102 year old woman talks about her diet and life and religion

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Olive said “We believe a healthy diet should include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.
In some cases a raw food diet can be used to fight cancer or other diseases, but we believe it’s good to have a mixture of raw foods and cooked foods for a normal diet.
Beans, garbanzos, brown rice, soy milk, and whole wheat bread are all nourishing.
Green vegetables, steamed or lightly cooked are also nourishing and are found to contain protein. She says the first diet that God gave to us was grain, fruit, and nuts. After the sin of Adam, vegetables were added to the diet. And after the flood
man was given clean meats.
Many believe that in order to gain protein, we need to add meat to the diet but this is not true. Beans and whole wheat bread, taken together, constitute a complete protein. People who eat a vegetarian diet lead healthy lives and live longer”..
(My own comment here) Olive never eats a large meal late at night, and most of the fat in her diet comes from a product called Vegenaise. She also informed me she doesn’t take medication of any kind, and believes some of them are doing more harm than good. Especially antidepressants which she believes caused some of her elderly friends to commit suicide. As of today Olive is over 105 years old, and while she does have some physical challenges, she is still happy and socially active in her church. She has a sharp mind, loves talking to people, and loves talking about the bible. Warning. If you dare to talk about religion with Olive, you had better plan on staying a while. She has no shortage of words when it comes to her religious beliefs and faith in God..

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  1. Here in philippines our sister in faith she seventh day adventist shes 100 something as well. And also in japan some fellow adventist reach the 100 soemthing . Im not vegetarian i eat fish only and vegetables but i hope i reach even 90 someday i hope so but i think i cannot hehe because i sleep late sometimes ..

  2. Genesis 1:29 King James Version (KJV)

    29 And YAHUWAH [God] said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.


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  5. What a lovely so beautiful no wrinkles I believe that fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent medicine , healthy me too i loved fruits and vegetables it’s great 👍 god bless

  6. The whole family is ageless. They're both so sharp. When the interviewer also mentioned the ages of their children, I said "where's my big water bottle?" 😂
    But I also noticed they added God in their relatiinship. Wish this beautiful family the best.

  7. 7th Day Adventists live longest in U.S.A. They are mostly vegetarians. 7th Day Adventists don’t drink milk because they know milk protein casein converts into sugar. They are also big into real grains. Cheese is saturated fat. Loma Linda, California is ground zero for these centenarians

  8. Making her own bread was Key! The bread industry has been poisoning bread since the early 1980's, when they took out the iodine and put in Bromide/ Bromine. Which is Toxic Poison!!! Used in rat poison and by pest control companies. Eating the bread, is a slooooooow poisoning, causing problems over year's of consuming it, as has been done with other things we buy from other's, so be careful.

  9. What a beautiful couple
    She’s so delightful to listen to
    How wonderful to live this long in this evil world 🌎.
    One day God has promised that we will be young again
    No more sickness .
    Well done sweety love you …..

  10. Seventh day Adventists are compelled to be vegetarians so they call themselves vegetarians even when they are not. The real vegetarians are not that sharp at her age. I grew up among Adventists and the vegans usually succumb to Alzheimer's disease and other mental diseases. This lady doesn't realise that her unfaithfulness to her religion's view on diet is what has helped them get this far with her brain still functioning. The friends she had that were true to the diets message which culminates in veganism have all lost their mind and or their lives.

    Eat cholesterol to preserve your brain!



  11. Vegetarians that occasionally eat chicken and fish, very interesting. Maybe most vegetarians would be healthy if they would just eat chicken and fish on occasion. Let's tell vegetarians to eat chicken and fish on occasion so they also can be healthy!

  12. What a rude interviewer! Disparaging remarks! No wonder u lived to be so old? Omg..the way he kept saying they don't look the same? Get out the guys younger pictures and see if he looks the same…oh ya. A holes never change! Lmao

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