Having Complete Faith that God is Protecting Us | Part 3 – 6 Conditions for Surrender

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Democracy, Diversity, Religion

Views:8129|Rating:4.61|View Time:1:26:1Minutes|Likes:71|Dislikes:6Date: Tuesday 1 December 2015 Time: 6.30-8pm Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building Speaker: Professor Charles Taylor Chair: Professor Craig […]

Woke culture is a 'new religion'

Views:60670|Rating:4.91|View Time:10:57Minutes|Likes:2651|Dislikes:49Virtue signalling, post-modern liberalism and identity politics have taken on a “new religion” for its adherents, according to author […]

Theology & Modernity – Narratives of Age – James Woodward – 23rd May 2016

Views:52|Rating:nan|View Time:49:58Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0Public lecture given by Canon Dr James Woodward as part of the Theology and Modernity series of lectures given […]