★ Civilization 5 – Deity #8 – The Secret and Advanced Strategies!

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War Early

On Deity, you MUST focus on war early to mid game. The first 100 turns are all about other civilizations building cities for you to conquer. Then, park your military units around turn 150 and start building up your civilization.

Your intial batch of troops should be able to take out the nearest civ giving you 3-5 cities. Puppet all of them (Raze only if really bad) and annex one or two around Turn 100 depending on your happy faces.

Remember capital cities get defense bonuses, so take it out last if you can so you don’t have to deal with multiple capitals. Also, pillaging their strategic resources makes a huge difference (-50%). If you have China (great generals), Rome (legions), or Greece (Hoplites, Cavalry) nearby – restart game 🙂

Keep the pressure

After taking out first civ, keep the pressure on!!! I used to rest and develop existing cities at this point, but that is a fail strategy on deity as they out tech / produce you so much they will eventually dominate you if you don’t take em out early. If nothing else, at least take out one of the major cities (capital?) while waiting for happy faces. Also, make sure to get them to fight each other (largely based on proximity but can ‘encourage’ via diplomacy) to spread out their forces.

When to stop

Stop when your position is isolated and defendable. Use the extra Great Generals to start Golden Ages when you have many cities to maximize production and gold benefit.

Victory goals

I like diplomacy because I go for the city states anyway and isn’t that hard to unlock united nations. AI civs will always out tech you so, spaceship would be tough. Cultural victory would be difficult without wonders.

Once UN is built, all ai civs will attempt to outbid you on city states. In my last game, once England built UN they had 85K to my 4.5K gold = bad. However, I was able to to get the city state votes I needed (9) same turn UN was built. At that point, I declared war making it impossible for England to outbid me on my city states and without enough time to mount attack on my capital. Watch for ai civ destroying your city states and their votes.


Tech wise, after Ironworking, I usually prioritize Writing (science), Construction (happy faces), and Currency (gold) depending on situation.

At some point can build a settler (only 1) if their is a good city site nearby (or better yet, just annex conquered) although I usually like to wait until turn 100 for that (so capital can build circus max, nat library, etc).

Timing of second city is a critical decision in the early game. You need one or two in order to specialize your economy and build units. Somewhere around turn 100 – 120 I like to have one research city, one gold city, and one prod. city with at least one on coast (for resource and military boats). Often can combine research city with gold city (fish help for this).

City States

Do not ignore city states early on. Beyond the obvious benefits (happy faces, culture, food, units), well placed city states can act as a ‘unit sponge’ vs. opponent civs. This is a huge benefit. The city states match oppenent civs for tech and production bonuses so, may as well use that to your advantage. I prefer maritime city states for early growth, but whatever floats your boat.


You will generally not be able to build (early) wonders on diety level without great engineer rushing. Even then, the cost generally does not outweigh the benefit. A few that I like if I have nothing else going on would be Notre Dame? (happy), Hanging Gardens (food), Chichen Itza (happy) but most of the time I won’t get them in time. Sometimes, ai civs don’t go for Stonehenge and Collosus which is nice for later.

Social Policies

Social policies are fairly set in my opinion. Must go Honor first as is very difficult to win deity without early war. After that Patronage (at least to + science from city states) and Order.


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welcome to civilization 5 on TG and the TV network on YouTube this episode we're going to cover something new and exciting that no one else knows about t GN and we're gonna share some advanced new strategies for civilization 5 this episode is part of the civilization 5 show to see the full show click the link below my name is george and let's get started first how do you like this green screen this is something new you've never seen before on the civilization 5 show I've started doing this and I have a video that describes how I built my $2 green screen to make this possible that's in the link below as well so let's start with the secret there is something coming to teach in that will bring a whole new exciting area a samurai is coming to tgn and I don't mean a Hollywood actor I mean a 14-year trained warrior from Japan will be joining tgn and sharing with you how to learn the sword he's gonna be chopping off heads straw heads he's gonna be cutting grapes that fall from his own hand he's going to be showing you things that you know you only see in Hollywood movies but there's no special effects so that's coming to teaching it now I want to show you for civilization 5 my current problem the series I've been doing up till now if I try to blow it a game using the latest patch as you can see here I'm gonna click load game I get an error message that says I'm sorry you have a runtime error and I can't load any of my previous saved games so let's go over advanced strategies and then use them in a new game which I promise to be more active in up publishing videos there won't be a month between episodes so let's start with advanced strategies war early definitely on deity you must focus on war early to mid-game after the first 100 turns you can then start building up your cities and not and just basically park your military units around turn 150 and then you can build up your civilization your initial batch of troops will let you take over the nearest civilization you should gain 3 to 5 cities basically the civilizations work to give you cities at the beginning of the game you shouldn't be making your own cities and remember that capital cities get a bonus to to defense so you don't want to keep taking the capital city to keep having to go after keep having a defeat that bonus defense leave the capital city to last and of course pillage strategic resources as well so that your opponent will have a minus 50% penalty for units that rely on those strategic resources keep up the pressure don't just get sit back after you defeated your first civilization because you will be out gunned if you try to develop not militarily too early in the game when do you stop well when you're isolated when you have no problems there's you know everything is defensible and of course use the extra great generals you get to start Golden Ages at the right times to maximize production and gold benefit now you should always have an idea for victory goals diplomacy is easiest to gain because you're going to go for the city-states friendship anyway but trying to get a tech victory is extremely difficult at deity because the other civilization is will almost always out technology.you in terms of sign oh and you can also go for a culture victory but that's difficult without a lot of wonders now for science one strategy is to go after iron working and then prioritize writing construction and currency afterwards another option is to go after horses and just focus on building a horseman army so we'll try both strategies in the coming games see which works best and we can go on to city-states city-states really are extremely important you have to become friends with as many city-states as possible they give you so much bonus and science as well once you get that social policy from the patronage tree it's probably the single most useful policy in deity because of that huge science because basically double your science when you receive that policy wonders don't try building them just take over cities that have them that's the fastest way to get a wonder now you can use your engineer but to accelerate the production of a wonder but only do that if the opportunity arises social policies of course go honor always honor because combat is so important at daily level now if you're playing the high Wafaa you really need to get your troops out as soon as possible get those Mohawks they don't need iron because it's a special unit for how Hiawatha and you can blitzkrieg Zerg as the Starcraft 2 term is known your opponent's with a ton of Mohawks backstabbing it sounds a little cheap even like an exploit but whenever you're about to declare war on opponent give him everything resources anything is willing to pay gold for because when you declare Ward you get all that back you keep the gold little no bad but hey we need all the help we can get in dating when you're too near a civilization they will declare war on you the best strategy is to build your cities away from the opposing civilizations territories unless you really want to bait him into war which is a good strategy as well if you feel you can you know just defend and he's gonna send his biggest army at you and if you can beat him up and and destroy that attacking force and get her attack or counter-attack with everything you have he'll be you'll have no military at that point that's definitely a viable strategy but it's risky because you could take your cities know that each AI each civilization has its own tendencies some are very aggressive like Montezuma Alexander Genghis and Hiawatha and others are more diplomatic like the Indians they prefer to focus on culture and not war and others are more expansionist like England so you'll get to know all these civilizations the more you play and in terms of relative strength the opposing ai's will declare war on you if they feel you're weak in order to show strength increase the number of units you have collect more gold get more City alliances city-state alliances those are all things that will help city-states feel you're not worth the trouble of declaring war go after easier prey don't open your borders apparently that will let your the opposing civilizations see how few units you have and more likely to declare war on you now again if you want them to declare war on you maybe that's a good strategy to open your borders and get that fifty gold when you sell your open borders to them so there's a lot more tips and weed strategies we can go over and we'll cover that through the game but for now I hope this gives you a really good grounding on some of the most important aspects of daily level play and we're gonna get into a real game in the next episode so I'm gonna start a new season in the civilization 5 show season 2 this is the last episode of season 2 season 3 we'll begin with putting all these practical the strategies into practice now this is the latest patch of civilization 5 this is one point zero point one point three eight three and I'll keep up to date as they add new patches it's a little strange number but I encourage you to leave me comments in the video beneath the video tell me what you think and if you liked the video click the like button if you don't like this video click the dislike button and most importantly add this to your favorites if you really like this video that will help me know what I'm doing right when I'm doing wrong and I'll create a lot of episodes if you tell me what you think and you support me in these episodes alright guys again this is part of a show look at the link below to see the full show and subscribe to that if you like it if you like tgn subscribe to the channel as well there's gonna be a link to that in the description below until next time civilization fans be strong side yen

25 thoughts on “★ Civilization 5 – Deity #8 – The Secret and Advanced Strategies!

  1. Build your own "Military Academy' early on. Turn one of the nearest city states as your 'Military Academy'. Your archers and other units can build up their experience from training in that 'Military Academy'. Make sure a citadel is constructed right up to the city states. Once your archers and catapults have "logistics' and 'range', they would become invincible. The citadel will always kill the defender's units.

  2. This is not the only available strategy, it not being my preferred method. I have One a science as Babylon but no one took notice of me so I was quite lucky. But this guy only appears to no war…

  3. My Strategy is:
    1. Spam on every empty spaces Trading Posts.
    2. Suround the place you want from 2-3 places. (I usualy surround the empire with 3 armies.
    3. Attack.

  4. What I do is research till I get infantry, I make deals with other civilizations for research pacts, then, I go on the offensive when I am in the industrial era and they are still renaissance  

  5. damn deity, every other AI regardless of which civ there is a psychotic war monger. their production is nuts and they do the zerg rush every time. 3 cities to 1 so fast and then all 3 cities making units at the same pace.

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