned that heaven is for real and you're gonna like it I learned that heaven is real and you're gonna like it why are you gonna like it because you're gonna be with a loving God however we we sometimes miss that you know if you've been doing wrong things and somehow or other you got it in your head that gods mad at you or that how could a righteous holy God want to have anything to do with you or maybe some bad things have happened to you and just like with Colton's dad you're going to know if this is the way you treat your pastors Oh what kind of God are you and we miss it we miss the most wonderful message God's ever given for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son God loves the world that means you that means you and Jesus loves you he loves you so much that he still bears the marks of how much he loves you he still has the holes in his hands he still has the holes in his feet he died for you now why did he do that because heaven is very real and hell is very real and Jesus wants you to be with him for all eternity God the Father wants you to be with him and he's designed special things to make you happy too to bring you joy he's designed a whole place for you to be with them now when you believe Colton here's a little boy I didn't know all the details of his grandfather and father he didn't know that he didn't know the detail then his mom and had a miscarriage he didn't know that but he goes to heaven and he learns all those things and he comes back with amazing details and a wonderful message you want to go to heaven now how do you do that how do you get there well you believe now Jesus was asked the question what do we do to work the works of God what do we do to please go and his answer very simple believe in the one that he sent all you have to do is believe in Jesus that he's the one he's the one sent by God to take care of all the sins of all the people in the world that includes you and that he is able to present you faultless in his presence with exceeding joy he's able to do that all you have to do is believe it and then if you'll believe in your heart and confess with your mouth is shall be safe now some of you say well okay I need I need to see for myself well that's okay and you can ask Jesus Jesus what will you show me if what I'm hearing is real will you show me and if you mean it with all your heart you'll find them and the Bible promises when you seek me with all of your heart now what are you seeking today what are you looking for you know and start adding up is that worth eternity is that is that worth what you're putting into it on the other side if you see Jesus if you seek the kingdom and his righteousness then all these other things we'll be able to view it's not your own righteousness it's not your own good works that are going to be the ticket the only thing that's the ticket is Jesus he's the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father no one comes to heaven but by him now if this is for you if this is what you want you know keep in mind all the other ways you know all the other religions all the other supposed paths up the mountain I'll require you to perfect yourself they require you to think good thoughts and do good things and and perfect yourself well you ought to know by now that's impossible that you can't do it Christianity is the only one Jesus is the only one who came from heaven to take care of all of that to take care of the problem of sin the problem of all the mistakes we've made he's the one that comes and changes all of that and he reaches down to you where you are he loves you where you are for who you are and he loves you so much he won't leave you there he wants to change you so that you can be with him for all eternity if this is for you if this is what you want if you want heaven all you have to do is is ask for and so right now do that don't change this channel don't turn away right now bow your head pray a very simple prayer and let Jesus do all the rest for you pray with me Jesus that's right say the name say say his name out loud Jesus I want to be with you I want to know you and right now I ask that you come into my heart that that you forgive me of all the things that I've done wrong that you make me new again and Jesus I want you to open my ears that I can hear your voice I want you to open my eyes that I can see and understand and know you and Jesus if you'll do this I promise to follow you all the days of my life hear my prayer for I pray it in Jesus name father for those who just prayed I ask for a baptism in your love I ask that your love would just wash over them and give them the security that they will be with you for all eternity do it father for I ask it in Jesus name Amen and amen Bible says if you'll believe in your heart confess with your mouth you shall be saved what I want you to do is make a toll-free call 888 777 1999 just say I prayed and I want to confess right now I want to tell somebody that I prayed and I asked Jesus into my heart when you call we've got a free packet for you a CD teaching on how to live the Christian life it's a new day for you and we want to guide you and help you along the way so you just need to know what what do I do now one of the things you need to do now is get a copy of the Bible start reading and every day it's God's love letter to his children we also encourage you to join a local church go through water baptism but make that phone call start right now say I want to call I want to let somebody know eight eight eight seven seven seven nineteen ninety nine well come

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  1. He is so adorable ❀

    I wish the best of luck to him. Did anyone read/watch the book/movie? Even though I am am non-religious and expected a corny movie, I absolutely loved the book and movie, and it made me cry…A LOT! πŸ˜‚

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